KH BBS: Final Mix – Secret Episode Images?

Hello again folks!

It’s been a while since we received any new BBS Final Mix info, but thanks to this week’s Jump, we at least have a small new glimpse.

While the scan doesn’t feature a whole lot, what is there are instances of small changes made to already existing cutscenes – bumping up the quality so to speak. Another interesting new screenshot feature in the scan is an image of Aqua fighting Heartless using Eraqus’ keyblade, in what appears to be the dark realm. Could this be the secret episode? Only time will tell, and it’s only a matter of time – Jump scans are usually precursors to much more expansive Famitsu scans and information bits that follow after, so we should see a consierable wealth of new goodies next week. There’s also the Square Enix event on the 18th… Will we get a new trailer? We’ll see.

(Click on image to view full size)

Source(s): FF-Reunion