KHU, and Nomura Wish You a Happy New Year!


Hello folks, and welcome to 2011!  The entire staff at KHU would like to say Happy New Year’s, and best wishes for the coming days for all!  But that isn’t all!  Tetsuya Nomura also has a few words to share via Twitter for the new year!

“The travels with Sora and friends will continue this year too. There’s just a bit left until Birth by Sleep Final Mix, but we’re currently working on 3D. The next journey has lots of surprises as well.”

So, other than new Kingdom Hearts goodies, BBS Final Mix and Re:coded included, and aside, what else can we look forward to?  …Well, I guess that all depends on the individual!  But we here at KHU would personally like to express our enthusiasm, for the date towards Planet X has gotten now one year closer.  If you’re not familiar with this unique prophecy, supposedly on 2012 December 12, Earth will collide with the imaginary planet Nibiru, according to an enthusiastic blogger who once claimed he was kidnapped by aliens.  Hence, we have exactly 1 year, 11 months and 12 days to look forward to that particular bit of wacky fun.

Again, the staff at KHU wishes everyone the best for the coming year!

Source(s): Kingdom Hearts Twitter