KHU Back Online! + Re:coded Pre-Order Bonus (Update)

Hello again folks!

First and foremost, the entire staff at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania would like to apologize for the recent downtime, caused by a server move and reorganization!  But now we’re back, and per usual we’ll be delivering you top content and latest news for all things Kingdom Hearts.

UPDATE:  The forums are now back online as well.  Feel free to check ‘em out!

The latest bit of Kingdom Hearts news comes in the form of bonus goodies!  Pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts Re:coded at a select retailer nets you a sweet icon decal set for your Nintendo DS!

You may now pre-order the game at either Amazon or Gamestop.

And in somewhat more predictable news, the official cover art for the NA release of KH Re:c has been revealed:

…But you more or less knew it was gonna look like this to begin with.

Source(s): Square Enix Newsletter, Siliconera

7 Responses to “KHU Back Online! + Re:coded Pre-Order Bonus (Update)”

  1. Christopher B. Says:

    Epic Boxart

  2. Turtle Says:

    Hm… I’ll probably save those decals for when I get a 3DS.

  3. Shirozora Says:

    Are they an ingame thing or an actual physical bonus

  4. Andrew Stander Says:

    actual decals. They are not fitted only for the DS though so you have more flexibility/opportunity with them.

  5. Sakuchan Says:

    I love the box art, but the preorder bonus is the lamest in video game history. 358/2 gave out posters and postcards, at least.

  6. Ven_ Says:

    I am sure to get this! :)

  7. manu32_PR Says:

    i so hav 2 get cuz i hav every kh game and must hav it to learn more and be better than my friends at kh jajajajajajajajajaja

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