KHU’s E3 News-Center (Frequently Updated)

Waddap, gang!  Excited about E3 and the slew of new games and hardware that will be featured?  Especially psyched about Uncharted 3, Catherine, and/or Deus Ex?  Well, if you’re here on KH Ultimania, you’re probably also pretty amped up about Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance – I dunno, just a guess.  Well, if you are, good news for you:  KH Ultimania, and this news post more specifically, will be your one-stop…not shop, but one-stop-something-or-other for all things Kingdom Hearts at E3!  So, it will probably do you quite a bit of good if you bookmark this page, or tab it in your browser.  It will be frequently updated with new news and content as E3 is rolling by.

While you’re at it, you should also keep your eyes on the KHU Twitter, and more importantly, Churro’s own Twitter account since our main-news-man will be at E3 in the flesh!  So, aside from Kingdom Hearts goodness, you’ll also be able to keep up with some other good stuff.  And, of course, Square Enix’s own recently spawned E3 page will probably be a good source for high-quality trailers and screenshots.

And with that, the news:


June 1st 2011 – XX:XX / Example Post

by JC

Oh look!  It’s The Observer!  Won’t be too surprised if somebody catches one (or a few) throughout E3.  In any case, this is just an example post and format to follow.  Any images and thumbnails will be the first thing below the header, followed by information.  The newest posts will always be on the top, so come E3, this Example Post will be all the way on the bottom.  So, pretty easy and simple to follow, right? 

FYI, you commenters need to start behaving a wee bit, knucka!


Source(s): Will be updated as they pop up.

25 Responses to “KHU’s E3 News-Center (Frequently Updated)”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Can’t wait :]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    kingdom hearts 3d isnt gonna be at e3 this year


  3. cameron Says:

    yes it is nomura confirmed it

  4. Nick Says:

    unfortunatily , hes right , square enix released the E3 lineup and KH does not appear on it. so we can only hope that they want to keep it a secret or something like that.

  5. TheBlitz Says:

    I don’t care, if he’s right. Don’t you think, he is old enough to talk politely with those around him? Seemingly not, he rather has the habit, to randomly offend everyone else, like a choleric howler monkey. And that guy is calling me a “loser”. XD

  6. Anonymous Says:

    [This comment has been moderated. Behave, fool!]

  7. cameron Says:

    The only moron i seem to see is you, idiot

  8. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

    The moron who’s right you mean?

  9. RedAndBlack Says:

    Cameron is right, too. Someone who seemingly has to provoke trouble and offend people without a reason as if he’s not having a functioning brain is – according to the definition – a “moron”.
    I mean… oh wow, Hildi watched a website and was the first who commented it here… Congratulations! Great job! Thank you so very much… With that he’s above the netiquette and all common forms of civility. *sarcasm*
    Such people are the most pathetic kind of human, if you ask me. In the Internet, they feel anonym and free to do whatever they want to. They show how they really are: dumbed down on the intellectual level of a caveman. (But he wouldn’t be the first troublemaker who is eventually surprised, how less anonym he really is.) 
    Sorry, but I look down to these people.

  10. Bluewolf319 Says:

    So…..  Is Kingdom Hearts going to be at e3 or not? Does anyone know for sure?

  11. SeptemberTheObserver Says:


    Too much dramu.  You people need to grow up.  It’s just a fucking videogame lol.

  12. RedAndBlack Says:

    *We* need to grow up? Of course… *headdesk* XD

    (By the way: We weren’t even talking about KH in this discussion.)

  13. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

    Yeah, you were.  Dude talks about game.  Dude says game isn’t coming to E3.  Another dude says it is.  Then Dude-Dude shows a link that shows it isn’t.  After that, somebody gets pissed off, and it devolves into nonsense.

    It started off with discussing a game, but it turned into this because you all apparently aren’t capable of holding a discussion without making it personal.  If he’s trolling, then you, oh I dunno, IGNORE him?  “Don’t feed the troll” and all that bollocks?

    You all are just as guilty as he is for carrying it as far as you did.  And it isn’t the first time either.  I lost count how many times the comments wall on this site gets out of control.

    This is a personal bid from me, JC (yeah yeah, it’s me), to ask you guys to just friggin stop this nonsense. It’s annoying to me as a site editor, and it’s just as annoying to other readers.

  14. RedAndBlack Says:

    Okay, with that ”Don’t feed the troll”, you might be right. But would that make anything better? No, it won’t. If you really are a site editor (and I don’t know if I should believe that, but so what), *you* should prevent such trolls from doing whatever they want, but you actually seem to defend him. With that, I seriously don’t know why I shouldn’t comment how long I want either.

    (And your last comment is the longest here. I’m just saying.)

    But it’s okay. I’m willing to let this discussion end here.

  15. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

    I hate this whole “prove to me you are who you says you are” schtick, but if you guys are gonna cut it out, then read the updated news post.

    And also, I’d *love* to be able to do something about this, but alas the comments system and news update system isn’t cross-compatible (wordpress =/= disqus).  This however, WILL be fixed mighty soon, and until then, you can be sure I’ll be having around a list and be checking it twice.  And when the moment comes, the rotten eggs will be flying out.  So behave, knuckas!

  16. cameron Says:

    he is not right

  17. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

     He’s 90% right.

    That said, we’re still quite hopeful.

  18. Taylore419 Says:

    What time does it come?

  19. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

    Probably not.  Both Re:c and 3D were announced well beforehand at last year’s event, and so far, SE’s plate is already full this year – even with very low-key titles.

    It’s highly, highly doubtful.  But, again, you never know!  Good things might happen to those who wait. :)

  20. purico Says:

    No updates….
    big surprise.

  21. Alagaris Says:

    This might stay like this until Thursday. Lolz Nintendo didn’t release anything info about it.. too bad >.<

  22. Jordan Hodge Says:

    Well, no Kingdom Hearts news. Sad day.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    What a fucking joke this post is.

  24. Matt Says:

    If there is nothing about any KH game coming out at E3, then we have to wait till September when the Tokyo Game Show comes along to see if anything will be shown or mentioned.

  25. wall art Says:

    Thanks alot forsharing, was a good post.

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