Why Kingdom Hearts is Unfairly Criticised

Is Kingdom Hearts still at the top of its game? Or has it fell by the wayside?

Kingdom Hearts, the series that we all know and love, is constantly being bombarded with hate and complaints about many aspects of the series itself. If the naysayers aren’t going on about button-mashing gameplay mechanics, they’re saying there’s too much Disney or that there are too many side games, the story is convoluted and too many characters have look-a-likes.

But does Kingdom Hearts really deserve all the flack? Can it really be that confusing? What’s a Ven and why does it look like Roxas, who looks like Sora? Wait… what?

What’s Wrong with Mashing?

I find that one of the first things someone complains about in regards to Kingdom Hearts as a whole is the battle system. Quite frankly, I found the battle system of Kingdom Hearts to be one of its main draws. Having complete control at all times is really great, and being able to carefully attack or go buck wild makes me feel even more in control. Yet you hear people claim that Kingdom Hearts is only “a glorified button masher” and that the system tends to make the games too easy. To some extent, those critics are right, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

The Lingering Spirit of Vanitas battle from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Tell me you beat him by just mashing attack and I won't believe you.

While you do mash a lot to attack, there are a lot of other aspects to battles in Kingdom Hearts. All of your movement abilities such as jumping, dodge rolling and gliding definitely come into play and they add a sense of skill to battles. Especially when it comes to the more difficult bosses of the series, using these skills are vital to simply surviving, never mind beating whichever boss you’re up against.

Still, the general difficulty of Kingdom Hearts may need to be upped a bit. I don’t just mean enemies having more HP and dealing more damage. Enemies need to become more ruthless and inspire players to use more skills to defeat them rather than just mash the attack button with reckless abandon. For now though, for many people, the improvements made in Birth by Sleep as well as Re:coded have managed to sway even some of the biggest Kingdom Hearts naysayers. Let’s hope these improvements continue in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Story Issues

So there’s this guy named Ansem who tries to plunge the entire world into darkness. But wait, he’s actually Xehanort’s Heartless and now there’s Xemnas who’s the Nobody of Xehanort who’s trying to gain extreme power from Kingdom Hearts but the real Ansem now goes by the name of DiZ or “Ansem the Wise” and he’s trying to stop Xemnas. But wait, Xehanort’s Heartless was created from Xehanort but Xehanort is actually Terra except it’s not Terra it’s just his body and Xehanort is inside him but he lost his memory somewhat and now that leads us back to Xehanort becoming a Heartless–let’s stop right there.

It’s clear to see why people complain about the confusing and convoluted storyline with that alone. There is definitely a lot going on and you may need a map to simply understand what’s going on in one game and an illustrated family tree just to see who’s who and why they look like someone else–never mind the entire series thus far.

Xion from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. “Complex” doesn’t quite cover it.

There really is no excuse for this one. Series Director Tetsuya Nomura’s first ideas for Nobodies extend back to when the first Kingdom Hearts game was being made. Thanks to the characters’ complexities, people wanted to know about their Somebodies and so that was touched upon in Birth by Sleep. So now we know that there was always a reason why Sora’s Nobody, Roxas, looked so radically different! Of course, the series antagonist Xehanort and all his look-a-like drama had to be explained in Birth by Sleep, too.

Then there’s the Riku Replica, Xion, in 358/2 Days and all her Sora/Kairi resemblanceness (not a word, I know), also Data Sora and Data Riku in Re:coded. Not to mention the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D features KH1 versions of Sora and Riku–what’s that about? So help us, if they end up being replicas for any reason…

I think the main point here is that Nomura uses the look-a-like plot element a little too much and probably needs to stop at this point. Hopefully it will all end once the “Xehanort Saga” is finished.

The Spin-Offs

Last but not least, many people argue that there are just way too many spin-offs in the Kingdom Hearts series, and they do bring up a valid point. Currently there are more spin offs in the Kingdom Hearts series than there are main titles. What the heck is going on here? Why can’t they just make Kingdom Hearts 3 already?!

With a total of 5 spin-off titles, likely with more to come, have they milked the cow too much?

While we’ve established that the series itself can be a little confusing sometimes, what better way to clear up the confusion than to make new games explaining it all? The side games have always been fun and exciting supplements to the Kingdom Hearts story as a whole. But playing them has never been fully necessary in order to enjoy and understand the series’ main titles. However, if you ever wanted to expand your knowledge, you could do it in the form of any number of fun Kingdom Hearts titles.

One problem with the spin-offs though is that, while they explain and tie up many loose ends, they always manage to create even more mysteries in the process. Main titles have the right to leave off on excellent cliffhangers and end with loose ends, but the spin-offs? Give us a break, Nomura.

Nomura: (Laughs)

When it comes down to it, Kingdom Hearts sells and, hey, Square Enix needs to make money. Can we really blame them for allowing the release of so many games with the Kingdom Hearts name slapped on them when they sell like hot cakes?

The Good and the Bad of Kingdom Hearts

Like most things in life, Kingdom Hearts has its ups and downs, pros and cons. You have to agree that as Kingdom Hearts fans we are spoiled with a rich story and many games over a few different platforms to play our favorite series on. There is honestly nothing about Kingdom Hearts that I have real complaints about. As for the naysayers out there? Some accept Kingdom Hearts‘ idiosyncrasies and just deal with them. The others? Haters gonna hate.

Do you think the KH Series is still on form?

What are your thoughts on the recent years of the Kingdom Hearts series? Are you still as big as a fan as you use to be, or are you itching your head wondering why we are still waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3.

72 Responses to “Why Kingdom Hearts is Unfairly Criticised”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Fairly criticized.

    It went to shit five years ago when the atrocity called “Kingdom Hearts II” came out. Nomura is a fucking hack who got lucky with the first one, and nothing more. That, and Hironobu Sakaguchi was there to hold his hand – just like Spielberg + Michael Bay.

    We all know how Transformers 2 was…

  2. Hanna Says:

    I’ll always be a huge fan of the KH series, yet to be honest I am getting kinda tired of the spin-offs. Stop teasing us with those! Where is kh3? It’s been years since the last main title came out; its about damn time they at least announce SOMETHING. D: I will say that BBS was great, though. Haha :)

  3. Nerösktji Says:

    Yes, you kinda did need to play CoM to understand anything they were talking about when it wasn’t pointless disneyfiller.

  4. Madison Aqua Marsh Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is amazing. I grew up watching my cousin play it and automatically fell in love with it. Haha and I’m always awaiting the new games.

  5. APerson Says:

    Haters gonna hate

  6. Tracy Webster Says:

    The only thing I can think, though, is that I’m sure Nomura explicitly said that KH:BbS wasn’t a spin-off, but a main title: KH:Zero if it was anything. I have to agree with that. It wasn’t a spin-off at all; it told a story all its own, instead of something based on a previously-told story.

    But I really do wish they’d hurry up and bring out KH3… or at least explain why Riku and Sora are KH1!Riku and Sora in KH3D when it’s supposed to be set after KH2.

  7. John Tolentino Says:

    How can people hate Spin Offs? I mean they are giving you more games to play. Wouldn’t people want that. Also, it’s revving you up for the final chapter to the series, Kingdom Hearts. Who would want the series end so fast? I personally don’t, I love it =]

  8. Lilyxafi Says:

    i love kh and im a huge fan. but honestly dont hate the spinoffs cuz it keeps us fans entertained and awaiting the next game i of course dont want the series to end so fast.

  9. Kevin Gadzalinski Says:

    The only 2 games I would consider spin-off would be 358/2 Days and Coded. Birth By Sleep and Chain of Memories seem to fit really well in the over arching narrative, and are A MUST play in order to fully understand it. Still even with those spin-off titles, the clarifications and hints and references to either the future or the past of the series is very rewarding in the long run, and I would say is worth any tedious rehashes or very light surface story elements one must go through, that is, if you are a hardcore fan like me! 358/2 Days had a very impressive story! Had the right amount of angst, and fit perfectly with the story that already surrounded it. Yes, the constant ice cream on the tower imagery got old, but it’s a small sacrifice in the end. For Re: Coded, while most of the in world story is certainly unimportant filler, the overall story narrative is decent. It really gave purpose to the recurring mentioning of the journals in the other games, and I liked learning new things about the KH1 past. The ending proved that the events of Re: Coded is what sparked a newfound focus on Terra, Ven, and Aqua, as well as the other former presences connected to Sora. So yes, every KH game has been worth it to me. Despite some dealing with filler story, and overused imagery, I’ve enjoyed my time on each one.

    As for the gameplay, it’s always been fun for me. And it looks beautiful. Recent incarnations have significantly improved, but I liked playing every game. I wouldn’t argue that the games are too easy. I’ve definitely had some challenge even with all the button mashing, and certainly strategy is needed on several instances. It’s actually a very perfect difficulty.

  10. Mc Steven Torres Says:

    The Button Mashing isn’t entirely true for me. Try difficult mode such as Proud/Critical let’s see if you can just button mash the enemies really easy. It needs skills. I just finished lv 1 Challenge on KH2 Final Mix last night and it was an accomplishment! :) And honestly, you can’t just button mash enemies on that challenge since the enemies can easily one hit KO you. There’s more on KH than mashing buttons sometimes you gotta learn to challenge yourself to make it more enjoyable.

  11. Guest101 Says:

    Birth by Sleep was NOT a spin-off! Get your facts straight! As for the story, seriously, it’s not that complicated. Play the games in chronological order from BBS to Re: Coded (which I haven’t finished yet), and it all makes sense with the whole Xehanort thing. And as far as side games go, do you seriously think the assassin’s creed side games on the ds & psp are better (check metacritic & gamerankings and you’ll see).

  12. Anonymous Says:

    This article was clearly thrown at you as you have been making a nuisance of yourself around here for a while now. Haters gonna hate. Now GTFO.

  13. Mark van Embden Says:

    I just dont like the different platforms, makes the games cost a lot more

  14. Random_Guy Says:

    Those aren’t really spin-offs,there is no KH spin-off,a spin-off would be Kingdom Karts,those game have a strong connection to the plot,spin-offs have no connection to the plot of the main game
    and plus,u forgot one point,ppl Criticise KH becuz of Disney and it’s fillers,i agree with them,Disney fillers world r kinda annoying

  15. Garcia1270 Says:

    People always wants to complain about something. There are many more games that have no good story lines and don’t get bashed at all. Kingdom Hearts story line is perfectly understandable unless your an idiot or haven’t played the game’s in order. If you play the game in proud or critical you defiantly will not be mashing attacks, you will be using strategy. People who say that probably don’t even know how to play the game.

  16. Turtle Says:

    The low point of the series was definitely KH2. The reason critics say the games are all button mashers? KH2. The reason they say the story is convoluted? KH2. Most of the complaints people have about the series can be traced to KH2.

    The newer titles are the anti-KH2s. They take steps to fill plotholes and require actual skill to play successfullly. That’s why I don’t mind the spinoffs.

  17. Jerold Says:

    I think the reason why people hate the spin-offs is because of the rehashed worlds. All the worlds in 358/2 Days and Re:Coded are previous worlds used in KH1. People would probraly would like 358/2 Days and Re:Coded more if Nomura and Square-Enix added new worlds instead of worlds that have already been used.

  18. Micheal Ackerman Says:

    All I wanted is for a majority of enemies to not die from the same combination of techniques such as. Magnega+Thundaga equals dead. Thankfully Recoded answered this to an extent because a lot of enemies have some sort of magnet shield which doesn’t effect them. Enemies that come to mind are invisibles, fat bodies and defenders. As for BBS the only enemy I can remember that had a magnet shield was the giant gorrilla things.

  19. Brendan Klos Says:

    I think the kh is still on form. All Square-Enix and Disney needs is to submit a bunch of fanfics so they can come up with a new idea.

  20. Debenz Says:

    That’s why the person said side games.

  21. NoisEcho Says:

    I think people should realize that there is no Kingdom Hearts 3 yet because the main KH staff has been working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII this whole time. So they do the spin-offs that other staffs are left in charge to do, like the SE Osaka staff (BbS, re:Coded), to keep KH in the fan’s minds until they can finally work on KH3. Which won’t probably won’t come out until after 2012 since FFVersusXIII is aiming for a 2012 release.

  22. Debenz Says:

    We loved you so much lately that we just had to come up with this topic to lure you out once again so we can see you make a fool of yourself.

  23. AlexL Says:

    I completely agree with the battle system. Sure, like any game, it’s easy to attack, and sometimes it’s hard to master the battle system. Kingdom Hearts is one of those games where the battle system is easy to use, but still pretty easy to completely master. I think that’s one reason why people enjoy the game so much. You get a great story that is easy and fun to play for everyone. I really enjoy the game because of this.

  24. AlexL Says:

    I completely agree. I buy every game! I’m a sucker for the KH series, but in Re:coded and 358/2, I dreaded returning to Wonderland. I really hate that place. Most worlds I am perfectly content with going back for a visit. The Coliseum is still fun and refreshing, but give us a break Nomura! Put some tournaments in the side games! That was my favorite part!

  25. Shirozora Says:

    I agree with the story being complex and the amount of spin offs being ridiculous but the battle system is dead on. Sure it used to be a button masher but there is nothing wrong with that and the person who wrote this made a great point last I checked I didn’t beat mysterious figure and vanitas lingering sentiment through the power of button mashing they actually require skill and a amount of stratigizing as do most battles on the all the games with the exception of one and two. If they say that the game is to simple and spend to much time smashing that attack button, they need to go grow some balls and play on a harder difficulty

  26. Ian Manning Says:

    They really need to stop with the spin-offs. BRING ON THE MAIN GAMES!!! SOME ORIGINALITY WOULD BE AWESOME!!!

    PS: Death to Jessie f’n McCartney!! Pop stars must die!!

  27. alexandra-m Says:

    i really love the games but i dont think they should release them on so many different consoles! lol its hard to catch up on the story when i cant play the game because i dont have a psp to play bbs or i cant seem to find a copy of re:chain of memories on the ps2 anywhere. its annoying. :)

  28. Andrew Stander Says:

    KH: Re coded is filler and a side story. 358/2 days is a side story. CoM and 3D are bridge games. BbS is the prequel. They aren’t spin-offs. The game has challenges even outside of battle and mostly, a well-developed story and plot that keeps un pulled in asking for more.

  29. Ethan Says:

    OK, just as a reminder, I will honestly tell you, I’m one of Kingdom Heart’s biggest fans and I love everything about it, OK? I HAVE A KINGDOM HEARTS SNUGGIE! If that tells you anything. The point of the piece was to recognize and address the criticism Kingdom Hearts receives. Most of the time, when it sounds like I’m the one criticizing, I’m simply playing the part of the criticizer.

    On another note Guest101, I do not specifically say that Birth by Sleep is a spin-off, nor do I think that it is. To me, Birth by Sleep is Kingdom Hearts 0 as that is exactly the way it is described by Tetsuya Nomura, therefor that’s how I take it.

    Again, so you know where I’m coming from, I’ve played every single game currently in the series, each one on the highest difficulty setting included Critical where applicable.

  30. Ethan Says:

    I’d also like to point everyone to my blog http://hextan.wordpress.com/ for my upcoming review of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. Then you can see how I truly feel about a seemingly more criticized KH game. You can also see my reviews of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

  31. Beau Says:

    I totally think that Kingdom Hearts’ story is the best it’s ever been. One thing to add – I think having a complex story is part of Kingdom Hearts’ appeal. Do you think we would like the series as much if it weren’t engrossing, and there weren’t all these minor and major payoffs to themes spanning multiple games? That’s what keeps me excited about this series, and will keep me buying it in the future!

  32. Brendan Klos Says:

    I think the biggest fatal flaw in kingdom hearts is that the characters didn’t ask the main protagonists where are they from or why are they wearing strange looking clothes. There are many fatal flaws in the storyline of Kingdom Hearts series.

  33. Animenut1991 Says:

    i agree man i think the fillers help and the person who wrote this failed to metion allot of people have asked questions that thay havent been answerd yet so techninally its the fans fault for this and for kh 3d is goin to be epic i cant wait to see the new worlds and new chareters and in 3d GO KINGDOM HEARTS

  34. hell of a KH fan Says:

    Duh! Of course I’m still a MAJOR fan! But sure – all the mini games have made me a bit tired – but they’ve also made be anxiously EXCITED! This is Tesuya’s plan, guys – to build us up for the ultimate reward – KINGDOM HEARTS 3! If it were simply to have come out RIGHT AFTER KH2 (like many of you wanted) it would have far less suspenseful! II love KH series!

    Kingdom Hearts is over the horizion (maybe not JUST OVER)

  35. hell of a KH fan Says:

    Kingdom Hearts 3 is over the horizon (maybe not JUST over) but over! : )

  36. Sky Arslan Says:

    i am both extremely excited about the new kingdom hearts games, and disappointed with the plot holes and clone spamming. enough is enough. and MOVE ON with the story already! im sick of younger sora! i want to see what happens next! no more clones PLZ

  37. Sky Arslan Says:

    while i do not like jesse mccartney much as a person/pop star, he is GREAT voice actor. and HALEY. OMG. he voiced vanitas, and i barely recognized his voice! great skill.

  38. SgtSergio786 Says:

    People who have played these games know what they are getting coming into this. Those who aren’t will immediately form an opinion. They’ll either love it or downright hate it.

    I have been in this series since day 1. Of course, others won’t understand the love for this series. I don’t understand the complaints. Sure, button mashing is an aspect likely never to go away, and the side stories are just gonna keep getting more and more convoluted. But its not like its any surprise that that was gonna happen.

    In the end, you either love it hate it. Take it or leave it.

  39. Hector Says:

    i love the series i have no problem wit anything in the game there are allways going 2 be haters fuck them they the type of people that ride on gta dick all day but my only problem wit the series is that the spin off are in multiple platforms im tired of having 2 buy another platform so i can play kingdom hearts i swear if it ever goes on the xbox im done wit kingdom hearts i find xbox 2 be wack

  40. Drace Says:

    Uhm… is the Author of this fan or hater? I read alot of “what’s wrong on Kingdom Hearts”. but what is with the good sides? There are always haters! I guess, there is no franchise without atleast a small group of haters. Kingdom Hearts got a HUGE fanbase, what’s with that? I mean… that’s why we are here, right?

    To the text:
    Kingdom Hearts doesn’t have any “Spin-Offs”. Every single game is connected to the story. Birth by Sleep is even the longest game of them all. COM connects KH1 with KH2. Coded connects KH2 with 3D. And 358/2 Days showes Roxas Story. Are they not important enough, just because they aren’t called Kingdom Hearts 3 and 4 and 5… ?

    And for the point with the “super-complex story” …Well, that’s why I like KH so much.^^ It is so not mainstream. It is deep and symbolic… You have to use your own imagination. it’s not like everywhere else, where are the goods and the bads – the goods defeats the bads – the goods are happy, the bads are dead. No, KH is a journey with a long convoluted story.
    But it’s no wonder, that not every Hardcore-Ego-Shooter-Fan understands this. If such guys aren’t able too handle such a complex story, they rather shouldn’t play Kingdom Hearts.

  41. Theking Tga Says:

    no there are bbs not spin-off bbs knowin as kh0 bbs 2 knowin as kh0.5 there only 3 spin358/2days,com,coded and3ds

  42. Karebehx Says:

    Well, on the button mashing part I have to say that in some battles and worlds, you actually can just sit and mash the “x” button(my friend Reilly had never played before and she beat Clayton simply by pressing “x” repeatedly). The story line isn’t really that confusing if you are paying attention honestly. The secret endings also help so much to tie up the loose ends. And lastly, the spin-offs not only help answer questions, but they also quench the thirst for Kingdom Hearts 3. Plus, be honest with yourselves, would you rather wait a bajillion(it is a word to me)years for the next game, or have little installments to fill in the gaps before the next big installment is released? This has only made me realize how dumb people complaining about those things can be, so thanks.

  43. Disneyfan 1997 Says:

    All I have to say about the “spin-offs” is that they AREN’T spin-offs. They are all majorly important to the TOTALLY NON-CONFUSING storyline. If you are confused, play the games in order, smart person

  44. Gabriel Leles Says:

    As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I have to admit that I am loving all this mess in the story xD But I think the spin-offs should answer us some questions, and not to leave even more blank spaces in our heads x_x !

  45. Xxmoonangelxx Says:

    im still as big as a fan as i was when the first kingdom hearts game came out. honestly im not bothered by the “spinoff” games, i think they add character to the main titles. but i will agree that tetsuya nomura is making characters look “too” much like each other. next thing you know riku is going to turn into something like terra and kairi’s going to be aqua’s twin. i cant wait for KH3 to come out, i just hope nomura goes by his word and makes the game have sora in it, but not have the entire story revolve around him..

  46. Jthomas3582 Says:

    Ok, so as for storyline, I will admit can be quite confusing, but that’s only if you missed a couple key games in the series. So anyone that can’t keep up with the storyline just probably could cure their confusion by just playing whatever game they missed. I also agree with what some of the others are saying about how there really aren’t any spin-offs since every game directly links to the storyline, the confusion there may lie in the fact that the games haven’t been released in order of storyline. For those that think it’s too easy, well that one’s an easy fix if they just play a harder difficulty. Besides, the storyline is half the fun of kingdom hearts, if it takes forever to get to the next part of the story, then that kind of takes away from that aspect

  47. Russell U Says:

    I really like Kingdom Hearts, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good storyline, a bit complicated, but hey ho. One problem was all of the mysteries created as more are solved. Why does Roxas look nothing like Sora? Because Roxas is part Ventus. So where does Ventus go? What the hell happened with Aqua? She never went back for Ventus. Sorry if someone already knows this, but there are so many plot holes it’s stupid. Another point, I HATED 358/2 Days. Horrible. Had to bring it up.

  48. Russell U Says:

    There have been 2 main games since then. BBS and 358/2 Days(horrible). They really pushed the story forward.

  49. Russell U Says:

    Ahem. Don’t you remember Ansem/Riku? Now THAT was confusing.

  50. Russell U Says:

    Did you learn how to type? Sorry for being a troll… :P

  51. Russell U Says:

    I agree, button mashing is one of DMC’s core aspects, and that doesn’t have a bagilion haters trolling everyone who even mentions the game… *sigh* Poor Kingdom Hearts…

  52. Russell U Says:

    You know none of the games are spin-offs? A spin-off would be something likeKH: Baseball or Kingdom Karts.

  53. Russell U Says:

    And THIS is why Disney should be helping.

  54. Squall Says:

    I actually enjoy the game and the battle system is one of the main things I love about it. Glide, jump, roll, use magic, heal, coward away, swing, transform, run out of energy, rely on the incompetent party members, face the enemy head on, quick time event…there’s so many ways to approach a battle. Yes, it’s a button smasher, but one that requires you to actually use your brain and a well thought of strategy, not like GoW (I also liked that game, but still). Like the caption says, try and beat a final boss by just mashing the attack button and see what happens.

    So yeah, everything’s been said. There are good and bad things about all games. You either like them or you’re not. KH is not meant for everyone despite how awesome I might think it is. People who don’t like it need to deal with it and go suck their elbow. People who truly like it will continue following the saga. Simple as that.

    Having said that, I’m still not sure what’s the whole deal with Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas. What happened to the original Terra-Xehanort once he became a Nobody and got a Heartless? Did his body transform? Did he just fade into nothingness and the Nobody popped out of nowhere? And would Xehanort’s heartless be considered under the same category as the Heartless you usually run across, only more powerful? And at what time did Xemnas came into existence and why and how? Are we lead to believe Ansem and Xemnas existed at the same time kinda like Sora and Roxas? And again, what happened to Terra-Xehanort?

    Believe me, I’ve tried to find out the answer to all this on my own, but I never quite end up understanding it.

  55. Albel Nox13 Says:

    I love the “spin-offs”. My favorite part about the Kingdom hearts series, besides the characters, is defiantly figuring out what is going on. I love that whenever a few of my questions are answered I always end up with more questions. It’s always fun to see such a complex story, which I love about anything. I love everything about Kingdom Hearts. I don’t care how many spin-offs they make, I’ll play them all, just to fill my knowledge of Kingdom Hearts. I’m always down to get to know the characters even more. I just love how you get so involved with a character, that when something happens to them it makes you want to cry. I think Days really helped me connect more with Axel and Roxas. I liked Xion, sometimes. I also just loved Terra, Ven, and Aqua. I loved Organization XIII. Also, in reCoded, we got to see a much sadder side of Sora, that you normally don’t see. I liked it a lot. I fell like maybe we’ll see a more darker, sadder side of Sora (after all, even though his heart is light, you can’t be happy ALL THE TIME). I pretty much loved everything about all the games! I can’t wait for 3D. I am curious as to why Riku and Sora are in their KHI outfits.

  56. dvs416 Says:

    I think that they hit the max amount of spin offs that they can get away with when they released recoded. There’s not much else to build on except for what’s going to happen with ven sleeping in that room in castle oblivion. For that I think that it’s time to make a Kingdom Hearts 3 and move into the future instead of making up new storyline just so that square can put new games out to make money

  57. Rootsofjustice Says:

    Personally, I’d love to play in a world set in the universe of Iron Man. Now that Disney has picked up the rights to the Avengers film franchises, it should be possible. I can just imagine Goofy shouting “Mr. Stark!” while tossing a potion his way as he, Sora and Goofy do epic battle with Obediah Stane in a Heartless Iron Monger suit.

  58. Pie Says:

    Am i really like the only person who focused on magic commands in KH 1 and 2?
    I abused thunder in kh2 XD

  59. dreamevil Says:

    I love both of them, if people dont, then they are not a fan of the series. The more the better.

  60. Alex N 767 Says:

    just watch a let play on youtube if your just in it for the storyline.

  61. Tuiax Pereira Says:

    Look, a simply LOVE the game and yeah, more games means more funny, and more Kingdom Hearts in our lives and hearts BUT, what (I think) everyone wants is the Kingdom Hearts 3!

    And everybody knows that Nomura just love make a giant series (Final Fantasy is a proof of that) but what Square-Enix is what making is the worst part, one game to PSP, other to DS, and the next to 3DS.

    WTF?? What’s wrong with the Playstation 3?? ¬¬’

    But I hope they work as always, making a revolution in graphics and battle system. I can wait for a revolution.

    Sora, Riku, Mickey, Roxas… Or whatever characters in my house and in FULLHD! *0*

    I don’t like any DS, the graphic is not what we like to see in the screen, but just like in the PSP, Square-Enix make miracle with the space in disc.

    The KH: Birth By Sleep, is the longest and the best game to PSP, and the graphic not only the videos, the game itself is awesome! Incredible!

    Kingdom Hearts RULEZ! |,,|,

  62. Robert Pomerants Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree.

  63. thechosenwielders Says:

    I agree, but (I have said this many time before and will say it again), Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is NOT a spinoff. Nomura himself said it is basically “Kingdom Hearts 0″,this is because it is a main part of the main stories. And yes, I agree the gameplay in Re:Coded and Birth By Sleep has greatly improved, the challenge level is WAY up, especially in the new ‘Critical Mode’.

  64. thechosenwielders Says:

    I agree with Kevin 100%, no one could have said it better than him.

  65. Penguin_power873 Says:

    The only complaint I would have/sort of still do have with the spin offs, is that I don’t have the money to go out and buy a brand new hand-held game system in order to get the full story. I had to wait about 6 years to finally play CoM, and that was only because I played it on an emulator. Now that I have a DS, though, and the ability to buy CoM as well as Re: CoM and 358/2 Days, I have less complaints. I’m even borrowing my friends’ PSP to get the story for Birth by Sleep. Needless to say, from 6th grade to my senior year in high school, I’ve been more than obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and if it weren’t for the well developed characters, plot line, cheesy Disney-esque lines, and awesome gameplay, I would have left the series a long time ago.

  66. Farsinian Says:

    They can’t start KH3 until they finish Final Fantasy VSXIII, so if it weren’t for the side games there would be no Kingdom Hearts games at all for at least 3-4 years. That’s why there are so many side games, to keep us from experiencing another drought like the gap between KH1 and KH2. Besides, BBS was Kingdom Hearts 0, so it really hasn’t been that long since a main title.

  67. Andres Rodriguez Says:

    The KH series is alot like the Star Wars series. They start at a point where you dont fully understand everything then, make sequals to that story and the process keeps going. Until they go to the very beginning to explain how everything came to be. Then make other side stories to explain how other came to be. Everyone always has their suspisions of the story which makes it better for everybody to have side stories to explain how this and that came to be. Yes, the game tends to become confusing but after you look back at it you see how everything fits and satisfies your curiousity leaving you wanting more and more. In my opnion KH has minor flaws that dont really matter because of how great the games turns out to be. But there is no perfect game out there that has no flaws, KH is no different.But obviously it has touched alot of hearts and will most likely live on forever. Also, the game is hard and easy at the same time, Kingdom Hearts was probably one of the hardest but in my opinion it is the hardest. KH fans today havent even fully beaten it because of the secret/optional bosses let alone the creation of the Ultima Weapon. Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories was easier but still difficult to do even though it didnt have much to do in it as the first KH. Kingdom Hearts 2 was much more easier thanks to the reaction commands. The reaction commands made it to where you couldnt be hurt while performing your attack and to where you dont have to destroy your X button; you could just sit and wait till your attack was over. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was as easy as the 2nd KH but they took out the reaction commands to the point where you actually had to use strategy to defeat the bosses. Birth By Sleep is alot like the 1st KH where you have to find items, and level up in order to defeat bosses. Birth By Sleep is also a big change in the KH series. Why? Well because you play 3 different stories and once you have defeated all the stories you get to reveal the secret stories; not to mention there multi-player. As for RE:Coded, people say it is a big waste of time for Square Enix but it just adds on to the story and gives KH fans a little more curiousity. As for the Difficulty its not hard and not easy mostly similar to 358/2 Days. And for Kingdom Hearts 3D and Kingdom Hearts 3, i think that Nomura will stick to the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 (the most famous and loved of the KH series). Who knows maybe he will give us way more than we ask; which i hope he does.

  68. Matt Mahael Says:

    Great way to put it. I think spin-offs are a lot of fun, and they bring in lots of new elements. And even if they’re shallow on story they’re great on gameplay, and vice-versa.

  69. Blue_fire99 Says:

    the only people who would say something like that are jerks who dont know the kh story-line

  70. kevin Says:

    Ok so the whole problem with this entire series is the spin offs I mean come on i have to go out and buy several different hand held devices. I was pissed when i bought kingdom hearts 2 and i didn’t understand a thing that was going on. Sure I knew that they made chain of memories for the gameboy advanced i thought nothing of it thinking “o they wont do anything to major but was i wrong, kingdom hearts 2 is more like 3 because of all the stuff that happened in chain of memories and I couldn’t afford to go out to buy a gameboy advanced and i refused to buy one, o sure they finally did make it for ps2 but i was over this series. Every one i talk to agrees that they ruined this series by switching between the gameboy and the PlayStation. They should have stuck with the PlayStation, even if i did want to get back into this series i would have to go shell out what 200 dollars for a DS not to mention a 3D DS I actually have better things to spend my money on than trying to keep up with this series and believe me I loved this series before it got so messed up.

  71. Person Says:

    I know this comment is 2 years old, but 358/2 days is fucking amazing

  72. DaveDynamite1 Says:

    You my fan are what I call a true Kingdom Hearts fan. I totally agree with you. While some people have only played 1 and 2 and are waiting just for kingdom hearts 3, the rest like us have been enjoy the kingdom hearts series all these year, getting excited and engaged in the story.

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