Top 8 Ideas for Potential Kingdom Hearts Spinoffs

What Kingdom Hearts spin-off would you like to see?

By Kristopher Moore

For nearly ten years, the Kingdom Hearts series has entertained fans of all ages on a variety of different game systems–though the games themselves usually stick to one game genre. While each game in the series has added something new to the story or has tweaked the gameplay, the series has only ever produced games that could be described as action RPGs.

However, the Kingdom Hearts series is a strong character franchise combining the best known characters from Disney movies and Final Fantasy games, along with memorable original characters. Square Enix and Disney could easily create a full line of Kingdom Hearts games outside of the typical action RPG genre to reach a larger number of video game fans. Here, Kris Moore gives us just a few ways that Square Enix could capitalize on the popularity of the Kingdom Hearts series in other game genres.

Rock Band: Kingdom Hearts

The Atlantica mini-games from Kingdom Hearts 2 didn't go well with most gamers. Still, the idea of dancing along to "Bare Necessities" and "Melodies of Life" is intriguing to say the least.

Starting with something that has been touched on in the series already, the Little Mermaid rhythm mini-games in Kingdom Hearts 2 allowed Sora and his friends the chance to have some “finny fun” dancing, singing and playing instruments. The mini-game was fairly simple but a Kingdom Hearts music game could be successful as either a stand alone title or as an add-on to Rock Band or Guitar Hero. A Kingdom Hearts music game could give players the chance to play along to songs from both the Disney and Final Fantasy catalogues, not to mention Kingdom Hearts BGM and the title tracks by Utada Hikaru. Did someone say Keyblade-shaped guitar controller peripheral?

Kingdom Karts

With Birth by Sleep, the Kingdom Hearts series has finally begun to take advantage of racing mini-games. Could a full on racing game be in the series' future (or are we just dreaming)?

The best kart games have a diverse selection of drivers, vehicles and race tracks to choose from, something the Kingdom Hearts series can provide plenty of. Imagine racing for the exit in the Cave of Wonders, tearing through the streets of Twilight Town and dodging enemy Light Cycles in Space Paranoids. Add in the ability to create custom go-karts using Gummi Blocks and you’ve got a certified crowd pleaser.

Kingdom Hearts: Move

Motion gaming is here to stay with every system now having the ability to give players a more immersive gaming experience. A Kingdom Hearts game based on motion controls would allow players to feel like Keyblade Masters and allow them to slash, swipe and bash their way to victory using their own body to control their weapon.

Kingdom Hearts: Brawl

In recent years several companies have gotten on board with multiplayer fighting games based on their franchises. From Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros franchise to Square Enix’s own Final Fantasy: Dissidia, it seems like whenever characters from multiple franchises get together, they just have to duke it out to see who’s the best. With a rich cast of Disney, Final Fantasy and original characters to pick from, Kingdom Hearts is ready-made for a game in the fighting genre.

Kingdom Hearts: The RPG

Choices in the Kingdom Hearts series: mash X or...mash X. Maybe a turn-based system like the one found in the Final Fantasy's would give the series some needed strategy?

While Kingdom Hearts is considered an action RPG, it bears little gameplay similarities to the turn-based games that Square Enix is famous for. A Kingdom Hearts game in the style of Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger would give players the opportunity to plan every move and utilize every member of their team in a much more strategic way. Instead of setting up an AI system, you would actually be able to control Donald’s and Goofy’s actions, giving you the opportunity to make the best use of their individual skill sets.

Not only that, a Final Fantasy-styled Kingdom Hearts game could even let you control your fourth party member at the same time or allow them to travel to the other worlds with you, adding a fresh layer to the gameplay and story itself.

Kingdom Hearts: Sidescroller

While the Gameboy Advance version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories may not have featured the lush 3D graphics of the PS2 re-release, it did have its own 2D charm that was reminiscent of old-school sidescrolling beat-em-ups. A Kingdom Hearts sidescroller that relied more on fighting mechanics and good old fashioned co-op action instead of using cards would make for a perfect downloadable game for any of the current game systems.

Kingdom Hearts Party!

The command board found in Birth by Sleep seemed to be popular with fans. Beating Cinderella at her own running game was definitely fun for me! Hopefully it'll return in Kingdom Hearts 3, with boards for every world found in the game.

In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, players had the opportunity to play board-game inspired Command Board that allowed them to gain power-ups and summon Disney characters. Each game in the series has also featured plenty of fun mini-games, from earning cash in Twilight Town to helping out Pooh and friends in the Hundred Acre Woods. Combine these two concepts and you’ve got a fun multiplayer party game ala Mario Party. Each world in the Kingdom Hearts series could be its own board with its own unique mini-games for players to compete in.

Kingdom Hearts Online

Online role-playing games allow players from around the world the chance to work together to complete goals and missions or go toe-to-toe to see who has the strongest character. Kingdom Hearts is practically set up for an online game with such a vast amount of different worlds to explore and characters to interact with. Players could create their own Keyblade masters, go on exciting quests and interact with one another in a giant Disney and Final Fantasy inspired environment. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days introduced the idea of a multiplayer gaming experience, but a Kingdom Hearts Online RPG would be the natural evolution of that concept, giving players a virtual Kingdom Hearts world to play in 24-hours a day.

Overall, the Kingdom Hearts series has proven itself to be a strong franchise in the video game industry with a large fan base and plenty of new games on the horizon. No one can say for sure what Square Enix may come up with next, but it’s likely that we may see a Kingdom Hearts game that breaks out of the action RPG format in the near future.

What Kingdom Hearts spin-off would you like to see?

So what are your ideas for the Kingdom Hearts series? Would you like the series to try out a turn-based format for once? Maybe branch off into a Dissidia or Mario Karts title? Did Kris Moore have some good ideas you hadn’t thought of? Any ideas you didn’t see here? The sky’s the limit.

69 Responses to “Top 8 Ideas for Potential Kingdom Hearts Spinoffs”

  1. jmoney003 Says:

    Kingdom Hearts Online would be beast!

  2. Anr12 Says:

    I would love to see kingdom hearts rockband or kingdom hearts online !

  3. Thomas Tucker Says:

    ya i agree Kingdom Hearts online would be cool you said make your own character and the first thing i thought of was the keyblade war because there were supposed to be alot of keyblade masters back in the day.

  4. Kyle Miller Says:

    I think the only plausible ones would be the online game, and a brawl/ dissidia version of it. But it could be possible that enix has plans to drop some characters from KH into dissidia, perhaps just Sora and Riku, but it would still be pretty awesome. :D

  5. BRO Says:

    Honestly I’m tired of spin off’s, I’d just like to see friggin Kingdom Hearts III ;)

  6. Littletom52 Says:

    Kingdom Hearts Online would be very cool as the keyblade wars and u have to help sora and the others fight the Disney Villains and Ven, Terra and Aqua’s nobody’sheartless and battle other players and you could choose a master Sora, Riku, or Mickey.

  7. icefire5689 Says:

    I wouldn’t mind brawl, there’s so many characters now in the franchise it’d be fun to have that available. But honestly I don’t care so long as they release KH3 sometime soon. C’mon guys!! :]

  8. Parorou Says:

    I’d love Kingdom Hearts Brawl indeed. Oh, hell yes. An MMORPG would be awesome, too!

  9. portgasdace574 Says:

    Disney already said ‘no’ to the brawl idea.
    Final Fantasy Dissidia was originally going to be a Kingdom Hearts fighting game, but Disney rejected the idea because they “didn’t want their characters fighting each other”.
    Nomura wasn’t exactly comfortable with the idea either.

  10. Arcane Says:

    Making a Kingdom Hearts MMO could go one of two ways, depending on what time frame you wanted to offer and how much of an experience you wanted to contribute. The Keyblade War as an MMO COULD sort of work(I’m shocked to hear myself that), but there’s aspects of the universe that would be hard to play with(such as the nature of new keyblade forms) and a lot of the conventions that people would want wouldn’t be readily available(Play an nobody? Boy, if you FIND a nobody in a Keyblade War setting, you’re already doing amazing). A more modern game could be fascinating, and if you played around with the mechanics, you could have an organic experience of the KH Universe and experience a wide variety of gameplay and options-but it’s still be hard to justify with the rules OF that universe.

    The biggest problems are that some of the rules of the universe would have to be broken to work for an MMO, and the fact that Kingdom Hearts and many of it’s aspects are extremely character intimate. While actual roleplay makes those things possible, an MMO would have to resort to selling keyblades and such, which I despise as a concept: those weapons often reflect the nature of the character and their experiences.

    On the whole, while I don’t think it’s impossible to do, a lot of the things would be broken to do so, and for me personally, some of the main reasons I would want to play that game would be lost if they made it an MMO.

    *crumples up that future blog and tosses it in the trash*

  11. Andres Rodriguez Says:

    The Brawl sounds like a wonderful idea, being able to pick the favorite characters then playing in any known place in kingdom hearts.
    RPG is a horrible idea,same with online Kingdom Hearts.
    Move is somwhat a good idea, Just imagine Sony makes somthing like the kinect and for whatever future kingdom hearts game that will be on the PS3 you will be able to act out Sora’s fighting moves as if you had your own keyblade.
    Karts no.
    Rock Band no.
    SideScroller maybe depending if it is the same game play.
    As for Party its somthing fun to have in the game where you can stop destroying heartless or unversed and just have fun.

  12. Turtle Says:

    I read through and I find the lack of a mention of a Gummi Ships spinoff shmup disturbing. The Gummi Ship system in KH2 was deep enough to be its own game. Lots of design options that kept me coming back and in the Gummi Garage for hours on end.

    All they would have to do is add more stages, and possibly a great variety of bosses to go into those stages, and they would have a full and marketable game.

    I know I would buy it.

  13. Bgiglione Says:

    Kingdom Hearts: Brawl.

  14. Guest101 Says:

    Assuming that you didn’t include BBS part of the KH spinoffs (becuase it isn’t!), I really do love how there’s variety in gameplay with the KH games. I agree with a previous post on how the Keyblade War could be an MMORPG. I would love to crate my own avatar and be a Keyblade wielder fighting in the War. As long as it wouldn’t deviate from what Xehanort in the Xehanort Reports, I don’t see why not.

  15. NeoRoXaS Says:

    Dissidia Kingdom Hearts ^^

  16. Bloom4815 Says:

    I want the KH brawl game. Would, dare I say it, Kairi finally be playable? It’d be a good way to see all the players we love again. And it’d be fun to challenge your friends. BbS and Days had it somewhat, but I think there’s much more that could be done.

    And, I’m sure I speak for everyone that’s seen models of the characters dancing on YouTube, KH: DDR could be cool (as long as it IS good renders of the characters on screen).

  17. Flamehell10001 Says:

    Please don’t hate me for this, but to be honest, these……….well……yea………the spinoff ideas aren’t particuarly THAT good, (seriously, Rock Band Kingdom Hearts? that just spells “rape franchise”)

    Personally, Birth By Sleep Vol.2 and Dream Drop Distance both seems enough spin-offs for me, especially after 358/2 days and Re;Coded.

    Sorry, just saying

  18. Brooser Says:

    Yup. As fantastic as a Super Smash Hearts or whatever would be, I don’t see it happening because of Disney’s stance on their characters fighting each other. Which doesn’t make sense to me… half of the bad guys in the series are DISNEY villains. How does Donald and Goofy (not to mention other party members/summons) fighting Maleficent/ Jafar/ Hades/ Ursula/ Captain Hook/ Pete/ Oogie Boogie/ Scar/ Shan Yu/ Barbosa/ Chernabog/ etc not break that rule already?

  19. Xxmoonangelxx Says:

    id love to see the kingdom hearts:move. itd be a great experiance for anyone with a motion console :D

  20. Ethan coohill Says:

    kingdom hearts RPG and kingdom hearts move for me. i would love to see the RPG though. and i think the KH3 will be playstation move compatible anyways

  21. Pie Says:

    KH Brawl would be a hit.
    I just dont know how you can fit all the oves, bc is Sora supposed to have physical special attacks, or magical? o_O

  22. Brooke Says:

    KH RE: Coded is a Final Fantasy like RPG and a Side scroller. And I HATE IT. I can’t get past stupid Olympus Coliseum -_-; Turn based battles & resetting to start screens are reasons why I never beat FFX and is why I never feel like playing this game anymore.

  23. Sylar89 Says:

    Kingdom hearts online would be cool. Create your key blade weilder and go on awesome adventure

  24. Ventwig Says:

    The only problem is how hard it is to compete against Mario Kart.
    We’ve seen stuff try, and fail. SAS All-Star Racing was fun while it lasted, but didnt have the same feeling.
    Mario Kart was good because of all the characters, stages, and the abnility for charcter-kart matchups.
    Also, gummi blocks would add a new twist for creating with gummu blocks.
    Racing would be great!
    But they would need items like MK, not always being able to kill o_O

    Maybe Keyblade for Red Shell? IDK
    Also, a gummi adventure mode played like the gummi ship would be fun.
    KH2 gummi ship gameplay (but enchanced) to explore as a world map to explore all the world cups. That would be alot of stages, 4 per world, like, 25 worlds, 100 stages!

    So, KK would be endless. especially the endlessness in KH.
    Its all up to the designer

  25. Darkrai49 Says:

    I think I’d like a dissidia title would be so…epic:) imagine roxas vs ventus or terra vs riku… Pure epicness

  26. Roxas92 Says:

    But why dont they put Sora, Roxas, or Riku in Dissidia. They dont count as Disney right?

  27. Jaelyndari Says:

    I would love to see it s an Online game. Maybe set it up similar to Phanasty Star Universe so that you can do story mode or online play and feature it back during the keyblade wars so that the character you make is one in the epic battle. Just because there are a lot of useless blades doesnt mean everyone died.

    Otherwise a KH Brawl game would be awesome. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  28. Snoopthedrew Says:

    Ok, definitely NO flippin’ rock band sequals please! XD However a kingdom hearts online game and sever would be a dream come true. The vast amount of activities available would be limitless, and so would the visuals of the game itself too. All-in-all, it sounds like a fantastic idea. It would be a hell of a lot better than final fantasy xiv and it’s haphazardly, Elmers Glue patched self.

  29. portgasdace574 Says:

    It’s because the violence in fighting games are considered to be more realistic.
    Also, fighting games nowadays HAVE to be rated T because of that.
    Considering how hellbent they were in keeping Kingdom Hearts II from being rated T, a KH fighting game would be a no go.
    But the main reason, for both things I just said, is probably because fighting games are games with nothing BUT violence in them, where KH games have much more than that. That’s most likely Disney’s problem right there.

  30. KEVINCM_11 Says:

    Si fuera buena la idea l estilo Super smash bros brawl o que tal al estilo estrategia no de RPG sino al estilo como warcraft o age of empires

  31. KEVINCM_11 Says:

    En la idea de rock band seria bien chevere imaginense tener la guitarra para jugar y que sora usara su llave espada como guitarra y que lo acompañara otro personaje que con su arma la utilice como otro instrumento o tambien podria ser al estilo skate como en KH2 pero esta vez con rampas skates nuevos y personajes ocultos buenas ideas ehhh XD

  32. KEVINCM_11 Says:

    otra forma de al estilo Super smash bros seria al estilo Mirage Arena y elegir los personajes como Super Smash Bros y que al llenar una barra de poder activa el poder especial de uno bien chevere seria un exito XD

  33. Ian Manning Says:

    You people hate me don’t you?

  34. Fubreeze Fubreeze Says:

    I really like the KH online idea especially if u can fight head to head but if they actually do that they gotta make it for xbox 360 too
    I mean they already got nintendo and playstation why just leave xbox out of the picture?

  35. Codycameron09 Says:

    My answer is… NO MORE SPIN-OFFS!!!
    BRING ON KH3!!!

  36. Sakuchan Says:

    It would be enormous fun to integrate the Move…it’s unfortunate that this Sony concept didn’t take off to the skies; it doesn’t have a standing chance to outcompete the Kinect. Though I don’t see the Move coming in for KH3, I certainly can dream. =)

  37. Sakuchan Says:

    They have the perfect set moves too. There’s hardly any extra work that would need to be done to put KH into Dissidia-all the action moves have already been mapped out.

  38. Black Otsel Says:

    The Kingdom Hearts: Move idea sounds awesom, although u would hav 2 hav buttin combos for the air moves

  39. Theking Tga Says:

    i like them all but something missing oh right they must come after kh3 or kh online

  40. Arcane Says:

    More like we love to see you squirm. :p

  41. KEVINCM_11 Says:

    Fuera bueno que crearan un juego de kingdom hearts en facebook, twitter y en otras redes sociales

  42. Ian Manning Says:

    That coming from a fan of Jesse McCartney? That’s barely anything to squirm about.

  43. Sea-Salt Says:

    Kingdom Hearts vs Capcom. Disney owns Marvel now, so why not? : P
    But yeah, I’m all for a KH fighter, just as long as it isn’t impossible to play like Dissidia. And I could definitely roll with a brawler KH, or an online one (hm, multiple factions? Keyblader/Heartless/Nobody?).

  44. Arcane Says:

    Jesse McCartney spends his free time beating people up with an oversized key? Who wouldn’t be a fan?

    OH, unless you meant Roxas instead of his voice actor. Which is a whole ‘nother topic. At any rate, relax dude.

  45. Sharda Colon Says:

    I would love to see Kingdom Hearts Dissidia (Dissidia SE in general). But realistically how would that work? Obviously the Kh chara can’t be in DFF or DDFF for that matter, let the KH versions of the Final Fantasy charas. Having a Dissidia Kingdom Hearts would a different story and to an extent, a different time-line. So I would rather wait until the series finish, when Verses XIII is done and released.
    Unless a game called Square Enix Dissidia or Square Enix Brawl, that incorporates the iconic characters from their major franchises…then yeah.. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Until then FANFICTION!

    Another one I would actually like to see is the Kingdom Hearts:Move. That would give me an excuse to actually buy the move peripheral. xP.

    Now an online MMO KH game would be AWESOME!! The Idea for that at least is awesome especially with numerous mentions of the Keyblade War. Also how that work out as well? Considering what time frame the MMO KH would take place. A LOT of things have to be considered.
    But someone mention (forgot sorry) had said If there was idea considering that, the Phantasy Star Universe/Online would be the best (and safest) bet. Though the options for both Single Player Mode and an MMO should be there as well. Both for the Main Story and taking Quests and Partnerships or something like that. Along with the idea of Factions, Friends and Rivals and Which alignment you are, Light or Darkness?

    O_O Holy Crap a swarm of ideas came rushing to me as I said that. XD

  46. Beau Says:

    I like the idea of a Kingdom Karts type of game. The racing in BBS had potential – I wouldn’t say it was ‘fun’ exactly, but give it it’s own game and the quality and fun-factor would definitely improve. Make different spells the ‘items’ in the game… that’d work!

    Also, the Kingdom Hearts MMO would work too – it almost seems like the Keyblade War was custom made to cater to that type of game.

  47. Charly Says:

    KH MMORPG – Kingdom Hearts The Keyblade Wars

  48. Jack Mowat Says:

    I’d totally buy Kingdom Hearts Move or Brawl any day of the week!

  49. Arcterusgnu Says:

    I think a Dissidia-type game would be fun, but really, an MMORPG sounds like the best concept. It wouldn’t be too hard, really. You could have it take place before the keyblade wars and design a character to be allied with the light or darkness. Everyone could start with the Kingdom Key and then slowly develop it into a stronger model, perhaps eventually able to design your own keychains, and thus, keyblade, as well. I think it would be really cool.

  50. Guelito Says:

    kingdom hearts online the keyblade war!!!

  51. khmatrix Says:

    Aren’t Riku and Sora going to be in the next Super Smash Bros.?

  52. Miles Metts Says:

    Yes! I want Karts, Brawl, and Online.
    Especially Online!!!

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly these are horrible, except for the Rock Band idea. And I doubt hardcore fans, like myself, would like to see these spinoffs. And just so you guys know, Dissidia Final Fantasy was originally supposed to be Kingdom Hearts, but disney obviously did not want some of their character fighting against each other.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Yes but I liked the idea of Dissida KH anyway, who said they had to include disney characters? They could’ve just had Sora,Ven,Roxas, ORgXII, etc. etc. and FF characters. Disney was being too goddam cautious with Kingdom Hearts II and made sure it wasn’t rated T.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Wow ,I like your KH mmo ideas. The darkness and light alliances could be an awesome idea.

  56. TAJEpsilon Says:

    Maybe a fighting game in the style of like Tekken or MVC 3. Would be extremely interesting

  57. Final_fantasy_y Says:

    Kingdom Hearts: The RPG

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Haha I love the Kingdom Hearts Party idea XD I also like Kingdom Hearts: Brawl and Kingdom Hearts: RPG.

  59. omg Says:

    omg online yes

  60. Sam Says:

    im down with Kingdom Hearts Online! lol

  61. Catherine DeKorte Says:

    I think a KH MMO would be a perfect way to tell the story of the Keyblade War, I’m just sayin’. :>

  62. Tim Says:


  63. Cole Says:

    I agree

  64. Ashley Says:

     kingdom hearts is fine the way it is!

  65. canvas giclee Says:

    Great stuff, Final Fantasy and original characters to pick from, Kingdom Hearts is ready-made for a game in the fighting genre.

  66. Yenzo Says:


  67. Anonymous_Shade Says:

    what about being a nobody? that should be an option too. . .

  68. people search Says:

    Where’s the “new” part?

  69. Coolio865 Says:

    THIS! Make a KH fighting WITH a story line, 3D characters and arenas, ONLY non Disney characters. This would be a win. PS3 exclusive!

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