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Kingdom Hearts fans are an ardent and devoted type.  The series has so far appeared on SIX consoles (PS2, GBA, NDS, PSP, Mobile Phone, and 3DS) and requires at least FOUR to obtain the full canon (PS2, NDS, PSP, 3DS).  Sometimes, devotion can be hampered by money and accessibility.

Fortunately, a devoted and anonymous fan has gone through the painstaking process of chronicling the entire series timeline of characters and events so that we can not only brush up on everything before the next big entry, but also so that those who may not have access to all systems and games will gain the necessary savvy to fully enjoy Dream Drop Distance.


Source(s): Siliconera reader Mauricio_Magus

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  1. JC Says:

    It’s little details like that which really make you appreciate fine nuances like these. XD

  2. Mr Syme Says:

    that was amazing

  3. Mahael Says:

    Re:coded summed up in less than a sentence.  Nice.

  4. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    i find the way he spoked quite humorous. anyway the only flaw i found was the part where he said xehanort and ansem’s apprentices made radiant garden into hollow bastion. if my recollection servers correct, that was actually malificent who did that. but i could be wrong

  5. Andy Chris Jr. Says:

    that was a weird and humorous way to sum it up…, but still it was pretty accurate.

  6. Clever4231 Says:

    I love it. That is the most accurately vague way of telling the story. It’s alot better than most people could do. And to top it off it doesn’t spoil the games to much (somehow) (depending on who you are).

  7. Diego Says:

    Totally loved it… These guys are awsome ;) but something I havent understand since the releases of 358/2 and Re: Coded and I would to ask your opinion about it. What will happen with Xion???? I mean, I know that she fused with Sora to complete his memory, but everywhere I read it says Sora will save Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Axel/Lea, Roxas, Namine AND Xion (along with everyone else conected to him) but how can this be?? Will Sora sacrifice a bit of his memory to revive her?? Is gonna Ventus have Roxas memory or Sora will?? What will happen with the members of the OXIII now they are complete?? Too many questions, and I dont why, but I feel KH3D will only make more questions and all the answers will be found in the KH3… *sighs* I suppose this comment is already too large, but I had to say it, so what do you think??

  8. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    yeah. what i think is for sora to first save namine and then she can save xion by using a piece of sora’s memory locked away in his heart of her and give it a physical form. ventus probably going to have both memories. the orgXII will probably have each of their own individual plans. that or side with sora, or with xehanort. and yeah, ur probly right. 3Ds is prob gonna leave us with blank faces. but i bet it will answer alot of others as well. (my opinion)

  9. Ian Manning Says:


  10. kane Says:

    that was AWESOME! great and clever way to really organize the story. best scan/info separate post yet!

  11. Drace Says:

    I’ve got a tip for everyone who is just interested in the story. Watch walkthroughs! It’s 100% legal and 100% free and if you choose a good one, you’ll see everythinbg of the story. Go on Youtube or even better on Gameanyone for example. Here’s a link:

    You can watch walkthrough for every KH-game so far. Try it out! :)

  12. Satria222poxy Says:

    i can’t read it, cuz everytime i clicked on it the page always shows ”
    You’ve reached the bandwidth limit for viewing or downloading files that aren’t in Google Docs format. Please try again later.”

  13. Panda Says:

    Error. Something about reaching the limit for docs that aren’t google or something?

  14. Loz Says:

    yup i got error too.

  15. Guest321 Says:

  16. Abysmal Says:

    Hysterical!! Thanks very much for sharing. :D It does an awesome job at summing up all the critical points! The only mistake I found is that Axel should be included in the group that Sora needs to “save” in future KH games.

  17. Hor'Yu Says:

    What’s this? “Kingdom Hearts for dummies”? No offense, but what slash-loving pseudo-cynic wrote that?

  18. Мария Says:

    Мне очень нравится эта игра , прошу сделайте перевод на русский и ещё хочу анимэ. Сплю и во сне все это вижу.

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