Kingdom Hearts Ultimania – Rumour Roundup!

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania - Rumour Roundup

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: Rumour Roundup

Some of our veterans on the site may remember this feature, but for those who don’t…well I don’t want to spoil the secret so keep your eyes open in the near future. We are, however, encouraging all members to get as involved as possible in this, so if you want to join in a bit of harmless fun then please read this post and we’ll get on going!

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania is looking for members to submit their rumours about the Kingdom Hearts franchise to be seen on a bigger platform than usual, and so we want you to let us know what they are. Do you have an idea of where the series is going based on something only you have noticed? Do you have a theory on who the Unknown (Birth by Sleep) is? Do you think Mickey is Sora’s long-lost brother? What, when we come right down to it, is a Keyblade? We want to hear all you rumours, so don’t be afraid of letting us know, no matter how small and insignificant or stupid they may seem!

How do I submit a rumour?

We’re looking to keep rumour submission as anonymous as possible, so please do not use this topic to post them! We’re hoping to make things easier to run in the future, but for now we’re looking at submissions via PM, Email, and Twitter.

To submit your rumour you can follow one of four routes:
– Send a Private Message to Tony (Kupo Mog) – Click Here
– Send a Private Message to ShayClick Here
– Send an email to Tony (Kupo Mog) – contact-email-address
Twitter users can send their rumours by Tweeting to @khurumours

Keep PM/Email titles clear as something like “Rumour Roundup” so that we can easilly find them among submissions, and all you need to do is pass on your rumour. We’d prefer it if you would just submit one rumour each, but nothing set in stone!

Finally, please only use the comments in this post to ask any questions you may have on the feature itself, rather than submitting rumours. Whilst we guarantee that all rumours submitted via PM and Email will be looked at, we cannot make the same guarantee of any comments posted in response to this topic.

And, most importantly: have fun!

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