Poll: Organization XIII – Pick Your Favourite & Hated

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Organization XIII are irrefutably the best villains of Nomura’s creation for Kingdom Hearts. These enemies spanned no less than 3 games and they’re so intriguing that their counterparts of their past lives lived on in KH: Birth by Sleep. We’d like to know who exactly is your favorite member of the team is, and who is your pet hate. In 2 weeks time, we’ll be putting together a retrospect article discussing all things Org XII.

Members of the Organization XIII  brought depth of storyline and of fighting fervor to the series and the leader of the pack has shown up in 3 different forms to challenge our tactics. There are many reasons to love them and there are equally valid reasons to despise them with all your soul.

Whether your choice is due to the thrill of a challenge, the frustration of 10 straight losses or the personality quirks, you might take the moment to agree that there’s never been a cliché that rings so true: It’s a fine line between love and hate.

Please note that clearly, either no one or a select minority would hate on Roxas, so he was not included as a choice in the poll. Conversely, he is also much loved and would be too obvious a preferred choice had we offered it, so of course, we did not. Apologies to the fans who was so prepared to vote for Roxas.

Poll: Which are your Favourite & Most Hated Organization XIII Members?

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Who is your most HATED Organization member?

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Why did you make your choices?

Sound off in the comments below letting us know your thoughts on the various members of Organization XIII, do you love Zexion for his mysterious ways? or hate Larxene for being slightly nuts?