Poll: Organization XIII – Pick Your Favourite & Hated

Speak Up KHU! Tell us your thoughts on Organization XIII

Organization XIII are irrefutably the best villains of Nomura’s creation for Kingdom Hearts. These enemies spanned no less than 3 games and they’re so intriguing that their counterparts of their past lives lived on in KH: Birth by Sleep. We’d like to know who exactly is your favorite member of the team is, and who is your pet hate. In 2 weeks time, we’ll be putting together a retrospect article discussing all things Org XII.

Members of the Organization XIII  brought depth of storyline and of fighting fervor to the series and the leader of the pack has shown up in 3 different forms to challenge our tactics. There are many reasons to love them and there are equally valid reasons to despise them with all your soul.

Whether your choice is due to the thrill of a challenge, the frustration of 10 straight losses or the personality quirks, you might take the moment to agree that there’s never been a cliché that rings so true: It’s a fine line between love and hate.

Please note that clearly, either no one or a select minority would hate on Roxas, so he was not included as a choice in the poll. Conversely, he is also much loved and would be too obvious a preferred choice had we offered it, so of course, we did not. Apologies to the fans who was so prepared to vote for Roxas.

Poll: Which are your Favourite & Most Hated Organization XIII Members?

Who is your FAVOURITE Organization XIII member?

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Who is your most HATED Organization member?

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Why did you make your choices?

Sound off in the comments below letting us know your thoughts on the various members of Organization XIII, do you love Zexion for his mysterious ways? or hate Larxene for being slightly nuts?

106 Responses to “Poll: Organization XIII – Pick Your Favourite & Hated”

  1. Fran Squarepants Says:

    I love Marluxia because he has the best image of the group and I love his gestures and his way of speaking.
    And I hate Axel because he’s so popular and he’s like an strange in the Organization.

  2. Gunner Says:

    See…i like all the org chericters…but my fave is zexion…but I dont like larxean…cuz the additude in kh com…

  3. Ryan Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that Axel is the leader on the favorites, I picked him as well, cause it seems to be the character (besides maybe Xemnas if you count all the past lives he has) that they went most in depth into. However, it was honestly surprised about the results of the dislike. (granted, less than 40 people have voted so far) For one thing, he may have been an a$$, but i liked Saix because of what he added to the story. I’m also surprised nobody voted for Demyx, I don’t particularly care for him but I always got the impression that other people did. I voted for Luxord, because he wasn’t that deep of a character, had a stupid final battle, and i think if he had ever actually used it, his power over time could have been the strongest in the organization.

  4. Ryan Says:

    That is a very interesting stance, I won’t deny that I loved Marluxia as a boss, I hope we eventually get to see somebody, maybe Larxene’s, but at least his. But I don’t get why you hate Axel? I don’t understand the wording of the second part of your statement (maybe its a typo, if so sorry) but just because he’s popular is no reason to hate somebody. He’s popular for a reason lol.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I liked all for different reasons, my favourite being Zexion but I can’t rule out Axel at all either. It’s a tough choice to narrow it down to just one. So I just refreshed and voted on both :P
    As for the one I disliked the most, eh I’d say Demyx. While I liked how his character was really useless I also hated that he was so useless. xD guess that doesn’t make sense huh? xD

  6. Oniawa Says:

    i really liked demyx, mainly becuase at the start of the game yensid said to sora that the nobodies act like they have emotions but they dont. and hes the only one that really did that, he acted terrifed of sora until the moment he had to fight and he went cold and awesome! great character. luxord sucked becuase he was in the game for about two seconds then when you actully got to fight him hes like “i’d rather we skip the formalities”… crap character x

  7. Debenz Says:

    Axel is my favorite, and Xigbar is my 2nd fav. I hate Xemnas, plus he comes from the root of all evil. lol

  8. Jquilly Says:

    I wasn’t voting them for anything, but Roxas and Xion need to be up there!!!

  9. Rebecca Simons Says:

    I love Axel! Mostly because of his bond with Roxas and how at the end of KH2 sacrificed his ‘life’ (Or being, i won’t know what to call it since he’s a nobody) for Sora (Or just basically roxas since Sora’s nobody is Roxas)
    Also, I hate Saix. I mean from the first moment I saw him in the second game, I just didn’t like him. His attitude towards Sora and Axel just really peeved me. But I will saw that Vexen and Larxene comes at a very close 2nd.

    Oh, and my second favorite there’s a hard decision between Demyx and Zexion!

  10. Dakota Robbins Says:

    Axel is my favorite and always will be! I don’t like the way the person said Roxas would win in this entire thing when they don’t know that. that was my one dislike, but that is just me.

  11. Todd Backus Says:

    Lexaeus wasn’t always my fave. It wasn’t until Re:CoM when I saw him -literally- bounce Riku off the ceiling after telling him to not get cocky that I really fell in love. As for my most hated, Xaldin never really did anything, and when he was doing things, he was a straight up dick, and not in a funny crazy way like Larxene. Just, yeah.

  12. doctorpope181 Says:

    I liked Axel as a character.
    I hated Demyx and his battles they were irritating and time consuming. (*no pun intended*)

  13. Andrew Says:

    I love Axel :] (I know original huh) He has the most character development so that’s why.
    Marluxia is my least favorite. He just rubs me the wrong way

  14. Maurice Hoek Says:

    I agree with you 100%. I voted on both Zexion and Axel as my fav’s and Demyx as my least favorite. Zexion is just so awesome ‘cuz he thinks everything trough and plans everything. I really hated the way he died in CoM AND Re:Com. Axel is probably the fav of most people, who like me, liked Roxas. (Why leave out Roxas, and keep Axel in?) Anyway, he’s got a cool attitude, I like the fire element, I love his tattoos (also love Reno from FFVII), and his (dual wield <3) weapons! Also worth mentioning is that he’s the ONLY friendly on Sora’s side, albeit in the very end, he sacrificed himself for the side of good! Now for Demyx, I really liked his personality, how he, compared to the others, didn’t like to get his hands dirty. But on the other hand, that’s what makes him a terrible character in some way as well… All characters got there moment in the spotlight, giving them awesome cutscenes, battling or being a smartass. Demyx somehow didn’t feel the same as the others for me… Y’know what i’m gonna vote on Luxord being another one of my hated… First sending in a Heartless on Sora & Co. to get what he wants, then later, turning Sora into a card… Now THAT’S cheap…

  15. KHkid0206 Says:

    Favorite would have to be Marluxia, I love the way his name sounds, and his hair.

    Least is Luxord because I couldn’t beat him for like 500 tries. First time I EVER had to use a strategy guide…

  16. Brooke Says:

    Axel is my favorite because he’s the most involved with the plot, IMO (although I was disappointed that Roxas and Xion aren’t included here, I must admit).

    Lexaeus is my least favorite cuz he doesn’t really do anything… lol.

  17. bolt lightning Says:

    marluxia is a straight-up boss. have you heard his voice? and axel is my absolute least favorite, mostly due to his extreme watering down in khii and days. he was actually okay in CoM, but he just got dreadfully unbearable. i don’t know, maybe i’m biased because i love marluxia.

    poor vexen ):

  18. Matt Says:

    I admit for me, Xaldin is my eyes is the best since for one I wanted to like someone other than Axel but he is not my least favorite, that title goes to blood sucking thing also known as Larxene. I mean for me seeing Xaldin almost able to fully control the Beast and then in the fight against him seeing him summoning the lances and posing is such awesomeness! I mean, he was a much better idea of a boss for that world instead of fighting Gaston. Larxene…that “you know what” needed to die in CoM since made me think if she was that much of a “you know” in CoM as a Nobody, I can only imagine how much of a pain she was before she became a Nobody.

  19. Xagzan Says:

    So tough to choose, ended up between Saix and Xemnas. Marluxia was in the running but his English voice knocked him out.

    Don’t get the hate for Larxene. She was adorable

  20. Despar49 Says:

    Zexion is amazing:)I love how he’s always just reading his lexicon… Doing pretty much nothing exept that unless on a mission:)ugh he’s the best character in the KH universe!!(also ienzo)

  21. Despar49 Says:

    Zexion is amazing:)I love how he’s always just reading his lexicon… Doing pretty much nothing exept that unless on a mission:)ugh he’s the best character in the KH universe!!(also ienzo)

  22. Ryan Says:

    where was there a pun in that?

  23. wowowee Says:

    I hated Vexen for his annoying *grunt*

  24. Shoujax Says:

    Love Larxene: blonde, green eyes, electricity, throwing knives; hawtness. only LEGIT female member of Org XII (Obviously Xion doesn’t count or else she’d be on the poll =P) she was my favorite boss to fight on the original GBA CoM.

    Hate Zexion: 1. If Nobody’s are trapped at the age they lost their hearts, why does ienzo go from like 5-8 to easily 16 in the year between birth by sleep and maleficent’s destruction of hollow bastion??! I does NOT MAKE SENSE. 2. He got taken out like a b!tch, just screaming helplessly as R.R. takes him out; both puppets in Axel’s game. =/

  25. Grahgblarguys Says:

    Xions my fav (if only because everyone has irrational hatred for her and thus I have pitty xD) but yea… I guess she really wasn’t a member of organization 13 was she… pity +4

  26. Ian Manning Says:

    I hate Roxas/Jesse McCartney, period.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Zexion is my favourite because I really like his design, and his sort of annoyed at everyone personality is really awesome.
    Xigbar is my most hated, because he is a big douchebag who ditched me in 358, and is freaking happy about being an ass too me

  28. Kalleyne1007 Says:

    I love Axel because I love Reno from Final Fantasy 7! LOL….. But seriously, he was just entertaining and also a mysterious character who in the end portrayed the feelings that the main characters of Kingdom Hearts exhibit, which is a love for friends and a desire to help and protect them. I also have such a soft spot for him because I feel bad for him in regards to how everything played out with him between him, Roxas, and Xion and also between him and Saix. I love/hate Saix. I truly wish I could of saw that friendship before Roxas because they are such opposites. Both of their endings were heart breaking and just makes me feel bad for them. But I love Xemnas and his cold, nutty self and I love Zexion because he is a cutie pie ^_^. I have a love/hate for Xigbar because he just annoyed the heck out of me in every way, but couldn’t help love seeing him and I have a love/hate for Marluxia because he was gorgeous but ruthless. Got my butt served too many times. Playing with cards was not fun!

    Xaldin was simply my least favorite because in Kingdom Hearts 2 he was the worst boss other than Sephiroth for me to fight and Mickey Mouse was always hopping out just in the nick of time to save me from death! Also in 358/2 I hated going on missions with him because he was such an a-hole it just irked the heck out of me. I also couldn’t stand Demyx because he was a scary punk who would leave me hanging in 358/2 and his fear or Sora was nothing short of ridiculous and annoying considering the fight Radiant Garden between him and Sora brought some serious trouble for me. Also I wasn’t the biggest fan of the girl, Larxene. I could of done without her trying to act all tough in a room full of men. And people like Luxord and Laxaeus were pointless members because they were so irrelevant in the plot.

    Personally, other than Axel, Saix, and Marluxia, if you weren’t part of the original members your presence was unnecessary and it showed. So that would be Luxord, Laxaeus, Demyx, and Larxene. And I think they tried so hard to make them some what relevant to the point where most people think people like Larxene and Demyx were just flat our annoying.

  29. Litta2003 Says:

    to answer your question in reference to zexion: consider this. birth by sleep takes place 10 years before the first kingdom hearts. so that would mean at the most 10 years had to have past from since we saw inezo as a child, so he could of grown up to be a teenager.

  30. Turtle Says:

    I like Xigbar, Vexen, and Larxene, because they’re all very wacky. Especially Vexen. Seriously, what’s wrong with you guys, voting him as least favorite and most hated? I SHALL FREEZE YOU!

    I especially dislike Xemnas, Xaldin, and Saix. I dislike Roxas most of all, because he’s an immature little brat who can’t sacrifice his own well-being and happiness for a greater purpose, but he’s not up there.

  31. Iggy van Hoof Says:

    Although there is no member I hate, I just like Luxord the least. It took me some time to decide who I liked the most (Lexaeus is my favorite character to play as in Days, Axel was awesome in Days as a character (didn’t like him that much in KH2 where he just wanted Roxas back and suddenly turned good at the end), Demyx plays guitar, Xemnas is badass, Xigbar has the coolest weapon and he was my favorite in KH2), so I think that’s a sign that SE did a really great job on the XIII characters, most of them have an awesome weapon and a unique “personality”.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Oh I loved Zexion though I was never able to fight him because I wasn’t fortunate to live in a region where Re:CoM was sold but oh I love how comes across in the game, shame I would have preferred to see him in KHII instead of Demyx. A lot of people love Axel though I give that credit to Quinton Flynn, such an amazing VA :D

  33. Phelippe Angeli Says:

    Gosh, I knew people had a grudge against Vexen, but to hit the top of the list… You guys must be showing your true feelings, right? haha

  34. DJ Says:

    How can anyone hate Axel?!

  35. Shoujax Says:

    Nomura’s stated that nobody’s are stuck at the age they are when they became nobodies, lest Xemnas would look 10 years older than terra instead of roughly the same age. Thus my spite for Zexion and his anachronistic appearance

  36. Ryan Walsh Says:

    From my perspective, the very ironic thing is that according to Nomura, since they’re Nobodies and don’t have any feelings and aren’t aware about what they do whether they be good or bad. Can’t really say that Org. XIII are villains, cause villains, like Maleficent are aware of their actions but prefers to do so. They’re more like antagonists, but of course, the only one that actually comes the closest to being a villain of them all is Xemnas, well DUH!. Because unlike the other members who sought to use Kingdom Hearts to gain a heart to be complete, Xemnas had no desire for that but rather he used the Org. members to help him get closer to control Kingdom Hearts in order to become a God.

    But I still honestly say that Ansem is better than Xemnas, more so the Billy Zane version XD;. More bad ass to me, where as Xemnas feels…dull. Then again, that’s the other irony because he IS a Nobody so he’s being true to his nature. Maybe its just I find the fact that a villain who destroyed most of the Disney worlds just for the sake of spreading darkness is more sinister compared to a Org. leader who seeks to control Kingdom Hearts in order to be a God. (Sephiroth motive)

  37. Fran Squarepants Says:

    I have been hating Axel since the first time I saw him. I don’t know why but I think he’s so cheerful and sensitive to be a member of the Organization. Do you understand me now?

  38. Morloki Says:

    Sheesh.. what a surprise… Axel got the most votes? What is it with you people? is it because he’s gay or something?
    Well I voted for Larxene, I really like her personality… She’s the kinda person you wanna hang out with and just get into trouble.

    As for the hated one… Marluxia… because… men should not try to look and/or act like women -.-’

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Demyx for both. I hate him for his annoying boss battles, but I love him because he’s so desperate to hold on to his memories and to the heart he once had. Also, he’s a musician. That’s like, 20000 bonus points.

  40. Sakuchan Says:

    A brilliantly concise comment. Conversely, I love Roxas, but hey, to each their own.

  41. Zexion1127 Says:

    I’m sorta suprised that Axel is beating Zexion by as much as he is… Zexion is AWSM because who else do you know fights with a BOOK? :fist pump:

  42. James Lutz2 Says:

    Xion is my favorite

  43. Jack Mowat Says:

    I don’t hate or dislike any of them but I went for Larxene purely because of how sadistic she was. She really made me feel sorry for Sora and Namine and she was a bit of a bully to Roxas in Days so…
    Axel is my favourite, naturally.

  44. Oblivion_keychain Says:

    My favorites were the COM characters with the exception of Vexen, my most hated. My problem with KH2 was that the nobodies had no real storyline, they mostly just showed up after visiting each place a second time, and then you defeated them, and except for Xigbar (whom I love), they all seemed rather dull. In COM, they had this whole story where they plotted against each other, they kept trying to take control of Sora and Riku, and they even killed each other. It was exciting and they were more interesting.

  45. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    but you also have to remember that they didn’t change at exactly the same time. First Xehanort submitted to darkness, but it is not known when the others submit with him.

  46. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    Leaxeus was part of the original members… he even appeared in Birth by Sleep!!!

    Besides, Larxene is a fave of a lot of people…

  47. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    Not that no one would hate him, just that very few people would vote negatively…

  48. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    Those who think that he is stupid for going after Roxas, just to abandon everything in the end… Not that I would vote negatively on him.. I, personally, love Axel, because he had a huge part, and his weaponset was allright..

  49. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    but you also have to remember that villains don’t think that what there doing is bad… they’re doing it because they think it is the “right” thing to do….

  50. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    if one looks at it carefully, they don’t mention the lack of emotion until KH2, which would mean that in COM, they showed little aspects of emotion… like fear and hate.
    the thing is that in Re: COM, they made it look fake…

  51. Robynn Says:

    Favorite: Zexion because of his epic illusions, horrible death, and cool hair.
    Hated: Saïx because he’s such a prick.

  52. Snackless Says:

    T^T no Demyx/Larxene <3

  53. Stephyuchiha Says:

    I really liked Axel(Do i really have to explain why, this is Axel were talking about). He only really wanted to be with Roxas. Now my hate was a cross between Xaldin and Saiz. The boss fight with Xaldin was a real motherfucker, but it did let me be Mickey if i lost so i had to say Saix. Not only was his boss fight annoying HE KIDNAPPED KAIRI and used her to control Sora. What a Dick!

  54. Magmell Tera Says:

    Well, it was a hard desicion, I love Axel but I like demix to, Axel has a good stile but demix is so funy, at the end I choose Axel he is more cool :P ,and y hate marluxia just becose is a terrible villain, y would prefer sora fhigths any other character at the end of chain of memories than that.

  55. Kanemehime Says:

    Too bad Xion wasn’t listed. She’s my favorite of the Orgization members.

  56. Catherine DeKorte Says:


  57. racheliwi Says:

    I thought i liked demyx when I played KH2 because he was kinda out of whack with the rest of the members but when I got to know what he was really like in 358/2 days he just annoyed the heck outta me because he Never Freakin did ANYTHING!!!! and i love marluxia because he was really nice to me and well, flowers bloom when he fights! its awesome :D

  58. KHfan1138 Says:

    Axel is my fav (out of these) because he is fun, funny, n cool.

    I hate Saix because he is horrible to the other members of the team (especially Xion n Roxas), along with assuming the position of second-in command, despite his mid-high number.

    But yeah, Roxas is my fav character for all of KH, so obviously, if I’d had the option, I would have voted for him as my fav.

  59. Nicky Burr Says:

    I like Marluxia because real men have pink hair. Anyway my least favorite would have to be Vexen. There’s something about him I just don’t like. Maybe because he’s a little creepy?

  60. Feanorfirespirit Says:

    Axel is my favorite because unlike the other member he has a heart (pardon the pun) and is actually nice and a good friend to both Roxas and Xion unlike the other members who either ignore them or think they’re useless. He weilds fire which is a big plus as I’m a pyrophiliac and I love his attitude and tatts. Larxene is my least favorite because she has such an attitude all the time and is always mean to Roxas, Sora, and Xion.

  61. The Villains Special Part I: The not-so-villainous Villains - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Says:

    [...] a previous poll , I discovered a healthy mix of people who both really hate and really like Demyx. Ironically, both [...]

  62. Dragonmidnight Says:

    My favorite is Axel and then it follow Demyx and Roxas.  I like them because they seem more real than the othe organizaiton members and they get along fine.

    My hated is Vexen, and that is about it.

  63. firelord_axel8 Says:

    looove axel, hes my favorite definitely. and i HATE vexen. i rly like demyx, mostly cuz hes so adorable, nd i love tht he fights ppl with music! he seems all helpless but hes actually pretty badass. marluxia i liked, but not as a final boss. i mean come on, he fights with flower power for cryin out loud, hes such a flaming homo (not that i have anything against gays, im also a big akuroku fan) but really now. i think vexen was a bigger pain in the ass than him

  64. Lordjinnai Says:

    ….Larxene never interacted with Xion, so she was never mean to her.

  65. Lordjinnai Says:

    “I could of done without her trying to act all tough in a room full of men.”

    ….Wow, you are a sexist sonuvabitch, aren’t you?

    Larxene acts tough because she IS tough.  Men have nothing to do with it.

  66. Lordjinnai Says:

    She’d probably be better when she had a heart. 

    And it’s funny; men like Xaldin, Xigbar, and Axel are allowed to be dickwads, but Larxene isn’t?  Lord, the internet is misogynistic.

  67. LordJinnai Says:

    The poll results are so predictably fangirl-like (the worship for bishies like Axel and Zexion, and hate for ugly guys like Vexen or female characters like Larxene.)  Pathetic.

  68. Smartybrat Says:

    AXEL IS AWESOME!!! Seriously Axel is totally the coolest member of the organization. His personality is so great, I love him! Roxas and Demyx are my other favorites because I think their cool too.

  69. Lynsey Says:

    I love them all but I just chose Xaldin as my worst at random
    My favourite is Saix but I have no idea why. Probably because hes a maniac and his boss fight was fun and easy. And Isa made me like him more because you see he wasn’t always bad :)

  70. AkuRoku69 Says:

    I like both Axel Zexion and Demyx! I don’t get why everyones hating on him!! O and I also Love Xion of course:D I personally hate Larxene cuz she’s kind of a bitch

  71. Na L Says:

    I like Axel Saix and Demyx.But I guess that Axel gets the number one position.Why?Because of his slightly cocky attitude.I like his personality and manipulating games(which he enjoys).I like his element and red is my fav colour.Dont forget his short temper and laid back personality come as a grat clash.I love the way he summons his weapons and his catcphrases.He comes off as bad but shows us he is a good guy by doing the most selfless thing he can do in the name of riendship.All in all not too good not too bad.I like characters that way.Got it memorized?
    I like Demyx cause the way he looks and his element(my fav).I like that he is a musician too.And his way of fighing that shows that he dislike dirtying his hands. I kinda like the fact that he is a lazy bum too.But what really steals the show is his act of fear and despeation dissapearing when he says:Silance traitor.
    Well…for Saix…I didnt really like him till the boss fight.He shows that he is the perfect Nobody.Calm,emotionless and empty.The Emptiness causin great pain.He goes beserk under the moon(love the moon and astronomy) loosing himself in the emptiness forcing his brain to remember the feeling of despaation and leting it take over.I liked his scream in the kh2 game during the fight.It just shows the how desperate he is and how he lets his conciousnes go and sucumbs to the memories of pain,anger and desperation letting hiself be ruled by instinct.Thats why I like him.
     ”…where is my heart?”

  72. Ninjabat Says:

    Yeah, Demyx was annoying (I fought him 8 freaking times), but I LOVED HIM. He’s so innocent, and I feel that he would never have attacked anyone if the Organization didn’t force him too. Really, I was rooting for Demyx during his boss battle. Sora was such a freaking jerk, and I literally screamed at the TV when he called Demyx a wimp. During the fight, I winced every time Demyx cried out in pain, and smiled every time he said “C’mon, get to the beat!” And I was utterly silent when I dealt the final blow, tearing up as Demyx lamented, “I did it again.” He sounded so sad, and then he… He DIED! All in all, I loved Demyx. Period.

  73. Ashley Says:

    Axel because i love his voice actor! Larxene because she’s annoying and mean to Sora!

  74. kingdomawesome23 Says:

    Larxene was the most annoying fight in Chain of memories plus shes sucha b-otch, I like that Marluxia is the badass ruler of castle oblivion. He kinda does look feminine but e makes up for it with rutheless badassery

  75. XxFlareblazexX Says:

    Oh lord, I love so many of them but I would have to say Demyx! ( I’m always torn between Roxas and Demyx) Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE Axel and Zexion. As for my least favorite it had to be Larxene just because she’s such a jerk!

  76. Dylan Says:

    I really hated Marluxia. He betrayed Organization XIII. Larxene may have done the same, but at least she’s funny and attractive. Meanwhile, my favorite member was Xigbar for sure. I really enjoyed his sarcastic attitude and cool weapons. Although Zexion, Demyx, and Luxord are up there on my favorites list too, while I really disliked Xaldin and Saix. And I have no strong opinions about Vexen, Xemnas, Axel, or Lexaeus.

  77. Dylan Says:

    Oh, and Marluxia was also too cowardly to fight Sora himself, AND he had a crappy personality. At least Larxene’s personality was fun.

  78. The Grim Muscari Says:

    Nobody likes Xaldin… :(

  79. Ryuko Says:

    Luxord is my personal favorite because his air of mystery,
    Plus he was the only one to actually care about Roxas besides Axel and Xion.
    His battle was absolutely amazing. Albeit, hard as hell.

    Larxene is my least favorite because DAMN is she a BITCH. Her battle in the GBA version of CoM is so unbearable. She has a never ending combo that is so damned cheap its bad.

  80. Kuro no Sora Says:

    Luxord is the best for me, even Tetsuya think that. I love the way that he’s fighting, the way he talks and the mysterious in this character.

    I hate Larxenne, she’s a bitch…

  81. Miki c: Says:

    of course top hated is vexen LELLLL

  82. Miki c: Says:

    Unless theres a new character tht likes him? i would freaking die if that happens XD

  83. Miki c: Says:

    but still. poor vexen c; VEXEN IS NEVER GUNNA BE LIKED……

  84. rei Says:

    Roxas is great. Jesse McCartney has a nice voice. Why would you hate them?

  85. rei Says:

    Roxas an immature brat? Are you serious? He already sacrificed everything! What more do you want from him? He was used by Org 13 multiple times and they tried to destroy him few times, forced to kill his best friend, got kidnapped, erased of all his memories, half-forced to go back to Sora, got fake friends with fake life by Diz and you are saying he’s a selfish brat? Get in his shoes. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself? I am absolutely sure you will be more selfish than he ever will be.

    I like Roxas because at least he has shown great maturity in less than a year. I don’t understand why some people said he’s immature and arrogant. I think he’s pretty calm unless angered, and very much more mature than his alter ego Sora. Most of the time he was thrown into confusion and acted just like many teenagers would do. But immature brat? Highly unlikely.

  86. Ian Manning Says:

    A. Jesse’s a pop singer, I loathe the music.

    B. People like him more than Sora.

    C. There’s two of him now, it’s annoying!

  87. ScytheSong Says:

    My favorite is Vexen. I can’t stand Axel. To each their own.

  88. KiLLa KiLLo Says:

    how can you like vexen? he is such a fail glad axel owned him dont know why people hate him he has such a strong bond with roxas and not scared to show how much he really cared about him is why he is the most liked

  89. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    My personal favorite is Marluxia. I feel like out of all of them, he had the most ambition and actually managed to almost turn Sora into his slave. Like he was the one who was closest to his goal. I swear Xehanort takes a fucking decade to carry out his plans but Marluxia nearly succeeded in about a week or few days. That’s pretty awesome. I also love his power over the Angel of Death and the contrast between his outward gracefulness and sinister interior? He was a very interesting character and best KH villain IMO, too bad he got less screen time :/

  90. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    They actually encountered Luxord way before that. Remember Port Royal? He screwed up the second visit for them

  91. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    I agree with you on Axel. He may have helped the heroes out but he wasn’t that appealing as a character to me. I just assume that people find him physically attractive but that’s not what makes a good character, know what I mean?

  92. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    I know, right? Vexen, Larxene, and even Xaldin did their parts but people give them less credit than what they’re really worth due to appearances and behavior. It’s sad to see people judge characters by appearance and appeal

  93. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    My personal favorite is Marluxia. I feel like out of all of them, he had the most ambition and actually managed to almost turn Sora into his slave. Like he was the one who was closest to his goal. I swear Xehanort takes a whole decade to carry out his plans but Marluxia nearly succeeded in about a week or few days. That’s pretty awesome. I also love his power over the Angel of Death and the contrast between his outward gracefulness and sinister interior? He was a very interesting character and best KH villain IMO, too bad he got less screen time :/

  94. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    She wasn’t an official member, though.

  95. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    I think it’s due to the fact that he is considered the least attractive to fangirls. But it’s an unfair way to judge character though. I personally thought that Vexen did some pretty important stuff. I did feel bad for him since he was just a pawn to Marluxia

  96. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    I thought that the English voice suit him well though. The Japanese version was too gruff and deep and didn’t really have that gracefulness/feminine side of his

  97. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    I think what Fran is saying that he doesn’t get why Axel gets all that popularity. I also feel the same way since he doesn’t really do much as a character. Sure his design looks very appealing and the way he speaks makes fangirls swoon, but I guess people think it’s unfair to judge by physical appearance

  98. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    Yeah it’s kind of unfair since we never really got to know Xaldin.

  99. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    Whut? Lol he did fight Sora himself.

  100. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    LOL Ikr?? Fangirls make up the craziest stuff XD I personally enjoyed Larxene, her personality is what made the game fun

  101. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    The order you joined in has nothing to do with rank. Also, the reason why he acts all high and mighty is because he was brainwashed by Xehanort/Xemnas. It’s revealed that he’s given into the darkness and has become a part of Xehanort

  102. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    Somebody’s an extremist Christian

  103. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    People still age as Nobodies, look at Xigbar, Saix and Axel. They clearly aged as well

  104. AquaOrangeTsunade Says:

    I don’t get why people dislike Larxene so much. Sure she was sassy to a limit, but at least she never lied to Sora, unlike the other members. She told him straight up what these morons were getting into. She was just provoked that’s all

  105. Sadistic Lord Says:

    My favorite is Saix mainly because he is awesome and his power is closely related to what I’m into (I’m pagan). Also I f*ckin love how savage he is XD. I don’t get why so many people rage over Axel. He’s great and all but calm down!

    I don’t really hate anyone in the organization, but I chose Lexaeus (i didn’t want to, *teers for poor Lexaeus*) because he has the least character among them. He also doesn’t do very much. I just didn’t really feel it with him thats all!

  106. Gino McNemar Says:

    Fuck Larxene, she’s such a dick in Chain of Memories.

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