KHU Roundtable – Our Kingdom Hearts Experiences

KHU Community Members discuss their Kingdom Hearts Memories, Experiences & Thoughts

Sakuchan (Moderator): Welcome to the first ever Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Roundtable, where we invite a motley crew of KHU community members to an informal discussion of  Kingdom Hearts.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce our two Roundtable guests: one of whom is Shay, who you might know from our Kingdom Hearts Forums as one of the global moderators; we are also very fortunate to have Darkandroid the UK Editor-in-Chief from
Thanks for dropping in, guys.

Being Drawn to Kingdom Hearts

Sakuchan (Moderator): So can you tell me how you came about getting into Kingdom Hearts? Which game did you start with?

“All it took was 20 seconds into the Planet B ~Remix~ and I tackled my sister to the floor for the controller.”
- Shay

“I loved Square Enix games and Final Fantasy in particular, and–combining that with my childhood Disney favorites–I couldn’t really say no.”
- Darkandroid

Shay: Well, there’s a funny story about how I got into the game. I had to be about 10 (oh god, 9 years ago..), and I was going through the whole, “I’m too old for dolls and cartoons! I’m almost a pre-teen!!!” stage, you guys will know the one if you can remember that far back. Anyway, the commercial for the first Kingdom Hearts game would come on the TV rarely–but that’s how I found out about it. Of course, I immediately thought this game was going to be “dumb” and “I’m too cool for this!” because there were Disney characters in it (who were, apparently, just not good enough for my dramatic flare~). My 8-year-old sister was into it though and rented it from Blockbuster after days of convincing our mother.

All it took was 20 seconds into the Planet B ~Remix~ and I tackled my sister to the floor for the controller. You couldn’t get me away from that thing. Guess I wasn’t too cool after all, heh.

Then again, when your gaming history consists of Spyro, Croc, Crash Bandicoot, and Bomberman, something like Kingdom Hearts is sensational.

Utada Hikaru, the voice behind the Kingdom Hearts theme songs.

Darkandroid: I was first aware of the series back when I saw a trailer in a Playstation Magazine (PSM) DVD in 2002 when I was 12 or 13 (around the time gaming magazines were still relevant in the industry). It was a bizarre concept to me, but at the same time intriguing. I loved Square Enix games and Final Fantasy in particular, and–combining that with my childhood Disney favorites–I couldn’t really say no. So that Christmas I received the game as a present. I played it non-stop. I know that because that New Year’s, my cousins commented on the fact that I played it so damn much. Other than the countdown to midnight, I did nothing else but play Kingdom Hearts. Fun Fact: I actually completed the game for the first time just under an hour before the New Year’s Eve countdown.

Now Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite gaming franchises. Though my hype for the series did calm down after the second game, most of the spin-offs just haven’t interested me. But recently playing Birth by Sleep did bring back my love for the series.

Sakuchan (Moderator): I don’t remember wrestling people or spending Christmas and New Year’s on the original Kingdom Hearts, but I do remember eating dinner in 5 minutes just so I could get back to the game–my parents really thought I was being terrible.

The Key Demographic

Sakuchan (Moderator): Ok, so 10, 12 or 13, and 14 (for me) were our ages. Most other people I know who totally dig Kingdom Hearts were around the same age range, too. What is it about that time in our lives that makes us fall for this gaming concept? You both mentioned Disney–I believe that it has something to do with that. At that age, I was still very much entranced by anything Disney threw at me.

Disney popularity in the 1990’s, when most Kingdom Hearts fans grew up.

Darkandroid: Let’s be honest here, you never get too old for Disney. Those who deny it are lying. Everyone I know still loves the old classics and when we start having kids, we will be watching them again with them. If you weren’t shown Disney as a child then you had awfully ***** parents, there’s no way around that.

It’s that combination of childhood nostalgia and your obsession of the moment. 9 years ago, Square Enix didn’t have the same amount of backslash it does now. So, for many gamers, there was a lot of love for any sort of RPG Square threw their way and J-RPG’s were still praised rather well at the time. The idea of combining 2 completely different entities wasn’t such a bad idea. Bringing that childhood nostalgia to my favorite medium–the gaming genre–was a great concept.

Thankfully, Kingdom Hearts came just before the fall of the J-RPG. If the game had been made today, I don’t think it would have been as successful as it is now–and it’s showing. Gamers as a whole have lost interest in the series. Now, I don’t think that is down to the concept losing steam, but rather the lack of a full console release. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Does Kingdom Hearts Cross Age Boundaries?

“I think, however, there was something very specific about our generation that was interested in these kinds of games so much, that may be lost on other generations.”
- Shay

ShayYou know, the age rating for Kingdom Hearts is 12+, but it’s been previously stated somewhere that Kingdom Hearts doesn’t actually have a target age range (which may be why the game has gone from something very simple to very complex). So why did it attract that age range? Well, I don’t think it’s nearly as much about Disney as everyone thinks. Disney is, of course, one aspect of it. I think, however, there was something very specific about our generation that was interested in these kinds of games so much, that may be lost on other generations. It also may be because the main characters were around that age, but I think it’s more than thatand I couldn’t tell you what exactly about it that attracted our demographic. But I don’t think it’s any coincidence that there’s been a fall of J-RPGs, as Darkandroid has mentioned.

I also don’t think it’s something we’ll be able to pass onto our kids–just like our parents couldn’t get us into General Hospital or Jag or whatever it was they appreciated. What Disney they like, and what games they like, is going to greatly depend on what media trends are happening when they’re at a specific age that we won’t exactly be able to influence. Try as we might.

Kingdom Hearts isn’t exactly “the greatest hits,” because that spot is already reserved for Final Fantasy. And God bless our hearts trying to enforce the one hit wonders on our children…

Sakuchan (Moderator): I like what Darkandroid said about the element of J-RPG, and how a number of people must have latched on to that back in the day. It’s part of the reason why Kingdom Hearts keeps its fans, because it’s one thing to attract players to the title, and it’s quite another to keep the series popular sequel after prequel after spinoff. To be honest, I was never much of a fan of the J-RPG–the mechanics are too slow for me. I like to be more involved and get up close and personal in the action. I’m also a sucker for customization, so Kingdom Hearts really fit my bill. Would that be accurate in describing the demographic? Those who like the nostalgia but are also open to something innovative?

Darkandroid: I would agree that the J-RPG elements are what got some people into the series in the first place, but now it’s all based on your interest in the story and dedication to the franchise. Those who want to play Kingdom Hearts would have done so by now. Many people probably played the series out of curiosity more than anything, so it ended up widespread among RPG fans. Now that the series has grown, we can really see how the demographic has spread.

Keeping the Games Popular

“It’s one thing to attract players to the title, and it’s quite another to keep the series popular sequel after prequel after spinoff.”
- SakuChan

Sakuchan (Moderator): It would be fun to see the age distribution of the players over the years (because I’m science-geeky that way). I bet Square Enix has those stats and that’s how they track and possibly cater to their target audience. When I was working at Gamestop half a year ago, there were only ever a couple of used copies of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Re:CoM at any one time–there was a continual trade-in and purchase cycle. Most of the customers were aged 16+. So at the release of Re:CoM, I wondered if this was a trend, that the major audience consists of previous fans growing up. I can see that this would be a potential challenge for Square Enix as they plan Kingdom Hearts 3–it’d be very hard to continue targeting 13-15 year olds with a continuing story because you first have to hook them to the previous installments. They’re going to have a smaller audience by then, that consists of a bunch of 20-something year olds who were dedicated enough to wait xxx years for number 3.

In other words, I predict a funnel effect. As the years go by and spin-offs come and go, the target demographic narrows until you get down to people who are still on the forums.

Darkandroid: What I’ve noticed is that the age demographic has sort of stayed the same over the past 9 years. I would say the average Kingdom Hearts user was around 13-17 when it first came out and it’s no different now. Oddly, the series is especially popular in the Hot Topic sort of crowd. We’re seeing that the store has been offering quite a bit of Kingdom Hearts merchandise over the past year. 9 years ago those people must’ve been around the ages of 4-8, an age I would consider too young to really appreciate the series–especially with how confusing the main narrative became with the second game. Many fans came into the series with the first game, but I think there was just as large an influx of new fans with Kingdom Hearts 2’s release.

“Kingdom Hearts 2 didn’t draw in nearly as many fans as Kingdom Hearts did. I think this might be because, going back to Disney, Disney today is a lot different than it was.”
- Shay

ShayYou know, I’d have to disagree on that point. Kingdom Hearts 2 didn’t draw in nearly as many fans as Kingdom Hearts did. I think this might be because, going back to Disney, Disney today is a lot different than it was. When I was a little girl, my favorite Disney movies were things like Oliver & Company, Cinderella, etc… but the little girls today all like Hannah Montana and High School Musical–which aren’t exactly things that are going to be included in the next Kingdom Hearts game (at least all of us oldies hope not). And the Final Fantasy elements Sakuchan was talking about… Well, the glory of Final Fantasy hasn’t exactly been demonstrated in the last 4 games or so, and that side of Kingdom Hearts is being lost on newer gamers.

In total, I’d have to say that the Kingdom Hearts games are going to appeal less and less to the newer generations–until finally the game franchise is at an end. Most of the fans today are just old fans of the first game reappearing.

The Unending Debate: Disney or Final Fantasy?

Sakuchan (Moderator): Shay, you are officially one of the few people I know who wasn’t drawn to Kingdom Hearts because of Disney to begin with. Did you fall for the Final Fantasy flair?

ShayIt wasn’t Final Fantasy that got me into the game. It was the theme song, hook line and sinker. It also didn’t help that I had a total crush on Riku.

Playing off the silver-haired hot guy anime cliché, Riku is unsurprisingly popular with most players of the Kingdom Hearts series.

I had no idea what Final Fantasy was at the time, and only gave it a shot because it was a little like Kingdom Hearts… hahaha, how naïve I was!! I like the Disney, and the Final Fantasy–but that’s not why I like Kingdom Hearts. It’s a thing of it’s own.

Darkandroid: That’s where I sort of disagree. While I do like it for that reason, I also love it because of the charm the Disney brings. The reason Kingdom Hearts 2 felt a little disappointing to me was because that charm was almost completely absent.

Many people started to play the series based on curiosity, but now they stay because of the on-going story. The focus on, “OMG it’s a mixture of Final Fantasy and Disney,” has faded and the series is now its own entity. This was obvious during Kingdom Hearts 2, when the main plot was completely centered upon these new villains (the Organization) and the Disney aspect was mostly pushed to the side, like side missions.

Sakuchan (Moderator): That Disney charm made a comeback in Birth by Sleep–which I was very happy about. Sure, Disney was never really part of the main plot (except the first Kingdom Hearts, where the princesses were used as a plot device), but it’s important that the Disney characters are given enough involvement. That was a problem in 2. For example, the Land of Dragons had a load of characters that cropped up from the movie, but all that Mulan’s soldier friends did was pay lip service. Compare that to Birth by Sleep’s Cinderella world, where most of the side characters–mice, the Prince, the Prince’s foot servant, the Godmother–all either said or did something of relevance. To me, throwing those extra lines in there for minor characters had a profound effect.

It’s funny how we came back to Disney and Final Fantasy, again. It looks like that’s always going to be a primary way to split up fan preferences of the series.

Sakuchan (Moderator): I think that’s all the time we have here. Thanks for coming in, Shay and Darkandroid–it’s been a pleasure! I think I’ve learned some things that I never really thought about before. Thank you again–that’s a wrap!

Tell us your Kingdom Hearts Experiences

How did you get into Kingdom Hearts? Why do you think Kingdom Hearts was so successful?
Or what age were you when you got into Kingdom Hearts?

24 Responses to “KHU Roundtable – Our Kingdom Hearts Experiences”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I got both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II for Christmas in 2006, it was the ads on TV for the second game that got me to give it a go, though I remember the ads for Chain of Memories that time when they were doing the GBA SP Bundle I wasn’t interested. I was so damn foolish! I really want a copy of CoM and that SP now :/

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Lol darn right Riku’s popular. For some reason I’ve always really liked him. Lol yup I remember when Kingdom Hearts first came out. I was in like, 4th grade I think. XD

  3. Guest101 Says:

    I’m gonna have to disagree. I like Disney, but I prefer original characters and story, which is why I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 2 better than 1 (although BBS is now my favorite KH game). The organization as villains was more appealing to me than heartless. And I don’t see what’s so great about Riku to be honest. The character I really care about is Axel, who was in every game except the first one. So at this point, when I include all the KH games, KH1 is my 4th favorite, so the series hasn’t even come close to dying with me.

  4. zeromistress Says:

    I got KH2 for my 11th birthday in 2007. I hadn’t played KH1 but i decided to give it a shot. At first I was unimpressed – i didn’t have a clue what was going on, plus a lot of ironic or shocking moments flew straight over my head. However I started to fall in love with the inspiring characters (mainly Roxas and Sora) and plot. Next thing, i’m on the ps2 every night, to the point when my parents actually set up time limits for playing on there because ‘i spent too much time on it’. Kingdom hearts introduced me to the final fantasy games as well ( which i now adore!). I could never forget such a brilliant game and i’m so glad my mum bought it for me – thank you mum for the game and thank you dad for the ps2 :)

  5. Rob Says:

    I first started out with KH1 back in the spring 5th grade so I was 10 or even 11(18 for 2 weeks now). My cousin from Florida came to spend vacation, and he came over to my house, and he had KH1, thats when it all began. When I first saw it I let him play, cause the heartless were looking scary back then lol. Anyway, after a couple years later in maybe 2005 or early 2006, my other cousin had bought KH1 and Final Fantasy 10. He told me to pick 1 to keep, I chose FF10, then he said he already picked that one and gave me KH1. So a couple days later, I beat Oogie boogie, and the game stopped working. So, on Christmas 2006, I bought KH2, and that’s where the real fun began. But before I bought KH2, in the spring or summer of 2006, my cousins cousin came to spend the night at they’re house. I was there, and I saw he had KH2, and I was like WHAT??? Cause my friends in school(back in 8th grade, I graduated already) were talking about how to get to what and what and mentioned protecting Minny in the Castle, and many images popped up in my head. So, in Christmas 2006, I finally bought KH2, then after beating KH2, I saw on youtube there was a secret trailer, and I was wowed. Then I had to check for all the secret trailer after that. Then after KH2, I watched a walkthrough of COM(gba, then later RE:COM when it came out). Then I saw the KH2 FM secret trailer, and was surprised more, like are they Sora, Riku, and Kairi grown up(I was a noob, silly stupid thoughts like that I dont think of anymore, I was young at the time). That was when I found the realm of Tetsuya Nomura’s interviews. I read everyone that I didnt read before KH2. Then in September of 2007, I bought KH1, because I didnt finish the game. Then I watched a walkthrough of 358/2 days when it came out, then Coded(watching Re:Coded when it come out). Then I bought BBS, since I only own the main games, and I watch a walkthrough of the side games. So, I pretty much got into KH by luck. lol

  6. JP Says:

    Hearing the theme song on the commercials is what drew me to the series, too. XD And I think everyone has had a crush on Riku at one point or another.

  7. Xagzan Says:

    I think Riku is popular, aside from whatever reasons giddy fangirls/boys have, because he’s really the character with the most development in the series. Just look at what he’s been through, from KH1, through CoM then the interim year, then finally towards the end of KH2. SPOILERS I guess, though the games have been out for years now.

    He starts off the rightful keyblade master, wanting to protect Kairi no matter what once their home is destroyed, but these strong emotions are exploited by Maleficent to bring him down the dark path more. He falls further and further throughout the story, until he completely accepts the darkness and ‘Ansem.’ And the keyblade of course chooses Sora for good. But when you finally defeat him, and he gets sent to the WoD, that’s sort of the start of his redemption. We see him brought to Castle Oblivion, fighting through it while confronting his memories and the darkness within him, realizing Ansem’s shadow is an ever present threat inside him. But finally, with a little help, he gains the realization that after all the crap he’s been through, he’s gained the strength and clarity of heart to use darkness together with light, controlling it rather than being controlled any longer.

    We see him start on his “way to the dawn” path, and even though he has to take on the form of Xehanort’s Heartless, eventually he reunites with his friends, all is forgiven, and the excess darkness is cleansed from his heart. And finally, he escapes the WoD with Sora and they return home at last. And as he says later, nothing’s really changed. Sure he’s matured and he’s been hardened by his battles perhaps moreso than anyone, but in the end he’s still the same guy, a little older and a little wiser.

    So I think that might be some of Riku’s appeal. While you have Sora’s personal journey, if he has one, as more or less a pleasant jog down a sunny road, Riku’s meanwhile took him underground through a long, dark tunnel, threw all sorts of crap at him, but eventually he got strong enough to overcome it and reach the light at the other end of that tunnel.

  8. Lemonadejohnson Says:

    Um. Not me, I’m a dude

  9. TheKeeperofKingdomHearts1 Says:

    I’m 16 years old very soon to be 17. And i was introduced to the game when i was 8 years old. how is a funny story? My older sister was dating a this guy named clay and saw the game on his shelf. When she looked at it she thought immediately. “Oh Disney fun.” Never once gave a thought about the square half of the game. Her ex told her that she wouldn’t like it. Let’s just say she ‘borrowed it’ and took it with her. My dad and mom were in the middle of a divorce and my sister lived with my dad and it was my dad visitation. So he had me and brother. Ten minutes after starting the game my sister gave up and the game on. Me being curious about it i started playing and became a kingdom hearts fangirl in less than 20 minutes. Ever since then i couldn’t wait for kingdom hearts game to come out. Oh! and i still have the copy of my sister’s ex boyfriend’s to this day and it still works. ^_^

  10. Jenjencan2 Says:

    It was during the Christmas time of 2002 when I got Kingdom Hearts. I was in the 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I remember seeing Kingdom Hearts on the Disney Channel and it talked about the came and it was pretty cool of a game. So one day my dad came home from work (Target) and bought me and my two sister a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts. One of his work buddies recommended Kingdom Hearts to my dad (thank you dad’s work buddy!) because it has Disney characters in it. My older sister started playing it first and me and my little sister watch her play it. When I saw the opening, I fell in love with it and I wanted more CGI (is that was it called?). So my sister played Kingdom Hearts all the way to Traverse Town and stopped playing it because she couldn’t get pass the Heartless in order to get to the Guard Armor boss.So I decided to continue on. From there on I got hooked onto Kingdom Hearts and develop a huge crush on Sora and became anti Sora x Kairi. I played Kingdom Hearts so much that I got restricted from playing it for 3 months (that was horrible) and could only play for 5 hours a day. So it took me awhile to beat it. It took me 8 months to beat Kingdom Hearts (OMG!) and when I beat it I started crying. I was crying because I beat it and then I was crying for the ending. After seeing the ending of Kingdom Hearts I became pro Sora x Kairi. Soon after I beat Kingdom Hearts, I began searching when is Kingdom Hearts 2 gonna come out. After gaining the secret ending I wanted the second game to come out. So this is how I became a fan of KHU. KHU updated me with every kind of Kingdom Hearts detail you could ever think of. When I heard about Chain of Memories, I knew I had to get it. Chain of Memories was alright, confusing though. I never beat Chain of Memories but I did beat the final battle with Marluxia on my friend’s game. So I had no purpose to beat my Chain of Memories game. My favorite year was definitely Fall 2005, hearing about Kingdom Hearts 2. I saw everything I could see of KH2 from the opening to trailers to the ending (yeah I spoiled it for me but I couldn’t understand it). I remember when KH2 came out in Japan, I was cheering like crazy because I knew it was coming to the states soon. I remember when the big hype was about Haley Joel’s puperty change and everyone was wondering how Sora was gonna sound. Thank god IGPX came on before KH2 was release in English. I got the just on how Sora was gonna sound. March 28, 2006: the greatest day ever!!! I was extremely happy on this day beacuse my dad got me the 1st copy of KH2 at his work. He pulled it right out of the box, never hit the shelves. When he gave it to me in the morning, I wanted to play it so badly but I had to go to school. I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 pretty quick (40 days with my 5 hrs restriction). After I beat KH2, I began to wait for the infamous KH3 to come out (still waiting lol). During my high school, I calm down with Kingdom Hearts. I did do my research on it. Got Re:COM but wasn’t happy with it and never beated it (stuck on beating Cloud). Then when 358/2 Days came out I didn’t want to get it because one: I didn’t have DS and two: it was a side story. Now I was waiting for Birth By Sleep to come out because it was better than 358/2 Days and its a prequel. I rather play a prequel than a side story. Once again I got the 1st copy at my dad’s work. My dad told me that they only had 3 copies at the time and didn’t get their full shipment yet. He also told me that they sold out quick when BBS came out. The sad thing with BBS was I had to wait a month to play it because I didn’t have a PSP. So I spent my 1st month of college with no Kingdom Hearts. Now that I have BBS, I rarely play it which is really sad. One of my friend beat it before me and I’m still on Terra (started on Terra). I will beat BBS before I finish my 1st year at college. I think Kingdom Hearts is going to attract the old fans. I’m 18 right now still playing my beloved Kingdom Hearts. Probably be in my mid 20s once Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. But one thing I would like to say is: comm’on Square Enix, you gotta release KH3 soon or else there’s gonna be a problem with Sora’s voice actor! LOL. But keep up the good work, Square Enix :)

  11. Random_guy Says:

    i got into KH becuz of my sister,she was a fan of the series and i didn’t really care about KH(i was 7) but after seeing her playing the game attracted me,specially disney characters,then i started the game from the beginning and i loved it,i was playing the game every day lol,i even beat up Sephiroth,thats how i got into the series :)
    funny fact:becuz of KH i knew what is FF,i knew FF from KH

  12. Ana Says:

    I got Kingdom Hearts from my grandmother (and my dad, who choose it) , for Christmas… I think I was about 7 or 8 years old… Now I keep thinking what would have happened if my dad had chosen a different game. By that time, I wasn’t a good player, I’d just do the easy stuff, and left the bosses for my brother, and watch him play religiously… But it was still magical. As I grew up, I started gaining some skills, and discovered that there were more Kingdom Hearts games asides from the ones I had.

  13. Sophie Says:

    I was 8 years old and suddenly on the TV, an advert for Kingdom Hearts II came on. I loved Disney and thought “Wow I want that game for my birthday!” so I got it, started playing and realised I didn’t have a clue about what was going on so then I got Kingdom Hearts I, and read about Chain of Memories (GBA were getting too old :P ) and understood the story! Completed all the games and now I am always looking out for the next instalment and hoping the games will be just as good!

    Kingdom Hearts was also how I came to like Anime and Manga, (Which I am obsessed with) I researched where it came from and gradually found out about it all. I watch a different Anime every week, and buy a Manga book at the book store whenever possible.

    So used to be a confused 8 year old who liked Disney, to a 13 year old girl who loves Anime, Manga, Japan and became Kingdom Hearts addict XD

  14. Jp 813 Says:

    Don’t lie. You know you did.

  15. thekingq8y Says:

    i got kh1fm for my buddy he give me his game data first time i battled secret boss (first time battleling most strongest boss in game )

  16. Xxmoonangelxx Says:

    i remember when my mom rented the game for me and my sister when it first came out :]
    she then bought then game for us because we didnt want to give it bakc haha. i had just turned 9 a couple weeks before the game came out :]

    i think kingdom hearts was successful because of its uniquenesss. and when it was released, people were still crazy with disney (well at least people i knew xD). the game had donald and goofy in it, 8 disney worlds, and disney villans! what else could a kid want?! i knew a little bit about the final fantasy series before going into the game, but this broadened my views on the FF games that ive never heard of before until i played this game :}

  17. Tetsujin Says:

    Lots of people started playing the game when they were really young, it seems. I played KH1 for the first time in 2006. I was 20 then!
    Am I the oldest one here? xD

  18. John Alex Ledsom Says:

    I started with KHII and when I first started playing I was 16. I played it a lot when I was over at my ex’s house, but I hadn’t completed it by the time she dumped me so I’ve been trying to track down a cheap PS2 and a copy of the PS2 games since. (Though I’ve got a DS, so I was able to get 358/2 days, which has further fueled my love for the series.)

  19. Vendela (chokochoko) Says:

    when the first game came out my dad buyed it and thought that i would like it, so i played it a little bit but it was to hard for the young me so i just gave up and told dad that i really liked it anyways, then when the second game came out he bought it too and i tried it too. the older me completed it and then i played the first one after that. So I played them in the wrong order xD

  20. Santillan_rick Says:

    plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss make KH3 KH is my favorite game in the world

  21. DaughterofLight Says:

    I was 14 when KH came out, and I wanted it soooooooooooo badly, but for some odd reason I was sure my parents would never let me play it. (This deep fear was completely unfounded, thank heavens.) We didn’t have a PS2 anyway, so KH faded from my consciousness until my best friend insisted I play about a year later. I instantly became obsessed and pestered any friend of mine to let me play. XD That Christmas I begged and begged and begged and happily received a PS2, KH, and the original Chain of Memories. I played those ardently until I beat them, all the while role-playing KH over aim with the friend that got me started on the series in the first place. I have been totally obsessed every since, despite my irritation and disappointment over 358/2 Days and Coded. BBS was amazing enough to restore my faith in Nomura (and make me hate Days even more… >< )

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  23. KHU Roundtable #2 – Does Kingdom Hearts have Gender Issues? (Part 1) - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Says:

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  24. ShadowFromDarkness Says:

    i was  7 years old when my aunt bought me kh…..  i didn’t understand the story neither how to play it…. i  forgot about it completely… when i was 12  i  found it  and decided to play it… when i started i couldn’t stop..   i was playing kh every day until i finished it…. i cried hard at some depressing scenes , it was and still is my favourite game. Then i was looking for kh2 and finally found it and bought it. I was sooo happy..  it  was christmas when i bought it and i was 13 years old…  i was playing it all the time … my mum was sick of this game xDD

    This game is amazing!! it has too many emotional scenes that make you laugh, make you happy or make your eyes full of tears with depressing scenes…. The story is extraodinary !! It touches your heart …The characters are amazing too !! ;D  My favourite is Roxas <3 I really love him… He had a tragedic life… only thinking of it makes me really sad… :’(
    Now i’m 14  and can’t wait until kh3 comes out !! i finished kh2 some months ago…  
    I want to buy kh 358/2 days and birth by sleep but i really dunno where to buy them.. I live in Greece  and i looked everywhere for these games but still can’t find them :(   if  you know any e-store just tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!
    Anyway  KH is undoubtedly the BEST game ever !!!  Hooray for more kingdom hearts !!

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