Poll: Your Favourite Disney Worlds in KH & Wishlist

A Brief Insight into the Past & Present Worlds of Kingdom Hearts

We’ve debated forever. Since the days of the first game, we’ve wondered and voted for our most-wanted new worlds. We’ve had the taste of classics such as Alice in Wonderland to new favourites such as Lilo & Stitch, yet we crave for more! More new worlds, more friendly familiar faces, more adventures! Four polls are waiting for you-let the crowd rule in the search for the next best Kingdom Hearts worlds.

There are limitless possibilities, so if you don’t see your world here, give us your best world in the comments area!

Which Pixar world would you prefer to explore?

Which Pixar world would you prefer to explore?

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Which of these Disney classics would you want to relive?

Which of these Disney classics would you want to relive?

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Which of these later Disney hits could best transform into the next Kingdom Hearts?

Which of these later Disney hits could best transform into the next Kingdom Hearts?

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Which of these original Disney series could you see yourself playing in?

Which of these original Disney series could you see yourself playing in?

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59 Responses to “Poll: Your Favourite Disney Worlds in KH & Wishlist”

  1. lbomber11255 Says:

    Treasure Planet is not a Disney Classic, and shouldn’t've even been highest picked with other movies like Robin Hood and The Jungle Book

  2. Rexlyt Says:

    I don’t see Pocahontas in the Disney classics section! >:(

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Omg such awesome questions! #1, I think Bug’s LIfe would be cool since you’d haveta be bugs and travel down below XD , #2, Treasure Planet DEFINITELY. One of my favorite movies of all time! , #3, I could go for Pocahontas or Atlantis on this one :D , #4, Definitely Gargoyles! I remember when that used to come on TV! XD

  4. Amelia Majors Says:

    I say for ?1-either monsters, bugs life, or the incredibles.
    ?2-treasure planet!!! No questions asked!!

  5. Amelia Majors Says:

    Oh yeah!!!! No more Agrabah!!!!!!!

  6. Sophie Taylor Says:

    Well in the series, worlds I would like to see disappear (Fed up of them)
    Olympus Colosseum

    To replace them
    Treasure Planet
    Toy Story or Monster’s Inc

  7. SoraBaudelaire Says:

    I WANT THE BLACK CAULDRON!!!!!!!!! TARAN & EYLONWY Pleaseee!! ♥♥

  8. AndrewJP8 Says:


  9. krilevill Says:


  10. Shirozora Says:

    On behalf of everyone here I can sadly say we are all sick of the current worlds with the exception of the original worlds (destiny islands, traverse town, ect.)

  11. Patrick Sagon Says:

    1. A TOY STORY (least 1 & 2) WOULDN’T WORK BECAUSE THEIR VILLAINS AREN’T POWERFUL ENOUGH!! Cid just wants to torture toys, Stinky Pete just wants to go to Japan (though that plan seems a bit dumb by toy standards), and Al just wants money. If the poll had Toy Story 3 instead of Toy Story in general for a selection, then it I would vote for it.

    2. I’m also voting for Jungle Book, Treasure Planet, Robin Hood, Pocahontas, A Bug’s Life, and Gargoyles. Plus ones that you may have over looked, 101 Dalmatians, The Rescuers Down Under (more dynamic than the first), and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (though you already confirmed it)

  12. Rob Says:

    I know this is off topic, but how come you guys haven’t made a topic about what’s happened in Japan? Is picking favorite worlds more important than people suffering?

    Anyway, for those that don’t know, Square has delayed all games for at least a week.

  13. Sea-Salt Says:

    A Pocahontas world might be kinda wierd, considering it’s [supposed to be, emphasis on "supposed to"] based on actual events. But, again, considering the shipload of liberties Disney took with the story, it might be able to fit in…

    An Atlantis world would rock, or at least give me the Leviathan as a secret boss or summon!

  14. Joshua Says:

    Toy Story.Toy Story is just epicness,and the idea of the world works really well.Someone down there told about not enough villiains.Zurg could do as an enemy,since most worlds change events a bit.And we always have the Heartless to mess up with worlds and turn usually “nice” villiains into monster opponents.Or really,would Pete be a villiain without Maleficent and the Heartless?In think not.

    Though I hate the movie,Atlantis would be one heck of one world.Running through the lost civilization would be pure epicness.

    TREASURE PLANET PLZ.It’s one REALLY wonderful world,amazing plot.And Zidane would fit perfectly in there.And we DO need more Final Fantasy characters as significant party members.Meh,only Cloud,Auron and(they are not exactly partners,but fight alongside you) the Hollow Bastion crew?FF 7,8 and 10 are all we can get?

    Anyway,I wanted true FF worlds,or at least more original worlds to put FF characters in.FF characters only appear on Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden,Twilight Town,Olympus and that’s it.More original words to give those characters their story,or their own worlds(what would be even better) would be higly appreciated.

  15. ToSeektheChosen Says:

    No more agrabah, ever, and no more olympus. I’m glad they included the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Is the Black Cauldron disney? If so, they should include that. The Sword in the Stone, Atlantis, Robin Hood, and Treasure Island would make sick worlds. But, I think Square should add new additional worlds of their own in 3DS, and if not in 3DS, in Kingdom Hearts III, if it ever comes out :(

  16. Guest101 Says:

    I don’t mind revisiting worlds once more, as long as they aren’t any of the ones introduced in KH1 (personally, I got tired of Olympus the most). As for my choices on the list: 1. Toy Story (set in TS3 timeline) 2. Robin Hood 3. Princess & the Frog 4. DuckTales

  17. Guest101 Says:

    By the way, why isn’t there an Emperor’s New Groove choice?!

  18. Thea Larson Says:

    I want to see Traverse Town again… though it’s been long enough that it could probably change a little bit. We can keep the first district, but let’s see some other districts already! We could go for the fourth, fifth, and sixth districts! :D

    My votes:
    Toy Story
    Treasure Planet
    Princess and the Frog

    With all of those awesome voice actors from Gargoyles (William Riker! Kathryn Janeway!) that would be total ear candy.

    Off topic a bit, but speaking of princesses… I sort of wish we could get a proper Kingdom Hearts Disney Princess movie. Kairi needs to take her place amongst the ranks of the tomboyish Princesses!

  19. Jishdefish Says:

    What about Talespin!?

  20. Benji Black Says:

    I like Fantasia but I don’t know how that could be a world. Maybe the firebird as a boss could be cool.

  21. Purico Says:

    Toy Story and Pocahontas, these were my favorite Disney films as a kid. If those worlds will be playable I can die happily.

  22. KHfan1138 Says:

    Even if Pocahontas is not my fav Disney movie out of the ones we get to pick for “Best transform into the next Kingdom Hearts” (Tangled!), I still believe that a Pocahontas world would provide the most distinct Heartless (Indians and Settlers), a conflict for a Keybalde wielder to fail to stay out of, and a love story to get mushy about.

  23. Ryan Says:

    Because this is not a world new site, not that it isn’t important, it just has nothing to do with what the site is about; and sorry but ooh, a week! How scary?

  24. Ryan Says:

    I don’t see why they asked for a Disney series. The series has never done that before and with all the movies they haven’t done i see no reason for them to. Also, something like a movie makes a better world because it has a singular connected story. Whereas a series (if it even has continuity from episode to episode is way to many stories for them to add into one game. Since they can’t add all of them it just opens the door for people to inevitably complain about the fact that “my favorite episode didn’t happen” or “that episode was stupid why was it included”. So i really don’t see them adding a series. Furthermore, I picked Toy Story (and i honestly hope it becomes like Agrabah where they go through the trilogy) but i dont think any of the others could work well. I don’t understand how a movie that came out in 2002 is a classic but i picked Treasure Planet; but I think any of those would work well. For the last one i was torn between Atlantis and Pocohantas. But since they already had AtlantiCA, i dont think they’ll mess with Atlantis.

  25. Keshi_hoonk Says:

    i would like to see cinderella or snow white or even sleeping beauty’s world in there i feel like those are true classics and their just being ignored!!!…robin hood would also be cool

  26. Molly Hodgson Says:

    More Twilight Town!
    More The world that was
    More Axel I no hes not a world but I love him

  27. Stephyuchiha Says:

    First:Monsters Inc-I’d like to see Sora and everybody els’es monster forms
    Second:Robin Hood- I just love that movie
    Third: Princess and The Frog- Witch Doctor would probably have a funny boss battle and I see Tiana’s heart as a target for someone’s evil plot
    Fourth:Duck Tales-Give the 3 boys some spotlight

  28. Timeguy101 Says:

    Even though it’s not on the list, I think WALL-E would be a good choice because I think it could go along with the kingdom hearts theme. The heartless could be after him because he’s a robot with a heart. And do you think EVE would make a cool ally?

  29. Ryo13 Says:

    I actually still like the Colosseum, but Agrabah and Wonderlad have got to go. Colosseum is always amazingly different and better in each of the series that are important, not games like Re:coded or COM. I would actually like to see the Colosseum return in the next KH title.

  30. Terminatoralan619 Says:

    They should make kingdom hearts not just dysney based worlds but make up a couple of their own like keyblade graveyard that place was epic in kingdom hearts bbs

  31. PieGuy Says:

    Ah come one Darkwing Duck baby!!

    {my list}

    treasure planet
    darkwing duck

  32. Snackless Says:

    >_> ur dum they already added DuckTails n sht. They can make a totally made up plot for a series world just like they did with Young Hercules; and the Coleseum doesn’t show up anywhere in the movie Hercules, but its still there. And the last thing KH is concerned with is name mix ups, if anything it’d be awesome to see a crossover of Atlantis & Atlantica AND Agrabah didn’t go through the whole trilogy, I didn’t see no King of Thieves or anything. Plus – bish PLZ all disney movies are classics, get your head out of your a**

  33. RikuDiAngelo Says:

    Toy Story would be amazing. But The Incredibles is a narrow second. I can see Up in it, with Carl’s house as a Gummi Ship type thing, until the end when he gets “The Spirit of Adventure”.

    I voted for “The Great Mouse Detective”, but only because it’s an amazing movie and I’d die to go there. Plus it’s another world where you’re mouse sized(which I loved in BBS). But I can definatly see “Treasure Planet” and “Pocahontas”.

    I can actually see all of those flicks in the Kingdom Hearts series, but I voted for “Pocahontas”, because it’s my favorite.

    I’d die if we got to go to a Darkwing Duck world. I can see a Kim Possible world. There’s a good boss(Shego), and a good Party Member(Kim, of course), as well as a good map.

    I think Nomura is planning on expanding Lilo&Stitch. I can also see Spiderman, as Disney is working with Marvel, isn’t it?

  34. RikuDiAngelo Says:

    Lucifer wasn’t a very good boss either, but he was in BBS. The Magic Mirror was the same as Lucifer.
    I can see sora fighting Spud(Dog) then Sid, then Spud’s Heartless.
    Stinky Pete would be a good boss. Sure, his “evil intentions” aren’t so evil, but at least he has a weapon, unlike Lotso, and could be somewhat challenging.

  35. Thisguy_ben Says:

    Prydain. Needs to be in KH. I need to fight alongside Taran. I need to protect Princess Eilonwy whilst escaping the Horned King’s dungeon. I need to battle the Horned King! 8| [mumble]And maybe earn the Gurgi Dimension link after all’s said n’ done. wuthethrowsappleslol[/mumble] Black Cauldron ftw.

    Return Atlantica to its KH1 goodness, and yeah, remove Agrabah, it makes my teeth clench. At least Olympus Coliseum has standing (over)use in the series (leveling, prizes, completist rounds, usual FF cameos, etc.), Agrabah boreees me.

  36. Ryan Says:

    They didn’t add Duck Tails, the characters Huey, Dewey, and Louie are from the original Disney shorts and originally appeared in “Donald’s Nephews”. As for Scrooge McDuck he originally appeared in Four Color Comics #178. So to say they added Duck Tails is like saying since they added Hercules they added Hercules: The Animated Series. And while we’re talking about Hercules. The Colosseum is very much in Hercules as it is where Phil trains him. In addition, that plot wasn’t completely made up in BBS. They borrowed aspects from the movie and filled in their own to make up for a time period that was covered in one song. While true they sometimes don’t stick completely to the movies they don’t make anything completely up either. Next, Kingdom Hearts has expressly said it is against crossovers. In like the first 20 minutes or so pf the first game Donald and Goofy discus how they aren’t allowed to tell people where they’re from because the worlds are to be kept apart. Meaning that mixing Atlantis and The Little Mermaid is not going to happen. Aladdin has only gone through 2 main series games, and in those they very clearly did Aladdin and Return of Jafar. However, you are right even though it is my opinion that Agrabah will return in KH3 and do Prince of Thieves i should not assume it to be true. Nevertheless I think thats what they are doing and should do with a few worlds. And lastly, no, not all Disney movies are classics. You can think so all you want but i disagree.

  37. Sora Says:

    Umm… I don’t know if you’ve forgotten but… Axel’s gone– for good

  38. Libbyadurey Says:

    More Atlantica! I LOVE the Little Mermaid!

  39. PieGuy Says:

    i read that sora and co still have to help people who were lost as nobodies and to the darkness. Thats why xehanort is going to come back n junk. Trailers(or interviews i forget) have mentioned axel’s name and everything too so…

  40. Snackless Says:

    Its not an opinion of mine that a Treasure Planet be regarded as a classic; movies truly regarded as classics are put into the Disney vault, yet Lilo & Stitch aren’t in the vault and they still made it on KH – also having the lightning experiment 221, which was obviously made for the series. And even though Scrooge wasn’t originally from duck tails, the canonical fact that they are related as uncle and nephews is a direct reference to the show Duck Tails. That particular coliseum was not in the main Hercules film at all whatsoever – the don’t look like a 1:1 replica its just some ambiguous place much like the underworld. So it’s totally plausible for a series to added

  41. Snackless Says:

    any movie loved can be regarded as a classic. It’s not entirely up to companies to brain wash people into thinking one movie was more influential than the other; I surely am not alone in that aspect of Treasure Planet being regarded as a classic. Even if Disney has their own Vault full of their “classics” it is not entirely out of question that Treasue Planet would make it up there (hell Toy Story isnt even in the vault, google it)

  42. Snackless Says:

    Plys the fact that Scrooge and his nephews & chip n dale for that matter dont have their own world, it ould be said that KH does make up original stories for those characters and dont stick to any plot that may have happened to them in any original short.

  43. Trinity Says:

    Japan is one of the richest countries in the world; they can revive on their own. Moreover, other countries HAVE offered help, but were mostly declined unless it was in forms of money.

    Besides, this site is wholly based on Kingdom Hearts – just because it was made in Japan, doesn’t mean we have to focus on the country itself.

  44. Molly Hodgson Says:

    he cant be gone for good hes in the end of coded!

  45. Master Alviss Says:

    Huh…for once you all aren’t being huge epic emmberessment failures,and you all are using your brains.FINNALY!!!

  46. Xagzan Says:

    Wishlist? This might be redundant and boring, but I’d like to see a PROPER Pride Lands from the Lion King. The size of the Savannah area in KH2 was great, but it was just a barren, flat, featureless plain. I want to see the savannah of Mufasa’s time, with the tall blowing grass, the hills, watering holes, the animals running around. Plus the Jungle area, in my opinion, where Simba spends most of young life after his father died, I found much too tiny in KH2.

    And we didn’t even get to visit the huge Gorge area!

  47. Whee Says:

    If you don’t vote for Duck Tales you have shit taste.

  48. Patrick McDermott Says:

    People tend to forget how Disney owns Marvel now. I would love to see a Marvel themed world, even if its just one superhero, like Spider-man

  49. Jd_art Says:

    On that note, Square Enix have donated 1,000,000 Yen for aid and relief of the aftermath of the Tsunamio in Japan. Good going guys!!

  50. Jd_art Says:

    Sorry, I meant 100,000,000 Yen… :S

  51. Ryan Says:

    Hey sorry this is 5 days later, I was out of town and didn’t have access to the internet. I hope you see this, I enjoy it. In regards to your first message; I don’t entirely understand what you are saying here. Are you saying that since Scrooge, HDL, and Chip and Dale don’t have original worlds based solely on them they don’t have to have original stories? Well, in any case I’ve always viewed Disney Castle/Town as just a all encompassing place to put the characters from the original Disney shorts. Since none of the characters mentioned have played any (in my opinion) significant role, or have received any mentionable face time (with a few exceptions), it serves SE and Disney better to leave them ambiguous; thus bringing me back to my original point that Duck Tales has not, should not, and probably will not be added.
    On to your second post, this is turning quickly into a fight over which movies we like and i was never here to argue that. You are perfectly allowed to view whatever you want as a classic as much as I am.
    So, on to your last post; I don’t think that only Disney Vaulted Classics will be put into KH, I don’t actually know the contents of the vault myself and don’t care to, as I’ve said “classic” is for us to decide and all the vault really means in a practical sense is that they aren’t making new copies of that movie. So, I don’t know if Disney has stuck to this but I think it would be a shame.
    As for Experiment 221 “Sparky” he was actually originally from Stitch: The Movie, further emphasizing Disney and SE’s continued usage of solely movies and original Disney. Now, yes, the only place it explicitly refers to Scrooge and the ducklings as Uncle and Nephews is in Duck Tales as far as I know. But to say that this one fact is enough to count Duck Tales among KH’s repertoire is stupid in my opinion.

  52. Ryan Says:

    Oh, and sorry I forgot one of your points, very rarely does KH add perfect replica’s from the movies. But they are always based off real area’s from the movies. Plus, to say that just because they added an altered version of a place doesn’t mean they could add a series. So going back to the original point you made, even if they made a completely made up story for a show it doesn’t really matter because they never have added a show, have no reason to, and it would upset more people than it would please. because even when they make up a story you have tons of people po’ed that they didn’t stick to the original material.

  53. olivia Says:


  54. Ryan Says:

    People don’t forget, they just don’t care. Marvel wouldn’t fit into KH at all. just because Disney owns Marvel doesn’t make Marvel a part of “Disney” as it pertains to Kingdom Hearts.

  55. mike mancusi Says:

    i a of all the new disney worlds in kingdom hearts  dream drop distance this year in 2011

  56. Mr.Nobody Says:

    I don’t know a lot of these, but here’s a list of all I want (The more the merrier!)
    - Toy Story
    - The Incredibles
    - Monster’s Inc
    - Bug’s Life
    - (Possibly UP, They’d have to think of a boss though)
    - Jungle Book (Since we can’t have Tarzan anymore)
    - Fantasia
    - Sword in the Stone
    - Pochahontas
    - Princess and the Frog
    - Definitely Tangled
    - I don’t know much about Atlantis or Treasure Planet, but hey, why not?

    Don’t know about the original Disney series, but it would be nice to have an appearance of Max and PJ, Since they either don’t seem to exist, or neither pete or goofy seem to show any interest in their children.

    P.S. I agree about Agrabah. It was a good world, but very boring in 358/2 days, and repetitive at kh2 (seeing as there were two visits and all)

  57. Mr.Nobody Says:

     I’d love that. Think of Aqua landing on the wreck of a planet all sad. She’d say “what happened here :( ” And then she teams up with Eva to protect WALL-E from heartless, or even coming aboard the cruise spaceship and fighting the robots set on destroying WALL-E.

    AUTO as a boss? AWESOME!! Perfect for Aqua, or Sora (I don’t know if they would split up across worlds or all go together…)  who would get all touchy saying WALL-E is more than a robot.

  58. Jackson Carroll Says:

    I Sure Love Toy Story 1 2 and 3 to Be in Kingdom Hearts 3.
    1and 2 of Cars and Later Planes.

  59. Gabe Says:

    NO PLEASE NO CARS NO TOY STORY AND NO REAL LIFE MOVIES IN THIS GAME LIKE PIRATE OF THE CARIBBEAN. I love the movie and the world was cool but the conflicting art styles made me go mad. Toy Story is a nooo for me. I never liked the movies. I would love The Little Mermaid to come back, Tangled, Monsters Inc, Pocahontas, Princess and the frog and I dont know… I just hope they don’t include marvel and star wars eww….

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