Could Roxas Have Been More Involved as a Kingdom Hearts Character?

Roxas is a Fan-Favourite KH Character - But, was he just more Sora-filler?

Roxas – The True ‘Nobody’ of Kingdom Hearts?

Do you remember the first time you saw Roxas? After god knows how many hours of investment into the game and unlocking its secrets, you sat there triumphant and sure that you would eventually get over the cliff-hanger ending of Kingdom Hearts, until “Another Side, Another Story” began to play.

Watching this mysterious blonde-haired kid in a black coat walk down a dark street in the rain, duel with a blindfolded Riku on a skyscraper, and take out a huge horde of humanoid Heartless–that was guaranteed to keep you hooked. But when he drew out two Keyblades, you knew you’d be stuck to the computer screen waiting for every scrap of news for Kingdom Hearts 2, hating Nomura for his clever marketing schemes.

The secret ending of the first Kingdom Hearts, "Another Side, Another Story" and "Deep Dive" kept the fandom alive through the 5 year dark period before Kingdom Hearts 2.

Yeah, love him or hate him, Roxas holds a special place in the Kingdom Hearts fandom, and not just for his entrance into the series (“Deep Dive” still remains one of my favorite videos to randomly watch to this day). He’s the main reason two of the Kingdom Hearts spin-offs came into being, he influenced several character designs, fueled plot developments, and may very well have been the central reason behind Nomura’s idea of Nobodies (did the egg or the chicken come first here?).

Putting that aside, Roxas was the first real tragedy of the series. His story (ideally) tugged at our heartstrings. So why is it that, despite all this, I find that something’s missing from the character? Why is it that he ultimately feels irrelevant within the story?

Is Roxas Irrelevant?

I want you to think hard about what Roxas contributes to the series. Not the elements of story, like mood, atmosphere, inspiration, and all that good stuff either, but simply what he actually contributes to the story–What does he do that’s important in the long run? What role does he play in stopping Xehanort (or his Nobody, Xemnas)? Keep in mind, while doing so, that when Kingdom Hearts 2 was being designed, there was no solid assurance that there would be a Kingdom Hearts 3 (and the subsequent four spin-off games in-between). What did you come up with?

It took me five years (give or take) to realize the whole point of Roxas in the grand scheme of things. Call me slow–maybe you’d be right–but when it’s a blink and miss moment and you’re too busy taking everything else in, I feel a little justified for being skeptical. I mean, consider his story, as it really goes:

The World That Never Was. Was Roxas only necessary to make a heart-shaped moon?

Roxas “wakes up,” he’s found by Xemnas and recruited into Organization XIII, and then he spends all his time as a Nobody killing Heartless and collecting hearts to form Kingdom Hearts. During the period where he’s with the Organization, he makes friends with Axel and Xion. But eventually that friendship ends when he finds out what Xion’s true purpose is and he realizes that Axel is controlled by his obligations to the Organization. He leaves the Organization for this reason, and then returns to end Xemnas’s schemes because of the atrocities he had committed against him and Xion. The epic battle he has with Riku cuts that plan short, when Riku defeats him and (with DiZ’s help) uploads him into a digital world so he can ultimately merge with Sora again. While in the data world, Roxas has no memory of his life as a Nobody, until all his memories come back to him (modified due to Xion’s terms of existence) just before he is merged into Sora again, who then goes on to do the happy dance and to have several more adventures.

Did you catch the point to all this? If you didn’t, welcome to my boat. Like I said, it’s blink and miss, so subtle it’s hard to catch–harder still if you’ve never played 358/2 Days (and I didn’t). The whole reason the character’s existence is justified in terms of plot is this:

When you go to the World That Never Was for the first time with Sora and see that big floating moon that’s Kingdom Hearts, and you’re just about to ask how Sora has managed to create that, in such a short space of time (I don’t care how much grinding you did, you did not kill enough Heartless to form Kingdom Hearts), Nomura points with a nice big smile at Roxas and reminds you he’s been at it for about a year.

I love you Nomura, I really do, but [censored for good taste].

Okay, so it also allows for Ansem the Wise to put that special data into Sora, but, well, read how that circle probably worked out.

Roxas or Xemnas–Who Did Nomura Think of First?

When I consider that Roxas’ only role, plot-wise, is to be a justification for having Kingdom Hearts formed by the time Sora reaches the World That Never Was, I scratch my head–and with good reason. I mean, it’s impossible to dog on Roxas without acknowledging all that’s been done because of him in terms of inspiration. People talk about Sora, Sora everywhere, but I look and all I see is Roxas as the character behind a huge amount of Kingdom Hearts merchandise. I like what’s been done, don’t get me wrong, but it baffles me that someone with this kind of impact on the fandom has such little importance to the story.

Xehanort from Birth by Sleep. We know that the duel-wielder depicted in "Another Side, Another Story" was a work-in-progress at the time. So did this character (who later became Roxas) inspire the Xehanort plot-line?

Consider this: We have two games wholly because Nomura decided to introduce Roxas, (Re:)Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days. Okay, I lied, Nomura had other things going on with Memories, but you get the point. Nomura could have just as easily said that Sora had been traveling and exploring that whole time, give the teenager a beard, and the question of “How did that moon get up there so fast?” would have been solved and everything would have stayed simple–although I admit that the idea of Sora with a beard is highly disturbing. More importantly, Memories and Days would never have happened. While the debate of whether or not that would have been a good thing will surely rage into the night, you’ve got to admit that that’s some hefty power heaped onto one character. (Also, for the sake of debate, consider that if we didn’t have Memories, its game system probably would have ended up in Birth By Sleep, and we’d be crying in a corner)

Then you go into things Roxas has inspired. I don’t know which came first, the tragic hero or the re-used villain (love ya Xemnas), but, on the off chance that it was this character’s fault, the idea of Roxas could have inspired the re-use of Ansem as a villain, which probably led to the concept of Nobodies, the metaphysical elements of a person in the Kingdom Hearts universe, the cosmology of that universe, and so on and so forth. Then you go and make the rest of Organization XIII (give praise, [insert Org. Member here] fans), and then, for kicks and giggles, you make poor little Namine to justify other points, which even further complicates the crazy world we play in. Then you go back to the re-used villain and then create a greater continuity of his debauchery–see Xehanort–which leaves a dangling thread for more games. Which, hey, he does. We haven’t even left Kingdom Hearts 2 yet folks, and I’m sparing you the nitpicking.

Roxas, the Many-Headed Monster

So, moving away from the mess that Roxas has caused in Kingdom Hearts 2 alone, let’s look at other games.

Clockwise from the top left: Sora, Vanitas, Roxas, and Ventus. Can we come up with a new design already?

Briefly, we have him as the reason we fight Xemnas in the first Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (which left us all debating on a rock for ages). He is the main basis for Re:Coded (I haven’t played it, so forgive me for not tearing into that more). He made us all absolutely sure that Ventus is Roxas is Sora because of Birth by Sleep. From there, he inspired the design of Ventus, which inspired the design of Vanitas, which inspired both of those characters’ development, relationship and so on, which further affirms the re-used villain’s purpose and role, which probably defines Terra’s role, which (add them together and carry the pi) probably inspired the design of Aqua, which may have further inspired Eraqus, which leads into the Birth by Sleep Final Mix and its secret bosses and, and–it’s a freaking inspiration conspiracy!

Okay, I may have facts wrong–I admit to not having all of the Nomura Reports in regards to Birth by Sleep (that itself is a whoooole ‘nother rant), but I think you can see how it is, at the very least, possible that all these threads and strains came from just one cool-looking, duel-Keyblade-wielding, blonde-haired kid, whose only real purpose is to put the moon in the sky. I didn’t touch on moods, atmospheres, themes, music, or anything else, because quite frankly, we’d be here all day. But you can see why it’s such a letdown for the character who caused all this mess to not really have much of a purpose in the story.

What Kingdom Hearts 2 Could Have Done Differently

I love Roxas, despite my frustrations with his plot function, because he is a very vivid character. He’s a character that feels emotions strongly and shows it, who can be both selfish and selfless, who can kick rear and still pull our heartstrings with his tragic existence. And I do love the direction the games have gone in since the first game came out. I just have those moments where I’m not satisfied, and would have liked Kingdom Hearts 2 rewritten to better accommodate Roxas.

Would Kingdom Hearts 2 have been better if Sora and Roxas had simultaneous storylines throughout the game?

The main thing which should have been done is what they’re currently doing with Dream Drop Distance. No, not the screw-flying thing (although I finally have an interest in 3D because of that), but the idea of playing the game through with two protagonists. I’m not too sure how having the Sora/Riku angle will work in that game, and I’m not too sure I particularly want it in that game (apologies to the Riku fans), but the principle itself would have been fantastic in Kingdom Hearts 2. To bounce back and forth between Sora and Roxas, to have them both strike fatal blows to the Organization and uncover more of the mysteries probably would have made for a very different game. I’d place bets that it would have been more of a compelling game on the whole, if Roxas had been given a lot more relevance to the main conflict and a lot more development. In the end, I think that would have made the battle between Roxas and Sora at the World That Never Was much more heart wrenching and powerful–as if it needed that (it would have been especially tragic to have Sora fight Roxas without knowing him, even though gamers would have played as Roxas throughout the game, and to have them both fighting for survival).

But then again, it was already a good game anyways, and I’m not a professional developer, so I’ll admit it might have been a total flop as well.

Give Me Your Opinion

Arcane – Do you think Roxas is good how he is or should there have been changes? Should he have been given more to do in the story or should he have been cut out altogether? What does Roxas do for you as a fan of the series? How do you think his creation has influenced Kingdom Hearts 2 (and the series)? And, of course, did you enjoy this article? Either way, I’ll catch y’all later.

98 Responses to “Could Roxas Have Been More Involved as a Kingdom Hearts Character?”

  1. Jose Mendoza Says:

    I’ll disagree with ya, Roxas was presented as Sora’s Nobody and a part of Sora that needed to get back to him. Him feeling emotions only cemented that he was special, but didn’t change the fact that he was a Nobody, merely filling in Sora’s spot while he slept. As a fan, I think you should play the side games too. Lastly, I wholeheartedly disagree that Chain of Memories wouldn’t have happened without Roxas, more so because Roxas was barely involved. If anything, CoM wouldn’t have happened without Organization XIII but Namine more importantly

  2. Thad Says:

    You just have to think in the whole grand scheme of this series. Roxas might seem pointless, but he is connected to Sora and his adventures. You have to remember also that this story about Kingdom Hearts is about Sora. He is the main character of this story no matter what and Roxas contributes to the “Evolution of Sora” if I put it that way. All of these back stories and new characters that look alike are all part of the progression of the story of Kingdom Hearts. Roxas may have been only a small part of the story, but what would of happen if you never knew about him in the first place. You would lost your mind threw the whole game of KH2 (if you didn’t see Roxas in the beginning), with everyone of the Organization saying “Roxas” instead of Sora. I don’t know anymore. I’m just having my few thoughts out there on this article. I may have missed a few things and lastly to say that Kingdom Hearts is one of my all time favorite games.

  3. Turtle Says:

    Roxas is important to the plot, there’s no mistaking that. Whether or not he’s a well-written character is another issue. I didn’t really think that he was all that tragic, mostly because of all the whining he does. Yeah, the dual-wielding was cool, but the only times when I like the character are the times when he’s fighting.

  4. Guest101 Says:

    My God, another KH is confusing blog. I really am getting sick of these. To answer your question, no, I didn’t like this blog. Second, I actually liked Roxas a WHOLE lot more than Sora, which is why I enjoyed 358/2 days better than KH1 (although Axel is still my favorite character). As for the KH moon, admittedly, at first, I didn’t think a year was that long to really release that many hearts. But when I played 358/2 days, and finishing all those missions (not to mention Xion helping with defeating the heartless). Also, he was necessary to wake Sora up in KH2. As a matter of fact, when characters like Roxas and Axel were introduced, I found myself caring less about the Disney aspect of KH, and more about the original characters and story, which was why I have so far enjoyed where the series is going.

  5. Arcane Says:

    The point of the blog was not to say KH is confusing: It’ as clear as day to me. The big issue is really that Roxas had no real purpose to the story, but has influenced a huge amount of the game in terms of design, atmosphere, emotion, background, so on and so forth. I like Roxas too, but I seriously think as the story exists he only justifies Kingdom Hearts being where it is…which could have been done without him anyways. I feel more COULD have been done with him, is all I’m saying.

  6. -JD- Says:

    I do agree it might have made a better experience to be able to switch back and fourth between sora, and roxas, so they could build dramatic irony. But I’m completely satisfied with the game, and roxas’ part of the game. Just think about it. Would the game be as fun/good if roxas wasn’t there? That’s what you have to think. Even if he doesn’t play a huge part of sora’s story, the whole world that we know in kingdom hearts revolves around roxas, just as much as sora.

  7. Arcane Says:

    Speaking from a developmental point of view, Roxas may not have been involved in the actual events of Chain of memories(He in fact was kept busy with the rest of the Nobodies), but his inclusion into the story is what NESSECITATED Chain of Memories. Remember, Nomura originally made games after getting a picture of how much demand there was for a next one, and so Nobodies weren’t a concept in his mind in KH 1. So from there, he could have avoided that subject altogether, and we could have never had Nobodies. But Roxas was one of the first characters made for KH 2, which leads that the idea of Nobodies and the nature of their existance started there, and spread, which made it so Sorand Roxas would inevitably have to rejoin, which leads to the idea for the beginning of KH 2, which asks for a gap to be filled btween Sora running off and then him being in a pod, which lead to the creation of Chain of Memories.

    And I’d play 358/2 Days, but I lack a DS. I figure I’m gonna rectify my problems with the DS games withthe release of the 3DS. In the mean time though, I have game scripts and videos, so I keep caught up.

  8. DVS416 Says:

    I think that Roxas’ worth to the story is not in the contribution of acts (such as destroying nobodies or saving worlds) but more in the fact that he binds the characters together. He completes the storyline by tying up multiple loose ends and creating bonds between sora and axel, diz and xion, and just about all the bonds that riku created during the time of 358/2 days. over all, I’m a fan of Roxas

  9. Roxas_92 Says:

    Well there is a reason why Roxas is in the game. Maybe he some kind of thing that Xehanort needed. His old self needed Ven to make the X-Blade and Xemnas needed him to make Kingdom Hearts. But Xemnas also wanted Ventus body. So maybe in the next KH (maybe in KH3) we’ll find out what is Roxas purpose in the next KH series.

  10. Ian Manning Says:

    Roxas seemed pretty pointless when he tried to act angry after DiZ said that he was only a projection. I mean, seriously, Shinji Ikari sounded like he was going nuts when he flipped, and he was supposed to be a secluded little boy.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Yes. Only a retard would say otherwise.

  12. Albel Nox13 Says:

    So are you trying to say Roxas isn’t important? cause it kind of confused me what you were saying. You just listed all the reason why Roxas is important to the story O.O. He did more than just give hearts to Kingdom Hearts. If it wasn’t for him, Sora wouldn’t have been able to awaken in Kingdom Hearts 2. And the whole Sora and Roxas doing different things at the same time wouldn’t have even been possible cause Roxas was needed in order to awaken Sora. And when Sora and Roxas do fight, you still feel the connection to Roxas, by playing as him in the first part of the game. I didn’t know much about Roxas when I played KH2 for the first time, but I cried when Roxas went back into Sora and then when they fought against each other.

  13. kf Says:

    Roxas is the catalyst for the events of the series. The Organization sends Axel to recover him at the beginning of 2, and forces him to trust DiZ, who is at least not hostile in demeanor towards him. Thus he merges back with Sora. The merge causes Axel to go rogue. The disappearance of Roxas also causes the direct demise of Demyx and Luxord, who are trying to take back Roxas from Sora. Not to mention his friendship with Axel is ultimately what allows Sora to enter the World That Never Was in the first place. Even further, Ansem the Wise felt remorse for Roxas, Namine, and the nobodies he had harmed in his revenge. This caused him to set out to destroy the fake Kingdom Hearts that Xemnas had tried to make, leading to the Organization’s demise. Roxas is a key cog in the series. Not exactly with his own actions, but with the situation surrounding him.

  14. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    Roxas wasn’t at all pointless, but I have to admit you have a point there. I mean, what would have happened to the story if the idea of a Nobody never existed. This doesn’t necessarily eliminate the possibility of Organization XIII, just that maybe they were Heartless, or simply make them normal people. Roxas isn’t an oh-my-god-if Roxas-didn’t-exist-KH-would-suck character, but don’t get me wrong, he is important to the general circle of the story, I loved 358/2 Days and most importantly he is an amazing addition to the KH original characters. Yet still, what would have happened if Roxas was cut off??

  15. Shay Says:

    Hey guys. The point of the blogs is to have differing opinions about the game! Please keep in mind that everyone has different views :)

    so be respectful of them and debate them with that respect in mind, please.

  16. Nemesis Says:

    I think you are thinking about it too much. Just go along with it, it’s just a game series with a very complicated storyline. Not everyone is completely relevant to the plot of it.

  17. X Natt04 X Says:

    NO WITH OUT ROXAS KINGDOM HEARTS WOULD BE SO EMPTY!! every character has contributed something to this game and roxas was defiantly one of them!!!!!!!!!

  18. Aaron Says:

    He’s not pointless, he has importance among the canon. But I find that his whole inclusion has just muddled up the series mythology wise.

  19. Sora's Leafeon Says:

    Not only does Roxas form the Kingdom Hearts in the World that Never Was, he also contributes to awakening Sora, and, in a way, he represents the connection between Sora and Ventus.

  20. Xela Says:

    personally im a riku fan (i love me some redemption story characters lol) but roxas in my opinion was better than sora. see, sora was a wimp where as roxas would kick butt and be a badass about it. i think that nomura will develop him further in future games. (kh3, perhaps?)

  21. Goodbyehedgehog Says:

    Roxas is far from pointless. I don’t know how many other people feel about him, but for me, for ME personally… he evokes so many emotions in me… all the pain and the confusion he went through in the Organization. And he certainly wasn’t pointless to Axel. Those two characters alone are so tragic~ Just that alone is enough. He’s done his job as a good character to evoke a huge response for me, and I know I’m not alone. <3

  22. Thea Larson Says:

    Oh Roxas, how we love thee. You were the BHK, you were the mysterious boy that had us all wondering just who you were and how you played into the story. Your story is short and tragic, but you continue to live on in characters’ memories. Awesome.

    I wouldn’t say that ALL Roxas did was help put the moon in the sky. If Axel had never met Roxas, he’d never have betrayed the Organization, and then we’d never have his epic final scene. So really, Roxas is the reason why Axel struck out on his own, and that’s a major plot point, right?

  23. Thomas Luster Says:

    I think that he adds loads to the series.personally i am stuck on the whole why is it that he looks like Ventus and Vanitus looks like Sora, kinda wonder if their brothers or something like that. Nomura said that Ventus had a connection to Sora and i hope that the connection isn’t just what happened at the end of KHBBS. Are they brothers or something, Sora and Riku have familys but only Soras parents have been mentioned in the seires. And what up with the whole Terra seeing Asnem things when he looks at Riku? idk i just hope that they tie up some of these loose ends by the time this seires is over.

  24. Willmccarty85 Says:

    roxas was perfect for this series, because sora gave his heart to save kairi, you had people talk about what happened to the body after the heart was stolen, but i have to argee with the fact that sora, venitus, vantus, and roxas all look the same

  25. TheLostKeyblader Says:

    this has nothing to do with this blog but this site used to have a link to a site in which to buy magic swap unless someone can recommend a site that sells it and accepts paypal (to be able to buy and play the final mixes) and does birth by sleep final mix work on american psp’s

  26. Drace Says:

    Seriously, is that a KH-Fan page, or a KH-Hater-Page? What are all these “Is Kingdom Hearts not as good as everybody thinks?” or “Why that character is pointless”-articles about? Is it in fashion that fans damn their “beloved” franchise to hell, today?

    Why does everybody *hate* Nomura and his ideas? I don’t get it… Without him, there were no such thing like KH. Is that our thankfulness? Wow…
    If you ask me, he is just willing to fill his very own story with every interesting detail, to make it more deep and complete. (And that’s why no KH-game can be called a “spin-off” thus far) That’s why I like this series so much.
    Of course, Kingdom Hearts could work without Roxas… it could also work without Donald or Goofy… or Mickey… or Naminé…or even Riku. With the same mindset of this article, one could think all of these characters are “pointless”.

    Calling Roxas a “multi-headed-monster”, sounds really like a lame (and rude) justification for this headline. None of these characters does really look like Roxas (except Ventus, which has a good explanation.)

    At last – and that is just a well-meant advice to the author of this article – maybe you should have played 358/2 Days (which centers on Roxas’ whole story), before you write an essay about his pointlessness. ;) I played it, and afterwards I found him much more interesting than Sora.

  27. L_is_awesome Says:

    I like how this article has no mention of Axel, and how his friendship with Roxas is what directly led to the downfall of Organization XIII.

  28. L_is_awesome Says:

    Most people don’t understand the subtleties of the story due to impatience or ignorance, often both.

  29. Arcane Says:

    I made no mention of it because it neither seemed relevant or important(I guess It is the reason Sora is able to reach the World That Never Was, but that seems almost accidental except for Axel’s sacrifice). I ALMOST wanted to give that as credit, but it’s still not an action of Roxas’s that contributes to the story(It’s Axel’s), and I can’t wholly understand why Axel left that little hole open at the time he did, so I can’t point at Roxas as motivation for it. Trust me, I wasn’t trying to find ways to tear Roxas(Or Axel) down or say they were reduced wholly to that-I searched, argued, concluded, reconsidered, revised, and worked ot find any lasting contribution that I could. The fact I arrived at the conclusion I did was my source of annoyance that led to the blog.

  30. Arcane Says:

    I Love Nomura’s work, and I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts. That doens’t mean I’m above admitting to faults, particularly when I spent a large portion of time trying to make sure that things aren’t flawed. To admit that something has problems is not the same as saying it’s bad, and you’ll never hear me say I think Kingdom Hearts is bad.

    As for the editing and playing 358/2 Days, 1)Certain things, like the new titles of “Roxas, The Many Headed Monster” weren’t my choice, 2)THere’s information abound on Days, including full game scripts and videos. I’ve gotten everything I could out of that game without playing it, meaning i got everything but gameplay, which doesn’t mean jack to what I was getting at. Sorry if all of that lacks a certain magical perspective.

  31. Arcane Says:

    I personally like how Roxas did inspire Ventus and Vanitas, because we were all shocked when the helmet dropped on Vanitas. I don’t have a problem with the reuse of faces in KH because it worked with great effect, and I tip my hat to Roxas for that chain of inspiration.

  32. KHfan1138 Says:

    I am a bigger fan of Roxas than Sora and Riku (Roxas, Riku, Sora. In order of preference), but i agree that i have always thought of what Roxas actually contributes to the story. When i read th title for the article i could only come up with one critical thing: Roxas realized Sora’s dormant ability to dual-wield Keyblades, by relying on Ventus’s heart (which was Dormant in Sora) to feel emotions and use the Keyblade.

    I know it seems like only an aesthetic and/or gameplay thing, but by reuniting with Roxas, Sora started on the path of remembering the encounter between his heart and Ventus’s, which leads us into KH 3 (apparently).

  33. Ursula Says:

    Yeah, I was the editor. It just sounded like a good title in my head. Sorry about that. I didn’t (and the article didn’t) mean to sound as “Roxas-hate,” but just kind of analysis of his role in the series. That’s all. Why are people so upset really?

  34. KHfan1138 Says:

    Forgot about Axel. I love him as a character, and i love the relationship between him and Roxas. His independence, interference, and his loyalty to Roxas above all (And he pretended to join Marluxia’s revolution, so he could do “his job” of identifying and destroying all the traitors) definitley messed with Orginization XIII significantly throughout KH II, CoM, and 358/2.

    I’ve finished 358/2, and i recently watched the significant movies from the BBS gallery (My brother has a PSP, i have a DS).
    I now realize (by re-reading the 358/2 secret diaries) that there is a point where Axel completely abandons the friendship he had with Saïx during their time before becoming Nobodies (Which has up to that point completely dictated his actions and loyalty to the Organization), in favor of complete loyalty to Roxas (and to some extent, Xion). Axel (or Lea) seems to be the kind of person who is defined by his friends (to his credit, so far).

  35. Beau Says:

    This article brings up some interesting points and ideas. I guess I have to disagree with the main argument though.

    When you’re playing Kingdom Hearts 2, you’re under the impression that the moon in TWtNW was created by Sora’s actions, and nothing more. I was satisfied with that explanation, and it made sense in the context of the story so far. I never thought to myself ‘Hey, how could he have created a moon that big?’ What little sense it made, it made sense to me, and didn’t need any actions by Roxas to bolster it. The events in Days are an example of retroactive continuity, attempting to make it fit, and make it ‘necessary’.

    I think Roxas is unnecessary, but he’s still a likable and worthwhile character. He’s Sora’s nobody! A fun curiosity – a Nobody that resembled the other person in Sora’s heart, Ventus.

  36. Sakuchan Says:

    It’s important to share ideas and discuss in the community. Nobody’s hating on anything. It’s a shame that you seem to have read so many of the articles already and seem to only grasp that limited perspective.

    Sure, we’re thankful but being thankful doesn’t mean we can’t be critical. Please keep to being open-minded as you take in other people’s perspectives.

  37. Sakuchan Says:

    No, of course not. Roxas is pivotal and nobody’s arguing otherwise. And that’s the reason why the idea of being able to switch back and forth would have played brilliantly.

  38. Fabrizziovaldez Says:

    It made complete sence that roxas was created because when sora turned into a heartless in kh1 a nobody was created. Thats where roxas comes along

  39. D. Says:

    In my opinion… Roxas looks like Ventus, but Xenmas didn’t see him as either… He just used Roxas to gather hearts from the Heartless for KINGDOM HEARTS. Roxas… Is truly a NOBODY.

  40. Age Says:

    ” He is the main basis for Re:Coded (I haven’t played it, so forgive me for not tearing into that more).” No need to tear at you, but I didn’t play it either, but from what KH:Wiki has told me, it was Namine and Ventus, Terra, and Aqua who was the main bases, right?

    I must say, I do like your idea for KHII. It would have made going back to each level once more unnecessary, or at least less painful.

  41. Age Says:

    Because We’ve been encouraging him for a few years, and in the age of the spin-offs, we want to bag on him a bit.

  42. Nalima24 Says:

    technicaly since roxas is sora,he to was fighting to stop xemnas(you Know,xehanort’s nobody),and also since roxas is ventus too(ventus is roxas’ past self),he also helped stop master xehanort and vanitas from creating the x-blade.(sort of,cause they made the x-blade but only for a breif amount of time)…noooooow,where was i……ah yesss,so roxas helps all the way through the story thick and through.

  43. Master Alviss Says:

    Nalima24 0 minutes ago

    technicaly since roxas is sora,he to was fighting to stop xemnas(you Know,xehanort’s nobody),and also since roxas is ventus too(ventus is roxas’ past self),he also helped stop master xehanort and vanitas from creating the x-blade.(sort of,cause they made the x-blade but only for a breif amount of time)…noooooow,where was i……ah yesss,so roxas helps all the way through the story thick and through.

  44. Whitevice Says:

    I disagree. Roxas is a pivotal character at the very foundation of Kingdom Hearts.

    Why? Because he IS Sora. You know.. when you flip a coin over and Good Ol’ Abe Lincoln transforms into the mighty Lincoln memorial?

    Well, flip over Sora and you got Roxas.

    And now with Birth By Sleep, Roxas isn’t JUST Sora, but his good buddy Ventus too. See.. Sora did something for Ven, a Ven that was suffering, hurting REAL bad. He accepted him into his heart, and told him to rest there until he got better. And then.. years later, when Sora was resting too.. Roxas came.. having gone through possibly one of the worse torments, being told he SHOULDN’T EXIST and had not RIGHT TO EXIST… he willing sacrificed himself for Sora… before his story even really had a chance to BEGIN.

    Yeah, that’s right, that COOL DUDE you wanted to play as soo badly. He made a sacrifice for Sora. He left things in HIS hands.

    You my friend.. deserve to be slapped by a sad clown.

  45. Leroy Says:

    Roxas is aside from Kair, Riku and Sora the most important character in de KH series in my opinion, when you play him in KH II and Days you can really experience the pain that this guy has to endure in his short life.

    But i also think that alot of people forget about Mickey, i really think that Mickey is going to be a major character in the future KH games, first of all because he is the only Disney character that can wield the Keyblade (i’m not counting Yen Sid right now because he’s retired so he says himself), and Mickey was supposed to be the main protagonist of the whole series until Nomura came up with Sora. So i really think that were gonna hear alot of Mickey in future games.

  46. Zell Says:

    Great article – I love how you mentioned about how the game could have been played as both Sora and Roxas (minus the ridiculously long tutorial from KH2). I think that would have been very interesting to have simultaneous storylines, but of course I’m sure it would have been a very different game if this happened.

  47. Deadly_flowerx3 Says:

    I think this article should be about Xion, she’s more pointless than Roxas.

  48. anonymooty Says:

    Xion’s the reason why Riku’s memories are in Jiminy’s Journal

  49. Kai Says:

    You know, just because you’re a KH fan does it mean you gotta cover your ears everytime someone talks about KH in a way that might offend you. Being a GOOD follower of something means listening to good and bad criticism, sit down, analyze what has been said and then make your own decision.
    Whether you’re a KH fan or not, you can’t possibly say the story is perfect in every single aspect. There is no such thing as perfect and, believe me, an article that praises KH over and over again would be pointless. It’s better to read this and truly think if they’re right and wrong.
    Just because one question what could have been or not doesn’t mean we are ungrateful sons of a gun. NO ONE is saying “Well, KH sucks!” in this article. Granted, people who only complain about KH have no argument; if they hate it so much, they can stop playing it anytime. But in this case, it is more than obvious that the point is not to make KH look lame. I mean, this IS a KH site; they would be putting themselves out of business.
    This article is just meant for you to think about stuff. Like you said, Donald, Goofy, Xion; all of them could be considred pointless. So the article served its purpose, right? So instead of getting offended, think about it. This article is true: Roxas/Ven was probably not that relevant. Oh, well. He’s still awesome. The story still rocks. Somehow, it all works out at the end. It’s not like Nomura will change the entire story because of this.
    There are people out there who will diss KH; you can’t tell them to shut up and go suck a lemon just because you don’t agree with them. There are people out there who worship KH; you can’t tell them they’re semi-gods and leak wisdom out of their pores. It’s just an opinion in the end, a hobby, call it what you will.
    Geez, why ARE people so upset? All of a sudden, everyone’s a critic.

  50. Arcane Says:

    I’ll take my fair share of the blame, both in wording and tone-it is aggresive and comes accross initially as though I dislike him, where as I love how he seems to have inspired a huge amount of the Kingdom hearts Universe and chronology in subtle ways. Part of that was the chronology of my blog-I wanted to start off with talking about the various things inspired from him first but felt I needed to dive into the issue and then backtrack. Still, I confess some raised eyebrows at the editing choices. It was good work, but it did add a little to my already bad choices.

  51. Arcane Says:

    That’s understandable, and given the rule of averages, I can see why this seems to automatically fall under the category. But was my Reader’s Digest Version of Roxas’s story really that bad? Was my analysis of some of the things Roxas has inspired or influenced really that off? I like to think that I was not impatient in research, and that if I had ignorance, it was well trapped in a corner of reason, so that it had to find the damnest crack to hide in. If you can honestly say I am that mired in either malady, then all I can say is “I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time”.

  52. Arcane Says:

    Pivotal like a pebble tossed in lake, with the ripples getting larger and larger all the while. I was hoping more for something the sized of my fist to toss in though.

  53. Arcane Says:

    So what if turning into a heartless magically didn’t produce a nobody, what then?

    Actually, I’m pretty sure the game itself states that not everyone who becomes a Heartless produces a Nobody, hence why they weren’t as populous in the game as Heartless. Strongest of will and heart, not just Sad Joe who you see get taken in Traverse Town.

  54. Arcane Says:

    I did go along with it-the first time I played through. The problem was that it was so good I played it a second and a third and foruth and a fifth AND a sixth time later. After so many replays, you start really looking at WHY you like something. In a strange way, dissecting it and finding problems with it was sort of my way of honoring the game-if you like something, you point out the problems so it’ll hopefully be fixed and made even better.

  55. jake_sama Says:

    i totally agree with you on how kingdom hearts 2 could have been done better. it’s actually what i was hoping and expecting for when i first saw screen shots from his *short* play time.
    maybe even have him team up with riku and the king for companions…

  56. keyblade13 Says:

    Roxas may seem pointless at the moment but nomura does not leave out every character. Roxas has a true purpose and in the next few spin-offs and (maybe) Kingdom hearts 3 we will see how he fits into the story.

  57. Kilala Says:

    For every Heartless, there is a Nobody. Even if it is only a Dusk, a Nobody is formed. And even if this statement is not true, then you still counteract yourself. “Strongest of will and heart”. If Sora is not of these, then I do not know who is. Do you? If so, I would love to know. When Sora was turned into a Heartless, it only makes sense that a Nobody came about as well. And because of the special conditions under which Sora was changed, it adds up that his Nobody was special, too.

  58. SoraKeybladeMaster Says:

    Roxas is not a pointless kingdom hearts character. he have been seen twice with different names but sooner or later in the soon to be developed Kingdom hearts 3, i think Roxas may meet Ventus face to face. which would be cool.

  59. Hark Says:

    I don’t think Roxas is useless so much as not have been used to his unknown potential. I remember back in the BHK days Roxas had a million theories. Personally i liked the idea of a dual wielding villain or anti hero. There was such a lack of details behind another side another story and deep dive that it made him so great. The lack of depth in kh2 and the basically unnecessary plot of days kinda ruined him.


  60. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    Arcane, don’t worry. It’s not your fault. I know you’re not a “Roxas-hater.” One could easily know that if you read the article thoroughly. I myself really liked the article, and it made me think. It is those that decide to become critics that should be apoligyzing, since they have decided to give a bad critic to a perfect recipe just because the name sounded offensive.

  61. Drace Says:

    You say, I am upset, because of others opinions… and now read your comment again, please! You far more upset because of my opinion, then I was, because of this article.

    Hear yourself, before blaming others, okay? ;)

  62. Drace Says:

    You get me wrong, guys! It’s not like I’m totally against fan-criticism. (Of course, there are a few things, that I don’t like on KH, too!) I don’t really know, why it’s *that* important for you, but I’m not against it. But an article HAS to be objective… and this article is definetely not objective. It rather just took one side of the medal and support’s the meaning of the athor with aggressive and exaggerated arguments and rude headlines *against* Roxas. It may have mentioned some of his good sides… but played them down, as if they were ridicolous and wouldn’t count.

    So it can’t be called an “analysis”… for me, it rather looks like an anti-Roxas-propaganda, for getting people to the same opinion. (And I have seen huge franchise breaking down, because of their own fans, who just blamed and damned them and their producers to the hell. Believe me that. -.-)

    Anyway… I want to end that topic, here. You can say, this is just my criticism to this criticism. Please just think about it and don’t call me ignorant or whatever, because of my opinion again, okay?

    Have a nice day!
    - Drace

  63. Keystaff Master Says:

    I agree with a lot of this. I’ve recently been replaying Days myself and it’s began to help me realize Roxas’ real relevance to the series thus far: just putting KH up in the sky. While I think Roxas character was de-majestified in KH2, I feel he was a much more powerful character in Days and it really was a redemption for his character in my eyes. Overall, I don’t feel Roxas as competely pointless, but if it wasn’t for Days he’d certainly feel that way.

    And, yeah, no more character look alikes…

  64. Arcane Says:

    I understand what you’re saying, I respect it, and I admit to what your saying-the way I wrote it was very heavy handed and aggresive, more so than what I was aiming for, since I REALLY DO like Roxas. I apoligize to you and the other fans I made angry, not for my opinion, but my presentation-I really should have started with what he’s inspired and what I liked about him before stating my issue with what I understand to be his role in the plot.

  65. Arcane Says:

    In regards to this particular post, that was me passive-aggresively defending my stance. I did do my research(Except for Re:Coded, which was a minor influence on Roxas’s's part, and I really wanted to dive into BBS) and I wrote this with a vast understanding of Kingdom Hearts and its rules and stories. I really had to ask(with incredulity) if L-Is-Awesome had that opinion, because it seemed to me a really unbased statement. If he did, what can I say that matters in a long run to a person like that. You pacify and move on. It galled me, and I could have torn into him for it, but instead I let him draw the line and deal with it as it came.

    Now, all that said, I think I was really agressive in my approach. THAT can use work.

  66. Arcane Says:

    1)I wasn’t denying Sora would produce a nobody-the arguments against using Sora HAVING to have a nobody are made at the bottom of the forum. This one WAS going to restate the chichekn and egg/Roxas and Nobodies issue, but then I decided to rant about the base attitude people seem to have Nobodies in general. Nobodies as a general case don’t always occur in every case of a Heartless creation, but people seem ot think that, barring destruction of nobides and heartless, there’s an equal number of the two, which as far as the KH Universe’s rules goes, just isn’t true. It doesn’t mean anything in regards to Roxas and Sora, it’s just a minor peeve.

    AS for Sora and Roxas, when KH 1 was developed the rule about Nobodies wasn’t invented yet-neither, really, were nobodies in general, as they were seeing if this crazy idea was popular enough to keep going with. So before the planning of KH 2, When Sora turned into a heartless, he didn’t have to have a Nobody. That came in when that concept was developed, and from there, you have to ask-did Nomura come up with Nobodies and then think Sora should have one because he fufilled the terms, or did Nomura invent Roxas and then create Nobodies to explain Roxas? Chickens and eggs, people, chickens and eggs.

  67. Drace Says:

    Okay, maybe my first comment was a bit aggressive, too. You know, it’s disappointing to discover this site and read alot of KH-criticisms at first… Apart from that article, I never understood why so many “KH-Fans” just want to damn their franchise. I already read alot of comments on deviantart or youtube, like: “Xion is an f**** Emo… Nomura is just too busy to count the money…blah blah blah” Those things makes me mad, and not just because Xion is one of my favourite characters and Nomura would release the Final Mixes in other countries, too, if he’s that money-grubbing. It’s just not fair… I think, there is a great difference between “don’t like” and “hate”. -.-

    Anyway, that’s how I came to my opinion. Of course, you don’t have to apologize yours about Roxas. I’m glad, I made you think a bit. ;)

    Enough apologies… I guess that case is closed now.

  68. sora/ventus-thechosenones Says:

    He is not my favorite character in Kingdom Hearts, but he is not a pointless character. I enjoyed his story in 358/2 Days and he played a huge part, since he was the first nobody ever seen in Kingdom Hearts. Another reason is because he is the nobody of Sora, and I loved seeing Roxas getting owned by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II ;)

  69. sorasoblivion Says:

    I disagree, I’ve played Kingdom Hearts II for 120+hours and I believe Sora did create Kingdom Hearts :D

  70. Laura Thompson-Mason Says:

    He’s not my favorite character but I like him a lot better then Sora, who is so nice it’s inhuman.
    I can’t say much on his overall story relevance because I have yet to play the original Kingdom Hearts. *cries in a corner* :( But I really enjoyed 358/2 Days, partially because the main character actually got mad at someone.

  71. Ryan Burch Says:

    Your point of Roxas being mostly insignificant is only valid concerning the time of when Kingdom Hearts 2 was released. Since then, with the other installments and Final Mixes expanding upon Roxas/Ventus, he is longer worthless. As you’ve discussed here, “Roxas” is pretty much the longest loose thread leaving room for the other games to try and tie him in. As such, he could be considered one of the most significant concepts in the entire series.

    I consider Ventus and Roxas being the same character. I’ve accepted the various plot devices to explain how Roxas is not his own character, but as Ventus before we knew him.

    The reuse of Xehanort as a villian was probably spawned from the whole concept of splitting one person into two beings, but I think it was more due to Disney not allowing for any of there villians to be the over arching antagonist for some reason or another. Maleficent certainly came close, but even then there was something far bigger than her. Why was that necessary? Sometime it seems more like Disney wants to be completely accessory to the experience of Kingdom Hearts. I don’t recall if this site did an article about whether Disney would have been necessary for this series, but if not, I suggest it for the next piece.

  72. Patrickdarling999 Says:

    I found this topic to be quite interesting. Because when i first played kingdom hearts 2 i found that roxas didn’t play a massive role, even though he basically is the main character.
    Although i do find that roxas is a great character and we will see much more from him in further games.
    My theory is (if there is a KH3) that sora, roxas, riku, axel (and the other characters namine shows at the end of re: coded) will be playable characters. I believe this is when we find out more about roxas. KH days was only and insight of roxas story and i believe there is still alot more we dont know about roxas.
    He may not have had a huge role in KH so far but he still is considered a great character from the fan base.

  73. Andrew Michael Starr Says:

    That wasn’t Roxas’ only purpose. I believe Roxas’ purpose was to show a living example of “Nobody’s” as a sort of intro for them. It’s because Roxas is such an emotional character that he creates fandom. Ventus was probably created because Nomura liked the character’s personality as the main structure for a main character role. Plus, it’s because of Roxas’ connection with Axel that the organization falls. There are little things that the character has done behind the scenes that count more than the major stuff. That’s what makes him so unique. Not everyone can just pop up and do the shit that Sora does. But even SORA needs help. Also, you can’t do Sora/Roxas storyline for KH2. For Sora to be awakened, Roxas needed to merge with him… Play more of the KH games before you write a waste of peoples times……

  74. Zyriora189 Says:

    Lets put it into a simple text:- Roxas is one of the important piece that makes the Kingdom Hearts saga. If he wasn’t in, the KH saga wouldn’t be the force to be reckoned in video games like it has now, even if there are loop hole around…

    Suggestion: How about having a little patience to see where this all leads to rather than ramble about how a character isn’t important when without a doubt, he makes an impact to both the fandom and the story…

  75. Imma_Fan Says:

    Well, thats all behind us now, Because most likely you never know what noruma has in store.
    One theory is that Ven and roxas will probaly share a heart, and be able to transition that same way yugi does with the king in yu-gi-oh. And that, is pretty awesome.

  76. KairiXSoraXRiku Says:

    Roxas as we all know, could have been literaly a nobody in the story. If you think about it this way starting from BBS he takes on the form of Ventus and Vantaias because Ventus only had half of his heart. So that is Sora half that created Vantaias, get the picture. So Roxas is Sora’s Nobody while Vantaias is Ventus’ Nobody. As for the plot in 358/2 Days there had to be Roxas because of what happened during Chain of Memories, Sora had his memories of Kari messed up because Namine was working for the organization. But in reality Namine is Kari’s nobody so it means to say that it could go the same for Aqua in BBS. Xion is part of Sora as a memory of Kari to help Roxas get to that point that he has to return to Sora. So in all reality Roxas is a very important character in the Kingdom Hearts series. But if it was me I would put more stuff for Roxas to do in the series because he may not be as important than what most people believe he is. But as an overall effect to the games he is very important, and hey reusing the same character is not bad they do it in Final Fantasy that I know of. So as a whole Roxas has always been my fave next to Sora and Ven. And I believe it is a good thing that they didn’t cut him because of his part in the series makes the plot of the story more sense.

  77. vansem Says:

    roxas was a awesome character, axel is fantastic, xion was only put in to make things more confusing, but she’s great.

  78. Tkirk-jr Says:

    Technically Roxas is created because he has been sitting in Sora’s heart for so long. Since Roxas=Ventus, This doesnt leave the gamer thinking, after beating birth by sleep, “Since Ventus’s heart is in Sora, what happened after Sora released his heart in the first game?”. And after Roxas becomes one with Sora again, He waits to be reborn in Ventus’s body, which sits in Castle oblivion.

  79. Nisa Addina Says:

    I don’t think your article is wrong, Arcane. It’s what you express to other people.

    And I wasn’t insulted at all about the “many headed monster” title,
    I knew it was just to make the article more exciting.

    Anyways I know this may be a little busy body of me, but I just wanted to cheer you up :)

  80. yo Says:

    they should make it 2 player and 1 play as sora and 1 as roxas

  81. Quack Says:

    I was enjoying myself until you started blaming half the series on Roxas. He is, without a doubt, NOT the mainest issue of Re:coded. Please get your facts straight before posting an article and apologize for it.

    As for Roxas being the reason behind a completed KH, Sora’s been at it for longer than that. He was helping effectively during KH1 and CoM as well, and Roxas wasn’t helping for the WHOLE year he was around – some parts of it he escaped and some parts of it he was in a coma.

    What irks me really is that Roxas’s existence had little to do with CoM until Xion was introduced, ironically an obvious retcon a couple of years afterward. Until she was introduced, CoM had no valid connection to Roxas but the game was in existence on its own a good while prior to Days. And lo and behold ironically, even Days didn’t have to have to do with Roxas – assume Vexen fought Sora and snatched his Data. Join this with the Memories Xemnas sampled from Sora in the first Final Mix. You get “Xion” without Roxas involvement. Roxas didn’t even had to do with this, but they had to tie it to him somehow because he was already there and a fan-fav, lol.

    So all around I still find Roxas to be irrelevant and having played the series as a whole, you really gave him a lot more credit than he’s worth.

  82. Hemorrhage911 Says:

    I don’t think the author is a “Roxus-hater” at all. Actually, I’d say he is quite the opposite, from the article, it seems as though he enjoyed the character so much, that he felt the character wasn’t utilized enough in Kingdom Hearts 2, which I agree with.

    At the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2, you begin as Roxus, in that short amount of time (if you haven’t played 358/2 Days), and you start to feel this connection with him. After that, you anticipate his return, and we only get a few mentions of his name from characters, and then the totally out of character scene where Sora defeats Roxus.

    I’ll be highly disappointed if they gave up the video “Deep Dive”, started off Kingdom Hearts 2 with Roxus, and then went on to create an entire game around his story, and have very little mention of him AGAIN in Kingdom Hearts 3. Roxus should not be a minor character, and I really hope the characters made up in Birth By Sleep don’t end up overshadowing Roxus in Kingdom Hearts 3.

    I could keep going on and on about Roxus, about how I feel he should be a much more important character than the likes of Riku, or how I’d rather play Roxus just as much as Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3, but these are obviously just my opinions. I do stand by the fact that Roxus needs a much bigger role in Kingdom Hearts 3, or I will be highly disappointed.

  83. letoile Says:

    im not gonna lie
    if i would have had to fight sora as roxas or vice versa in the situation you thought of
    i would have cried

  84. Sora Says:

    I think the story of Roxas is basically finished now… we saw what we had to see, but it’s now time to finish the Sora Saga ;)

  85. Quack Says:

    The end of the Sora Saga will be the end of KH. We’re sooner to see the end of the Xehanort Saga.

  86. Rutu 14 Says:

    Okay I get what you’re saying, but Roxas had more to do than that. If Roxas didn’t exist the whole plot of when you turn into a heartless, if you have a strong heart a Nobody is created. Another thing would be that if Roxas hadn’t existed, in Kingdom hearts 2 when you’re in the realm of darkness Axel wouldn’t have helped you. Another thing if Roxas didn’t exist Sora would be way less confused and less emotional, like in twilight town when he cries when he leaves Hayner Pence and Ollete. He also made a HUGE difference with Riku. If Roxas didn’t exist, Riku wouldn’t have fought him and therefore would have still been Riku. Which would take more of the mystery out of the plotline. Plus if you were watching carefully Roxas looking exactly like Ventus would mean that Roxas actually does have a heart. He has Ventus’ heart. Confused? When Sora was basically 4 he and Riku were on the beach and going back home Riku asked Sora what was wrong. Sora said that it felt like something was squeezing him inside. Riku said that was because someone was hurting and needed his help and that Sora should try to help them. Sora replied by saying “you say some wierd stuff Riku, but I’ll try it. Sora closed his eyes and concentrated. It then showed Ventus asleep and you hear Sora’s voice say “Hey can you hear me?” that was when Ventus’ heart went into Sora to heal again. If you’re wondering about again then you’ll just have to play the game. So by Roxas looking exactly like Ventus, he has Ventus’ heart.

  87. Dragonmidnight Says:

    I hope they actually separate Roxas and Axel and even Sora from each other. Axel could be one of the evil seeds that MX plants and I hope he is. It would make me very happy, that he is not their shadow. Hopefully Noruma does this.
     I didn’t like how they changed Axel’s character from a bad ass in COM into this other character who jumped into an impulse just because he felt close to someone who wanted a heart. (There also the Akuroku fans which makes the characters overrated.  Though interesting enough Demyx is in those kind of doujinshis. ). lol  Axel was loyal to the organization until Roxas left.  He was given an order to either come back with him, kill him or don’t come back at all. KH2 FM version that is. ARG it is an Roxas discussion damn me.  

    Back to discussion with Roxas. 358/2 days was about him, but I think it was unneccessary to add Xion into the mix. Then it became more about her. It drove me crazy because they cut out the organization cut scenes just to add more of her scenes. Barf.  There should of been an organizaiton story without Roxas. I would like to see how fans would respond to this. It would be interesting and is probably why the game did so well in the states because you could play as any character in it. Xion would of been better if she was actually an real character and not some fabrication of Sora or anyone else. They should of stayed with an Organization character killing Xion and then Roxas leaving because of it. That would give him a real valid reason to not want anything to do with the organization.

    I was fine with Ven, but I think he should of had more character development. It is annoying when they try to link key characters with Sora.I mean seriously how many more clones do we need. Vanitas? Xion? Come on. NO more clones. If Roxas does return somehow, they should give him a minor role and away from the red head. He should react with different people.

  88. Reiko diana Says:

    Whatever it is, Roxas will always be my all-time favourite KH character. Without him, there will be no melancholic feelings in playing PS games ^^. Why do you think I am so hooked with KH in the first place? It’s because of Roxas dammit!!Seriously I would fight for his rights to be a major playable character with his own side of story in KH3…just like they did for BBS with Terra, Aqua and Ventus. Though he already has 358/2 Days, who cares!! I want more of Roxas!!

  89. people search Says:

    Where’s the “new” part?

  90. Cyncynla Says:

    I actually like Roxas, as well as the series in general. I think his tragic story brings the nobodies’ perspective forth. They want to be whole, yet are somewhat different from their original person.
    I also love the humanity of this game.. it has great dialogue and ideas.. points, stories. This game isn’t just about Sora. It’s about a lot of things, obvious and not so obvious.. straight-forward and deep. It makes you think.
    My favorite quote is from KH2 by Diz, “..we may profess to know the heart, but it’s essence is beyond our reach..” In my own personal interpretation, that quote is what the game represents to me. :p
    What I don’t like, is that it keeps changing consoles. :/
    Are the non-ps2 games really short or something? It’d be great to have them on a tv console.. not everyone can keep buying new hand-helds..
    I’m hoping KH3 will be a tv console like the first 2 :D
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed lol

  91. Cyncynla Says:

    Oh, and I agree, his character could’ve/should’ve been a bigger role! But this is the direction Nomura took the story in, and I respect it. It’s still a great story.

  92. Jasper_tonya Says:

    i think that roxas should like come back in dream drop distance and put sora back to sleep for the rest of the series

  93. Darkreinhart Says:

    I like to be one of the ORGANIZATION XIII

  94. Redhatterpat91 Says:

    Roxas was pointless so was the very first parts of kh2 i want to play as sora not beat people with blue sticks and ride skateboard? Why i dont play the portable kh games. Well, i did play chain of memories but this story line in general is a cluster fuck. Love yah kh please stop making portable fillers and roxas…. just can go die.

  95. Filzy Says:

    I LUV YOU ROXAS!!!! he’s sooo cute and cool

  96. rob Says:

    The irony here is uncanny.

  97. rei Says:

    Woah woah…hold your horses. First of all, if there is no Roxas, then there wouldn’t be Sora. As in, he’s the reason why Sora could wake up from his slumber. Also, Roxas is also partly the reason why Sora could level up and passed down certain abilities in the game. Secondly, I don’t think Organization XIII would function if Roxas weren’t around. So, did I miss anything else?

  98. rei Says:

    Wow you really are a ‘relevant’ hater.

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