KH Rumor Roundup – Send us your Rumors!

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Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: Rumour Roundup!

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder:

We’re bringing back our Rumor Roundup segment! Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough! But we do need something from your guys to make it happen. Rumors! Lots of crazy rumors!
They can be rumors about anything KH related, from the color of Kairi’s underwear to the entire plot of KH3! Just submit them to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I submit a rumour?

We’re looking to keep rumor submission as anonymous as possible, so please do not use this topic to post them! We’re hoping to make things easier to run in the future, but for now we’re looking at submissions via PM, Email, and Twitter.

To submit your rumour you can follow one of four routes:
- Send a Private Message to Tony (Kupo Mog) – Click Here
- Send a Private Message to ShayClick Here
- Send an email to Tony (Kupo Mog) – contact-email-address
- Twitter users can send their rumours by Tweeting to @khurumours

When you email us or PM us, please label the subject “Rumor Roundup” so we can be as organized as possible! We don’t want to miss any of your submissions on accident.

Thank you everyone in advanced! Remember to submit those rumors. ;)
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6 Responses to “KH Rumor Roundup – Send us your Rumors!”

  1. Ryan Martinez Says:

    i wonder if aqua ven and terra will eventually team up w/ kiari sora and riku, to defeat an ultimate nobody of Org XIII, the aftermath being of a nobody. finally lock kingdom hearts… or unlocking the hearts of those lost in the Keyblade War

  2. Zexion1127 Says:

    If anybody, this “ultimate nobody” could be the secret organization XIII member from bbs.

  3. kingdomhearts'#1fan Says:

    i hope that kingdom hearts 3 will be a game to remember, because it’s not fair for us to have to wait 4-5 years each time a new game comes out.I’m not trying to be difficult,just please make this a great game

  4. Datevsta Says:

    Kairis panties are white with a reb ribbon/lace. want proof? go to youtube and search “Kairis Red Ribbon”

  5. Datevsta Says:

    Kairis panties are white with a reb ribbon/lace. want proof? go to youtube and search “Kairis Red Ribbon”

  6. Jotavr95 Says:

    Sora and riku are going to take the mastery mark test, and xehanort is back after destroying somebody heartLess and nobody the Pearson come back to life (with his body an heart united)

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