Show Off Your KH Collection: a Compilation

This feature has gotten off to a fantastic start and already, I’ve received many wonderful submissions! Everybody will get the chance to be featured and we can all marvel at each other’s work at amassing our personal KH fortune. Today, we show you the collections of Maurice, Andrea and Nalima.

Andrea's Collection - Click to expand the image. You may have to click again after the page refreshes.

Andrea has a short-but-sweet collection, and what I like best is how she designed the look of the display, which accentuates Sora at the top of the pyramid, which, itself, is made up of KH manga, her PSP and DS games.

Nalima's Collection

Nalima shows off her collection in a series of pictures of her merchandise and items for a Roxas cosplay.

Finally, Maurice went above and beyond the answer to my question and provided a logical explanation as well! The question was: “If I could only take one item from my collection with me on a boat to a deserted island, which would it be?”

Nalima's cosplay items.

Maurice answered: “I’d take with me, one of my figurines: Sora in his Normal Form. Because my manga could get wet (if he took those with him), and I wouldn’t have anything to read anymore (once he returned home from the island). Furthermore, my PS2 can’t be used without electricity (which he decided wouldn’t be available on a deserted island). My PSP and GBA can only be used one day, and without being able to recharge, I wouldn’t have anything else to fill my KH needs since I am allowed only a single item.

My figurine, however, requires no electricity, they’re waterproof, and looking at them puts a smile on my face! They remind me that I am one of the many fans for this great franchise that I am proud to be part of!”

Maurice's Collection - Click to expand the image. You may have to click again after the page refreshes.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    I love seeing the collections, but I definitely miss the articles ;D

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