Show Off Your Collection: Amber

Amber submitted this amazing museum of a collection, which is just about the biggest one I’ve seen. The posters of Disney’s Atlantis and Tangled attest to her love for Disney, as are the Kingdom Hearts princess pins that depict Sora’s Deep Dive. Of course, when you merge Disney with Nomura, only a more sophisticated bond would blossom for all things Kingdom Hearts. Taking a quick look at her figurines, you can see that Amber has all the latest ones, including the most recent releases of Sora in Christmas and Halloween outfits. Also, see if you can spot Amber’s self-molded Riku figure! Amber is no stranger to cosplay, as you can see from her nicely-crafted Aqua wig with armour piece, as well as an Organization coat. As a creative touch, Amber also has a one-of-a-kind Keyblade made entirely out of Pocky boxes.

Amber's 358/2 Days poster, KH manga, and PlayArts figurines

Amber's organization coat and bag

Amber's KH games, music collection, and strategy guides.

Amber's pins, necklaces and books.

PlayArts Collection

PlayArts Collection Close-up

Amber's plushies and bed cover.

Pocky-box Keyblade


Amber's computer with Roxas figure.

Aqua cosplay items

15 Responses to “Show Off Your Collection: Amber”

  1. A Sajeva Says:

    my kingdom hearts collection

  2. Calvin Says:

    Loved your Pocky-box Keyblado <3

  3. Calvin Says:

    Loved your Pocky-box Keyblade <3

  4. Kevin_Keyblade Says:

    I don’t know where I can buy some colection articles here in Ecuador but this is a Freak Colection AWESOME

  5. KHtriston Says:

    I ENVY YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. AXEL Says:

    Jeez and I thought Kingdom Hearts was my life… I want your room!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!! i know…i’ll just marry you..(you’re a girl right?) no! doesn’t matter, Kingdom Hearts is all i need for love!

  7. Rebmakash Says:

    Thank you for putting this up!!!

  8. Max98x Says:

    a very amazing collection you’ve got there, btw where did you get that awesme wallpaper on your screen from? because i want it too ;D

  9. Rebmakash (Amber) Says:

    I drew it.  :3

  10. Tyeron Holmes Says:

    Envying right now!

  11. Wes Says:

    Will you marry me ? lol.

  12. Sora27 Says:

    i want to know how u made the coat

  13. Deadly_flowerx3 Says:

    Is that Roxas NOT smashing a computer!?

  14. Medium4thebest Says:

    dang it my room is to small for that stuff.

  15. PrinceSuzuki Says:

    Where do you get your collection????? x)

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