Show Off Your Collection: Lena, Rodo, and Aaron

We’re showing off more fan collections this week!

Lena tells us that she’s been playing Kingdom Hearts since second grade at 7 years old (9 years ago); she’s now in highschool and turning 17 years old, but she remains a Kingdom Hearts fan still. But she’s not the only fan in her household! Lena says that both her parents love Kingdom Hearts, too! Some of Lena’s collection include her t-shirts and a very nice wallpaper residing on her desktop.

Next, we have Rodo from the forums who tells me that, of all his Kingdom Hearts items, he cherishes his poster most as it is the best reminder of all the good times he’s had playing Kingdom Hearts. Personally, I’m wondering how Rodo managed to get ahold of that person-sized Kingdom Hearts II standee!

Aaron gives us a great snapshot of everything he’s got: music, manga, posters–but what’s that on his wall? I’m not sure if I can believe my eyes, but it looks to be a gigantic wall painting or wallpaper of Sora! Amazing!

Aaron's collection

Lena's t-shirts

Lena's wallpaper

Rodo's collection

12 Responses to “Show Off Your Collection: Lena, Rodo, and Aaron”

  1. Brooke Says:

    Rodo must work at gamestop/know someone who does or is just really quick about asking for the standee things. They told me I could ask to take one as long as none of the employees claimed it first …and of course, all the employees took all of them in the city where I live lol so no standee for me.

  2. Andrew Says:

    So jealous of Rodo..

  3. Tyeron Holmes Says:

    That was the same thing I was thinking

  4. Tyeron Holmes Says:

    I gotta know how Aron got that room wallpaper so someone please give me the info

  5. Aaron Says:

    I take it as a compliment that you think it’s wallpaper but sorry, I painted it a while back. Look on the bright side if you want one all you need is a paintbrush and a lot of black paint :P

  6. Jameslukas39 Says:

    how can I become a full member?

  7. GamerLeague Says:

    Rodo you sir are an amazing fan, having all of those things

  8. Soralief Says:

    Im hoping to go to Japan sometime next year and get some proper keyblades. I went to the Armaggedon expo and saw some there, but of course all were cheap crap and not made to real specs which sucks.

  9. Tyeron Holmes Says:

    SUKOI THAT’S AMAZING!, you have to to be a professional if you made it that amazing

  10. Tyeron Holmes Says:

    SUKOI THAT’S AMAZING!, you have to to be a professional if you made it that amazing

  11. Declan Says:

    If anyone is interested in Lena’s wallpaper (which I’m very very stoked to say I made), you can find it here: :)

  12. girls t shirts online Says:

    Great showing off more fan collections nice posted That was the same thing I was thinking

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