Show Off Your Collection

Released in 2002, Kingdom Hearts has enriched our lives for over a decade. At first it was just the game, then gaming sites who featured Kingdom Hearts flourished. We were able to publicly declare our love for the Final Fantasy-Disney union and we showed it in various ways.

Perhaps the most vocal expression of devotion is the way we allow Kingdom Hearts to occupy our non-virtual lives. The likes of Sora and co. are not simply contained to an on-screen presence or our desktop. Soon enough, they were plastered on our walls as a wall hanging or a good old-fashioned poster. In fact, that poster might have come from your Ultimate Brady games guide that you lined up to purchase at Gamestop. This Brady games guide is sitting in your personal library, along with all of your Kingdom Hearts manga–some in English, some in Japanese. And this library shelving unit is sitting right next to your glass case, inside which your prized figurines take permanent residence. Open up your closet and you have the choice of wearing an Organization XIII vinyl, custom-designed coat or your Heartless ear muffs to the next gaming convention or just to keep your head warm on a chilly day. When you return home, you’re welcomed by plushies of Mickey, Sora and Riku for a dreamless sleep.

So look around your room. You may have become a bigger KH fan than you had ever anticipated. You may be a proud owner–and duster–of other Kingdom Hearts paraphernalia, whether they be authentic or unabashedly unendorsed. What else have you got?

Show off your Kingdom Hearts collection! Your collection could be featured right here, on Kingdom Hearts Ultimania!

Here’s what we need:

– Photos of your collection. You can set them up in photogenic position, or you can snap photos of various locales in your room. Be sure to save them in .jpg format!
-Your answer to this question: If you could only take one item from your collection with you on a boat to a deserted island, which would it be?
– Your name.

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Happy show-and-tell!