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Released in 2002, Kingdom Hearts has enriched our lives for over a decade. At first it was just the game, then gaming sites who featured Kingdom Hearts flourished. We were able to publicly declare our love for the Final Fantasy-Disney union and we showed it in various ways.

Perhaps the most vocal expression of devotion is the way we allow Kingdom Hearts to occupy our non-virtual lives. The likes of Sora and co. are not simply contained to an on-screen presence or our desktop. Soon enough, they were plastered on our walls as a wall hanging or a good old-fashioned poster. In fact, that poster might have come from your Ultimate Brady games guide that you lined up to purchase at Gamestop. This Brady games guide is sitting in your personal library, along with all of your Kingdom Hearts manga–some in English, some in Japanese. And this library shelving unit is sitting right next to your glass case, inside which your prized figurines take permanent residence. Open up your closet and you have the choice of wearing an Organization XIII vinyl, custom-designed coat or your Heartless ear muffs to the next gaming convention or just to keep your head warm on a chilly day. When you return home, you’re welcomed by plushies of Mickey, Sora and Riku for a dreamless sleep.

So look around your room. You may have become a bigger KH fan than you had ever anticipated. You may be a proud owner–and duster–of other Kingdom Hearts paraphernalia, whether they be authentic or unabashedly unendorsed. What else have you got?

Show off your Kingdom Hearts collection! Your collection could be featured right here, on Kingdom Hearts Ultimania!

Here’s what we need:

- Photos of your collection. You can set them up in photogenic position, or you can snap photos of various locales in your room. Be sure to save them in .jpg format!
-Your answer to this question: If you could only take one item from your collection with you on a boat to a deserted island, which would it be?
- Your name.

Send your submission to

Happy show-and-tell!

16 Responses to “Show Off Your Collection”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You know what’s IMPOSSIBLE to find? A 22″ by 34″ poster of the original Kingdom Hearts box art. Nice and simple. I have scoured the internet for months and can’t find one anywhere. There’s PLENTY of KHII posters, but none of the original game?? I already have the sequel’s box art poster framed on my wall but I NEED both :(
    Did you say the Ultimate Brady KH guide came with a poster?? I’ll have to look into that.

  2. Andrea Sajeva Says:

    andrea sajeva

  3. Alviss Says:

    for the , i use to hav life sized oathkeeper and figurine ultima weapon from kh2,but idk where they are right now… or my org. XIII coat,

  4. Andrea Sajeva Says:

    andrea sajeva

  5. Katie Mobley Says:

    This is just some of my collection. I have a Sora plushie somewhere and tons of drawings, but I don’t think those count.

  6. Maurice Hoek Says:

    My collection contains the following:

    Sora (KH2 Normal Form)
    Sora (KH2 Final Form)
    Kairi (KH2 Destiny Islands Outfit)
    Roxas (KH2 Twilight Town Outfit)
    Axel (KH2)

    Kingdom Hearts
    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (+ the KH Edition GBA SP)
    Kingdom Hearts 2
    Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (European Special Edition)
    Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded

    Kingdom Hearts Volume 1, 2, 3 and 4. (Complete Box)
    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Volume 1 and 2. (Complete Box)

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Special Edition content:
    The Art of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (48-Page Artbook).
    Two Art Prints.

    Kingdom Hearts II: Mini Strategy Guide.
    Kingdom Hearts II: Official Strategy Guide.
    Dutch PlayStation Magazine containing tons of info on Kingdom Hearts 2, back from when it wasn’t even released!

    Hope you guys like it! :)

  7. Kristin Says:

    I have the original kh poster, double sided. i beileve thats the original

  8. Kristin Says:

    Heres some of my collection. idk y i dint win this contest. i guess the guy is retarded. but here :]

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This was never a contest–it’s more like show-and-tell; I intend that everybody who makes a submission will be featured…unless of course, the person demonstrates discourtesy. Your comment has already been held accountable–I allowed your photos to stay up, and stay up at this spot only.

  10. Brooke Says:

    I got a poster from KH’s release party on ebay. I would try looking there. I wasn’t that much, just like $12 dollars or so. And it’s dual sided so it had Sora’s official character art with a bunch of screenshots from KH1 behind it on the other side.

  11. Stephanie K Says:

    Well I’m gonna seem like a huge nerd but here is all my stuff ^3^:
    Image :

    Oh and I noticed I’m actually missing one of my Kingdom Hearts shirts in
    the picture, turns out it was in the wash >__< I also forgot to
    include my Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days postcards and the KH II sticker
    Book that came with the strategy guide in the pictures >__< (I do have them listed though in my list)
    (I started at 10 cause I had 10 shirts, I can count lol.

    Complete list:
    10.Kingdom Hearts Graphic T-shirts X 10
    11.Kingdom Hearts Jacket
    12.Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded Sora Phone Charm
    13.KH Birth By Sleep Strategy guide
    14.KH Birth By Sleep PSP Video Game
    15.KH:Chain of Memories Strategy guide
    16.KH:Chain of Memories Gameboy video game
    17.KH:358/2 Days strategy guide
    18.KH:358/2 Days DS Video Game
    19.KH II Strategy Guide
    20.KH II PS2 Video Game
    21.KH Strategy guide(beat up strategy guide >__<)
    22.KH PS2 Video Game
    23.KH:RE:Coded DS Video Game
    24.KH:RE:CoM PS2 Video Game
    25.KH II Soundtrack
    26.KH Soundtrack
    27.KH: BBS + 358/2 Days + RE:Coded Soundtrack
    31.KH Manga Vol. 1-4
    33.KH II Manga Vol 1-2
    35.KH II (jap) Manga 3-4
    37.KH:CoM Manga 1-2
    38.KH BBS Postcard Book
    39.KH FanArt Ceramic Mushroom
    41.KH FanArt Ceramic Potion bottle X 2. 1 has a Heartless.
    42.KH FanArt Ceramic Sora and Paopu
    43.KH Minnie Mouse Figure
    44.KH:RE:Coded Avatar Sora and Axel Figure
    45.KH Halloween Town Sora Figure
    46.KH Sora Figure
    47.KH II Wisdom Form Sora Figure
    48.KH II Master Form Sora Figure
    49.KH Lanyard
    50.KH Mickey Mouse Keyblade Keychain
    51.KH Mickey Mouse Keyblade Ring
    52.KH Valor Form Sora Plushie
    53.KH II Sora Plushie
    54.KH FanArt Heartless Plushie
    55.KH II Game Cover Poster
    56.KH 358/2 Days Game Cover Poster
    57.KH Poster
    58.KH II Poster
    62.KH:358/2 Days Postcards X 4
    63.KH II Strategy Guide Poster
    65.KH Slap Braclets X 2
    70.KH Buttons X 5
    71.KH FanArt Sea Salt Ice Cream Earrings
    72.KH Sora Star Earrings
    142.KH + KH II Trading Cards X 70
    143.KH FanArt Nobody Emblem Hair Clips
    144.KH Heart from logo necklace
    145.KH Heartless emblem necklace
    146.KH Nobody emblem necklace
    147.KH Roxas Symbol Necklace
    149.KH Sora Symbol necklace X 2
    150.KH Sora Crown Bracelet
    151.KH Chair
    152.KH Cosplay Door
    155.KH Blankets X 3
    156.KH Kingdom Key Keyblade
    157.KH Heartless Hat
    158.KH Sora and Roxas symbol Hat
    159.KH Piano solo book
    160.KH RE:Coded Stickers for DS,PSP,PHONE, and IPOD
    164.KH Silly Bands X 4
    165.KH Heartless emblem Watch
    166.KH Axel Chakram Necklace
    167.KH Sticker Book(Came along with Strategy Guide)
    171. KH FantArt X 5
    172. KH Sora Gold Necklace
    173. KH Paopu Necklace
    174. KH FanArt Sora and Riku Mask
    175. KH Heartless Emblem Keychain
    176. KH Kingdom Key Keychain

  12. Stephanie K Says:

    Forgot to include in my list:
    177. Kingdom Hearts Wallet
    178. Sora Face keychain

    Also I posted the image instead of the link for this post :3


  13. Sakuratheangel Says:

    my collection

    kingdom hearts manga 1-4
    keyblade necklace(chain is off It)
    kingdom hearts
    kingdom hearts 2
    kingdom hearts recoded(ds chip couldn’t find the box)
    kingdom hearts re chain of memories
    kingdom hearts birth by sleep
    3 shirts
    sora wisdom form figure

    I also have a birth by sleep guide but i don’t know where It went

  14. Sakuratheangel Says:

    I also forgot but I have a Halloween town kairi outfit I made

  15. people search Says:

    Where’s the “new” part?

  16. A Sajeva Says:

    my new collection kh

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