Speak Up Monday – Happy July 4th America!

How have you celebrated July 4th, USA Independence Day?

Jackie – Early July is a good time for travel, for getting together with family and friends, for parades and celebration. Today, we wish America a happy fourth of July and Canada, a belated birthday (July 1st). Part of what makes national holidays special is that they tend to fall either immediately before or immediately after a Saturday or Sunday, which effectively means a stretched out weekend. Tell us folks, other than being around KHU a little bit, what are you/have you been up to? Hopefully, fireworks is part of your answer!

3 Responses to “Speak Up Monday – Happy July 4th America!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Happy 4th! :D
    BBQ time!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Had a LOVELY Pancake breakfast at home after sleeping in, and saw a fantastic fireworks show last night.  A Great 4th of July, indeed :)

  3. Architectheroes Says:

    Among other things he said, recently Nomura said that a new title will be announced soon (possibly before TGS’11). He didn’t hint at what it could be though. It’s very likely that the new title will be a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallius series (since he mentioned the new title during an interview about Type-0 and Versus), but there’s also a chance it could be a KH game. Be on the look out everyone, BBS volume 2 hasn’t been OFFICIALLY announced yet! XD

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