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Jackie Law: As a series, Kingdom Hearts has been spread across a wide array of game systems throughout its run. With the release of Dream Drop Distance, the series will have been featured on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, and Nintendo 3DS, and no doubt the series will continue to spread across many more game systems in the future. We’ve had to adjust to varying graphics, different controls, and, often times, alternate battle systems with almost every new installment. With that said, are there any game systems you would like to play Kingdom Hearts on? Are there any particular system controls you would like to play the Kingdom Hearts series with? Have there been any games on other systems you would like to see a Kingdom Hearts title emulate? Post your thoughts below! Who knows? Maybe Square Enix will see this and your dreams might come true!

We like hearing from you, and we like it a lot. Speak Up Monday is one of those occasions where we pose a question to you with no handicap on how you want to take the conversation. Be creative, be civil, be outspoken!

48 Responses to “Speak Up Monday”

  1. Olivia Says:

    Playstation 2 like the first and second game :)

  2. Bobby Mikolajczak Says:

    I wouldn’t mind that for the third Kingdom Hearts game that it will be on PS3 since Re:Com was the last PS2 title in the series. I would love too that if BBS would be remade for either PS2 or PS3. I would like to see some other Square Enix games that aren’t Final Fantasy to be added in the series like Last Remnant, Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve, etc.

  3. Ray Says:

    i really like kh2 commands and bbs attack methods

  4. Christopher Roy Berrios Says:

    I think it would only be right for KH3 to be on the Playstation3, since KH and KH2 were also for Playstation. I personally enjoyed KH2 style of play the most.

  5. Timothy Sutcliffe Says:

    i would love more information on BBS episode 2!, i think the whole series is awesome but 358/2 days would be a nice game to be remade for PS3 or PSP

  6. SnorlaxDream1 Says:

    I’d like to see it appear on the wii with the motion plus controls. actually swinging the wiimote for a keyblade strike would be fun.  Also with new wii you controler it would make it easy to use magic, do various actions in gummie ship races like gyroscopic turns, and shooting missles and such. It’d be great to see what they could do with in game battle mechanics with the wii as well. Of all the motion controls the wii is best in my opinion so it would mesh well with other gaming mechanics. As for battle styles, i’d love to see the drive forms of 2 return with the wii you controller. you could preform various functions through the use of the touch screen, this would make it possible to do multiple actions at one. Plus the touch controller would make it easier to play mini games, and give you boss statics in battle.

  7. Yupitzwillie Says:

    im saying Xbox 360 becausse it has a wider fanbase i played every kingdom hearts game on evry system and i LOVE The, all but unfortunately i dnt have a PS3 so i wnt be able to play the new ones… :( … So if they put it on Xbox 360 like thaey did Final Fantasy 13 that would be GREAT!!!

  8. WhispersOfHell Says:

    PS3 :O

  9. Rodney A Banks Says:

    Let me be the first to state that no matter what console a Kingdom Hearts game is released on is a console that I have to buy.
    I am excited to have Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS, mostly because it gives me an excuse to buy the system! I would like to see BBS Vol. 2 on the PS Vita. Nomura has a way of using all the potential a system has to offer and I would love to see what they did to make a game on Vita. 
    Then again with the possibility of HD remakes, I would like to see all the games end up on the PlayStation Network so I could play the games at home on my PS3 and on the go on the Vita (when it comes out). 

  10. Rodney A Banks Says:

    If Kingdom Hearts were just another fighting game I could see that happening. But because KH has as many cutscenes as it does I would imagine that this would be more of a hassle than fun. 
    Imagine if you will if the original game had been released on Wii. Now imagine when you have to fight Riku/Ansem in Hollow Bastion. Die and you have to watch all those cutscenes again!!!! Call me lazy but I would rather be sitting down with a root beer float next to me!!!

  11. eth777 Says:

    What do they mean Playstation 3?!?!?!?

  12. cameron Says:

    I know right! dream drop distance is the only reason I want a 3ds, that and it looks pretty cool, I’d love kingdom hearts 3 to be on the ps3, im pretty sure nomura will use that consele

  13. Snoopthedrew Says:

    I whole heartedly with Rodney: any system that Kingdom Hearts comes put on, I’ve gotta get it!! If it weren’t for BBS, I wouldn’t have even thought about getting a psp. Very soon enough I’ll have to get the 3DS. it’s always refreshing to play my most favorite series on different systems, though expensive as well XD but in the end, it is Always worth it. And since we’re on the subject of seeing Kingdom Hearts on different systems, I definitely would Not like to see it on the xbox or the wii. Maybe the wiiU because of what an excellent system it looks like it will turn out to be. And I’m sure if I even start talking about how I want more than anything for Kingdome Hearts 3 to come out on the ps3 already, I’ll probably get quite a lot of hell, so I’m not going to go on a rant about it any time soon ;P I really do like this speak up Monday: I finally feel.. heard as a fan of the series. Thanks guys!!!- Drew Balderrama

  14. Thea Larson Says:

    If I had to choose only one series that I’d like to see Kingdom Hearts borrow ideas from, it’d be the Tales Of series. Staples to that series include: New Game +, a Grade shop to enhance your New Game + (2x exp, 10x exp, keep all artes, etc), Costume Titles (to give the characters new outfits), and the ability to change the difficulty level at any different time.

    Just think. You’ve beaten Xehanort (again), and you go to load up your file. A list comes up with extras you can get (like the aforementioned), and then you start the game over again. Sora will still start at level 1, but you’ll keep everything you struggled for the last time – perhaps you’ll have all of your Keyblades so you can raze everything with Ultima. With that 10x exp bonus, though, things become far too weak far too quickly. Then you remember that you can up the difficulty level! So, you change the difficulty from Standard to Proud. Things are still so easy, though, that you up the difficulty from Proud to Mania. Now things are looking good, but then you find a boss. This boss stomps you in no time flat, what are you to do? Well, think you can beat him on Standard Mode? Time to go see! Plus, Sora looks kind of cute in that outfit you unlocked for him last time. And what is this, a scene about someone commenting on that outfit?

    This is just an example of the kind of gameplay these addons would offer. All of these features would allow for a much greater range of flexibility. Plus, I’ve always wondered what Sora’s Mystic Arte (super secret ultimate attack sort of thing) would be. I bet it’d be as awesome as Indignation Judgement~

    Just my two cents though.

  15. Brooke Says:

    That’s never going to happen lol. The PS2 is old and outdated now.

  16. Brooke Says:

    I vote PS3 because it’s the most similar to the original games on the PS2. The controllers are virtually the same (just wireless) and we all know how glorious the KH graphics look on sony systems. Not to hate on COM, Days, or Coded but they looked atrocious compared to the main 2 games & Birth By Sleep. 

  17. Lupinpatronus Says:

    As a gamer who prefers to keep to as few systems as possible (I have a PS2, a PS3 and a PSP – isn’t that enough money spent?!), I’d prefer the series sticking on the main PlayStation console. As much as I love Birth by Sleep, I’ve always thought that the concept of the PSP was stupid – playing such a grand game on such a small scale seems like a waste of a great story with great graphics to me. And I’ve never had the urge to play anything else on the PSP that I can’t play on the PS3. And now I already feel like my PSP is out of date – Birth By Sleep II will probably be exclusive to the next generation of PSP.As a huge fan of the series, I hate not being able to get the full story exclusively by playing the games. I still recall when Nomura stated something along the lines of how gamers wouldn’t need to have played Chain of Memories to understand Kingdom Hearts II; I’m glad I read what happened in Chain online or I would’ve been so confused. I still haven’t played 358/2 Days or Coded and am really sad that I’ll be missing out on the new, promising experience of Dream Drop Distance (I’m certainly not going to purchase another gaming platform that’ll end up just lying around).

    For avid gamers, I can see how the multiple systems would be a plus, but for gamers like me, and especially those who favor story over battle, I think a single platform would be preferred.As far as emulating other games, I can’t say there are any outside of the series that I can think of. What I’d really like is if the battle system of Birth by Sleep was carried over – I thought it struck a great balance between the hum-drum battle system in Kingdom Hearts and the strangeness of the card system in Chain of Memories.

  18. Rebecca Simons Says:

    Your just like me. Once I heard that Birth By Sleep was only for the PSP, I knew I must get it. Now I’m trying to save enough money to get the 3DS. Also, I hope it’s not on an Xbox either or the Wii (Even though I do have a Wii) I just don’t think Kingdom Hearts is that kind of game for the Wii. But anyways, I’m just kind of tired of having to get new systems every time a game comes out. I mean, as you said it’s expensive, but it is worth it, so at the same time I don’t mind. In fact, once I got the PSP I found that I really like it, so maybe whenever I get the 3DS I’ll come to like that system too. I don’t really have preference of what system I like the games on ’cause I think their all great in their own way. All I care about is the adventure :D

  19. Lizzie1238 Says:

    I still have to get a PSP for BBS, so I really hope I’m not forced to get a Vita for any game.

    Also, I don’t think people should complain about having to buy a 3DS for DDD, it’s a great system with lots of great games on the way.

  20. Lizzie1238 Says:


  21. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Wow, have you even heard of any other 3DS games? How can DDD be the only reason you want a 3DS?!

  22. Lizzie1238 Says:

    No. Just no.

  23. Rodney A Banks Says:

    To be honest most of the other games don’t interest me that much. What have they got besides another NintenDogs, another Mario, another Mario Cart, and the 27th remake of Ocarina of Time! The only other game that looks good is Kid Icarus!                               Besides for those of use who obsess over KH, our world revolves around the next game!

  24. Jameslukas39 Says:

    I just hope it wont end up on xbox360…..

  25. Jameslukas39 Says:

    And i HATE xbox!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ashlay Says:

    Maybe on the PC? But most definitely on PS3. :)

  27. Joshua Bolin Says:

    I would say PC, but I doubt it would come out for PC.

  28. Khtriston Says:

    You mean first 3 games.

  29. Xxmoonangelxx Says:

    I’d love for more games to be avalible for the DS. I really really REALLY want KH3 to be on PS2 :D and i’d love for them to make a Wii game!! how cool would that be 8D

  30. Xxmoonangelxx Says:

    I’d love for more games to be avalible for the DS. I really really REALLY want KH3 to be on PS2 :D and i’d love for them to make a Wii game!! how cool would that be 8D

  31. Lizzie1238 Says:

    I actually think that’s a good idea. PC could have the best graphics possible, and pretty much everyone has a PC. Well except those who have macs…

  32. Kai Says:

    Look- as long as we get KH3 for the PS3, it’s all good.

    Let’s face it; most of us who played KH probably moved on to the PS3.
    Alright, alright, a multiplatform would not be my favorite idea but I would be okay with it just as long as KH3 is still released for the PS3.

    Honestly, I love KH and all but the games aren’t a good enough reason for me to buy a PSP, GBA, DS and a 3DS. :l

  33. Kai Says:

    Look- as long as we get KH3 for the PS3, it’s all good.

    Let’s face it; most of us who played KH probably moved on to the PS3.
    Alright, alright, a multiplatform would not be my favorite idea but I would be okay with it just as long as KH3 is still released for the PS3.

    Honestly, I love KH and all but the games aren’t a good enough reason for me to buy a PSP, GBA, DS and a 3DS. :l

  34. Kevin_Keyblade Says:

    I don’t like the system of Commands from KHBBS, I like more the KH2 Commands System 

  35. khfan Says:

    probably ps2 , xbox 360 , ps3 + 3ds and ds also psp !!!!! im a hardcore and a huge fan of kingdom hearts series

  36. khfan Says:

     if they are going to make a kingdom hearts games on 3ds or ds. i hope they also make the same game for psp as well

  37. Lizzie1238 Says:

    No psp can’t do the graphics that 3DS has. Besides, why would they make it for the psp now when it’s getting old?

  38. Lizzie128 Says:

    Then just buy a psp and 3DS. You can get re:com for ps2, with the 3DS you can play all the DS and 3DS games.

  39. L'caina Says:

    id like any new kingdom hearts games to be for ps3 and other games systems like xbox so it be convenient for other people or make it for all systems!!!!

  40. warriorprincessu27 Says:

    i just want it on ps3 that’sall

  41. Lizzie1238 Says:

    I noticed that you said in the article that KH has been on PS3. This is not true. I highly doubt it will not appear on the platform in the future, but it has not been on it yet and you can never be sure it will.

  42. ashley Says:

    more for the ds,dsi,dsi xl,and 3ds

  43. Lizzie1238 Says:

    The DS dsi and dsi xl can all be classified as DS. However I doubt theyd make DS games now. 3DS is the way to go. I want dream drop distance to remain a 3DS exclusive, however I think that maybe they should do a multiplatform game for both the 3DS and vita in the future.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Kingdom hearts has never been on the PS3.

  45. minamoto Says:

    i wish all kingdom hearts series will be released on ps2 or psp ….

  46. minamoto Says:

    i wish all kingdom hearts series will be released on ps2 or psp ….

  47. Rikan KiDD Says:

    I say they whould try to make the game for the Wii. With the wii control functions i think it would go great with the keyblades movements. Imagine having full control of the keyblade. lol idk one word really sums it up, “EPIC”. Idk about anyone else but ive always wanted to have full control of the keyblade myself. I think it would do really good on the wii system.

  48. anonymous Says:

    yeah its def. most likely he’ll put it on the ps3 for the fact sony is where the main games went. but i think it would be pretty cool for it go on xbox i mean come on, youd get to play with your friends..thatd be awesome. also, getting to play as riku and kairi or hell even mickey would be great too. you could get your friends to join on campaign. theres just a lot of plus’s with the xbox. 

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