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Jackie Law: It’s labor day, and what better way for KH fans to spend it than reflecting over how the games have affected our lives. Possibly you’ve met other fans at school or work who have become close friends. Or perhaps Kingdom Hearts inspired you to become a graphic designer. Maybe you’ve just used the games to distract yourself from work you need to be doing (like, right now!). There’s no doubt that KH has managed to influence our lives in one way or another. For Speak Up Monday, tell us about the ways Kingdom Hearts has impacted your school or work life? Post your experiences below!

We like hearing from you, and we like it a lot. Speak Up Monday is one of those occasions where we pose a question to you with no handicap on how you want to take the conversation. Be creative, be civil, be outspoken!


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  1. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Last year, was at a party playing the game “Just Dance”, and I chose an icon to represent me that was a blue Popsicle, which looked like sea salt ice cream. Two other girls at the party recognized the sea salt ice cream, and I found out they liked kingdom hearts as well. If it weren’t for kingdom hearts, I wouldn’t have met these girls who are now two of my best friends.

  2. Mahael Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is a great distraction whenever I’m down, KH takes my mind off whatever is bothering.  Nothing like beating up Heartless to help you cool.  It also is a great distraction when I’m trying to do anything else, but that’s beside the point…

  3. AnimeGamer180 Says:

    I remember becoming friends with this girl during my middle school years. We both had a lot of things in common, especially since we both were hardcore KH fans. Kingdom Hearts was one of our major discussions. She also introduce me to her other friends that also enjoyed the series. To be honest, I developed a crush on this girl, too bad she moved away :(

  4. Kai Says:

    KH showed me that Disney doesn’t necessarily has to be childish or dumb. it can actually be badass and fun. It sounds silly that I had to play KH in order to realize that but well, that’s what happened. Now I’m really into Disney.
    Although the confusing plot annoys me at times, I secretly love it. It kinda shows me that with a good leader, any plot can be awesome. I know, I know, what am I? Hating on KH? No, of course not. I’m saying that I admire the way the plot is being handled despite the weird plot holes and spin-offs.
    Finally, KH has inspired me to create my own costume, something that I would have never tried if it wasn’t because I admire KH’s artwork and style overall.
    So thanks, KH, for being so…unique.

  5. Shadowbane2009 Says:

    About 7 years ago it was I never felt so connected to this game like I did back then and even now I feel it from time to time…its weird really…I swear its like everything I see around me some how it has some sort of representation to what I see from these games…Funny I have 2 journals….one logs my past….and one logs my intented future…but I will say this much does anyone out there have constant bad dreams?

  6. Marluxia Says:

    I remember back in high school KH would connect me to my classmates. KH wasnt the sort of game I could get my best friends into. I guess to them if the game doesnt have guns it wasnt worth playing. As for my friends in school I wasnt really that close to them. Back then I looked like and acted like the stereotypical hispanic gangbanger so I guess they assumed I was into less intelligent games and junk. When they found out I was a fan while discussing the upcoming KH2 they were just blown away. From then on we would talk about KH among other things like we were best buds. In a way I felt like Sora cuz I spent my days in high school hanging out with people all shapes and sizes. I wasnt associated with just one group of people because of where they are from or how they act or how “cool” they were.
    Whats also neat about the game is that it grows with you. The characters, the plot, the elements they have all grown over the past decade with every game release. Its amazing to see how the game has grown with me. I look back to the first game I played-Chain of memories in which was in my middle school years; now Im looking towards a Bachelors degree while waiting for Kh3D and Kh3.
    And of course the series helps me get through the day at work and I guess class to some degree. When Im incredibly bored at the office I love texting people random quotes from the game (usually ones before a battle). Coming up with what if questions about the characters and answering them to get my mind off of annoying tasks. (My favorite is if they were trainers, what pokemon would they have) I happen to be studying for graphic design so I love creating KH wallpapers while the boss isnt around. And of course what better way to forget about a long day at work/school than turn the lights off and travel to other worlds and whack the hell out of some heartless with a giant key to some awesome music.

  7. Juicegobo Says:

    Kh is the absolute best game I have ever played and I know only 4 ppl who have ever seen it but I introduced it to like 10 more. As for how itreflects school it is all I can think about ( besides the cutest girl in the world who happens to b in my class named Haley!)


  8. Juicegobo Says:

    And PS: I am completely with Mahael. That was just my point! =-0 :) and PPS: (<3 HALEY!!!!!!!!!!)

  9. AritsuYojichi Says:

    I remember when Kingdom Hearts first came out. I wasn’t allowed to play video games back then, so I never took an interest in it. It wasn’t until Kingdom Hearts II that I really jumped into it. 

    My favorite movie was the Lion King, so naturally, when I heard that one of the levels in KHII was Pride Rock, I had to go see. Like I said before, I wasn’t allowed to play video games, so I was just lucky that my friend happened to have it. I played maybe the first five hours of the game before I had to move. But that didn’t stop my itching for it. 

    I began to download cutscenes, buy the manga, get plushies, blankets, read fanfiction, anything that could stave my craving for it. 

    My grandma had asked one year what I wanted for Christmas. I was sixteen and the PS2 had been out for quite a while so I figured it was cheep enough. I asked my grandma for a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts II. I got it for Christmas that year and played it. Got stuck on Demyx, but eventually got past it. Freaked out when Mickey came to my rescue with Xaldin, all in all, I loved the game. 

    I wasn’t too excited to play the first one because I had the manga. I didn’t need to play it, but being a fan, I did anyway. I didn’t like it one bit. I kept pressing triangle while near chests and was so used to reaction commands that I always pressed triangle. I even forgot I couldn’t Drive at one point and spent five minuets looking for it while in the middle of a boss battle. 

    Yeah, KH was not my idea of fun. But I stuck with it until the end. I got kinda mad at Riku though. 

    Now that I have beaten both of the main series, I go back and play Kingdom Hearts II just to beat Sephiroth again. I’m currently re-playing it on proud mode, and I can say that Mickey has come to help more times then I can count. :/ 

    I’m still in the middle of Birth By Sleep. I have beaten Ven’s story and am going on to Aqua’s. I’ve heard bad things about Terra’s, like Zack (Cue squeal) is mega-uber hard with Terra. 

    But Everytime I see a blue ice cream bar (Ao no Exorcist) I think “Sea-salt ice cream.” :/ 

  10. LLL Says:

    Kingdom Hearts has helped me escape from drama and connect with characters that are real. I have alwasy loved Disney and the game reinforces how Disney is diverse and is so emotionally connected with their large fan base. Also I got to connect with a lot of people through love for the game. I love how the series becomes a part of you, yes you can not think about it for awhile but somehow I alwasy go back to it. I love the butterfly feeling when I play it. Kingdom Hearts is my distraction and comfort for me.

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