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Tokyo Game Show 2011 sure gave us a lot of news to digest, such as the exciting announcement of the inclusion of Neku Sakuraba in Dream Drop Distance! For those who aren’t aware, Neku is the main protaganist from the famed and intriguing Nomura production, “World Ends With You.” Neku’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts is a surprise that we didn’t dare to expect or to hope for, yet fans did think much about the possibility, especially given Nomura’s significant role in both games. A little digging rewarded me with some history in our community forums dating as far back as 2008, when some of us had dreamed of Neku ending up in a future Kingdom Hearts title. For example, prior to the release of Birth by Sleep, one member suggested that for Birth by Sleep, Jesse David Corti (voice actor of Neku) should take up Ven’s role. In an interesting coincidence, I also discovered that Kouki Uchiyama (Japanese voice actor for Neku) acted as Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II and in 358/2 Days (you can read that interview by clicking on the link).

In this week’s Speak Up Monday, I want to hear your thoughts on Neku being in Kingdom Hearts! Did you see this coming somewhere down the line? Are you excited to see this character? How would you like Neku to contribute to Sora’s and Riku’s progress in Dream Drop Distance?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Neku’s personality is generally unsociable  His opinion of others is so low that he tends to see people only for their use. Neku refuses company, as he feels that friends only drag him down i never really liked him but i did like the game hopefuly he has changed Since than he is SO different from sora   is an upbeat person, and although he is simple minded at times, he has a strong sense of justice    Sora seems to have a remarkable capacity to forgive, even to his sworn enemies as well hes a way better Hero than Neku..:p and much more rememberable than Neku.

  2. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

    English, dude.  :<

    First example:  It’s “memorable”, not “rememberable.”  Whatever that is.

  3. Iggy van Hoof Says:

    Well, unlike Sora, Neku actually has character progression, and at the end of (t)wewy Neku is a lot more sociable then most people, and has friends, unlike Sora, who just is the same happy guy during the whole game. I found Neku, who changes, a lot more memorable then Sora, and I don’t think you can compare heroes, especially not two so different people.

  4. Thea Larson Says:

    I’m quite excited about Neku being in Kingdom Hearts, though for reasons I stated in a previous comment. With Neku’s inclusion, any Square-Enix-developed character is no longer off limits. I personally wouldn’t mind a few Star Ocean characters… but that’s a discussion for another day. As far as Neku himself is concerned, I can’t judge his personality based on the brief clip of him we’ve seen. Neku goes through the Game (spoiler alert) a total of three times, and he’s obviously at the beginning of one of his games (because he asks Sora if he wants to partner with him). Which week, however, will determine which Neku we see. I’m inclined to guess Second-week Neku, based on the following:

    He knows what the Reaper’s Game is, and he knows he needs a partner.
    In week 3, all of the Players were taken as Neku’s admission cost. Therefore, he wouldn’t think Sora was a Player, and he’d be partnered with Beat.

    That would mean that the Neku we see would be one that’s a bit more sociable, but not quite as far advanced in his Character Development. I think, as far as Sora’s concerned, he’ll provide a bit of development for Neku in the context of TWEWY. Sora’s nice, and kind, and selfless, and upbeat. He’ll either show Neku how to make himself better, or Neku will kick the crap out of him for being too nice.

    My last random musing is this: Heartless Noise.

  5. Dualchidori Says:

    I honestly did not see this coming, although, its quite an amazing addition! I’m happy they are including him as his original personality, rather than the happy one he turns into, it shows an awesome development in Kingdom hearts by including darker, and more mature, characters.
    In all honesty, I’m thinking that neku is gonna play a similar role as the final fantasy characters did in the original game, and with the new districts, its all possible that some reapers may appear as well, making for some awesome character inclusions. But overall, I’m so happy with this decision from square :D

  6. Ian Manning Says:

    I just hope there’s more characters from “The World Ends With You”. Either that or more characters from other Square-Enix titles.

  7. Dualchidori Says:

    its funny, my thoughts were exactly that with the heartless noise haha. I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t do a cool fusion between the two, rather, it seems like the dream eaters are what neku is referring to as “the noise”

  8. Irfansyahm Says:

    As we all know, there are 2 types of dream eaters, spirits (companion), and nightmare (enemy), there are no heartless..so too bad indeed…

  9. Ryu Says:

    I actually had never “met” him, because I’d never played “The world ends with you”. As a matter of fact, I had never heard of it. The fact he’s appearing in KH3D made me wanna play The world ends with you, so I started the game. Still, it doesn’t convince me. I might be playing it to “understand” him better for when I have to play KH3D.

  10. Ryan Wilder Says:

    I didn’t see this coming, but it makes sense, what with Neku and his respective game being a Square Enix title. I do hope that there are more characters from TWEWY, or even one of the other S.E. games out there. over all, I think it’s a decent addition to the game.

  11. Ryan Says:

    All this means for me is that I have another game to buy and play. But that’s ok because from what Ive seen of this game it looks pretty good.

  12. MxmReaper Says:

    Well the possibility was always there that Neku would appears because both Kingdom Hearts & The World Ends With You are productions from Nomura’s group and they did a awesome job on both games. Both have a great story line, good gameplay, awesome soundtracks and much more. Can’t wait till they make a sequel of The World Ends With You (not sure if they’re gonna make a sequel though..). These games are perfect examples of how rpg’s must be now-a-days. I hope Nomura will provide us with more of these piece of art games in the future.

    Now on topic: as mention previously Neku goes through TWEWY three times with everytime a different partner, now Thea Larson already had a great idea of how the game would settle involving Neku with KH 3D. My idea would be the same like that Sora would be Neku’s partner for second week but for the third and last week Riku will be the partner for Neku. Why? Because as most of you who have played KH BBS, every character interacts/meets with each other (excluding bosses ofcourse) in the game. And if you compare Riku and Beat with each other they kinda look/act the same. The idea of mixing a Noise with a current enemy there would be awesome ofcourse unless they add some Noise from TWEWY and add them just in KH 3D. Lol, would be nice if they just add the Noise form of Mr.Hanekoma (Panthera Cantus) as a badass boss like Sephiroth from the previous games.        

  13. Jishdefish Says:

    I hope this opens the door for Fullmetal Alchemist characters in KH. I mean, isn’t Neku the first non-FF Square character in the series (besides those that were made for it, like Sora)?

  14. LordOne Says:

    We’re not all Americans, pal. English isn’t a worldwide first language. ;)

  15. Kevin_Keyblade Says:

    I’m very excited for the appear of Neku and maybe with Neku in this game maybe KH3D have a world called “SHIBUYA” XD but is only a fantasy

  16. Josh Isaac Says:

    I think they are going to do more recent movie worlds like brother bear. (Great movie very under rated) Aside from Hunchback of Notre Dame

  17. Ousmandiallo45 Says:

    true that square enix helped made fullmetal alchemist. but i HIGHLY doubt they would be there. i cant reeally imagine their role there

  18. Brooke Says:

    I absolutely loved TWEWY but I thought it was different then KH in a lot of different ways even though it was made by a KH team. I know that since KH is a Disney game, Neku’s personality will be toned down a bit but overall I’m still happy with his appearance. I never really expected it to happen, but I kind of hope.

    They also keep throwing Shiki’s name around, saying Neku’s looking for her, so I hope to see her in KH3D as well. I also hope Riku makes some comment about how Sora and Neku look similar and they’ll both get mad and go NO WAY! lol. 

  19. Brooke Says:

    I wouldn’t say that “any Square-enix game is no longer off limits”. Nomura has only included characters designed by himself (aside from the FF characters in Twilight Town which he used with special permission). TWEWY was made by the KH team and Nomura designed the characters, which is why it’s appearing in the KH universe. I highly doubt Star Ocean or anything would ever make it in.

  20. Mycoldcow14 Says:

    I have watched my friend play TWEWY before and I love Kingdom Hearts!

  21. Thea Larson Says:

     True, we won’t be seeing any characters from games published but not developed by Square-Enix. However, games developed by Square-Enix are no longer off limits. Yes, it’s highly unlikely. Then again, wasn’t it very unlikely that Sonic would be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? I’m not saying that we’ll be seeing a flood of other characters in Kingdom Hearts. It’s just wishful, hopeful thinking that has just the slightest shred of coming true.

    Incidentally, I looked up Star Ocean. You’re right about not seeing it in Kingdom Hearts; it’s developed by Tri-Ace. Oh well :D

  22. AnimeGamer180 Says:

    I have personally never played TWEWY but I have always wanted to try the game way before Neku was announced to be in this game. Him making a cameo gives me more reasons to actually play the game now. 

  23. Jack Mowat Says:

    After seeing Neku advertised, I actually bough TWEWY. It’s now my favourite game on the DS, I can’t wait to see how Nekus’ role is played out. I also really wish characters like Neku or Cloud or Squall or even other Disney characters could be more integrated into the main plot like the Beast was in KH1.

  24. KingBrendan Says:

    I agree, I am not pure American as well. English is not definitely a worldwide language.

  25. Tyeron Holmes Says:

    I myself was surprised to learn of this. But then again I understand why they would add him for the obviousness of having us consumers purchase the portable and on the other hand like KH:Days use it as a opportunity to drift away from Disney and make it more Square inspired so Disney can stop calling the shots. All and all Numora made another smart decision by doing that and hopefully we’ll be able get more KH titles quicker if Tetsuya’s plan to distance KH from Disney becomes a success, I can’t wait to see the results.@^u^@   

  26. Bloom4815 Says:

    I was really shocked when I heard the news. On one hand, I was excited about it. That was because my friend had the game and I’d been wanting to play it. But I was also worried about how it would work. Kind of like how I’d worried Pirates would work in KH2.

    Anyway, I ended up being okay with it with the new information, Nomura had never really messed up before, and I had faith in him.

    And I’ve started playing TWEWY, and I LOVE it. I’m on week two. It’s such a great game. I love Neku and Shiki (seperately and as a couple). They kind of remind me of Squall and Rinoa. And I’ve been told I’ll like JoshuaxRhyme eventually.

    To answer your question, I’m now happy about the inclusion. And I’m curious on how the characters will play off each other. There are a lot of possibilities since Nomura’s in charge of both titles. He could allow anything to happen. And I get the feeling that this is going to make room for a TWEWY sequel.

    However, I don’t think tradition should be changed in this. I don’t mind Neku being included similarily to the Final Fantasy characters, but I don’t want them to try and combine the stories. I’m okay with them playing the Reaper’s game. But I don’t want Neku going with Sora to other worlds or something. (I know that won’t happen. It’s just an example.)

    So, yes, I’m liking this. And I’d say Square is succeeding in bringing in new fans from both series.

    Oh! One thing I want to happen if Shiki (looking like Eri) shows up: Sora to think she’s Kairi. I think it’d be hilarious! Everyone knows that the characters resemble each other. And I’d love that breaking the fourth wall humor! Especially if it’s remotely SoKai…

    I had wanted this to happen in KH1 with Ariel (if Sora only saw a glimpse of her), and that never happened. So I really want him to think Shiki’s Kairi.

    Or, if Kairi appears somehow, for Neku to think she’s Shiki. Anything like one of those things, and I’ll be happy.

  27. Snackless Says:

    I think it’s great and it only opens up more possibilities for other SE properties  to be used AND it also means no Disney property seems to be too farfetched to be used in future additions of KH. I’m hoping for a Dark Wing Duck vs King Metal Slime Heartless battle…. *^*

  28. iceygames Says:

    Made these a while back. I think those downloads helped out a lot :)
    (1201 downloads = 1201 votes for neku in KH)

  29. Christopher B. Says:

    I can picture Shiki & Kairi clothes shopping together.

  30. Ryan Says:

    What does Neku from TWEWY, a game from the SE side, have to do with Disney? I’m interested to hear the connection because in my opinion Dark Wing Duck is still VERY far fetched.

  31. Christopher B. Says:

    I can picture Beat with the Setzer gang.

    Also Beat looks like a young Snow from FFXIII

  32. Thea Larson Says:

    I think what he meant was, with Square-Enix branching out into different characters, Disney has the option of doing the same. Darkwing Duck is an obscure Disney character and he’s hoping he ends up in the game.

  33. Rawrgodzilla Says:

    Im stoked im playing TWEWY just so i can get a feel of the characters and i get why Nomura added Neku in due to at first they all think their in a dream but it will be interesting to see Neku’s personality in the game KH3D’s :3

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