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Sakuchan: “I’ve been traveling to a few different parts of Asia lately and hitting some major cities, namely Shanghai and Hong Kong. Of course, being in these places of bustling activity, I can’t resist checking out the local gaming atmosphere. I was pleased to find arcades still being a hit–which is not the case in Canada, where I’m from–filled with King of Fighters, House of the Dead and various racing games. In Hong Kong, I found an inconspicuous building with 4 floors–all for hobbyists of anime and games. The ceilings were low, the corridors narrow, the air a bit stifling, but I could feel the buzz and excitement of the shoppers, all of whom were likely under 25. I wandered into the most promising tiny game shops and did some scrounging. I spent an hour in this sort of wandering before coming to a final conclusion: there is no Kingdom Hearts here! Not even a single PSP game. There were more Dynasty Warriors and Battlefield displays than anything else, really. Nor did I see any KH merchandise anywhere. It was a bit of a disappointment–maybe KH really isn’t as penetrating in the Asian market as I once thought?

So I would like to know what experiences have you had in other countries looking for Kingdom Hearts? Maybe you’re from a place doused with KH fever or from an area more akin to a KH desert. Have you ever met fans outside of your normal geographical domain? What was that like? I’d love to know!”

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  1. Brooser Says:

    I’m going to college in Alabama right now. I have a Kingdom Keyblade on the wall in my dorm room… and roughly 80% of the people who come into my room are like “Is that a Keyblade?! COOL!” So I’d say a decent number of people know about the series here, at least. :P

  2. Robins2 Says:

    Have you ever seen kh in another country? no, but I did see Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory  reading a miscellaneous magazine that just so happened to have kh 358/2 days on the back for a second or two.

  3. Architectheroes Says:

    I’ve traveled to a number of places and I’ve come up with one idea. It seems that a great number of people have heard and possibly even played the series, but it’s just not talked about as much as other video game series. Why this is I have no idea. Final answer: If you whip out the Kingdom Key enough people will know what it is, but saying that ______ is sleeping in Castle Oblivion will just confuse people. ;D

  4. Sony PS Vita Blog Says:

    I was in Hong Kong earlier this year and it seems my experiences are quite different to yours. There wasn’t an electronics store that didn’t have Birth by Sleep Final Mix in stock. I also remember seeing quite a few Kingdom Hearts II-branded figurines which I’d never seen in Australia before.

  5. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Which episode? I have to go watch it again!

  6. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Canadian here, and the only other country I’ve been to is the US. So that doesn’t really count.

  7. Peter Says:

    I’m from Brazil. Like in many parts of the world, racing and shooter games are fever around here. I do see some KH games around here, but what I find most interesting is: I never found someone who played KH and said it sucks. People either like or don’t know it. That’s good to see. I even changed my friend’s opinion on KH when I made him play it and he truly liked.

  8. Alanlopez247 Says:

    I live in CA USA and i don’t really see any things about KH,bu t i do see some games sometimes

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I remember that :D

  10. Harry Says:

    In Australia they only focus on the games, not the toys. The games are actually well known in Australia and if you walk into a gaming store and ask for a copy of any of the kh games (except for KH:Memories of cause) they are likely to have a copy. 

  11. TheJackeh Says:

    Good job. Continue to brainwash your friends.

  12. TheJackeh Says:

    Sure it counts! We’re apples and oranges!

  13. TheJackeh Says:

    I must go where you went.

  14. TheJackeh Says:

    Next time I travel, I must start whipping out a keyblade too. Preferably a life-sized one.

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