Speak Up Monday

Sakuchan: “I’ve been traveling to a few different parts of Asia lately and hitting some major cities, namely Shanghai and Hong Kong. Of course, being in these places of bustling activity, I can’t resist checking out the local gaming atmosphere. I was pleased to find arcades still being a hit–which is not the case in Canada, where I’m from–filled with King of Fighters, House of the Dead and various racing games. In Hong Kong, I found an inconspicuous building with 4 floors–all for hobbyists of anime and games. The ceilings were low, the corridors narrow, the air a bit stifling, but I could feel the buzz and excitement of the shoppers, all of whom were likely under 25. I wandered into the most promising tiny game shops and did some scrounging. I spent an hour in this sort of wandering before coming to a final conclusion: there is no Kingdom Hearts here! Not even a single PSP game. There were more Dynasty Warriors and Battlefield displays than anything else, really. Nor did I see any KH merchandise anywhere. It was a bit of a disappointment–maybe KH really isn’t as penetrating in the Asian market as I once thought?

So I would like to know what experiences have you had in other countries looking for Kingdom Hearts? Maybe you’re from a place doused with KH fever or from an area more akin to a KH desert. Have you ever met fans outside of your normal geographical domain? What was that like? I’d love to know!”