Speak Up Monday

Jackie here; this week, the Speak Up is courtesy of one of our dear readers.

“Many questions have been raised about the future of our beloved series. Most have been of opinions such as “Has there been an absence of Sora in recent years” or questions of the future such as “What will happen in the future with Ven and Roxas?” The question I raise is “Where is Terra”? A very broad question at first glance, but when you dig deeper you see the point I raise. When Xehanort comes back, what will happen to Terra? Will Terra come back merged with Xehanort (as one person, “Terranort”/ Ansem’s Aprrentice)? Will Terra come back separately? Will he not come back at all? Will he be contained in Xehanort’s heart (like Ven is in Sora’s heart)? Or will certain conditions have to be met for him to come back, just as Xehanort is coming back? I have been wondering this for a while and each new piece of news, with each new trailer raises my curiosity as to where Terra is. The answers may lie in Dream, Drop, Distance. Or perhaps in the non-official Birth By Sleep Volume 2, which seems like it could be the final game between us and Kingdom Hearts 3. I personally think that Terra will either be trapped in Xehanort’s heart (again, like Ven in Sora’s) or come back perfectly fine and completely SEPARATE from Xehanort.”

So far, King Mickey and just a few others (e.g. Aqua, Xigbar) has seen the combined form of Terra and Master Xehanort (Terranort/Ansem’s Apprentice). Unless told otherwise, nobody else (including Sora and Riku) would know the truth about Terranort’s origin. There’s also the fate of Ven in the Chamber of Awakening and Aqua in the Realm of Darkness–even though Birth by Sleep is finished, I’m sure their legacies has not.

As stated in Re:Coded, Sora will have to rescue them all, and put an end to their sadness. But can Sora do this without sacrificing anyone in the process, including Terranort?