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Jackie Law:  I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea of cosplaying, aka dressing up as your favourite fictional character. In fact, some of you might have even attended conventions decked in authentic-looking Kingdom Hearts costumes, complete with hand-tailored keyblades. Those extra zips, chains, buttons and other aesthetic knick-knacks must have made the costume just a little bit harder to make or wear. Still, they look wonderful and iconoclastic of Nomura’s design, even though the practicality of accessorizing might be doubtful. If you had unlimited resources to obtain an exact replica of an outfit from any of the Kingdom Hearts characters, which would you wear? Would you consider practicality, the current style trends, or whether you could walk down the street without garnering funny looks? Maybe you would even alter your favourite design for improvement! Let’s hear it! Don’t forget that minor characters have nice clothes too!

We like hearing from you, and we like it a lot.  Speak Up Monday is one of those occasions where we pose a question to you with no handicap on how you want to take the conversation. Be creative, be civil, be outspoken!

Coming up!: For the next two weeks–from June 20th to July 1st–our website will be hosting a guest blog that extensively discusses the Organization’s role within the series and their impact on the future story! There will be 3 posts each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Don’t miss it!

14 Responses to “Speak Up Monday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the baggy pants (especially on Olette..poor girl) But my favorite outfit is Namine’s. I don’t cosplay but it’s cool how people make their own costumes. 

  2. Elliberri Says:

    I have just recently cosplayed as Kairi ^-^

  3. Snoggle News Says:

    guhu so funny. I love tubby lil Pence. boy does fatty like his sea salt ice cream, yes he does. dog house rulez gang my patootie

  4. Mahael Says:

    I would probably dress as KH2 Riku; the sleeveless coat-vest and jeans combo is pretty badass.  Perhaps in a color other than cream and yellow though. 

  5. Sora Says:

    Definitely a KH2 Sora outfit or an organization coat, i’ve always wanted both but can’t afford to buy or make one yet.

  6. Black Otsel Says:

    Hell, yeah maybe Roxas or Leah. Espically Leah I always thought that he looked awesom

  7. Sea-Salt Says:

    I’ve cosplayed Axel before; my dream cosplays would be fully-armored versions of Terra or Vanitas. Just wish I knew where to even start with something like them.

  8. Brooke Says:

    I’ve cosplayed so far: Sora, KH1 Kairi, Roxas [in Org coat], Xion, Namine, and Aqua.
    Out of all those, pretty much the only one I would wear without it being a ‘spirit week’ or Halloween [aside from cosplay meetups, of course] would be KH1 Kairi. I also plan on cosplaying KH2 Kairi soon and I wouldn’t mind wearing that around, either. But everything else is just a tad strange. Roxas might be okay as well
    Also, the organization XIII coat is known among cosplayers as “the wearable oven” so you really don’t want to be wearing that around outside of a convention.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Haha. First time I’ve heard of “wearable oven.” I can see how that might come about. I imgine it’s not much different for AC Cloud.

  10. vee Says:

    * lea

  11. Snackless Says:

    I’d make my own design. A keyblader from the past and/or future. Of course there would need to be a zipper or six along with a hoodie XD (at least a hoodie!)

  12. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

         Sora, in his Kingdom Hearts II clothing. Definitely. I have cosplayed Sora’s valor form, but the costume was way to big and falling apart because it was used…
         I also made Sora’s clothes in Kingdom Hearts once, and Roxas’ outfit from Kingdom Hearts II. I’m working on making custom wayfinders right now for myself and some friends…     If I could, I’d buy a (NEW) costume for every character (although I’ve seen many pathetic failed attempts of a Donald costume online…). I don’t even care about the gender, even though I’m straight. I’ve also thought of making a costume of myself as a Keyblade wielder…

  13. Brooser Says:

    I wish I could afford one of the Organization XIII cloaks, but sadly I don’t have that much disposable income. I have a really nice metal Kingdom Keyblade that my friends got me for my birthday back in 2006… so for my first Con, I’m thinking of being Sora. In a perfect world, I’d be able to get KH2 Sora’s clothes, but they’re way more complicated… so I’m planning on making my own KH1 Sora costume. Short-sleeved black hoodie (custom tailored with white/blue fabric in the appropriate parts), baggy red shorts, red shirt (zippered?), belt, the gloves, the necklace, and some kind of rough approximation of the yellow clown shoes. We’ll see how that goes. :P

    My dream costume would be Ventus or Vanitas — but only an actual realistic one with metal armor and such.

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