Speak up: What on “Earth” is Kingdom Hearts?

Sakuchan: If I asked you–“What is Kingdom Hearts?”–would you be able to define it?

In the games, we saw that the hearts taken by the Heartless disappeared when they were released by the Keyblade. We later learned that those hearts aggregated into a huge, defined heart shape, but only when someone was meaningfully collecting them, like with Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 2 and Xehanort in Birth by Sleep. The nature of Xemnas’ and Xehanort’s search for Kingdom Hearts implied it might be some sort of power source that could be used or manipulated. Yet, the inclusion of the term “Kingdom” implies that Kingdom Hearts may be some sort of world or place where hearts are born and, in the end, returned.

So what exactly do you think Kingdom Hearts is? A source of life, worlds, or hearts? A receptacle for lost hearts? Or something else entirely? And where would it be anyway–if it has a specific location at all? Do you think Sora will ever find and enter Kingdom Hearts? Share your ideas!