Speak up: What on “Earth” is Kingdom Hearts?

Sakuchan: If I asked you–”What is Kingdom Hearts?”–would you be able to define it?

In the games, we saw that the hearts taken by the Heartless disappeared when they were released by the Keyblade. We later learned that those hearts aggregated into a huge, defined heart shape, but only when someone was meaningfully collecting them, like with Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 2 and Xehanort in Birth by Sleep. The nature of Xemnas’ and Xehanort’s search for Kingdom Hearts implied it might be some sort of power source that could be used or manipulated. Yet, the inclusion of the term “Kingdom” implies that Kingdom Hearts may be some sort of world or place where hearts are born and, in the end, returned.

So what exactly do you think Kingdom Hearts is? A source of life, worlds, or hearts? A receptacle for lost hearts? Or something else entirely? And where would it be anyway–if it has a specific location at all? Do you think Sora will ever find and enter Kingdom Hearts? Share your ideas!

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  1. Lemonadejohnson Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is going to be the thing that will end the series. In order to awaken Ventus and defeat Xehanort some connection to the Kingdom will be necessary.

    As for what it is, I’d say it is a place, a Kingdom, that holds the secrets to the heart. It is where all hearts are born and go once the person/world who owns it dies.

    For where it exists, I don’t think there is a specific place, if for no other reason than Xehanort summons it in the Keyblade Graveyard and Xemnas reveals it in The World That Never was. I think it must be summoned by someone who is looking for it, it won’t just show up.

  2. Catherine DeKorte Says:

    I’ve always thought of it as something like the source of everything – a sort of “god” for the Kingdom Hearts-verse, if you will. From Kingdom Hearts, all light, darkness, life, and worlds spring and return to in their respective times.

    I don’t know if we’ll ever get a concrete answer in any Kingdom Hearts game no matter how many are made, truth be told. I could see Sora opening a door to it, but I can’t see it for any other reason than to save all the lives he has been tasked to – maybe also to stop Xehanort once and for all (even if I like my idea of flogging him with his own spine myself x3).

    ETA: Also, even if Sora does ultimately find the door to Kingdom Hearts, I doubt that that method used would be able to be used in-verse ever again. A little extra thought. :V

  3. Fan Says:

    its the beginning and end of everything, now seriously i check this website every day hoping for some shred of actual news besides polls, fan fictions, podcasts, small unofficial essays etc. I know there is a Kingdom Hearts news drought, but seriously someone contact tetsuya nomura or something cuz i cant take this anymore.

  4. Cole Says:

    I think that it is a place, it wouldn’t make sense if sora had to go there though, because he has been fighting it’s completion.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I think that Kingdom Hearts is a source of power. Because the reason Xehanort wants it so bad is because if he unlocks it he can be given god like powers. It doesn’t seem like an actual place, especially because it only appears when either it has enough hearts or you summon it. I don’t know, thats just what I think but nobody really knows. It’s interesting to see other people’s opinions on this matter because the subject actually confuses me a lot and I hope that the answer is revealed soon. :)

  6. KEVINCM_11 Says:

    Kingdom Hearts el mejor juego de la historia (Como seria que uno pudiera experimentar una aventura asi) XD

  7. Pedro B. Says:

    For me, Kingdom Hearts is just a wonderful story and a wonderful game, which deserves being followed chapter after chapter, and enchanting us in every single one of them, without having to make us devoted fans to do so.

  8. Pedro B. Says:

    Bah, you where saing about THE Kingdom Hearts! Forgive me. Kingdom Hearts, for me, is where all the feelings and powers of a heart hangs on, after losing they proper vessel to darkness.

  9. Thea Larson Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is something that normally doesn’t exist in any one place. It’s where hearts are born, where hearts go when they die. It’s the beginning and the end of hearts, as it were. It’s everywhere and nowhere. Only when someone tries deliberately to access it does it take on a form – a heart-shaped moon, a door, even a voice to guide our heroes along. As it doesn’t have a form of its own, it has to draw on the memories of those occupying and create a place from there; As Xemnas was the first one there in KH2, Kingdom Hearts took on the form he wanted. If Sora had been there first… well, who knows? In KH1, Ansem wanted to see a world of darkness, so that’s what he got. Only when Sora asserted that Light was in there too did said light appear.

  10. Hihi Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is my house.

  11. Guest Says:

    Its the light from Kairi’s grandmother’s story

  12. Robin Says:

    Kingdom hearts is the great heart that encompasses all hearts, and the true light within the great darkness. However it wasn’t always in darkness; once it lay in the Realm of light as one world, as kingdom hearts now lays in the realm of darkness. As Ansem seeker of darkness said, “all worlds begin in darkness, and all so end, the heart is not different…” but the key detail that he left out was that they begin within the light within the darkness, and it is because of this that darkness lies in (almost) everyone’s hearts. If one could harness its power, one could theoretically control every living thing.

  13. Duuuf08 Says:

    It’s the videogame’s heaven.

  14. Ian Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is the center of everything, where hearts and worlds are created. That takes immense power, which Xehanort/Ansem want to harness.

    The heart shaped moon is like a keyhole or doorway.

    I think the power inside is too much to handle so they just take some from outside.

    Hmm… this makes me wonder if there is a similar thing for souls/bodies/etc.

  15. Heartless JEN Says:

    Ever watch the Final Fantasy film ‘The spirits within’. I think of Kingdom Hearts like the Gaia, mother earth’s spirit. Spirits are only borrowed and one day must be returned but with hearts instead and in the sky and a heart shaped moon.
    Since the KH games are half Final Fantasy anyway, I would of thought that train of thinking would be similar!

  16. Josh Isaac Says:

    I Believe Kingdom Hearts is a place where lost hearts go for refuge and wait for their owners to reclaim them (which was the organizations ultimate goal). To put it simply Kingdom Hearts is a “world” filled with light where lost hearts go when they are released by the Keyblade, they wait there until they are freed to rejoin there owners. But also it is something to believe in for nobodies who ironically can’t feel emotions but that is there goal to be whole again. To put it in one sentence Kingdom Hearts is the light at the end of the tunnel, what we head for, as well as a place where hearts go when they are lost. This is a great deeper meaning for a video game.

  17. Sorageroxas Says:

    You’re absolutely right.
    The game really is a mess but everything seems to have some kind of explanation
    Only two things are unclear i believe
    1.What -”on Earth”- is Kingdom Hearts. We have seen five different versions of it and 10 more different explanations
    2.What is the “heart” the “soul” and “the body” and their connections between them?How are Heartless, Nobodies ,even Unborn related to them etc…?

  18. Sorageroxas Says:




  19. Deco657 Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is the place where everything begins and ends. But by going into this place and training and coming out alive you gain amazing strength just like Riku and King Mickey

  20. Anonymous Says:

    you’re seriously referring spirits within?

    Retarded faggot.

  21. Stephyuchiha Says:

    I think It is the birthplace for all hearts. Hearts for worlds and for the beings that inhabit them as well. It’s probably not a physical place but becomes physical when some turd like Xemnas or Xehanort interferes.

  22. Raheem Palmer Says:

    kingdomhearts is the door that defeated(finshed off) Ansem(xehanort’s heartless). The heart-moon-thing is a way to the door (as seen in kh2)

  23. Majestic Pigeon Says:

    I think Kingdom Hearts was Nomura’s own take on the concept of Heaven and  Hell being together or maybe just Heaven. Im not really sure so I guess i’ll wait for the answer. 

  24. Sparks_2001 Says:

    Omg so frustating have been waiting for kingdom hearts for 5 years I really wsh it would get a release date or some kind of news that is true

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