Square Enix Cosplay Contest at Hyper Japan 2011!

Hyper Japan 2011

This year Hyper Japan is hosting a special Square Enix Cosplay Battle contest! The contest is for cosplayers that cosplay from the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest series, Kingdom Hearts series and other games made by Square Enix, Square, and Enix!

If you unsure on what games that were made by Square/Enix/Square Enix check out the links below:

The contest is open to anyone of all ages and you must be able to attend the Hyper Japan event. Also the costumes must be hand crafted as purchased costumes will not be accepted. The costumes will be judged based on accuracy, resemblance and craftsmanship.


Single cosplayers or groups can enter to win various prizes donated by Square Enix themselves! One winner and two runner ups will be selected but note that for large groups there might not be enough individual prizes for all members.

The contest will take place on Sunday, July 24th at 12pm at the Olympia Two in London, England. Tickets are £12 for that day.

To apply for the contest in advance, please download and read the rules first and then download the application form. Fill out the form and send it with an email to cosplay@hyperjapan.co.uk with the title “Square Enix Cosplay Application”.

If you are applying on the day of the event please bring the completed form and a reference picture to the Cosplay Desk before 12pm on Sunday July 24th.

Hyper Japan 2011 Square Enix Cosplay Contest Rules

Hyper Japan 2011 Square Enix Cosplay Contest Application Form

If you have any questions about this contest please send an email to cosplay@hyperjapan.co.uk.

For more information please visit the official Hyper Japan 2011 site or the Square Enix Cosplay Contest site.

Good luck to everyone who enters and happy cosplaying!