Stephanie Shows Off Her Collection

Sakuchan: So, considering the size of your collection, if you could only take one item from your collection with you on a boat to a deserted island, which would it be?

Stephanie: Hmm. Well, that’s tough considering I have so many things I could choose from and I love them all! I think I would take my Kingdom Hearts II Sora plushie ‘cause I thinks it’s my favourite out of most of the collection and c’mon it’s adorable. Haha. I guess it would also make it seem sorta like I’m not the only person on the island. XD

Sakuchan: Stephanie has a collection of 176 Kingdom Hearts items. Check out the compilation picture below!

5 Responses to “Stephanie Shows Off Her Collection”

  1. FLLFFL Says:

    ddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddeee….that…is …TOTAL EPIC SAUCE WITH A BOWL OF BODACIOUS AND AWESOME !!!! 

  2. KingdomKey Says:

    sooo geek 

  3. mochure Says:

    Okay… Do want.

  4. Khtriston Says:

    HOLY… SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s beautiful, Amazing, breath taking, and Exotic!!! Totally jealous you lucky Existance!!!!

  5. Lisaël Says:

    Haaakrjhrlk *faint* OMG ! xD

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