The Worlds of Kingdom Hearts

A Brief Insight into the Past & Present Worlds of Kingdom Hearts

Experiencing the Disney Worlds

Enchanted Dominion image

Enchanted Dominion, the world based on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (arguably Disney greatest artistic masterpiece), has an undeniable atmosphere that draws in every gamer.

When visiting worlds in Kingdom Hearts, I always have an excited feeling that seems to bubble up from inside. I still remember the joyful (near ecstatic) feeling I had upon my visit to the first Disney world, Wonderland. I was so amazed at how the world represented the film, how it incorporated the feel and design of Disney’s Alice. Yoko Shimomura’s music along captured the essence of the movie. After being in the trial room (the entry point of Wonderland), I just couldn’t wait to see the forest where Alice spent most of her time getting lost.

That same sense of wonder and nostalgia continues to come up with the worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series. I loved visiting all those new worlds in Birth by Sleep, my favorite of which was Enchanted Dominion. It’s difficult to describe why, but the music, the majestic bridge leading to the castle, even Maleficent’s fortress all created an enthusiasm in me. The instilled cinematic atmosphere is arguably one of the parts I love about visiting the worlds. It’s also possible that encountering the same bosses from the movies and watching huge areas of a world transition into an enemy’s hideout (like Ursula’s Lair, Hades’ Underworld, or Oogie Boogie’s Manor) was just a fun experience for me. By far, my favorite battle was with Genie Jafar in Kingdom Hearts 2, where you fight with a mammoth-sized monster in the sky overtop the destroyed ruins of the city of Agrabah–that’s not something you have a lot of chances to do, even in video games.

Could Dory and Marlin from Finding Nemo one day be swimming onto our game screens?

Is Pixar the Future of Kingdom Hearts?

In his interview from E3 2010, Tetsuya Nomura mentioned the possibility that Pixar worlds could have a future in the Kingdom Hearts series. Nomura stated that he recognizes the fans’ interest in Pixar and didn’t seem adverse to the idea of trying out levels that are based on Pixar‘s popular films, like Cars, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Ratatouille, etc. That’s an idea I’m really excited to see happen. When I read that bit of news, I was jumping off my feet, and all I could do was think about how amazing it would be to turn yourself into a car–using the Keyblade though could take some thought–or to travel across the ocean with Dory or even to be one of Andy’s toys with Woody and Buzz. I would like to see them branch out to new things, and Pixar films would definitely fit the bill. Plus, using those movies would generate some new interest in Kingdom Hearts. Besides the fact that we would finally see some new places other than the same 5 or 6 worlds, Pixar is extremely big right now. All of their movies have been huge successes, and they’re well-loved by most everyone. I honestly can’t think of any down side to this idea.

Coming Up with New Worlds

Tron: Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 original film, has been a commercial success this past year. It only makes sense that we finish the Tron story in future games.

The issue of what Disney worlds will be featured in future games is my favorite topic to discuss. I’ve always thought that the coming titles would have some new worlds and stories, to keep the games fresh. Repeated worlds aren’t necessarily a bad thing though. For example, I’d love to see the continuation of Tron (Tron: Legacy FTW) and Alice in Wonderland, or a follow-up to Port Royal based on the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. Still, some totally new worlds would be nice, too. You can only visit Halloween Town and Agrabah so many times in a row before they get stale. Maybe they could use some of Disney’s newest films, like A Christmas Carol or Tangled. If Nomura ever decided to involve worlds based on Disney/Pixar films, then, as I said before, Toy Story and Finding Nemo would be at the top of my list. I’m sure a lot of you would like to see those, too.

Something else I wish they would consider is the idea of possibly including Final Fantasy worlds. I mean, why are Disney properties the only ones featured as worlds in this series, if the whole concept of Kingdom Hearts is that it’s a “marriage” of the two–Disney and Final Fantasy together? I have to admit, it would be an awesome experience to run around with Cloud in Midgar, fighting to take down Shinra or battling Sephiroth to the death (again).

New Final Fantasy Characters

Rikku, a fan favorite from Final Fantasy X, could have fit very well in Agrabah’s desert atmosphere. If only they hadn’t made her a pixie.

Another fun thing about new games is the opportunity to see new characters. A great cameo was Zack at Olympus Coliseum in Birth by Sleep. He was a character that was made not only an integral part of the story there, but his interaction with the other characters at Olympus Coliseum was really nice. I can’t really say I was impressed with Cloud’s appearance at that world in the first Kingdom Hearts. I could even say it was pretty uninspired–you see him with Hades, he joins the darkness, and you fight him. I mean, I saw that coming from the beginning. Well, maybe not exactly, but it was pretty clear that you were going to end up fighting Cloud at some point. That was even more obvious once you realized that the Hercules world was where a large amount of fighting would take place (what else do you do at a Coliseum?). Another great appearance was Auron in Kingdom Hearts II. He had a good storyline, he was made into a party member (way more than Cloud ever got), and he helped make the Coliseum world into more than just a repeat.

So, why do all the cameos seem to take place at Olympus Coliseum, out of all the Disney worlds? Of course, it’s the ideal place because they can become battles later on, but they could easily be integrated into other Disney worlds. In fact, I think they could fit perfectly into some of the Disney locales. Could you imagine Rikku (Final Fantasy X) at Agrabah or Cait Sith (Final Fantasy VII) at Halloween Town?

About Me

My name is Perickles Sintakis, and I am from Greece. More importantly, I’m a huuuge Kingdom Hearts fan–just like all of my friends. It’s hard to put into words why I love Kingdom Hearts so much, but I do know that I’ll keep playing and supporting the series for as long as it lasts–and it‘s likely the series could have a legacy similar to Final Fantasy, so basically that means the rest of my life. Besides being a fan, I’m also a blogger. I’ve had a blog since 2007, and it’s the place where I keep all my thoughts and reviews for the games I‘ve played. In the beginning, I was mostly writing about Tomb Raider, but a year later I began posting news and other stuff about Kingdom Hearts. It‘s been about Kingdom Hearts first and foremost ever since.

If you’re ever looking for information or opinions on the Kingdom Hearts, I hope you’ll check out my blog.

What Kingdom Hearts World would you like to see?

A lot of Disney’s most popular properties have been featured in the series so far, but there are still many that haven’t been used. With Port Royal in Kingdom Hearts 2, we now know that live-action films aren’t off limits either. The only things missing are Pixar and Final Fantasy worlds.

What worlds would you like to see in the Kingdom Hearts series? How have you felt about the worlds that have appeared in the games so far?

59 Responses to “The Worlds of Kingdom Hearts”

  1. Barry_millard Says:

    Tron legacy , pirates of the caribbean posibbly 2 and 3 mixed, toy story, monsters inc,and keep nightmare before christmas but thats my opinion :3 but i think it be awesome like as in birth by sleep you can play as sora,riku,and kairi for kh3

  2. Kevin Gadzalinski Says:

    I would love Enchanted to be incorporated somehow! That movie is all about experiencing 2 different worlds! I’d also love to see Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Toy Story for sure!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh yes. Final Fantasy would be awesome. Pixar I don’t really care for. But nevertheless, I will also always support Kingdom Hearts.

  4. Tyler W Says:

    The Sword in the Stone (Merlin could make this very relevant)
    The Jungle Book (Spiritual successor to Deep Jungle with interesting story to be interpreted.
    The Black Cauldron (Good party members and villians)
    Pocahontas (Good setting in general. If they can make Snow White & Cinderella work, this can too)
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Hopefully the story isn’t exhausted by KH3D)
    Atlantis the Lost Empire (Not a Atlantica ripoff, which people have been saying for some reason)
    Lilo & Stitch (Hawaii, but still only based on the original film)
    Treasure Planet (Good characters with stories that fit in with KH’s exploratory feelings)
    Princess and the Frog (Not great, but worth an effort)
    Tangled (Haven’t seen it, but seems to have as much or more potential than other “princess” films.
    Pirate of Caribbean (One more time to interpret the end of the trilogy)
    Tron (Could work, it would be interesting to watch the two film’s creative styles blended effectively)
    Toy Story (I’m still iffy on this one… but people have convinced me it will work.)
    A Bug’s Life (I really feel this is one of the best for Pixar. No one listens. Good enemies.)
    Finding Nemo (This would work really well assuming it differentiates itself enough from Atlantica)
    WALL-E (Vivid world. Guilty Pleasure in seeing robot forms of the trio)
    Return to Oz (Dark Horse world, and I swear it will work)

    I think that most, if not all, movies in Disney’s Animated Canon or Pixar have something to provide the series… like a summon or cameo character.

  5. Patrick McDermott Says:

    I think it would be interesting to see a PotC2 as a future world. Davey Jones puts hits HEART into the Dead Man’s Chest… Kingdom HEARTS… it just makes sense. The creative minds at Square could tie these two worlds together… again.

    A revamp of the Tron: Legacy would be cool to see.

    Like what Tyler W said, I agree with most of that list.
    The Black Cauldron, The Jungle Book, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, A Bug’s Life would be great. Alantis (and Treasure Planet… … …maybe?)

    Monster’s Inc would be cool to see too. Mike and Sully thinking that Sora is a dangerous being which leads to defending Boo. Good stuff!!

    Overall, we’ve visited the same worlds on numerous accounts with different characters. I am hoping to experience new worlds soon because it’s getting kinda mundane.

  6. SoraKeybladeMaster Says:

    i would love to see worlds based on movies like the Emperor’s New Groove, Bolt, Meet the Robinsons, Home on the Range, and Kim Possible in the kingdom hearts series one day

  7. Beau Says:

    Nice article. I’m not so sure they’d ever include Final Fantasy worlds though – most of the characters from those worlds seem to have stories and backgrounds that don’t reflect their original source material. Yuffie, Aeris, and Cloud etc. can’t be from Midgar because they’re apparently from Radiant Garden.

    Although as to what worlds I’d like to see included…

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    Treasure Planet
    The Incredible’s

  8. Heartless_bowser Says:

    Cars in Kingdom Hearts? Oh God no. I’m all for Toy Story (wouldn’t be awesome to play as Sora as a Kingdom Hearts Play Arts figure? xD), Monsters Inc. and Ratatouille, but Cars? I just can’t see Sora in the form of a car. I really doubt that will fit into the universe of KH, anyway.

    Personally, I’d really like to see a Jungle Book world, too bad it got removed from Birth by Sleep. I hope it will come back in full glory on KH3D.
    Pocahontas, Atlantis: the Lost Empire and Emperor’s New Groove? OH YES! I think the Fox and the Hound would fit well in the universe of KH too, with it being all about friendship regardless of differences and all. 101 Dalmatians, too! It would be really fun to beat the hell out of Cruella.

    I agree with the over use of some worlds, especially Wonderland, Agrabah and Halloween Town. At one point, you’re just done with those worlds.
    Olympus Coliseum doesn’t bother me as much actually, mostly because in most games, the world’s story is really short. Visiting the underworld was nice, though.
    I’m glad that Nomura decided to put only new Disney worlds in KH3D. At least we won’t get to visit Halloween Town or Agrabah again.

  9. Eddie-o Says:

    I don’t mean to get off topic, but has anyone else noticed on the KH 3D Website that they have two new symbols?! Possibly for a new enemy like the Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed?!

    If you look on the top of the website, where there is a banner that includes the mickey mouse, heartless and crown symbols, you can see two other symbols that looks like a deformed heart and one that looks like a crown with a key at the bottom!

    Seeing as this revolves around dreams, maybe the new enemies are called the Nightmares?! :O

    (Again, sorry to get off subject.)

  10. Sunaruku025 Says:

    Personally there quite a lot of worlds I would like to see and here they are.

    Midgar: Reasons would be I would love to see some other FFVII characters. Mostly Vincent Valentine. But that I see the flaws in this because they already stated that Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud, and Cid are from Radiant Garden. So that kind of rules out Midgar.

    Toy Story: Simply because the concept would work. Sora and the party gets to fight along side Buzz and Woody. I just love that idea. It could be set during the first movie and if they have to re-visit the world they could have it take place during the second movie. Allowing for more world development. Couldn’t you just see the Pizza Planet part of the world. Amazing. Also the Heartless or other en enemies could be completely unique that world. The Toy Story world has a lot of potential.

    A Bug’s Life: Turn Sora into a bug. Must I say more. Not to mention it would be a vast world with unique enemies and solid plot could be created for the world especially with Hopper as an enemy. This world has potential as well.

    Wall-E: I want to see the gang as robots enough said.

    Finding Nemo: I want to see this because you could transform the gang into actual fish instead of their Atlantica forms. It’s different and allows for more of a challenge by giving more variety of enemies and bosses.

    Tron Legacy: I loved the movie and I could see them re-doing this world. But it would be difficult because they ended the Tron level very well and they couldn’t do much with Legacy because Flynn was never introduced in KH. So it is probably impossible. But still want to see it.

    Lilo & Stitch: It’s a great follow up. Because Stitch was a summon and also in KH:BbS. We could have a great world centered around Hawaii and the Lilo & Stitch movie. But they could tie it in with BbS. So it could very much work.

    The Jungle Book: Would be an excellent successor to the Deep Jungle level and I would love to see how the gang interacts with all the characters for this level. Vast world and a story that can go along with the KH feel.

    Dinosaur: I want to see Dino-Sora. Simple as that.

    The Black Cauldron: Great story. Vast world. And it brings unique enemies. Not to mention one of my favorite Disney Movies.

    Robin Hood: Because I love the concept of the Disney Robin Hood movie and I can see Sora helping Robin Hood steal from the rich and give to the poor.

    Any Marvel charcaters world: Disney bought Marvel. So might as well milk Marvel while Disney owns it. I would like to see X-Men, Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk, or Captain America. But any Marvel character would really do it for me.

    Pirates of The Caribbean: Movies 2 and 3 please. That would make a excellent level. Vast world and new enemies. Not to mention Johnny Deep again. I would personally just love to see this world again.

    Inspector Gadget: Yeah, Disney owns Inspector Gadget. I can see this as a Comedy Relief level. But It would be enjoyable any which way.

    Pocahontas: Because It would make for a good short level like Cinderella and Snow White.

    Treasure Planet: Because I loved the movie. The possibilities for this world is quite vast. A very vast world and the ability to bring in even more unique enemies is great and it fits very well with something Sora would do. I can see Sora, Donald, and Goofy getting all excited about going on a treasure hunt. So you could also apply Treasure Island to this as well.

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire: This doesn’t have to be like Atlantica because they don’t have to transform. In this movie everybody looks human. It would be a vast world with unique characters and a good story, not to also mention some awesome enemies and fights they could incorporate into this world.

    And that is my list. There are more but these are what made my final selection. Plus there are a lot more characters from Final Fantasy that I would love to see. Also I would love to see more KH unique worlds like Destiny Island, Land of Departure, Twilight Town, and Radiant Gardens. But I guess that is up to Nomura in the end. That is if he ever starts on KH3 anytime soon.

  11. Sunaruku025 Says:

    I also forgot Monster’s Inc. I would love to see this world because they could view Donal and Goofy as monsters and Sora as a threat and base the story off that.

    I forgot Emperor’s New Groove. This world would work because Sora and the gang could get transformed into animals again along side Kusko and fight to regain their human form. It works as a story and it would be a good comical world.

  12. Jecht66 Says:

    The key one is just a combination of the normal key and crown symbols that we’ve been seeing since the series began. But the other one is definitely new. But that doesn’t exactly mean a new type of enemy. I mean, BBS had that one Keyblade master symbol that had nothing to do with enemies.

  13. Ian Manning Says:

    Worlds I’d like to see? Let’s see…

    1. Sunnyside Daycare(Toy Story 3)
    2. Atlantis(Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
    3. Monsters Inc.(from the movie with the same name)
    4. Zanarkand(Final Fantasy X)
    5. World of Balance and Ruin(Final Fantasy VI)
    6. Chocobo Forest
    7. Memoria(Final Fantasy IX)
    8. Underground City(Fullmetal Alchemist 1st anime)
    9. Central City(Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
    10. A world based of Fantasia
    11. Mousedon(The Great Mouse Detective)
    12. New Orleans(The Princess and the Frog)
    13. Hawaii(Lilo and Stitch)
    14. Nottingham(Robin Hood)
    15. England(The Sword in the Stone)
    16. A world based on Rapunzel/Tangled
    17. A world based on The Emperor’s New Groove
    18. A world based on Treasure Planet
    19. Cocoon(Final Fantasy XIII)
    20. Noctis’s Kingdom(Final Fantasy VS XIII)

    I picked these because I enjoyed the movies they came from. I usually put Hunchback of Notre Dame on lists like these, but now that it’s been confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3D:Dream Drop Distance, I don’t have to wish anymore, because it’s going to come true! I know I’ve placed two things on my list based on the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise, but since it was also another Square-Enix creation, I just started loving Kingdom Hearts even more(plus, I wanted to see the characters have realistic facial expressions like the Kingdom Hearts characters, and I also wanted to see Sora fight Dante, she’s a really evil Sephiroth type villain). I hope you all loved my list. Thanks for giving me the chance to bring it up! :)

  14. Thea Larson Says:

    One world that I’ve thought extensively on is Treasure Planet. Yes, it’s another ship sailing from point A to point B, but the Kingdom Hearts world wouldn’t even have to touch on the sailing. Locations I can think of off the top of my head: Exploring Treasure Planet itself; the Treasure Room (which could make for a great time-based mission); the ship to fight off the red lobster dude (it’s been a while o_O; ). Plus, there is one Final Fantasy character that would fit perfectly there: Zidane Tribal. Zidane could be part of Silver’s crew and defect, or he could be an enemy until the end (can you imagine fighting Trance!Zidane?). This is one world I’ve been dying to see in Kingdom Hearts.

    A thought that entertains me at work sometimes is a world based on Enchanted. Magic obviously still works in that world so Sora could use the Keyblade, but Donald and Goofy would be reduced to a common duck and dog – albeit ones that could still use items and magic. Sora would be the princess out of water this time, struggling to understand a purely non-magic world while trying to stop whatever enemy is after him this time. Pure. Funny.

    As far as Pixar worlds… The Incredibles. Sora in spandex would be hilarious! XD

    How about Wall-e? Sora wouldn’t even have to form change to follow Wall-e around, and the Heartless could be trying to steal his plant. Eve as a party member? “No, Eve, we don’t shoot Goofy!”

    If Disney’s going to incorporate some Pixar worlds, why not Studio Ghibli? Disney handles the Americanization of those games, after all. There don’t even have to be full-on worlds; I’d be satisfied with Ponyo making a cameo in Atlantica, or with Haku and Chihiro hanging around someplace magical like Enchanted Dominion. Kiki could deliver a message to Sora in Twilight Town telling him that Yen Sid wants to talk to him. Even those little things would make me insanely happy!

    So yeah, those are my two cents.

  15. Thea Larson Says:

    I thought about how they’d incorporate Tron:Legacy as well, and then it hit me. Tron in KH2 states that Ansem the Wise copied the programs from their original source; after ten years of inactivity (ish) the system in KH2 wouldn’t have changed much. However, the original system would have had the opportunity to grow and change. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch for Sora to go to the original Tron (which is now Legacy) world and get sucked into their problems. Just food for thought :D

  16. Eddie-o Says:

    You got a point, but hey, you never know! :D

    Anyways, to get back on subject, I would love a Toy Story, Robin Hood, Treasure Planet, Princess and the Frog, the Rescuers Down Under (More than likely it won’t happen, this is just guilty pleasure,) the Jungle Book and the Sword in the Stone as Worlds! :D

  17. Lupinpatronus Says:

    As a few have said, Andalasia from “Enchanted” would be a great world to incorporate – it would probably have to have an original story though (similar to the first time “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was used), as incorporating modern-day New York into Kingdom Hearts would probably be difficult. Which is why I sadly figure that “Oliver & Company” will never make an appearance, although I would love to see that! Sora and Co. as dogs… heh, heh (wouldn’t be much of a stretch for Goofy though, I suppose).

    I would also, as others have mentioned, love to see worlds based on:
    - “Tangled”
    - “The Princess and the Frog”
    - “Pocahontas”
    - “101 Dalmatians” (story might have to be in medias res, like the worlds of “The Lion King” and “Beauty and the Beast,” since all 99 puppies are already accounted for)
    - “Treasure Planet”
    - “The Emperor’s New Groove”
    - “The Great Mouse Detective”
    - “Dinosaur”
    - “Meet the Robinsons”
    - “The Rescuers”/”The Rescuers Down Under”
    - “Brother Bear”
    - “Robin Hood”

    Worlds I would love to see, but am unsure as to how they would be incorporated and thus doubtul of their appearance:
    - “Oliver & Company” (previously mentioned)
    - “Lady and the Tramp” (I appreciated the cameo, but a full world would be kind of cool)
    - “The Aristocats”
    - “The Fox and the Hound”
    - “Bambi”
    - “Dumbo”
    - “Pinocchio” (Monstro wasn’t really a world… but I guess we won’t be seeing it now that the movie’s storyline has been concluded)

    Pixar worlds would, most certainly, be a welcome addition, although I can’t really see “Cars” making it in. “Up” would be a fun one to see though!

    And, as Thea Larson previously mentioned, Studio Ghibli worlds would be fantastic – there are so many elements of films like “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Spirited Away” that would fit perfectly with themes and imagery of Kingdom Hearts. I wonder how Miyazaki would feel about this…

    I remember that the live-action worlds of “Tron” and “Pirates” really surprised me. The former, especially, as it actually made “Tron” extremely appealing to me (I saw the movie just before the second Kingdom Hearts came out and I was not remotely entertained). I can’t think of too many more Disney live-action productions that would comfortably fit into the series, but the fact that Nomura really fleshed-out “Tron” gives me hope that he could breathe life into other Disney movies that I found to be lackluster, like “The Black Cauldron”.

    As far as Final Fantasy worlds go, I know Nomura has said before that the characters of the series are “guests” in the world of Kingdom Hearts. I think the game stays more on the Disney side of things than Square, and while I am a fan of both companies, I think the beauty of Kingdom Hearts is that it gives players access to Disney worlds that are not often seen in video games – if one wants to play in Final Fantasy worlds, those games are plenty long enough to accomodate that need. Besides, all of the Final Fantasy characters have had their origins completely changed in Kingdom Hearts, so featuring their respective worlds would be difficult. As to why they don’t often appear in other worlds: Disney seems to be pretty uptight on their policy that the Disney characters don’t have too much interaction with other Disney characters from other worlds- I imagine having Square characters heavily affect their plot would not go down well with the company. Besides, we already have Sora, Donald and Goofy shaking things up before leading the way towards the established storyline, that seems to be enough.

  18. Lupinpatronus Says:

    Oh, yes, and “James and the Giant Peach” for goodness sake! The visuals from “Nightmare” were so fun to see, but as some of you said, that world is exhausted (however fun it was to see). “James” would be a great way to bring back the Burton/Selick style, but in a new world. And the enemies in the movie were so bizarre, they’d make fantastic Heartless.

  19. Thea Larson Says:

    I’ve thought about this (curse my fanfiction-plotting brain!). Radiant Garden is the name of the world; Midgar is a city on that world. Replace Yuffie with Leon in the FFVII storyline and imagine that FFVII happened before Ansem the Wise started… not being wise.

    Yes. I was trying to make Advent Children work in Kingdom Hearts. It totally does.

    As far as the other Final Fantasy characters… I have no explanation for that :D

  20. Thea Larson Says:

    How could I forget about FMA?! That probably also wouldn’t be a full world, however. In any case, I would love for Ed to be a summon or something. Or he could be a random NPC in an equally random world; Twilight Town perhaps? Or the fangirls could win out and give us Roy instead. Who knows?

  21. Micheal Ackerman Says:

    I don’t care what worlds there are I would just like them to be populated with more then 2 people per each. Square Enix may not notice this but it’s very eery when there are cheers and such during the Olympus coliseum events but no people to accompany them. That’s my 2 cents.

  22. Donald's Nobody Says:

    If they started incorporating Pixar worlds, I’d love to see a Wall-E world taking place on the Axiom. The Axiom would make for a much interesting setting than the Deep Space ship.

    An Up world based on Paradise Falls would also work perfectly. Muntz would be awesome to fight, with his sword and everything.

    I think it would be great to add a few Final Fantasy worlds. I know that since they said that Squall, Aerith and Yuffie are from Radiant Garden, but they could retcon it, saying that they, for some reason, were banished from their home worlds. I would like to see levels based off of Corneria, the World of Balance, Midgar, and Ivalice.

    Of course, these would lead to having some Final Fantasy villains. A cool concept I would like to see is if all of these Final Fantasy villains joined forces with the Heartless, and you would have to fight Heartless versions of Chaos, Golbez, Kefka, Ultimecia and Barthandelus. Of couse, it wouldn’t make much sense fight Sephiroth, since he’s basically Cloud.

  23. Drace Says:

    Hello Perickles! :D
    First I have to say, you have some nice opinions and your article is very well written. Keep it up! ;)

    I have mostly the same feeling with the Disney worlds. I was so excited as i first saw the television trailer for KH1. (Wow, that must be ten years ago now. XD) The style of the Disney-worlds is so great and authentic to the movies. With so much allusions (like the “Drink Me”-Potions from Wonderland or Phil’s: “I’v got two words for you!” XD). I especially enjoyed the combination of the classical Disney-places and characters and the original “KH-Style”-elements. For example, the new clothes of Mickey, Donald and Goofy… or the idea of the Beast’s Castle-Ballroom possessed by a Heartless.

    What worlds to put in upcoming KH-Games? I thought alot about it and gathered some ideas:

    - 2815 A.D.
    I already thought of a small 358/2 Days Fan-fiction, in which Xion explores a desertet and devasteted city, with huge towers of garbage-cubes. There they meet the small lonesome robot Wall-E.^^ (Furthermore, Xion took in Eve’s part from the movie and accidently took Wall-E in the World that never was.) In a real game, Auto could be a boss or maybe a huge heartless-shadow of one of the garbage-towers or something. XD

    - Atlantis
    From the same-named movie, of course.^^ I guess, this world is most likely for the upcoming 3D-game. Enemys could be the Leviathan, one of these huge Atlantis-Guardians or a possessed “Heart of Atlantis”-Crystal. (The operative word is “heart” XD)

    -Treasure Planet
    I’m sure, there are some nice story-possibillities there, but I didn’t imagined anything yet. I could bet, it will be in 3D, too, because both have alot of speed in it. Maybe a kind of ghost of Captain Flint could be a boss… (And I would love to see Morph and B.E.N. in Kingdom Hearts.^^)

    - Nomalisa
    The world of “The Incredibles”. I bet Syndrome’s island would fit perfectly into Kingdom Hearts. It’s out of wild nature, but with hidden high-technological bases.

    - Monster’s Inc.
    Please don’t change Sora into a multi-headed guy with claws and horns here… He doesn’t have to change into a monster to fit in this world. Maybe he could be found by Sully and Mike and then just disguised like a monster, like they did with Buuh in the original movie.

    - Kauaʻi
    It’s the name of the hawaian island from “Lilo and Stitch”. Maybe it could be a devastated one, which was destroyed by Heartless – and that’s the reason for Stitchs appearance in Hollow Bastion in KH2. Otherwise it would be to “real” and to similiar to Destiny Island, I guess. (Btw: I really love the idea of Stitch becoming a regular member in a game, like Donald or Goofy in KH1 and 2. Maybe for a kind of Spin-Off, or something.^^)

    I have some problems with other well-known worlds from Disney and Pixar movies. Toy Story and Cars? Sora changed into an action figure or an Ferrari? I don’t know… that would be kind of too childish for my part. And Finding Nemo… I can imagine the story: “Defeat the dentist and find Nemo!”

    But I see some nice “cameos” for the characters and worlds, which not really fit in the game. The worlds from “Emperor’s New Groove” and “High School Musical” could act as some mini-games. Lightning McQueen from “Cars” would be an awesome summon, same with Woody and Buzz. And I think, in this manner, one could add characters like the American Dragon and Darkwing Duck, too. Why not incorporate some of the shows? And maybe Sora can meet Balthazar Blake from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in Radiant Garden.^^

    Why not?^^

  24. Stephyuchiha Says:

    i wanna se The Princess and the Frog i wanna see what its like to be in New Orleans as well as the bayou plus the witch doctor looks like he could be a fun boss fight. I also hope theres a lilo and stitch level. The Hawaiian islands not the spaceship. They could also do Atlantis and for a final fantasy cameo they should put the 13 cast.

  25. Henrique Beneri Says:

    Actually, since I’d played the first Kingdom Hearts game, I wanted so bad a “Lion King” world. When KH2 came out, I almost got seizures when I saw the “Pride Lands” world. So, if I would want a new world to play in the future KH games, I would like to see a “The Emperor’s New Groove” and a “The Princess and the Frog” world, because Dr. Facilier would be an awesome KH villain and boss.

  26. Henrique Beneri Says:

    And, of course, a real “Lilo & Stich” world. With Lilo and all her friends and the true storyline.

  27. purico Says:

    Pocahontas and Toy Story. nuff said.

  28. Age Says:

    The space world in BBS guaranteed Lilo & Stitch. The most important part was the Final Fantasy section of this post. This isn’t only Disney, come on, beside’s, if Disney’s worried about their “young gamers”, then they haven’t realized we’re big boys now. I see an urge to get FF more then ever in these games.

  29. Patrick Sagon Says:

    1. 101 Dalmatians (animated because I felt that Cruella DeVil needs an really good ass kicking)
    2. Robin Hood (a decent film that could be usable)
    3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame [(because it is just that epic) Already confirmed]
    4. The Great Mouse Detective (it could possibly work for a world)
    5. The Incredibles (I have nothing against other Pixar films but this one, Monster Inc., and A Bug’s Life, has a proper villain but I chose this one mostly because it has super heroes as well)
    6. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (underrated movie but it’s better than Atlantica)
    7. The Rescuers Down Under (see NC’s Top 11 Underrated Classics)
    8. A world based on Epic Mickey mostly to get Oswald green lighted some more

  30. Ian Manning Says:

    How about a world based on Dissidia: Final Fantasy?

  31. Ian Manning Says:

    I’d say the Homunculi have a good chance of appearing in Olympus Coliseum.

  32. CC-kun Says:

    A world based on Treasure Planet would be AWESOME! It would be pretty cool for them to dig it up after all these years.

  33. Arc Says:


    Monsters Inc., Tangled, Enchanted, and maybe Gargoyles (I know that one’s not a feature film franchise of Disney’s, but I’d still like to see a world based around it.

    As for FF characters that I think should pop up.

    I’d like to see some FFVI characters such as Locke, Celes, and Terra (who would probably have to be called by Tina, her Japanese name, because possible name confusion).

    Also, considering that Disney now owns Marvel, I wouldn’t particularly mind seeing Sora fight alongside Wolverine.

  34. LOdydBagel Says:

    I would definitely say I want to see some Robin Hood (Archer/Sniper anyone?), and the next FF charactr tht would be an awesome cameo in the Hercules world (if they bring it back) would be Mont Blanc from Tactics/XII. Because you guys could join his guild and battle escaped coliseum monsters or ‘special’ heartless/nobodies/unversed that are unique to the mark you are after (bounties and stuff like in Final Fantasy Xii). An updated Tron would be golden, I can just imagine Yuffie and Cid updating the old program and having a hostile Rinzler/Tron taken over by heartless viruses and having to use Quorra’s pure program heart to purify the Grid. I would enjoy an Incredibles world, because then Sora Donald and Goofy could have funny superhero costumes made by Edna Mode and take down Syndrome because he’s manufacturing heartless robots wanting to deploy them to worlds where he can front as a superhero and become loved XD

    so many ideas, I would also love to see a FF6 character, Traverse Town (pinoccio follow up?), James and the Giant Peach, Mighty Ducks(the animation; focused on the war on their home planet) or maybe even Dark Wing Duck??

  35. LOdydBagel Says:

    Oh snap what about Incredibles Marvel crossover?? ~_~ i thnk tht would be cool, lol

  36. PieGuy Says:

    treasure planet
    robin hood
    james and the giant peach
    dark wing duck
    chicken little
    monsters inc!!!!

  37. Bleu VII Says:

    Well, I think at this point we have to ask ourselves about both 3D and BBS v.2 Here are worlds that I think would be good in either:

    Kingdom Hearts 3D
    - Treasure Planet – but integrate it a bit more. Have Jim Hawkins and the crew show up early in the story, and then have them pop in and out as fellow world travelers, much like Captain Hook and Riku from KH1. Then, at the end, in the spot normally occupied by Neverland, make it treasure planet.
    - Either “Feivel” or “the Rescuers”, because nobody seems to remember how awesome they were.
    - Manhattan (Gargoyles) – because they seriously need this. Seriously. Either that, or make Goliath kind of like Beast from KH1, where he is in another world searching for Elisa.
    - St. Canard (Darkwing Duck) – They’ve already included Scrooge and Huey, Duey, and Louie extensively, so this one is not too far off. Imagine the interplay between Launchpad and Goofy, Donald and Goslin, and Sora and Darkwing.

    Birth By Sleep Volume 2
    The thing to remember here is that all of these worlds have fallen into darkness, and only exist in the Dark Realm. Therefore:
    - Not a world, but a character. Oswald NEEDS to be the reigning king.
    - Shibuya (the World Ends With You) – TWEWY and KH were developed by the same team, so they have more in common than KH and FF. I won’t give spoilers for TWEWY, but it would be a great thematic inclusion. Can you imagine having Neku and Aqua form a contract and fight together?
    - The World of Ruin (FFVI) – Because hey, it fits. A lot.
    - Enchanted Dominion, Dwarf Woodlands, and Castle of Dreams. Nuff said.
    - The Grid (Tron Legacy) – Again, thematically, it would fit perfectly with Aqua’s journey through the Dark Realm.

  38. Alyssa White Says:

    My friend and I were discussing this very subject not an hour ago and came up with a list of movies we’d love to see. At the top of my list: ‘The Sword and the Stone.’ I also agree that ‘Robin Hood’ would make an EXCELLENT world. A movie I thought of later was ‘The Black Cauldron.’ I feel like older movies would just make some wonderful and pivotal worlds. I was thinking the same thing as LOdydBagel too, with using ‘The Incredibles’ and having them get costumes from Edna! Surely that means it’s a great idea!

    I disagree on using ‘Cars’ or ‘Finding Nemo.’ The only logical theme I can think of for a ‘Cars’ world is turning Sora into a car and making us race, similar to Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2 where you just sing. It was a nice break from fighting, but the singing was a little annoying, and Sora as a car just seems kinda…stupid. I just can’t picture a car with Sora’s hair and thinking, “Hey, that’s a level I’d love to play!” And ‘Finding Nemo’ as a world would be too similar to Atlantica. You can’t really turn Sora into a mermaid, because they’re all fish. That’s a bit incongruous with the integrity of the movie, which the franchise does seem to keep to. And what would be the point of the level? Find Nemo? Defeat the evil dentist? I think good Kingdom Hearts worlds use strong and classic movies with a clear purpose, which almost always involves defeating a villain. Neither ‘Cars’ nor ‘Finding Nemo’ displays that quality that I think a good world needs. If they use a movie that has no villain, I think I’d rather see ‘The Aristocats.’ That would turn Sora into a cat and we’d have to go through some crazy maze or something. Or it could be a world with a purpose similar to The Hundred Acre Wood.

    As far as Final Fantasy characters go, I would love to see Zidane from FFIX. He’s so full of energy and life! Great comic relief. I’d also like to see a reappearance from Zack.

  39. Alyssa White Says:

    I absolutely LOVE your TWEWY idea!

  40. Shannaro1992 Says:

    I would really like to see Tangled get turned into a world. If Party members are to be a concern, well… it shouldn’t be! You got either Flynn (whose move set would be similar to Aladdin, Captain Jack, or Peter) OR Rapunzel (who can use her hair as a weapon to thrash around the Heartless/Nobodies and also to heal allies).

  41. Diechan2009 Says:

    Zidane (FF9) and Barret (FF7) plz?

    As for Disney worlds… Robin Hood and Treasure Planet for sure.

  42. Leonhart1996 Says:

    The Great Mouse Detective
    Treasure Planet
    Jungle Book

  43. Deadly_flowerx3 Says:

    Pink Apt. from Coraline the other mother in that spider web would be cool fight!

  44. Josh Feldman Says:

    They should bring back Port Royal in KH3. The world quests could be based on Pirates 2 & 3.

  45. Alexanderremland Says:

    Well, Kingdom Hearts 3D has confirmed that all their Disney worlds will be new, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame world has been confirmed. Personally, I would like to see Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Up, Toy Story, Jungle Book (maybe), Bambi, Dumbo (maybe), and Princess and the Frog, as well as multiple Final Fantasy worlds. It would be awesome to fight Sephiroth in Midgar, foil Kefka in the World of Ruin, and even run into Gilgamesh while he’s traversing the Interdimensional Rift.

  46. GreatKefka Says:

    That’s what I was thinking the second saga should be like. Great minds think alike!

  47. Bekah Says:

    What about Treasure Planet?!

  48. Ppmaq Says:


  49. Random Guy Says:

    How about a world based on Square Enix’s another game, The World Ends With You?

  50. Catherine Ray Says:

    There are so many worlds I would love to see based on:

    “Darkwing Duck”
    “The Princess and the Frog”
    “Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers” (Chip and Dale themselves did appear in the first Kingdom Hearts game, right?)
    “The Adventures of Gummi Bears”

  51. Ajmrowland Says:

    In coming up with new Disney worlds, I’d choose Monsters Inc over Toy Story. And pixar wants to keep their own *identity* anyway, and they wouldnt so easily fit with Disney. Port Royal was really a test for some new mechanics in water/facial animation/whatever.

    Also, there would be a huge time problem if they tried Tron: Legacy or Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Okay, while Tron was technically replicated from another system, Sora doesnt need to be twenty-four when he returns to Wonderland.. And The Queen’s Castle was not the entrypoint into Wonderland; the Rabbit Hole is..

    And the problem with Final Fantasy is it’s Final Fantasy. IF they chose to continue using it as a crutch and actually make world, they’d be very limited to 1-V, and XI-XIII cuz characters from the FFs that actually are in KH are all different from their FF counterparts with different histories and homes. So you can rule out midgar.

    Sorry for popping your bubble.

    I can agree with you on Enchanted Dominion. That world seemed so close to the movie, it was that well done and Eiyvand Earle’s backgrounds arent easy to replicate on a portable gaming platform. it’s my favorite of the Disney worlds.

  52. Ajmrowland Says:

    and Kingdom Hearts is a marriage of Square and Disney, not Final Fantasy and Disney. those are just mere cameos and something of a gimmick to reel in older players.

  53. Ajmrowland Says:

    Syndrome’s Island is called “Nomanisan”. get the in-joke?

    I’d love to see Atlantis and Treasure Planet and Monsters Inc. Somehow, Japan hates Lilo and wont want her in there and unless it’s in BBS2 or another prequel after the Xehanort Saga, she’s not going to be in.

  54. MARS8050 Says:

    Atlantis would be great with a unique world that should have more quests and missions to do there. Also, like how Clayton from Tarzan turned to the heartless, so would that admiral guy of the fleet that invades Atlantis. Also, Dinsoar would be great for movie-themed inspired heartless, except the forms appearances for Donald and Goofy, would be as confusing as when they had animal animal forms like in Pride Land or in Atlantica.

  55. MARS8050 Says:

    One good world would be Narnia. It’s perfect with the good and evil seen by the witch as another heartless leader along with the wardrobe containing the keyhole.

  56. Pokemonmaster8sff Says:

    Toy story, Robin Hood, definitely Treasure Planet, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Balto, American Dragon Jake Long, Atlantis, Monsters Inc., Incredibles, Lilo and stitch, Wall-E, Meet the Robinsons, Brother Bear, 101 Dalmations, Oliver and company, Bambi, Dumbo, Fox and the Hound, Lady and the Tramp, The aristocats, the emporers new groove, Lilo and stitch, Treasure Planet, Treasure Planet… I’m DYING for Treasure Planet!! I already thought it out; just like the movie, except Soda, Donald, and Goofy join in by the Gummi ship crashing at the beginning and Soda helping Jim carry Billy Bones to the Inn, then joining him on the whole movie, except some heartless. They could do it like Pride Lands as far as Heartless; Heartless scattered around, then the first boss could be Scroop, then later could be a ghost of Captain Flint. Soda could be a cabin boy alongside Jim; including the tussles with Scroop, buddying with Morph, and enduring B.E.N! I also would kill for a Robin Hood, Incredibles, and, well… all the other ones! How DARE you make me decide on a select bunch!! Hehehe… :) ) But mostly Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Robin Hood, the Incredibles, Finding nemo, and Meet the Robinsons!… I’m a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE FAN OF KINGDOM HEARTS! I’M DYING INSIDE BECAUSE I CAN’T AFFORD A 3DS!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAHHHAAAAAA! ;”((

  57. Tsuno Says:

    I would love to see a lady and the tramp world. Sora running around as a dog would be just awesome.

  58. Joshua Says:

    I agree with just about everything people are saying, but two movies I have not seen mentioned are Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Narnia. They would be great as worlds, think about the white witch as a villain or doing a mission in toon town, that would be very cool.

  59. thomasco2013 Says:

    Well, in the one of the games coding there was a model for Woody and Buzz as a summon but it ultimately got cut. Check out used stuff in the games.

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