TheSpeedGamer’s Kingdom Hearts Marathon (Check out the Last Few Hours!)

Hey everybody!

TheSpeedGamers are holding  a special 72 hour marathon in which they’ll be playing non-stop the Kingdom Hearts series!! If you haven’t heard about the TheSpeedGamers, they are a group of people that hold various types of gaming marathons through out the year to raise money for various charities and the action is stream directly on their website!

They have been streaming their marathons for over a year and raised over $240,000 and played 20 different gaming marathons. They have raised over $57,000 in a week long Mario marathon and have made news appearances for their cause as well!

The Kingdom Hearts marathon will be for the Best Friends Animal Society, in which their goal is to lower the amount of animals killed in shelters per year by providing homes for the animals by maintaining an easy network of which people can adopt them.

But that’s not all! TheSpeedGamers also offer contests during the stream in which its viewers can win a multitude of Kingdom Hearts prizes!

The marathon will take place on December 17 and will finish on December 20th.

For more information you can visit their website which you can click here.

Or you can watch their youtube message regarding this marathon:

We hope to see you there!