Timeless Characters in the Kingdom Hearts Universe

Let’s face it: we love every character in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Even if you don’t love them all, you know there’s something lovable about them. What exactly is it that makes these characters so timeless? Let’s take a literary look at some of the most prominent characters, both in-game and historically, to find out.


As one of the most conflicted and disturbed characters ever to ravage a countryside, at times we have no choice but to accept and sympathise with Sephiroth’s behavior. After all, being a test subject child born of pieces of an alien and thrust into the military with no knowledge of any of it makes for a disastrous combination. Way to go, Shinra. Way to go.

What’s left for a character like Sephiroth? Destroy the world that created him and start over, of course. And kill those who try to stop him. However, with full recognition of the darkness in Cloud’s heart, he’s priority one on the kill list, at least inasmuch as the duo’s involvement in KH2.

But where else can we see the fire in Sephiroth’s eyes? His following has lived on in many iterations, one of which is seen in the Kingdom Hearts games, but he is also reigning supreme in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, directed jointly by Takeshi Nozue and Tetsuya Nomura, who originally collaborated on work with the Kingdom Hearts games.

In the film, a deranged Kadaj fuses with JENOVA’s remains and becomes Sephiroth in full force, attempting to use sufferers of a widespread sickness to enact world domination. His “One Winged Angel” theme plays loudly and we get yet another installment of the Cloud v. Sephiroth endless battle.


Disney favorite Aladdin first appeared in the Disney film by the same name, originally released in 1992. Since then, his popularity among children and adults alike has been and continues to be immense. Aladdin is among the few Disney characters whose IP has seen two sequels, video game installments, and an Intercasino slot experience, apart from The Lion King.

But what is it about Aladdin that makes us all want more? It has to do with his strong morals and his rags-to-riches story. There is no one he sees as inferior, even when he comes up short in his wish to personify Prince Ali. With a good heart and an eye for adventure, he’s the perfect hero for the every day individual. His role in the Kingdom Hearts series is compelling, as his story among the many involves a strong sense of self and place in Agrabah.

These aren’t the only two timeless characters in the Kingdom Hearts universe, but they’re certainly among the best. While waiting for the release of Kingdom Hearts III, take a walk down memory lane in the game’s previous installments to see which of the characters you want to see reappear in the next iteration. Then, take a closer look at how their traits line up with those of Sora and the gang.