Top 3 Tips To Monetize Your Passion For Games

Monetizing your passion for games means you can finally start making some money doing something you enjoy doing a lot and all the time. Or it can have a strong relation to it, such as creating a gaming blog you can monetize easily, a YouTube channel, selling comic books, manga, or creating how-to guides and e-books offering advice on how to improve gaming skills. If you have never tried to do something like this before, but you feel your passion is consuming a lot of your money, time, and energy, it might be high time to start acting.

Having a passion for games is a general idea right now, when we are looking at thousands of games and dozens of game categories to choose from as we speak. Some like to play video games; others enjoy playing casino, poker, bingo, or lottery. And some are obsessed with sports and betting on sports. Whatever pool of passion you might be swimming in at the moment, one thing is sure; you can find clever ways of making money out of it. Below you will find a few of the most effective means of making money from your burning passion.

Tip #1: Join A Gaming Affiliate Program

  • Take a look at the biggest gaming providers in the world; most, if not all of them have developed more or less successful or popular affiliate marketing programs to help them grow their business while working directly with their clients.

  • An example of a successful affiliate program of a large gaming company is the Ladbrokes Partners program. Ladbrokes is a world-renown gaming and gambling service that has been around for many years; it started out as a two-man horse betting business in the UK and grew to be one of the leading gaming companies on the planet. Their sports betting, slotsm poker, table and card games, lottery, bingo, or casino web sites are some of the most frequently visited by millions of people on a yearly basis. This automatically means promoting them should not be as hard as with other less popular providers.

  • If you wish to learn more about Ladbrokes affiliation and its advantages, feel free to go visit their website and read all about the verticals (websites) you would like to promote.

  • You will be welcomed by a professional customer support team that will help you make the right calls, and teach you how to use their tools (banner, backlinks etc).

  • You will get to choose between their three types of commissions, plus their speial commission for has high commissions

  • Their revshare commission will earn you a share of the net revenue that will be generated over the lifetime of the players you willmanage to refer;

  • the CPA commission could earn you a unique payment for each new depositing player you will manage to refer;

  • the hybrid commission is a mix of the CPA and revshare commissions and it can be fully customized to match your exact needs and wants;

  • the sub-affiliate commission will earn you 2% of your sub-affiliates net gaming revenue every time they will refer new players.

Tip #2: Sell Sports Memorabilia

If you have gathered quite some memorabilia you are ready to get rid of, why not do it for nice money? Rare manga games, magazines, or gaming consoles can easily fetch thousands at auction.

Top #3: Create A Youtube Gaming Channel

There are many successful gaming channels on Youtube at the moment; if you feel prepared to play on camera and comment your every action and motion, maybe add some humor to your comments and remarks, this is another modern day solution of monetizing your passion for games.