Is KH: Dream Drop Distance Just Another Spin-off? (Two Games, One Destiny – Part 1)

Will KH: Dream Drop Distance be a worthy purchase for KH Fans?

For our weekly blog, Arcane, a member of the Kingdom Hearts fan community, gives his thoughts on the announcement of two additional Kingdom Hearts spin-offs. This week, he’ll give his thoughts on Dream Drop Distance. How did he feel about yet another side-game? Does he see potential in this spin-off? Could this game be similar to Chain of Memories? Read for yourself!

Initial Reaction to More Spin-Offs

Developers can be accused of a lot of things, such as being opportunistic moneymakers (which is true–it would be silly to be otherwise), but one thing that’s hard to pin on them is the lack of sense or lack of awareness. Developers often have as clear a view of the problems that are going on with their products and game lines as anyone else, if not better since they can access the stats for it. If a bunch of fans notice a shrinking demographic in who’re buying the games as the years go on, the company behind it was probably the first to make that discovery. If the principle reason people are leaving the game series is because of the length of time for its development, most companies will try and work on that (Duke Nukem Forever is a clear break of this concept).

Up until I started thinking along those lines, I was leaning on the side of those who thought that the announcement of Dream Drop Distance and Birth By Sleep Volume 2 was proof that Square Enix was punking the fans; despite the fact that I knew Nomura’s normal crew were still busy with other projects like Final Fantasy XIII Versus, I assumed that these two games were just there to milk more money out of the franchise. Then I had this little thought and realized that Square Enix, like any other corporation, is not without a long-term agenda here. If they got to the size they are now, they have to know something of what they’re doing. They probably could have pulled together a crew and gotten to work on Kingdom Hearts 3, or some other option. Instead, they offered the fans two more games while waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. I could sit on my laurels and assume the worst, but I think we’ll gain more from trying to see what developers and players alike will be getting from the next two games that make the wait worthwhile.

Triple the Ds, Triple the Disappointments

Now, I’ll be honest about 3D in general: it has always sounded like a gimmick to me. Not the game–I mean the technology. When the 3D movies made a comeback, I rolled my eyes. When they announced 3D gaming, I thought about how that would improve my gaming experience and came up with zilch (although now that I think about it, some moments in Alan Wake would have been tight in 3D). Having seen two movies in 3D has not changed my opinion. Game Informer‘s plethora of articles about the 3DS did little to curb my lack of enthusiasm.

Sure, another spin-off to a successful franchise would be lucrative to any business, but some fans are starting to get a little disgruntled.

So, as you can imagine, when the next game announced after Birth By Sleep was Dream Drop Distance, I got tired with Kingdom Hearts for the first time. Waiting for Birth By Sleep was made easy by a two year vow of gaming abstinence, but being told I’d have to wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 while they still managed to make the time to put out yet another gimmick-laden game was enough to make me to groan. Finding out that the story was supposed to be about the Mark Of Mastery exam did little to improve my mood on the subject, and finding out that the visuals were looking to be based off the original Kingdom Hearts did less. Comparing what we had on 3D to what Birth By Sleep presented just didn’t add up to anything new and the game seemed worthless. The same character design from the first Kingdom Hearts especially made me feel like the franchise was stuck in the mire. All in all, I had really, really low expectations of this game.

Triple the Development

So why was this an answer for the aftermath of Birth By Sleep? We can, of course, say that there was a deal between Square Enix and Nintendo to release a game that would help promote the 3DS–and there probably was–but that honestly doesn’t get us anywhere. It’s also worth noting that all those opinions were formed BEFORE the last trailer came out. And to be honest, that’s what started me thinking.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame finally appears in Kingdom Hearts, but it's in a spin-off! Do you think they'll do a "prequel" storyline a la Lilo & Stitch in Birth by Sleep?

First off, purely from a mechanical point of view, if the 3D works, it will be fantastic. Well, maybe not fantastic, but the gameplay’s parkour style, alongside the sense of depth created by the technology, will make the obscene jumps, slides, falls and other tricks of the game potentially breathtaking. The parkour by itself is an aspect of the game I’ve greatly desired since Kingdom Hearts 2 started showcasing some crazy defiance of physics with reaction commands, and, while it’s been confirmed that some aspects need some work to be intuitive to use, the idea of bouncing around whole areas is still something I’m psyched for, and I hope that they incorporate it into Kingdom Hearts 3 with the feedback from this game. I think that’s part of the reason they wanted to make this game: to try that aspect out so it can be perfected in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts 3, the announcement of Notre Dame as a new world indicates that this side-game is going back to side-game roots–as a preview for the future. Think about Chain of Memories: with that, we got a look at the villains and one of the new worlds, with hints about one of the major players, Roxas, and some of the themes and trials that were fated to come. 3D seems to be heading back in that direction, where many of the other side-games didn’t. We’ll be seeing new worlds, there are hints of seeing a new look for Sora and Riku, and we’re bound to get hints of how Xehanort is going to manifest to make his final move. While it doesn’t quite make up for Kingdom Hearts 3 being so late, I don’t recall people complaining about Chain of Memories as a preview either. At least the series is moving forward.

Dream Madness

Finally, there’s the dream element. Now, I’ll be honest: I don’t really want to meet characters from the new worlds yet. Given the sneak peek nature of it, the characters from the new worlds would normally only be in there if they explored the story, which is numbered Kingdom Hearts territory only. If Disney gives them authority to make new stories within the realm of the existing stories, I’d be okay with that, particularly if they could make an adequate prequel that incorporates the strong side of the dream element (I’m almost there). I doubt that Disney will give them the license to explore those options though, so I hope they don’t introduce the characters in 3D so that we can explore their stories more appropriately in Kingdom Hearts 3. But what will be a lot of fun if they do play with it is if they mix up worlds.

Could the dream aspect of 3D offer some new possibilities for overused worlds? Maybe a spliced version of Agrabah and Wonderland?

What madness is this? Well, think about it. Let’s say The Black Cauldron and Atlantis were put into this game. Take those two worlds, slice them up into parts, and throw them into a bag. Shake it, toss it, twirl it, pour it out, and rebuild the two into one world like legos. Can you imagine the world design results? It would be evocative, challenging, imaginative, and it would build on one of the basic ideas of the game series as a crossover. If they do incorporate characters, I wouldn’t mind revisiting some of the old worlds for both the idea of new designs and the idea of having Jack Skellington and Jack Sparrow in the same area. Now, as it stands, this probably won’t happen, but there’s still a point here: when the story is set in a dream, the means of exploration expand exponentially. Alliteration aside, I think that Square Enix will take advantage of that in ways beyond the plain old weird raining Sora phenomenon, and that aspect can lead to a different kind of story for Kingdom Hearts that could really be exciting.

Okay, so there’s some reasons the developers chose to go with 3D. There are a lot of things to play with and experiment with in terms of gameplay, storytelling and design. While I hold 3D’s contributions as a story element as highly questionable, the amount of things they could do with this experiment could lead to the game being even better than the normal games…Wow, did I just say that? Well, we’ll see.

Your Thoughts

Arcane – Are you disappointed about Dream Drop Distance coming before Kingdom Hearts 3? Do you think 3D could be similar to Chain of Memories as far as being a bridge between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3? What ideas do you think they could explore with the dream aspect of 3D? Give us your thoughts!

Also, remember to come back to see Arcane‘s thoughts on Birth By Sleep Volume 2!

70 Responses to “Is KH: Dream Drop Distance Just Another Spin-off? (Two Games, One Destiny – Part 1)”

  1. Guest Says:

    By definition I don’t think you can call Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance a spin off (as well as CoM). You can get away with calling Days a spin-off, and if you want to call Birth by Sleep one that could work… but not a game that is still featuring Sora as a main character.

    “In genre fiction, the term parallels the usage in television; it is usually meant to indicate a substantial change in narrative viewpoint and activity from that (previous) storyline based around the activities of the series’ principal protagonist(s) and so is a shift to that action and overall narrative thread of some other protagonist(s), which now becomes the central or main thread (storyline) of the new sub-series. The new protagonist generally appears first as a minor or supporting character in the main story line within a given milieu, and it is very common for the previous protagonist to have a supporting or cameo role, at the least as a historical mention, in the new sub-series.”

  2. Brooke Says:

    Dream Drop Distance is not a spin-off; it is an essential part of the plot as is Chain of Memories. KH: 3D serves the same purpose as COM did, as a bridge between KH2 and KH3.

  3. Kizumix Says:

    I am stoked! :)

  4. Ashlee Says:

    Thank goodness someone else can understand the Kingdom Hearts series clearly! I’m so tired of “fans” bitching about spin-off games that aren’t actually spin-offs.

  5. Arcane Says:

    Hey guys.

    I understand what you all are saying about the games not being spin-offs, and you’re perfectly right in that regard.

    However, I think of it like people talking about schizophrenia when they’re really talking about multiple personality disorder-we know the term is wrong, but we get what they are saying anyways, and it’s easier a lot of the time to just say the first. Same thing with the ‘spin-offs’. In the grand scheme, I think a majority of fans understands that each of the games has a place within the story’s chronology and serves to advance it in some way(Well, maybe not Coded), but at the same time, what do we say? Refer to them as unnumbered games? We know it’s wrong, but it’s just easier to call them spin-offs. You know what we’re saying anyways.

    I’m not saying we’re wholly justified, just that that’s the way this game’s fan-culture works. It’s not worse than any number of phrases we use in regular speech. Just saying.

  6. Irfansyahm Says:

    we’ll just see the gameplay trailer …. usually we said bad @ first time, but square always managed to wow us out with the gameplay system,graphics,and story

  7. Peter P Says:

    spin-offs just alienate the franchise for me
    all I want is full fledged game for a home console.. no another handheld crap (even tho some of them was not bad but I don’t like handheld gaming.. I want to play on my big telly)

  8. Cody Cameron Says:

    Not going to lie: If Kingdom Hearts 3 is not in development by the end of this year… I will lose all faith in Square Enix and will not buy another KH game until they do.

    I actually think we all should!
    It’s Tetsuya Numora’s fault for taking so damn long with FFVersusXIII which has been in development for 7 years and still nothing is really known about it!!!)

  9. Lala123143 Says:

    Yes, you are right, the only spin off I can tell is Re:coded because without it the story can go.. The only thing that isn’t spin off about re:coded was the secret ending >.<

  10. Brooke Says:

    Agreed. 358/2 Days can be considered a spin-off as it technically wasn’t *needed* but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it and I especially like Xion’s story. KH: Coded is an interesting idea but I honestly wish it would have just stayed on cellphones in Japan. Maybe, if anything, they could have put it in cell phone format in other languages but idk.. I haven’t finished it yet, but I can certainly say it’s my least favorite game of the series.

  11. Brooke Says:

    XD. Kingdom Hearts pretty much is my life; I cosplay Sora mainly and this year I’m going to be cosplaying: Namine, Xion and Aqua. And last year I cosplayed Roxas. And I used to write fanfics all the time before I started college this year but yeah, I’m a bigbigbig fan and I get really annoyed with the people who yell ‘spin-off!’ about everything ^_^; I mean, I want KH3 just as bad as you people but chill out.

    I especially want to punch people in the face that call Birth By Sleep a spin off as it’s pretty much tied with the original KH as my favorite game.

  12. Sophie Says:

    I usually don’t moan about this kinda stuff but I mean alomost 7 years (7!) and the plot has not progressed, I am starting to actually get fed up of all these prequels. If Kingdom Hearts 3D is as bad as coded then I will lose all faith in Kingdom Hearts :’(

  13. Jskellington Says:

    None of the Kingdom Hearts games have been spin offs. I have to say, I’m really tired of people thinking so. Each installment has its worth and none of them are entirely pointless. Yeah, some of them went back into the story line and didn’t really progress the overall arc. Who cares!? All of the games that went back into the story did so in order to fill in questionable plot points raised by the big titles such as KH and KH II, as well as to line new things up for upcoming games. If you’re one of those people who refuses to play all of the recent games expecting to hold off until KH III comes out, I will tell you know my friend: you’re gonna be royally confused when it does. Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, Re:Coded, and now Birth by Sleep Volume 2 and Dream, Drop, Distance are all vital to the plot in a way bigger than we’re meant to understand at this point. Personally, I’d rather there be all of these filler games than have nothing for years at a time while Nomura and his team worked on KH III.

    On another note, I feel you’re horribly misusing the term “spin-off” here. There are no Kingdom Hearts spin-offs. Period. The only one that could be considered a “spin-off” is 358/2 Days because it’s not Sora’s story, but even that’s a stretch since ultimately (spoiler alert) Roxas IS Sora. Just saying.

  14. Lupinpatronus Says:

    World mixing? Cool idea, but unfortunately it’s never gonna happen. Disney has a strict policy with the series of not letting the characters and movies be jumbled together (one of the reasons the “boundaries” and “rules” of each world were established). A fun idea, though!

    Personally, I’m not so much disappointed that we’re getting another “spin-off,” “sequel,” whatever one wishes to call it.. I’m just disapointed that it’s on the 3DS. I’m sure that Square clearly has some kind of business deal to distribute all of these games on various platforms to help boost sales, but there are no other games on all of these that I want to play. I wish the series could’ve just stayed on the main PlayStation consoles.

    The biggest bummer that results from this, for me (and as addressed in the article) is that all of the Disney worlds will be brand new and I won’t get to see them! I hope, as suggested in the article, that the worlds will play similar to what the first Kingdom Hearts did with “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and use a sort of “prequel” story that isn’t directly tied to the movie so that they can make reappearances in Kingdom Hearts III – although with all new worlds, I doubt they could get away with that for every one of them. :(

  15. Debenz Says:

    Nomura said why COM wasn’t a main title game was because Sora wasn’t the main character, it was Riku as well, plus it wasn’t on a console. Nomura also said that BBS can be considered as KH0, so it’s a main title game, which is obvious, and the 0 represents before Sora’s, the true hero’s story, hence it being called KH1, and so on.

  16. Thea Larson Says:

    If this is a bridge, I agree that we’ve had too many bridges lately.

    But really, the only true waste I’ve seen is Re:coded. Birth By Sleep I don’t think I can consider as a side title – there were too many story details, too many new worlds, and overall too much to say that in the grand scheme of things, that game didn’t really matter. I think we need to get away from the concept of “numbered titles” and “side titles” and look at the overall impact of the games. That would make BBS, KH1,CoM, KH2, and perhaps the upcoming 3D as the series’ only true main titles, while 358/2 Days and Re:coded are the side titles that could be left to the wayside. Most people do consider CoM as a side title because of its scrappy mechanic (the card system), but from a purely story point of view, it offers a lot. It introduces the Organization and Nobodies, it offers the idea of lost memories that persists to 2, and it provides a nice in-story explanation for why Sora had to start his journey at level X again. I say level X because unless you really sucked at playing as Roxas, you weren’t likely to start at level 1 with Sora.

    Don’t get me wrong, I liked all of the games. Days was a nice narrative story about Roxas, and I can’t be the only one who thought it was a nice fleshing out of an underused character. But as far as the overall story was concerned? Come the next main title, we might not even need to know that Roxas ate way too much ice cream for a kid with his figure. And Re:coded? Out of all the side titles, it was the one that felt the most true to the series. I liked the deck commands, I liked the excitement, and I loved the platforming of the system areas. But really, as a whole, all of the story scenes could have been part of a cutscene of the next main title, whether it’s 3D or the ever-elusive 3. Heck, they’ve already done that with the trailer for 3D!

    So, that’s my two cents. The Tales series went with the idea of “Mothership Titles” and “Escort Titles” for its series, since the Tales series as a whole rarely has numbered sequels. Perhaps we can use the same idea for KH. I think the way it’s going right now.

  17. KHdude45678 Says:

    I am a bit dissapionted with sora wearing the same clothes since KH1, and the diologe in KH Com, Bbs, and coded really is getting me less in to the series. But if they learn to change that ill be good. I think its because they’re rushing the games. Kh2 took like 2-3 years to come out, then there was 358/2 days after that, and then a year later came bbs with horrible diologe and voice actors, then coded a few months with same diologe, and now bbs v2 and 3D. they need to put more realistic diologe into the game. Like in kh1 and 2.

  18. Turtle Says:

    I’m not really worried one way or another, as long as the streak of excellent gameplay established in Days continues here.

    Now, if Birth by Sleep, Vol. 2 is on the NGP, THEN I’ll be worried. If it’s on the NGP, someone is going to pay.

  19. Iggy van Hoof Says:

    Well, I didn’t pay 250 bucks for nothing, so I’ll have to get this game :P Personally, I think this game has some great aspects, such as the 3D, which is really good on the 3DS. But I won’t judge this book by its cover. I really liked days and CoM, and R:C was okay (and loved BbS, 1&2), so this might be a fine game.

  20. Ian Manning Says:

    Frankly, Dream Drop Distance isn’t a spin-off, it’s like Chain of Memories and Birth By Sleep, it’s the next chapter of the story. The real spin-offs are the side stories that don’t involve Sora at all, stories like 358/2 Days and Coded, those are the real spin-offs.

  21. DavisJay Harris Says:

    I know lots of you guys want Kingdom Hearts 3, but think about it. The more games that come before Kingdom Hearts 3, the better the battle system. Dream Drop Distance is awsome right now, but wait till’ you see KH3!

  22. Master Alviss Says:

    THis might be another breakthrough(other than bbs) in the KH world.Yen sid could tell sora and riku something about the keyblade war or somin like that.

  23. Ashlee Says:

    “…but not a game that is still featuring Sora as a main character,” does not mean Sora is the only main character. You miss read what I stated. Main title or not doesn’t equal a spin-off. There are smaller games that bridge other games within the KH series.

    I already understood all of this about the BBS game. I was only mentioning how I can see where people might call it a spin-off, seeing as the story isn’t fully about Sora. I would argue in turn that it isn’t a spin-off, because it was setting up Sora’s story and the whole reason it existed was for Sora.

  24. Ashlee Says:

    Exactly! Thank you!

  25. Debenz Says:

    I didn’t misread your comment. I knew what you were saying. I was responding to what you said about BBS, and I had to give facts to represent what I said.

  26. Kamen Fattorusso Says:

    That and, you know, the main ending. It kind of leads directly into Dream Drop Distance and explains the contents of Mickey’s letter and all that stuff.

  27. Andrew Stander Says:

    It is more of a bridge game. I believe that they will have an original world like Traverse Town and Twilight Town if they do incorporate giving us a hint as to what is to come.

  28. Nl_band_geek_08 Says:


    I don’t even know what I think of all the “unnumbereds” (since “spin-offs” apparently sets people ablaze around here). For the most part, I’ve enjoyed their storylines and mechanics (BIG exception for CoM here), but the fact that I played through KH2 when I was a sophomore in high school and I am now almost done with my junior year of college is really beginning to grate on my nerves.

    Yeah, there is a lot of information in these games if you except Re:Coded, but couldn’t these games have been made after 3 as clarification? I understand that if Terra, Aqua and Ven are to be main characters then BBS would be needed before 3, but the others only clear up mysteries that we haven’t really discovered yet. 358/2, BBSv2, and 3D could easily have been introduced post-KH3 and drawn fans back for more of what they love. I love me some Nomura and all, but the train really needs to get rolling on FFVersusVIII or something so he can get KH3 cranked out. Seven years is a really long time with very little news. :/

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t imagine it will be. Though then again if it is then people will most likely be looking for a KH on the xbox, now that will annoy me. But I really hope that BbS Volume 2 isn’t on the NGP too. *fingers crossed*

  30. Brooke Says:

    Veryveryvery true. I never thought about the people that literally refuse to play the handheld games. I guess I never thought of that cuz in the end that just means they really don’t care that much about Kingdom Hearts; it’s just a game to them. But I know for me and for a lot of other people, KH & it’s story is really dear to us.

  31. Brooke Says:

    I wouldn’t really be suprised if it’s on the NGP… I don’t want it to be cuz I, like you, don’t want to buy yet another game console but the PSP is at the end of it’s lifespan. Since KH3D takes the 3DS & I’m not completely sure of the 3DS’s full power, I don’t know if it could handle BBS vol 2. If it can, cool, but I have a strong feeling that it won’t be on the 3DS.

  32. Ashlee Says:

    Why would you do it if you know it’s the wrong terminology? If you are going to write an article, even in a gaming community, why not hold yourself responsible to use the correct terms while you are representing a website by your writing?

    “…just that that’s the way this game’s fan-culture works,” guess that’s your opinion, most of the fans I interact with don’t use this way of thinking.

  33. Ashlee Says:

    lol then I apologize, I was confused because I didn’t list my personal opinions of what I consider BBS. I agree with your points completely. :3

  34. Ashlee Says:

    :’D power to the female characters! I understand, I used to cosplay Roxas, Sora and Axel before I got too hung up in college, but I’m still a huuuge fan-artist of the series. I just couldn’t agree with you more xD

    I get where people can make the mistake with BBS and Days, but I still do not believe there are any “spin-offs” as these “fans” call them. Nomura stated that all of these games are for and continue Sora’s story – thus, if they are about him and he is their point of origin I don’t see how people who have really played the games could call them “spin-offs.”

    I can’t wait to see BBS2 and KH3D :’D and then KH3 of course. Just, I’m happy for Nomura wanting to continue the story. pff.

  35. Debenz Says:

    lol It’s cool.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    dont fall for nomura’s trick

  37. Grace Says:

    I KNOW! it’s been so long that i finally caught up to sora’s age in kh2.

  38. Pie Says:

    It won’t work right if KH3 is released right now.
    Isn’t KH3 the end of the Xehanort Saga? (Or will that be 5 years after KH3, giving KH4)

    All these other games, which are actually useful, not spinoffs, give peices and tie a connection with the rest of the series.

    Like other people said, this is a bridge game. If this came after, who knows how confused we’d be for KH3?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    you all are being such suckers here… :<

    hes just milking the franchise

  40. Xxmoonangelxx Says:

    honestly, if it adds to the story then im good with dream drop distance. but im a little tired of waiting for KHIII. its been too long of a wait. :/ sometimes i think that there stalling us from KHIII because they cant make a good story for it. if they keep these “side” stories up, then they might as well not even bother with KHIII, just put everything into another side story.

  41. Jackie Says:

    You’re making a big assumption that when someone doesn’t play a handheld Kingdom Hearts equals a refusal to play Kingdom Hearts on a handheld. Note the distinction of that sentence please. Including 3D, there will be a KH on every single handheld. 3D is $250US right now, and a PSP is still about $150, so it’s very reasonable to try to balance one’s wallet with one’s considerations of how essential any non-numbered Kingdom Hearts is. KH is very dear to all who calls themselves fans, but it’s rash and financially draining to justify needing to own and play every single game.

    It’s also reasonable for fans to critique what they think about a long-time series (cue Final Fantasy) that they’ve been following. We’re fans, not sheep, we don’t have to love everything Square Enix throws at us, Kingdom Hearts or not. And we certainly don’t have to play every KH title to be a fan.

  42. Jackie Says:

    This article isn’t a discussion of whether 3D is a spin-off or not, you guys. That’s not the most relevant point so I don’t know why people are dwelling so much on that matter. The word “spin-off” was only mentioned about 2 times in this article (both times as headings but not part of the text) and it’s certainly not the take-home message that I got from reading it. I’m amazed that nobody’s talking about the gameplay possibilities that has been the focus of this article.

    The author’s suggestion of cross-over worlds is very refreshing and could be a new feel for KH. The use of “dreams” as a theme would open up these possibilities (barring Disney’s squeemishness of using their characters/worlds more freely). It’s fun to think about Disney characters like Jack Skellington dropping in on Traverse Town or being mixed up with other Disney characters. What lively interactions that could make!

  43. Guest Says:

    The Creater said kh ddd is not a spin off its a main game

  44. Guest Says:

    It is known that the game is the next major release in the Kingdom Hearts series, and it will feature both Sora and Riku as playable characters, although using their Kingdom Hearts designs. Utilizing the 3DS’s high-spec graphics processing, the game will have graphics that are near on-par with those of the PS2 titles, as well as making use of the system’s 3D technology such as “falling from high places” and “flying far distances”. The development team is currently selecting worlds, planning to use all-new Disney worlds, along with Traverse Town and other original worlds, one of which has been revealed to be based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame (although the world itself is featured in the non-canonical The Sceptre and the Kingdom). Nomura has stated that, with the parallel development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, he will make sure to retain any game elements that can’t be put in Final Fantasy Versus XIII for use in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Nomura has also stated that the transition between playing as Sora and playing as Riku will be forced upon and sudden, and can occur while simply walking around. The game also has the keyword of “drop”, as in something falling. As well, the 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS will be used more for “going into the screen” rather than things popping out.

  45. Jackie Says:

    I’m starting to see comments about abandoning the franchise until we see the next numbered title! Shall we have an online riot?

    Nomura’s approach in this series deviates from what’s usually done for other long-standing series like Tales or FF. Instead of taking 5+ years to forge one very good numbered title, he’s splitting up the time to hammer out these smaller handheld titles. Yet, it’s not as if he’s working on KH3 at the same time so really, the more side titles are released, the more delayed KH3′s production becomes.

    “Fleshing out the story” is hardly a reasonable justification at this point. KH is starting to be very fragmented and with each title, more plot twists and danglers are left open without resolution. If Nomura wants the story to be understood better, fine. Give us a title like FFXIII that spends a lot of time explaining the backdrop. It may take 5+ years to develop, but I’d rather let him be dedicated to that rather than being distracted by side titles whose stories can be otherwise incorporated into a main title anyways. It’s a benefit to centralize your efforts rather than have me jump through hoops and consoles to snap up bits and pieces of plotline.

  46. Ronldbx6 Says:

    I don’t call these spin-offs, unlike most people. I just think that we are all frustrated from the absence of Kingdom Hearts 3. Though, we should be thankful that they didn’t leave us out in water and that instead, they gave us a little more to the plot to ease the wait.

  47. Snackless Says:

    I can see days being filler but BBS is definitely relevant. I mean how else would you be able to explain the existence and appearance of Roxas? They had this planned from the moment they finalized the character of Roxas. I saw Days as more of a slice of life kinda action game. It could have been a good anime…

  48. Snackless Says:

    I totally agree. People forget that KH1 was meant to be a one shot deal but when the green light went on for a sequel an intricate plot had to be made. I love Kingdom Hearts so much T^T

  49. Snackless Says:

    You know a part time job can get you 900 dollars in a month easy and tht would pretty much cover all of the consoles and games to catch up (if one isnt picky about used items and hunting online for good prices). AND there are alot of people who shun the non-numbered games and regard the story pointless when they can easily look up a youtube vid of a playthru and look up cutscenes, if they’re that financially in trouble. People aren’t psychic so the only way someone will know if you’ve played the KH games or not is if you’re bringing it up that you have or not OR if you’re complaining and saying you won’t play the handheld; people are directing their hate towards the latter not the former

    Other than that, people dont “follow” Final Fantasy; there are many fans who havn’t played all of the numbered games simply because each new installment is a new game entirely and does not require a story follow-up unless you’re a hardcore ff 3/7/10/13/Ivalice fan.

    for me I hold off on getting anything because I’ve been holding onto my old psp and the ds i got as a gift and an old ps2. When KH3d and KH3 come out i’ll be patient enough to save up my money and get the consoles for their respective games as well.

  50. Sam Says:

    I have Oblivion tattooed on my left forearm lol XD

  51. Ashlee Says:

    After reading the title, it infuses the idea of focus on KH3D on being a spin off. It sets a reader up into thinking about it first and then reading the rest while seeing the author referring to this game and others as spin-offs. It’s as annoying as trying to read an article that misspells words or just uses the wrong terms within its context. Kinda of like… someone writes an article about pokemon but two or three times they refer to the monster characters as digimon… then justifies it because oh, who cares? They are all monsters! People understood what I meant even if it was wrong. (This last example is directly spurred from what the author replied with).

  52. Ashlee Says:

    In a capitalistic society of course he is trying to make as much money off his product as he can – HOWEVER, as an artist I do believe Nomura has some integrity and is furthering the story because there is a story he has made up to be told. It’s dumb to think he along with SquareEnix and Disney are not aiming to make as much money as they can! It’s how capitalists work. Knowing this I don’t care because I enjoy the products like so many other fans and we want to see more. We are willing to play the bridge games because we still find all of Kingdom Hearts fun and are willing to wait for KH3.

  53. Arcane Says:

    Well, as Jackie pointed out somewhere above here, it actually was never my word. The editing process resulted in it being thrown in. But more importantly, I just don’t think getting up in arms about the game’s categorization is really the important point in this affair. If you all know I’m not referencing a main story piece, like Birth By Sleep or KH3, then an inaccurate word gets the job done-not as well, but it’s still done. Considering I don’t even use the word in what I wrote, you can imagine why I’d be irritated that very few people are talking about anything but.

  54. Ashlee Says:

    :/ Who was the one giving titles to this stuff? And did you write, “Sure, another spin-off to a successful franchise would be lucrative to any business, but some fans are starting to get a little disgruntled,” in a caption? If you could point out whoever did that, I will gladly apologize to you for not focusing more on your points rather than the terms used here. Personally, it’s hard for me to take an article seriously if it is using wrong terms within its context, probably the same issue for others who have read this. Just because KH3D isn’t a numbered title doesn’t mean it’s not an important piece of the KH series.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    hes no artist and hes no storyteller

    hes just a lucky bastard and you all are such saps for believing hes an artist and great storyteller

    thats exactly what he wants you to think – while he is counting his money

  56. Ashlee Says:

    Same could be said for so many celebrities. However, this doesn’t change the fact people do see him as an artist and story teller, regardless of your opinion.

    Again… capitalistic society, duh. Businesses do want to make money.

  57. Arcane Says:

    1)Again, I find the distinctions silliness. It’s too small a point to completely ignore the piece.
    2)Certain titles are mine, such as “Two Games, One Destiny”, “Triple the D’s, Triple the Disappointment”(Well, okay, the second half is mine) and “Triple the Development” All captions for pictures and other titles belong to my editors….
    3)…who I happen to like. I don’t think they deserve the amount of crap you guys are throwing over a little word choice, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t name anyone particular-they’re already wincing at this enough without getting focused. But again, it comes up maybe three times people.

    The fact, again, is this: IT’S ONE BAD WORD CHOICE. I understand the group thinks it’s the wrong word to use, and yes, All of us at KH Ultimania understand the value of each game(Except Coded for me) in the KH Chronology. But it doesn’t warrant 50 comments on the subject. If you want to rail that I don’t see a good story contribution from this game, that’s one thing, and very similar to what you all are saying. But going on about one word choice isn’t stoic defense of a treasured franchise. It’s nucking futs.

  58. Arcane Says:

    I’m repeating something I said below for the benefit of the entire crowd(for more conetext, go down and see the convo between me and Ashlee):

    The fact, again, is this: IT’S ONE BAD WORD CHOICE. I understand the group thinks it’s the wrong word to use, and yes, All of us at KH Ultimania understand the value of each game(Except Coded for me) in the KH Chronology. But it doesn’t warrant 50 comments on the subject. If you want to rail that I don’t see a good story contribution from this game, that’s one thing, and very similar to what you all are saying. But going on about one word choice isn’t stoic defense of a treasured franchise. It’s nucking futs.

  59. Fabio Luis23 Says:

    Nomura said that he was thinking in new outfits for Sora and Riku. They are only using the original ones because it’s a demo.

  60. Alex Says:

    i understand wat you are saying about the games but just having apart time job doesnt mean you have tons of money. i have a part time job and im in school full time and im paying for my car and wat not.

    besides the point. i think the only games that werent that needed was Days. I liked it i played it but as far as story goes not the best. and i agree with everyone saying the BBS is a part of the series and not a spin of. the only real spin off i see is Days.I have to say i liked re:coded the pest out of the 2 i have 40+ hours into it. i cant wait for the next games. 3D and BBSv2. i hope they can really live up to the last ones.

    And brooke seems pretty cool ;)

  61. Jackie Says:

    Right. “After reading the title” is what you said. I decided to read the whole article again to weigh how substantial your claim was. I mean what I said earlier, the apparently taboo word showed up no more than 3 times: twice in titles, once in introducing the blog (but not introducing the topic). This means that the word was not used at all in the context of the article. In fact, it becomes clear very quickly into the second paragraph that in no way is the intention of the article to debate whether another game is warranted or not. So in terms of you seeing the term repeatedly? Yes, that’s true but not if you were reading past the title. Of course, at this point I can assume what you will assert next-probably pertaining to how the title threw people off anyways. But it’s one thing to be thrown off, it’s another to be one of the first posters and exclaim:

    “I’m so tired of “fans” bitching about spin-off games that aren’t actually spin-offs.”

    …and throwing 40 other people off. In that one sentence alone, you’ve also made the big assumption that: 1. The author is “bitching”. 2. Bitchers aren’t fans. 3. Fans have no place to make constructive criticism. 4. It’s really important to talk about “spin-offs” in this particular thread.

    I am not disagreeing with your views about spin-offs in general and the usage of the term-I appreciate your consistency in how you talked about them, actually. It’d be great taking that to the forums as a debate. What I do take issue with though, Ashlee, is how you’re rebutting people and coming back to speaking off-topic again and again. It’s getting hung up on a technicality. It’s putting a hot-button topic into a thread where it doesn’t belong. When no new perspectives are being offered, such talk become tiring and defensive. And it never had to end up that way but you certainly put some effort for it becoming so, intentional or not.

    I feel that it’s important to respect the people who put so much effort into putting structured thoughts on a page-it’s not easy to do. I do believe in commenting etiquette and although there have been a share of people saying silly things in the past, it’s easy to dismiss them but not so much when a comment is more veiled and seemingly relevant. Open mindedness is a valuable asset and this is the internet, so you may find that not everyone will easily excuse breaches of that. I’m sure that conversations become much more enjoyable for the populace if everyone keeps that in perspective.

  62. Ashley Says:

    You know… I had a really long reply to give you before I just stopped and deleted it because honestly it’d be pointless. You obviously don’t think my complaints against what apparently were editor’s choices are relevant, so big whoop. I could rant on and on and on about it but you would just sit there and throw around things like, “Of course, at this point I can assume what you will assert next-probably pertaining to how the title threw people off anyways.”

  63. Ashley Says:

    Hmm… even while making my complaints at least I wasn’t going around calling people that thought these games were spin offs or that had different opinions than myself “nucking futs,” as you would put it.

    I’ll still apologize that I made the assumption that you created the tittles that I dislike so very much, as well as the captions. It was wrong for me to assume, however my opinion still stands strong against them.

  64. Aethelbert Says:

    The only game that I see as a spin-off is Re:Coded, and maybe 358/2 days

  65. Harry Ide12 Says:

    I also think this is a link game (just as KH:COM) however what I think is that in this game, Sora will regain memory of what happened in Com (remember he has no idea what happened in Castle Oblivion.)

  66. Ahkin Mooi Says:

    To b honest the technology being employd in dream drop distance does have its appeal and would definitely super charge the game’s popularity however to use kingdom hearts 1 Sora and Riku designs will be a major let down. If the goal is to link Kingdom Hearts 2 to 3 then a new direction has to used.

  67. Zak Higgins Says:

    I agree that KH 3D is going to be like CoM, where in it is important to the series..not like 358/2 days and re:coded..seriously those were never needed. Plus another game I can play as Riku…total win

  68. canvas prints Says:

    It seems like it could be a spin off game butt they are not doing too much harm are they?

  69. canvas prints Says:

    It seems like it could be a spin off game butt they are not doing too much harm are they?

  70. Ichigo Says:

    Well.. Dream Drop Distance is about Sora and Riku becoming Keyblade masters. So it’s kinda important lolol

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