Where the Hell is Kingdom Hearts 3? (Song)

Do you ever wonder why, after waiting for so long, Square Enix hasn’t at least CONFIRMED that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be developed and released to the world someday? If you share this geeky frustration, like we do, then we have a fun song for you.

Where the Hell is Kingdom Hearts 3‘ is written by Declan Doherty-Ramsay, KHU Forum Moderator. Currently, he is currently fundraising for a trip across the UK to help him find his biological father.
Please note that this song does contain the occasional swear-word, but it’s all in good fun.

Tell us your Kingdom Hearts 3 Frustrations & Wishes

Feeling down by the lack of Kingdom Hearts 3 in your gaming collection? Please feel to leave a comment to express your disappointment, or hope that we may finally see KH3 revealed at TGS 2011 – afterall, we’ve only been waiting 5 years for an annoucement.

P.S. You’ll get a kick out of this song if you were disappointed by the lack of KH goodness at E3 2011!

19 Responses to “Where the Hell is Kingdom Hearts 3? (Song)”

  1. Rodney A Banks Says:

    Love the song! Its both funny and true! Square needs to listen to this and reply with a certain long awaited game!

  2. Hor'Yu Says:

    I won’t watch this video, because the text above it already frustrates me. Nomura and Square Enix *have* confirmed, that KH3 will come. I remember reading an official Interview with Nomura, where he states, that the end of 3D will lead fairly directly into KH3.

    I don’t know why the “fans” have to damn Square Enix all the time. (You know: “Numora must die” and such sayings) This company gives us some of the greatest games ever, and what’s our thanks? Don’t you think, Nomura would want to release some material about future games on the E3 more than anyone of us? Nooo, of course! He is a rich, money-grubbing and callous devil, who wanted to laugh about all of us. *eyeroll* Get real.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think thats a fair point. I apologise if the intro statement seems a little misleading. I think most fans know that a Kingdom Hearts 3 will EVENTUALLY hit shelves one day.

    What this video and post aims to do is poke a little fun at the fact that the majority of Kingdom Hearts fans would just like to see an end to spin-off games and an honest statement of ‘Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t in development right now, but it will be, and you can expect to see it within X amount of time”

    - Pete

  4. Hor'Yu Says:

    Thx, good to read that! ;)
    It’s not that I have anything against fan humor or critique. But I’ve seen alot of *very* unfair comments against Square Enix and Nomura, and I just can’t agree with them. A fan does not have to be fanatic, but a bit fairness shouldn’t be too much too ask for, right?
    Good to know, that I have reached someone’s mind. :)

  5. Mochiusagi Says:

    I know what you mean. It just ticks me off when people say: Numora must die” and such, since without Numora, there’s no KH game, so the untimely death of Numora will not serve any purpose at all.

  6. Matt Says:

    Well, it is also with Nomura there will be no more Final Fantasy games, any games that were in development that he worked on will be either be canceled or extremely delayed and of course no more Kingdom Hearts. Then people are going to bitch (Excuse my language) even more that games like KH III will never be released and that Nomura should have worked on that instead of bringing out all these annoying KH spin-offs and FF games. Then again, the whiners will go into hiding because then they will be targeted by Nomura supporters with hate because they wished Nomura would die.

    In the end, people need to grow the hell up and start acting mature. KH III will come out so stop whining like a bunch of little spoiled brats that always want things your way.

  7. SeptemberTheObserver Says:


    At this point, I have given up hope in our fanbase…

  8. Yamil Lopez Says:

    “but a bit fairness shouldn’t be too much too ask for, right?” That is what we ask too of them.

  9. Hor'Yu Says:

    Well, I’m still “fighting”.^^

  10. Architectheroes Says:

    Awesome song! I’m getting tired of people “hoping” to see KH3 at the TGS this September though. Nomura still has KH3D and BBSvol2 on the table to dish out. Combine that with FFvs13 in the workshop, and I think we would be EXTREMELY LUCKY to just get a logo for KH3 at TGS.

  11. Linda Says:

    That was quite enjoyable! Clever song. And as I’m reading the previous comments, I also agree that people should NOT be saying “Nomura must die” and such, because ya, without him, there is no Kingdom Hearts… or Final Fantasy for that matter. Although I am really, REALLY frustrated that no new news has come up about KH3, I believe that if it is taking this long, Nomura must be cooking up an awesome and phenomenal game, one that will surpass all of the other KH games… which I think will be worth the wait. He’s got a lot to work on, we should cut him some slack. :)

  12. Master Alviss Says:

    I agree with Hor’Yu, but still they should have at least have a kh III song or game cover or what ever. Sometime ago they even posted here (the old KH ultimania), that it would be released to the US in late 2011 or 2011-2012. But yhey haven’t even finished the game cover.
       It is REALLY getting on my nerves…        

  13. Hor'Yu Says:

    What are you expecting? The design of covers and other promotional things are the very last step in the production of a video game, I guess. Who should be bothering about a cover of a future game whose story is still in development in Nomura’s mind?

    For my part, I’m much more excited about 3D and BBS-Vol.2 right now!^^

    BTW: Is it true that the Comic-Con is starting next month? Couldn’t first informations about 3D be revealed there?

  14. F@ck u Says:

    Fuck off. I wrote that “Nomura must die” comment and you can go fuck yourself and then die cause nobody wants to read your shit.


  15. Snoggle News Says:

    lol this is sweet. kingdom hearts all the way. snoggle 4 lyfe

  16. Hor'Yu Says:

    Oooh, you’re the choleric I’ve seen there. XD

    Well, with THAT overwhelming argumentation of yours… *eyeroll*

    Actually it seems like alot of people have read my “shit”.^^ Even some of the Admins are agreeing. (Thx again, guys!) I enter that as a win this time. ;)

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I’m really upset that so many people who claim to be KH “fans” only want one thing and that is KH III, a lot of them won’t even try the games like Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days and Re:coded and always claim that Chain of Memories is a spin-off when it’s clearly not. In fact I actually prefer BbS over the original KH.

    I’m very much like you where I have given up hope as well. All these “Nomura haters” and “Square Enix bashers” need to lay off, they have separate development teams working on the games….

    Some of this was pointless but whatever, I will continue to follow the Kingdom Hearts franchise until I can :D

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for countering Mr/ms. Choleric there-and you did it without resorting to underhanded speech! *applause*

    There is no tolerance for direct insults on KHU and those types of comments will swiftly be dealt with.

  19. Hor'Yu Says:

    Awesome! Thank you! ;D

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