Where the Hell is Kingdom Hearts 3? (Song)

Do you ever wonder why, after waiting for so long, Square Enix hasn’t at least CONFIRMED that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be developed and released to the world someday? If you share this geeky frustration, like we do, then we have a fun song for you.

Where the Hell is Kingdom Hearts 3‘ is written by Declan Doherty-Ramsay, KHU Forum Moderator. Currently, he is currently fundraising for a trip across the UK to help him find his biological father.
Please note that this song does contain the occasional swear-word, but it’s all in good fun.

Tell us your Kingdom Hearts 3 Frustrations & Wishes

Feeling down by the lack of Kingdom Hearts 3 in your gaming collection? Please feel to leave a comment to express your disappointment, or hope that we may finally see KH3 revealed at TGS 2011 – afterall, we’ve only been waiting 5 years for an annoucement.

P.S. You’ll get a kick out of this song if you were disappointed by the lack of KH goodness at E3 2011!