Your Top 6 Favorite Worlds for KH: Poll Results

Your Top Requested Worlds for the Next Kingdom Hearts

Last week, you voted on the worlds you would most like to see make appearances in Kingdom Hearts. The result was a variety of Disney classics, Pixar films, and spin-off properties. Check out the winners you chose! 

1. Toy Story (1995) 366 votes

Toy Story (1995), an ongoing classic. It's Pixar's Snow White.

The original Toy Story was released in 1994–a whopping 17 years ago. Only last year, the film’s second sequel, Toy Story 3, was released to rave reviews and success equal to the original. So it’s no surprise that this would be the ideal Pixar film to be featured in Kingdom Hearts

To be true, Toy Story may not have a lot of potential as a regular world–the idea of Heartless invading Andy’s room or fighting a plastic toy would be a bit bizarre–but it could definitely pick up where the 100 Acre Wood and Atlantica left off in Kingdom Hearts II as a resident mini-game level. If platforming were to make a comeback in Kingdom Hearts III (and if Birth by Sleep is any indication, it most likely will), this would be the ideal place for it. Climbing around a house twice your size, escaping a slot machine, finding your way through a maze of air vents–all nice ideas. I’m guessing Pete, Donald and Goofy would fit in well here, with all the iconic wackiness. Maybe they would be transformed into plushies? The level would hold real promise as a returning world, too, considering there’s a trilogy’s worth of storylines to mine from this series. More importantly, it’s something they haven’t done already! 

2. Gargoyles, the animated series (1994) 268 votes

Gargoyles (1994), still one of Disney's best-loved animated series 17 years later.

Gargoyles takes the lead for the animated series that you all voted to appear in Kingdom Hearts III. With good reason! The dark tones set an excellent, brooding atmosphere that contrasts with the usual vibrant backdrop of Disney films and series, and the mythical premises allow for frightful, intimidating enemies to appear in boss battles. The cast of characters featuring Goliath, Hudson, Broadway and their gargoyle dog would aid Sora with their sheer brute strength against forces of darkness. An additional cast member to round off the team is Elisa, the NYPD detective, can serve as a guide to unfolding events of this world. 

There are in fact two vastly different worlds within this series that could be explored–historic Scotland and modern New York. Which do you think would work best? 

3. Treasure Planet (2002) 256 votes

Treasure Planet (2002), an underrated Disney classic.

Treasure Planet isn’t exactly the most well-known Disney film, even though it wasn’t even released that long ago. On the bright side, Disney has a history of underperforming films gaining much greater recognition over time. Regardless, this film won the Disney classics category! Treasure Planet seems altogether made for Kingdom Hearts. Besides the fact that the story mostly takes place on a ship flying through space, there‘s a definite sense that this movie was geared towards boys–which would fit right in with the Kingdom Hearts demographic!

Jim’s home, Montressor, could be the dock you went to and fro from. Maybe this could be left as room for some huge mini-games? For example, there could be a hunting side-quest where you travel to random worlds to fight Heartless or find treasure for munny and rare items. A mini-game flying around on Jim’s surfboard would be a little awesome, too. Also, it would be cool to see how they dealt with a black hole in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Maybe it would be given some connection to the Heartless, and Sora and company could get dragged into the realm of darkness for the first time. And battling a cyborg Long John Silver in a sand-pile of gold with the planet on a countdown to explode? Yeah, this level could definitely be good, as long as they make sure to change it up from Port Royal.

4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) 246 votes

Atlantis: The Last Empire (2001), another boy-oriented film that many people forget.

In Kingdom Hearts I, The Little Mermaid’s Atlantica was the first world to transform Sora into a non-human entity and it also gave us one epic fight after another that culminated into a battle with Ursula’s final gargantuan form. Since then, Atlantica has devolved into a simple karaoke mini-game with a dubiously-arranged track list accompanied by even more dubious singing quality. Atlantica has been saved by Sora’s keyblade and by his vocal cords, so it’s about time to say goodbye and herald on a new series to be its watery replacement. 

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is ripe for the role. We can expect many things to happen here, and Sora’s crew should be comfortable in the colorful, mystic backdrop of the underwater world. Teaming up with Milo and Princess Kida, Sora can play a key role in preventing a second destruction of Atlantis and recover the Heart of Atlantis (the crystal that acts as Atlantis’ life force) from the two-timing traitor, Commander Rourke. Giant mechanical terrors such as the Leviathan would give Sora a challenge that could rival Ursula, while an escape sequence from an active underwater volcano can give us the thrill of a race. Exploration puzzles that require the collection of pages from an ancient Atlantean manuscript can serve as a fun aside to this adventure. Many friends from the movie, such as Mole the engineer and Vincenzo the demolition expert can switch out with Kida and Milo at key points to access hidden areas and become strategic combatants as party members. 

5. Pocahontas (1995) 200 votes

Pocahontas (1995), Disney's first take on a real-life individual and their first film without a real happily ever after.

At 200 votes, Pocahontas receives an honorary spot on the list despite being beaten out by Altantis. Outright battles between Aboriginal tribes and the crew from Virginia, England, would be too sensitive to portray, but the unrest and misunderstandings of events in the movie can certainly be revealed and used as a medium for Sora’s arrival in the land of Pocahontas’ tribe. A palatable plot would see Pocahontas and her raccoon friend, Meeko, arrive just in time to help Sora and friends beat off a sudden wave of Heartless. Having once lived on Destiny Islands and admiring the natural landscape, Sora becomes fast friends with Pocahontas. Sora and Pocahontas meet Captain John Smith and together, they prevent war from erupting between the settlers and the tribe. 

In addition to exploring Pocahontas’ home and surrounding woodlands, Sora can jump off waterfalls, meet Grandmother Willow for advice and discover James Town (the English settlement). Maybe observing Pocahontas’s and Smith’s love blossom, Sora can even find some inspiration to develop his relationship with Kairi. The variety in locales, the strong Disney cast and the meaningful historical significance–Pocahontas more than deserves a spot on the list. Psst…Square Enix can even invite Mel Gibson to reprise his role as John Smith. Heh heh. 

6. Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)

Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996), a part of Disney's unfortunate sequel line--which is hopefully dead--was actually one of the better sequels. And considering they've used The Return of Jafar in Kingdom Hearts II, they might as well finish the trilogy.

Not one of the original voting selections, I decided to throw this sequel to Aladdin in here as a surprise contestant and as a tribute to the Agrabah levels. Agrabah has appeared in every Kingdom Hearts except Birth By Sleep, and in the midst of diverging opinions on whether Agrabah should reappear for Kingdom Hearts III, I present an option to please both camps. Aladdin deserves credit as being a series that has a large amount of quality source material, ranging from the film sequels to the animated series. Based on your suggestions, I found Aladdin and the King of Thieves to be the most worthwhile and conclusive film to finish our travels in Agrabah in a memorable way. 

Instead of Aladdin, your party member can be the equally sly and adventurous Cassim, Aladdin’s father. Agrabah, instead of dominating the scenery, can be a departure point for Sora and co., who would spend most of their adventure exploring the secret den of the 40 thieves. With Genie, Carpet, Iago and Abu in tow, there is no lack in fun characters. Maybe this time, Abu and Iago could aid Sora in puzzle-solving as assist characters. Can you imagine gaining partial control over a bird and a monkey whenever you need to retrieve a treasure or to activate a switch? 

Your Thoughts

Sakuchan – Did you agree with the poll results? Anything else you could imagine for these films in Kingdom Hearts? What would you look forward to most? Give your thoughts!

68 Responses to “Your Top 6 Favorite Worlds for KH: Poll Results”

  1. TØñØ Jiménez Says:

    i Like it! =)

  2. Javier Ramirez Says:

    i only like Toy Story and Pocahontas the rest i disagree

  3. MDB Says:

    anybody here got birth by sleep me and my friend are online right now the screen name is the one I’m using right now

  4. lolwut Says:

    NO MORE ALADDIN! I COULD GIVE LESS OF A CRAP WHAT HAPPENS WITH JAFAR AFTER THEY SEALED HIM BACK UP AT THE END OF KH2! I just hope the square enix team comes to the decision of adding an extra world in replacement of Agrabah just because I’m pretty sure other people besides myself would like to see more worlds besides Agrabah, Wonderland and Olympus. However Olympus I can tolerate since each time it’s a different story unlike the other two mentioned.

  5. MXehanort Says:

    Gargoyles would only be nice if its is tied in to a different world, how Tron was in Hollow Bastian, Personally I would love to see The Black Cauldron, Chronicles of Narnia, & some more Pirates of the Caribbean. It shouldn’t have anymore Aladdin period. Everything else would be fine.

  6. Ian Manning Says:

    The first five choices are great, I’m just bothered by the idea of a direct-to-video movie coming in the KH franchise, I mean, those direct-to-video movies are just as bad as a Ron Howard film and Micheal Bay’s Transformer movies put together.

  7. Zexion1127 Says:

    Treasure Planet never crossed my mind…WALL-E wouldnt be bad!

  8. KEVINCM_11 Says:

    But i dont understand because why dont take a votation about Chicken Little

  9. Shay Says:



    also altantis would be bad ass

  10. Brooke Says:

    I agree with Pocahontas definitely as well as Toy Story. I think Treasure Planet & Atlantis would be good as well though it’s been forever since I’ve seen them and I don’t exactly remember them well. I wouldn’t mind Lion King 2 (one of the best direct-to-video sequels, IMO), The rescuers which is another forgotten Disney movie. I’m trying to think of more but I really should be doing homework right now =P

  11. Ryan Says:

    I agree as far as Wonderland goes, but Agrabah did advance the story into KH2 and I’ve always hoped KH3 would have king of thieves.

  12. Ryan Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of them besides Gargoyles. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the show growing up but I already posted why I don’t think the TV shows should have been included in this in the last post. But I did see someone on here suggest that the Gargoyles be brought into an existing world. Hallow Bastion/ Radiant Garden seems to be the catch all for that but I think they would fit well into Traverse Town if it came back.

  13. Ryan Says:

    They already have added D2V. They added Return of Jafar in KH2 and Stitch: The Movie (in the form of Experiment 221) right off the top of my head, and I liked both worlds.

  14. Ian Manning Says:

    Actually, they based the Deep Space level on the Lilo and Stitch movie, well, the beginning of it. And I did notice the Return of Jafar part in Agrabah, even though the level was great, and Pete was a riot, I hated the connection to that D2V more than the singing part in Atlantica. I mean, I’d rather cut a Heartless in half under the sea than talk and talk and talk and worst of all, sing about the sea.

  15. Vanitas Says:

    Treasure Pirate Would be such an AWESOME planet!

  16. Vanitas Says:

    I mean Planet… Planet :D

  17. Nickzanini Says:

    pls not aladdin or agrabah again that would be soooo booooring…

  18. Drace Says:

    I thought alot about new Worlds for upcoming KH titles and gathered alot ideas.

    - 2815 A.D.
    This is the world of Wall-E. I really don’t know, why noone put this movie on the pixar category. This would be my favourite and I have such a clear picture of it in my mind. Imagine a big devastated city with huge towers of garbage-cubes. Some Heartless could be found here, and of course, you meet Wall-E. I see alot of possibilities in here. (For example, the giant shadow of one of the garbage-towers, could be a heartless-boss and you have to climb the tower up to defat him.) And even more is possible, when the location switches to the Axiom-Spaceship later. Imagine a Heartless-possessed Auto as the main boss of this world. Awesome!

    - Toy Town
    This would be my solution for the “Toy Story-Problem”. Of course, it would be much to hilarious if Sora and company arrives in Andys child’s room and transforms into an action figure or something… So what about something like Disney Castle. You know, just a slack interpretation of the Toy Story characters. I could imagine a big Wild West town, build out of toys and inhabited by Andys toys. (With Woody as the Sheriff, of course XD) Later, the player can meet Buzz Lightyear (think of a battle against him.^^) and these little green aliens (whereby you have to fight the claaaaaaw. XD).

    - Nomanisan Island
    The world of “The Incredibles”. I bet Syndrome’s island would fit perfectly into Kingdom Hearts. It’s out of wild nature, but with hidden high-technological bases. Syndrome and different versions of the Omnidroid would be great bosses in this world.

    - Monster’s Inc.
    Please don’t change Sora into a multi-headed guy with claws and horns here… He doesn’t have to change into a monster to fit in this world. Maybe he could be found by Sully and Mike and then just disguised like a monster, like they did with Buuh in the original movie.

    - Atlantis
    I guess, this world is most likely for the upcoming 3D-game. Enemys could be the Leviathan, one of these huge Atlantis-Guardians or a possessed “Heart of Atlantis”-Crystal. (The operative word is “heart” XD) I don’t think, the regular storyline would fit in here.

    - Treasure Planet
    I’m sure, there are some nice story-possibillities there, but I didn’t imagined anything yet. I could bet, it will be in 3D, too, because both have alot of speed in it. Maybe a kind of ghost of Captain Flint could be a boss… (And I would love to see Morph and B.E.N. in Kingdom Hearts.^^)

    - Kauaʻi
    It’s the name of the hawaian island from “Lilo and Stitch”. Maybe it could be a devastated one, which was destroyed by Heartless – and that’s the reason for Stitchs appearance in Hollow Bastion in KH2. Otherwise it would be to “real” and to similiar to Destiny Island, I guess. (Btw: I really love the idea of Stitch becoming a regular member in a game, like Donald or Goofy in KH1 and 2. Maybe for a Spin-Off, or something.^^)

    I have some problems with other well-known worlds from Disney and Pixar movies. I love the movie Cars, but… Sora changed into a Ferrari? I don’t know… that would be too childish for my part. And Finding Nemo… I can imagine the story: “Defeat the dentist and find Nemo!”

    But I see some nice “cameos” for the characters and worlds, which not really fit in the game. The worlds from “Emperor’s New Groove” and “High School Musical” could act as some mini-games. Lightning McQueen from “Cars” would be an awesome summon. And maybe Sora can meet Balthazar Blake from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in Radiant Garden.^^ He could be his new magic teacher, after Merlin.

    However, I’ll wait eagerly for Square’s new ideas.^^

  19. None Says:

    Okay, I do not think we need Disney movies and tv shows from the mid-1990s to early 2000s. True, have something like something from Toy Story could be a mini-game world would be very nice but to be honest Disney/Square is not going to do worlds based on the Disney TV shows because they want to make worlds based off the Disney movies. Look at Gargoyles. It maybe be one of the biggest and well known Disney animations of all time, but Disney/Square do not want to have to mention New York City and Scotland because they never mentioned London in the first Kingdom Hearts game. Also something like Narnia will never come to the KH franchise because of two things; One Disney does not have the rights to Narnia anymore – 20th Century Fox does and two there is too much Christian references in the Narnia movies and Square said they want to stay far away from anything religious in their games.

    Then look at Treasure Planet. Though it could be a excellent world, I think Disney/Square want to do worlds that people know and love about. Because if you guys look at it, Treasure Planet was one of the biggest Disney movie bombs that came out in theaters thus it went straight to DVD so quickly no one knew when it was going to come out and there is still people who have no idea what Treasure Planet is about and whatnot.

    I do agree though there should be NO MORE FREAKING ALADDIN! Just simple and to the point on that.

    In the end, it is up what Disney/Square wants to do about what worlds they want in and we as the general group must either accept Disney/Square decision or stop playing Kingdom Hearts.

  20. Arcane Says:

    Agreed. As a side point, while Aladdin is probably the series of D2V we all actually saw(or at least rented or what have you), the fact of the matter is that the D2V movies just don’t have as strong a Disney Identity. More people passed those movies over than some of the lesser appreciated theater releases, so the impact on the player populace becomes considerably less(although with the shrinking demographic, that might be less of a problem for players and more a problem for the series image). Point is, I just don’t think it would have the power to work.

    I wouldn’t completely hate it if they put Agrabah in again, but I sure wouldn’t miss it if they didn’t.

  21. Bloom4815 Says:

    Yay! I agree with everything here. Really. These are worlds I’ve wanted in KH3 all this time! I can’t believe someone else thought of Gargoyles. However, I do have to agree with what was said about Toy Story. I don’t really want it as a world because I HATE the side worlds. They subtract too much from the main story. And I don’t see how else Toy Story would work.

    Other worlds I’d like to see someday are: The Sword in the Stone, The Black Cauldron, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Princess and the Frog, Enchanted (possibly, I’m not sure it could work), Tangled, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, The Emperor’s New Groove, Brother Bear, The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers (I say the last three loosely because I don’t remember much about them).

    In the way of sequels, I think we’d all like to see Dead Man’s Chest. But also: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (possibly), Return to Neverland (not too sure about this one, actually), Mulan II, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, Tron Legacy, and Cinderella III.

    May they NEVER include The Little Mermaind 2 or Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. I know they’d find a way to include them, too.

  22. Ian Manning Says:

    Likewise, they usually do put Agrabah in the KH games, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it returns in KH3D.

    Oh, just recently, I remembered there being an Indiana Jones ride in Disney World or something. What’s up with that? Is there a possibility of IJ actually appearing in a KH game?

  23. oblivian6068 Says:

    I think they should bring some animal ones like Bambi, The Fox and the Hound, or 101 Dalmatians, or more anthro, Robin Hood. Others I would like to see would be The Jungle Book, or Pinnocchio, (not in Monstro, on Pleasure Island, or the town).

  24. Miles Says:

    Hah, playing as a form change as Figurine Sora would be awesome, and so would seeing Plushie Donald and Plushie Goofy. I’d love fighting a giant toy robot heartless!
    And I want to see New York Gargoyles, It just put more into the story than Scotland, witch was more of Backstory.

  25. Gutierrez Isai Says:

    all the worlds sound great but it would be nice to add a world from other disney movies like chicken little or narnia something around there even a new pixar world like toy story

  26. Sylar89 Says:

    What if the toy story world be in sora’s room instead of Andy’s. Because sora and kairi played toys together when they were young.
    Treasure planet would be awesome if sora gets key blade armor

  27. Arcane Says:

    If only, if only, the woodpecker sighed.

  28. Ryan Says:

    Just because a movie is good doesn’t mean it would work well in KH. Personally I loved all the IJ movies but i cringe at the thought of seeing them in KH.

  29. Ryan Says:

    But then Sora would have to change into an animal again.

  30. oblivian6068 Says:

    Yeah, so, what’s your point. Look, I hated the animal thing as much as the next guy, but I loved these movies.

  31. olivia Says:

    fun the first time now im just bored of it -____-

  32. Pie Says:

    KingofTheives has nothing to do with Jafar.

  33. Zoneout919 Says:

    Where is Tangled!? I loved that movie so much and would love to see it included in Kingdom Hearts!!!

  34. Black Otsel Says:

    Atlantis would be awesom but treasure planet would be better

  35. The Guy Says:

    A couple more of FF characters/cameos wouldn’t be quite bad either.

  36. Edenconserv Says:

    i totally agree! but id say that they’d be equally awsome. they wre a couple of my favourite movies. I dont really agree with the gargoyles idea though…

  37. Jackie Says:

    I don’t see why not. It’d be more of a licensing issue.

  38. Aldridge517 Says:

    Pocahontas and Toy Story are probably just a matter of time, but Aladdin King of Thieves definitely deserves a spot in the Kingdom Hearts lineage. PS3 is as good a time as any, they could make that world amazing!

  39. lolwut Says:

    I know it doesn’t but KH2 already completed their “Jafar” situation that was started in KH1. Only reason why KHCoM had it was because it was because the whole game was about Sora recollecting his memories and experiences in each of the worlds (for some reason, Deep Jungle wasn’t in there, but that’s fine). However, there’s no reason why they should continue the story of Agrabah, I have no problem with the story of it. I just think they could come up with a better replacement for Agrabah.

  40. Javier Ramirez Says:

    you can wifi from far distance?

  41. Master Alviss Says:

    Im stuck between atlantis and treasure planet, but over all they both would make great assets to the KH universe.

  42. Ryan Says:

    Deep Jungle has never appeared in anything since KH1 because Disney lost the rights to Tarzan (fun fact). I don’t think they necessarily have to REPLACE Agrabah. I’m always a fan of more worlds, as long as they don’t make me want to gouge my eyes out (here’s looking at you, KH2 Atlantica) and Agrabah has never done that with me.

  43. Ryan Says:

    I’m fairly sure I read somewhere an Interview with Nomura saying only new Disney worlds and old Original worlds would be in 3D.

  44. Nonashu Says:

    To start things off I’d like to start off by saying HELL YES to the “Treasure Planet” level. “Treasure Planet” is in my top 5 favorite Disney movies. I was hoping it would of appeared in Kingdom Hearts 2 but I was alright with it when I heard there was a Pirates of the Caribbean. Now I’ll go and say what I think about each one.
    1. It never crossed my mind that Toy Story could appear in a Kingdom Hearts game. Even if it would be a mini-game world. The mini-games should be left with Winnie the Pooh. I mean come on, Toy Story is plastic toys in one single kids room. I can see the mini-games be from Toy Story 3. But in no way could heartless end up in Toy Story. Even if they did they’d just be like little lego toys. I just think Toy Story is right for Kingdom Hearts.
    2. I barley remember the Gargoyles series. I just remember that these guys would protect the city at night, can’t remember the storyline. Though I do remember enough to like that it could pass as a Kingdom Hearts world. The Gargoyles only being able to move at night would definitely allow some fierce Heartless to appear. I guess I don’t really remember enough about it. It could be cool if Sora would be a Gargoyle.
    3. As for “Treasure Planet”, in my first sentence I’m sure I made it quite clear that I really wanted a Treasure Planet level. If I could of I would of voted for “Treasure Planet” way more than one time, please Kingdom Hearts Ultimania people help convince Square Enix to bring “Treasure Planet” back into the light. Unless Square Enix makes the next Pirates of the Caribbean world be ran like the “At World’s End” game, that being “Dead Man’s Chest” and “At World’s End” being the same game, there will need to be something to replace the action. “Treasure Planet” is full of Kingdom Hearts opportunity’s, greedy pirates turn into heartless, Sora can quickly become friends with Jim because they would be close in age and they’d both be deck hands on the ship, the keyhole being inside Treasure Planet, Silver being the last boss and on the verge of becoming a Heartless but then doesn’t becomes of the bond Silver, Jim, and Sora form. It would be impossible for “Treasure Planet” not to be in Kingdom Hearts 3. By the time it does finally come out the graphics will be godly, perfect for space environment of “Treasure Planet”. I swear if Treasure Planet isn’t in KH3 I will cry.
    4. My feelings about “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” are about the same as with “Treasure Planet”. All the characters were fantastic, even the villains. A lot can be done with this level, Sora can come in the middle of a heartless attack on Milo’s caravan then they hire him to help fight off the heartless. The heart of Atlantis is defiantly the heart of the world so maybe instead of sealing a keyhole Sora can protect the heart from darkness directly. A Leviathan boss battle would be awesome.
    5. Just like “Toy Story” “Pocahontas” never even entered my mind as a world for Kingdom Hearts. But them once I thought about it I thought it was a great idea. And all the reasons for it are already said up there in the poll results. I’m just a little worried since if Square Enix hasn’t already used it they many not now. But maybe the reason they haven’t is so they could Sora a little time to mature once he gets the Mark of Mastery.
    6. Now Aladdin has been in Kingdom Hearts since the beginning (except Birth by Sleep). And as it was said we’ve hit “The Return of Jafar” in the Aladdin series. So it is a guarantee that Aladdin with come back in the next big Kingdom Hearts game. And the only part of the Aladdin series, besides the animated series, is “The King of Thieves”. I think that’ll be a nice next step in Kingdom Hearts.
    But what I’d really like to know is what the main point of “Kingdom Hearts: 3D Dreams Drop Distance” other than Sora and Riku getting the Mark of Mastery. And why did they get Kingdom Hearts 1 versioned again. Guess I’ll find out when it comes out. Well those are my thoughts. I hope they help Square Enix realize that a Treasure Planet level is a wanted world.

  45. KHdude45678 Says:

    OMG they have to do treaser planet and atlantice!!! Those would be awesome

  46. James Lutz2 Says:

    I think Pocahontas and Aladdin 3 would be better off for Kingdom Hearts 3. Based on what Nomura has said about his plans for KH3D, I think he’s looking for worlds with a lot of “movement”.

    I think KH3D will have at least:
    -The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    -Atlantis the Lost Empire
    -The Emperor’s New Groove
    -and possibly Chicken Little (but kind of hoping not) :/

  47. Howling_Fenrir Says:

    Toy Story be awesome. Treasure Planet be awesome. Hunchback of Notre Dame would be a great addition. If KH3 doesn’t have Lion King, maybe the Jungle Book or Brother Bear?

    I would like to see Tangled in the KH series somehow or some way.

  48. Thea Larson Says:

    Somewhat related, on the DVD of “Tangled” there’s a short feature going through all 50 movies in the Disney animated canon. That’s 50 movies from which we can have Kingdom Hearts worlds :D

    This has made me want a Fox and the Hound world now :D

  49. Ronldbx6 Says:

    Gargoyles can stay as long as Sora’s wearing a gargoyle costume FTW!

  50. Angiec5408 Says:

    Those are all awesome. Especially Atlantis..Now Aladdin..already been in most of the games. Id really like to see something a little bit different. ALSO, it’d be freakin’ awesome if the game was compatible with ps3 and xbox. and..make the story a little less childlike.. but overall these are perffect!

  51. Angiec5408 Says:

    oh also..Gargoyles..hell yes. would it not be awesome to see Sora SUPERFRESH with sharp teeth and huge wings (somewhat like the nightmare b4 christmas outfit) thrashing everything? cooooooooooooooool.

  52. Fabio Luis23 Says:

    They should put pirates of caribean once more, since there is a lot of sequels of this film.

  53. Marcos Says:

    The only reason why I want another Agrabah world is simply for the Snake Jafar, but that would be a very tall order, considering the way the plot has been laid in the games.

    - Tuxedo Behemoth

  54. Beau Says:

    So, have people been reading my mind?

    All of these worlds would be great additions to future Kingdom Hearts games. And I’ve always thought if they wouldn’t indulge us by going to a Gargoyles themed world, they could at least make Goliath a summon. That would be beast. (Speaking of, Beast would make a good summon too.)

    Treasure Planet and Atlantis would make excellent places to visit, imo. I just worry about Treasure Planet – if they include Stitch or PoTC in the next one, they might feel that TP is too similar. And you know those other franchises would get priority. But we’ll see.

  55. canvas prints Says:

    I’m surprised to see Aladdin make the list of current favourites, good to see the old ones haven’t been forgotten!

  56. art on canvas Says:

    Thanks alot for sharing this with us, was a really interesting post and I really enjoyed it.

  57. Hi Everyone! Says:

    I liked Gargoyles better than Toy Story. :(

  58. Boy Cry Wolf Says:

    Who voted for these awful choices? No Pixar damn it! Pixar just doesn’t have the right feel for KH. It should feel more classic Disney. Only one here that’s definitely a good idea is Pocahontas. Atlantis and Treasure planet….maybe. They’d be alright. But Gargoyles? Seriously? I do hope that’s a joke.

  59. Me Says:

    Awsome, although I think there should be a few Final Fantisy worlds

  60. Greatscott Says:

    I think that Bald Mountain from Fantasia would be a great addition to Mysterious Tower! Fighting Chernabog would be as hard as the first time!

  61. Greatscott Says:

    Atlantica was crap

  62. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know Bald Mountain but fighting Chernabog definitely rings a good tone!

  63. Joey Says:

    Come on!!! The Black Cauldron needs to be in the game. Tangled would also be also be fun along with The Princess and The Frog.

  64. lexar Says:

    ok! Here are the worlds &/or characters I believe should be in the next KH game:

    1) Treasure Planet: Definitely Treasure Planet! Sora and Jim could team up, and there could be a boss battle w/Scroop in the ship while Ben is messing with the wires…and we all know how that will go!

    2) Hawaii: Just like Sora met up with Simba and Mushu in their worlds, Sora could run into Stitch and meet Lilo and Nani in their world.

    3) (Now, I don’t know about the world, but I KNOW everybody wants to see this rabbit in KH) Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Come on! He HAS to be in the next game, or at least the final game! It would be, well… Epic!!!!

    4) New Orleans: I feel that the Princess and the Frog would be great in KH!!! Especially Facilier!!! Imagine if Maleficent drop-kicks Pete and replaces him with Facilier! He would have suuuuch a creepy boss battle!

    5) Monsters Inc: This would be interesting! It would be cool to have Sora and friends running back and forth through doors, and it would be neat to see them interacting with Mike and Sully! I don’t think they would have to turn into monsters, they can just stay as themselves, like Boo.

    6) Pocahontas: Yes! Definitely!! I wanna see this! They can do it, just like Hunckback of ND!!!

  65. chris gray Says:

    we should defentaly have Atlantis the lost empire world i hope to god
    ps love the fim

  66. Jackson Carroll Says:

    Why Not the Black Cauldron in Kingdom Hearts 3

  67. Derek(guest) Says:

    How about PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME!!! It’s a good movie and its got awesome characters. And, it could replace Alladin.

  68. Nicholas Andreano Says:

    e3 2014 kingdom hearts 3 kingdom and hearts 2.5 ideas the ending for 2.5 should be showing the beginning of kingdom hearts 3 or kingdom hearts 3d hd. New demo or trailer would be nice. kingdom hearts 3 trailer: it starts at traverse town with sora fighting of the swarm of heartless at traverse town. Then some new gameplay in traverse town. We shift to Donald with magic and goofy with a new ability or the same ability saying sora wait up. We are in mysterious tower and see Donald and goofy wondering where is Riku or sora at we see the scene from kingdom hearts 3d and we see lea and Kiri training at mysterious tower. We go on the train and see the same scene from the d23 japan trailer. we land in the Hercules world and see pic and panic with hades in Olympic coliseum we get new areas like the village and underworld and we go in a new arena to fight villains from Hercules and some from final fantasy Sega. the next four worlds I see are jungle book, toy story sword and the stone and frozen

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