Your Top 6 Favorite Worlds for KH: Poll Results

Your Top Requested Worlds for the Next Kingdom Hearts

Last week, you voted on the worlds you would most like to see make appearances in Kingdom Hearts. The result was a variety of Disney classics, Pixar films, and spin-off properties. Check out the winners you chose! 

1. Toy Story (1995) 366 votes

Toy Story (1995), an ongoing classic. It's Pixar's Snow White.

The original Toy Story was released in 1994–a whopping 17 years ago. Only last year, the film’s second sequel, Toy Story 3, was released to rave reviews and success equal to the original. So it’s no surprise that this would be the ideal Pixar film to be featured in Kingdom Hearts

To be true, Toy Story may not have a lot of potential as a regular world–the idea of Heartless invading Andy’s room or fighting a plastic toy would be a bit bizarre–but it could definitely pick up where the 100 Acre Wood and Atlantica left off in Kingdom Hearts II as a resident mini-game level. If platforming were to make a comeback in Kingdom Hearts III (and if Birth by Sleep is any indication, it most likely will), this would be the ideal place for it. Climbing around a house twice your size, escaping a slot machine, finding your way through a maze of air vents–all nice ideas. I’m guessing Pete, Donald and Goofy would fit in well here, with all the iconic wackiness. Maybe they would be transformed into plushies? The level would hold real promise as a returning world, too, considering there’s a trilogy’s worth of storylines to mine from this series. More importantly, it’s something they haven’t done already! 

2. Gargoyles, the animated series (1994) 268 votes

Gargoyles (1994), still one of Disney's best-loved animated series 17 years later.

Gargoyles takes the lead for the animated series that you all voted to appear in Kingdom Hearts III. With good reason! The dark tones set an excellent, brooding atmosphere that contrasts with the usual vibrant backdrop of Disney films and series, and the mythical premises allow for frightful, intimidating enemies to appear in boss battles. The cast of characters featuring Goliath, Hudson, Broadway and their gargoyle dog would aid Sora with their sheer brute strength against forces of darkness. An additional cast member to round off the team is Elisa, the NYPD detective, can serve as a guide to unfolding events of this world. 

There are in fact two vastly different worlds within this series that could be explored–historic Scotland and modern New York. Which do you think would work best? 

3. Treasure Planet (2002) 256 votes

Treasure Planet (2002), an underrated Disney classic.

Treasure Planet isn’t exactly the most well-known Disney film, even though it wasn’t even released that long ago. On the bright side, Disney has a history of underperforming films gaining much greater recognition over time. Regardless, this film won the Disney classics category! Treasure Planet seems altogether made for Kingdom Hearts. Besides the fact that the story mostly takes place on a ship flying through space, there‘s a definite sense that this movie was geared towards boys–which would fit right in with the Kingdom Hearts demographic!

Jim’s home, Montressor, could be the dock you went to and fro from. Maybe this could be left as room for some huge mini-games? For example, there could be a hunting side-quest where you travel to random worlds to fight Heartless or find treasure for munny and rare items. A mini-game flying around on Jim’s surfboard would be a little awesome, too. Also, it would be cool to see how they dealt with a black hole in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Maybe it would be given some connection to the Heartless, and Sora and company could get dragged into the realm of darkness for the first time. And battling a cyborg Long John Silver in a sand-pile of gold with the planet on a countdown to explode? Yeah, this level could definitely be good, as long as they make sure to change it up from Port Royal.

4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) 246 votes

Atlantis: The Last Empire (2001), another boy-oriented film that many people forget.

In Kingdom Hearts I, The Little Mermaid’s Atlantica was the first world to transform Sora into a non-human entity and it also gave us one epic fight after another that culminated into a battle with Ursula’s final gargantuan form. Since then, Atlantica has devolved into a simple karaoke mini-game with a dubiously-arranged track list accompanied by even more dubious singing quality. Atlantica has been saved by Sora’s keyblade and by his vocal cords, so it’s about time to say goodbye and herald on a new series to be its watery replacement. 

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is ripe for the role. We can expect many things to happen here, and Sora’s crew should be comfortable in the colorful, mystic backdrop of the underwater world. Teaming up with Milo and Princess Kida, Sora can play a key role in preventing a second destruction of Atlantis and recover the Heart of Atlantis (the crystal that acts as Atlantis’ life force) from the two-timing traitor, Commander Rourke. Giant mechanical terrors such as the Leviathan would give Sora a challenge that could rival Ursula, while an escape sequence from an active underwater volcano can give us the thrill of a race. Exploration puzzles that require the collection of pages from an ancient Atlantean manuscript can serve as a fun aside to this adventure. Many friends from the movie, such as Mole the engineer and Vincenzo the demolition expert can switch out with Kida and Milo at key points to access hidden areas and become strategic combatants as party members. 

5. Pocahontas (1995) 200 votes

Pocahontas (1995), Disney's first take on a real-life individual and their first film without a real happily ever after.

At 200 votes, Pocahontas receives an honorary spot on the list despite being beaten out by Altantis. Outright battles between Aboriginal tribes and the crew from Virginia, England, would be too sensitive to portray, but the unrest and misunderstandings of events in the movie can certainly be revealed and used as a medium for Sora’s arrival in the land of Pocahontas’ tribe. A palatable plot would see Pocahontas and her raccoon friend, Meeko, arrive just in time to help Sora and friends beat off a sudden wave of Heartless. Having once lived on Destiny Islands and admiring the natural landscape, Sora becomes fast friends with Pocahontas. Sora and Pocahontas meet Captain John Smith and together, they prevent war from erupting between the settlers and the tribe. 

In addition to exploring Pocahontas’ home and surrounding woodlands, Sora can jump off waterfalls, meet Grandmother Willow for advice and discover James Town (the English settlement). Maybe observing Pocahontas’s and Smith’s love blossom, Sora can even find some inspiration to develop his relationship with Kairi. The variety in locales, the strong Disney cast and the meaningful historical significance–Pocahontas more than deserves a spot on the list. Psst…Square Enix can even invite Mel Gibson to reprise his role as John Smith. Heh heh. 

6. Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)

Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996), a part of Disney's unfortunate sequel line--which is hopefully dead--was actually one of the better sequels. And considering they've used The Return of Jafar in Kingdom Hearts II, they might as well finish the trilogy.

Not one of the original voting selections, I decided to throw this sequel to Aladdin in here as a surprise contestant and as a tribute to the Agrabah levels. Agrabah has appeared in every Kingdom Hearts except Birth By Sleep, and in the midst of diverging opinions on whether Agrabah should reappear for Kingdom Hearts III, I present an option to please both camps. Aladdin deserves credit as being a series that has a large amount of quality source material, ranging from the film sequels to the animated series. Based on your suggestions, I found Aladdin and the King of Thieves to be the most worthwhile and conclusive film to finish our travels in Agrabah in a memorable way. 

Instead of Aladdin, your party member can be the equally sly and adventurous Cassim, Aladdin’s father. Agrabah, instead of dominating the scenery, can be a departure point for Sora and co., who would spend most of their adventure exploring the secret den of the 40 thieves. With Genie, Carpet, Iago and Abu in tow, there is no lack in fun characters. Maybe this time, Abu and Iago could aid Sora in puzzle-solving as assist characters. Can you imagine gaining partial control over a bird and a monkey whenever you need to retrieve a treasure or to activate a switch? 

Your Thoughts

Sakuchan – Did you agree with the poll results? Anything else you could imagine for these films in Kingdom Hearts? What would you look forward to most? Give your thoughts!