How I Discovered Kingdom Hearts (How Did You?)

How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

Finding out about Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts LogoI was a little skeptical about how the whole thing would work–on the one hand, we had Disney’s family friendly lineup of memorable characters, characters that I had grown up with both in the movies and in cartoons on TV.

On the other hand, we had Square’s more mature stable of Final Fantasy characters, which I was just getting to know at the time thanks to playing VIII and Tactics. The question to me was: how could they put both universes together and still have it work?

So not long after the game’s release, I saw glowing reviews pouring into GameFAQs, GameSpot, IGN, and a number of other respectable gaming sites–so Squaresoft had to be doing SOMETHING right. I decided to dig up a walkthrough of the game to find out just what that something was.

I read through a little bit and saw that the main characters of the story were three kids named Sora, Riku, and Kairi, and after Kairi was kidnapped by creatures known as Heartless, Sora receives a weapon known as the Keyblade. It sounded interesting so far, so I kept reading.

What I saw next made me balk–Minnie? Donald? Goofy? What are they doing here? And what do THEY have to do with Sora and his quest? Plus, why are we essentially going through the plots of several Disney movies, movies I had seen millions of times growing up?

Playing Kingdom Hearts 1 for the First Time

It wasn’t until I got the game a year or two later that it finally made sense–the Disney crew were looking for Mickey, and Sora decided to help them in return for them helping him find Kairi.

Along the way they rescue the Princesses of Heart (well, Alice isn’t technically one of the Disney Princesses) and try to stop the Heartless from taking over every world (as well as making sure all the Disney movies got their well-deserved happily ever after).

Furthermore, it was somewhat satisfying to get “revenge” on those characters that had scared me when I had seen them on screen–the final showdown with Ursula freaked me out in “The Little Mermaid”; the part where Jafar took over Agrabah scared me in “Aladdin”; and I could never get past the beginning of “Sleeping Beauty” because Maleficent scared me.

So when I had the opportunity to take on all three of these villains in KH, it was quite satisfying to face my fears and in a way, say to them “Take THAT for all those years of scaring me!”

When Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance came along, I didn’t get to play that very much, but one scene from that game sticks out in my mind–the scene when you first arrive in the Hercules stage with Hades sweet talking Cloud in a very similar way that he does to Megara in the movie.

It was somewhat comical to see Cloud replacing Megara in an essential re-enactment of that scene from the movie, which was even more comical when you knew that Cloud had disguised himself as a girl during VII–that one scene proved to me that this combination of opposites actually worked.

Kingdom Hearts stand out for combining two worlds that no one ever thought would be combined–the magic of Disney and the deep and mature stories of Final Fantasy.

The resulting combination in Kingdom Hearts goes to show that you can have something for everyone in a game’s story–be they casual or hardcore player, child or child at heart.

How did you discover Kingdom Hearts?

So, Kingdom Hearts Community, how did you discover the Kingdom Hearts series? Have you played every game from the start? heard about it from a friend? Let us know just below!

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129 Responses to “How I Discovered Kingdom Hearts (How Did You?)”

  1. rj Says:

    i discoverd it when the first game came out and have played everyone ever since

  2. Durant Kyle Says:

    Unfortunately I heard about KH from a Disney channel commercial. Then a couple weeks later I went to a video game renting place and that Kingdom Hearts commercial reminded me of KH and thus I rented it. Thus leading me into a very unhealthy obsession with a video game.

  3. Arfan Shadowrep Emanuel Says:

    Well, It started when I got FFX and that bonus DVD disc “The making of FFX” and somewhere in the extra’s there was this trailer for this RPG game made by square soft that intrigued me with a tie-in from Disney. So I thought why not give this game a try, took the plunge and bought it day 1 as it happened to come out near my birthday a few days before I think…? Not entirely sure was a long time ago. Never regretted getting it once Kingdom Hearts 1 was awesome!

  4. Amy Says:

    I first discovered Kingdom Hearts the manga. My friend is a big fan of anime and manga (so am i!)
    Anyway i read the first one and she let it slip that she also had the game as well. So i jumped at the chance to play it!
    I seen it in shops before but never really took notice of it (how stupid was I?)

  5. Cody Cameron Says:

    I knew of Kingdom Hearts when it was advertised in game magazines all the time. It looked soo weird and everyone thought it would be a stupid game.

    Then, on October 1, 2002 (I remember this day very clearly), I went into my local GameCrazy store and saw they had a television system with Kingdom Hearts on it, ready to play. I thought, “Oh what the hell, I’ll give it a try.” Little did I know that once I clicked start and the opening movie began to play, I would be forever hooked on this game and its story. You could bet what I asked for that Christmas!

  6. hshmn Says:

    i found the game when i was in 4th or 5th grade from a friend of mine, he said that it was interesting and i bought it early 2003, and have been hooked ever since…

  7. Roger Says:

    Well i remember my cousin telling me that sephiroth was in the game and we could fight him, so that was more than a motive for m to play it
    so when i first played it and i saw Squall i was in love with the game, cause i thought the characters were gone be all cartoon-like ya know ? But it wasn’t, it sticked with the final fantasy design
    And until today i’ve played every single Kingdom Hearts game

  8. Savienn Says:

    My dad bought it for me when I was 7! I didn’t play it till I played Final Fantasy X-2; it was then I realised SquareEnix was pure awesomeness. So I played Kingdom Hearts. And discovered the BEST game ever to exist. I’ve been playing it ever since then (I’m 16 now), hounding after every single merchandise like the crazed fan I am, and RPGs never got better! (Except, well, other SquareEnix games. Heh.)

  9. CTOONfan1 Says:

    On Christmas the year it came out, me and my brother were opening our presents. I got some DVD I can’t remember anymore, and my little brother got Kingdom Hearts. I saw some ads of the game, and mostly wanted to play for the Disney characters. I tried the game out, but my young mind couldn’t understand how to beat the Darkside! About a year later I try it again. Hooked instantly! My little brother has yet to play through the game, by the way. XD

  10. Iggy v H. Says:

    Well, I started with 358/2 days. It was on a special offer in the local gamestore. I read about KH in OPM, so I decided to give it a try. A few months later, after being nearly finished at 358/2 days, I saw KH I in the second hand part of the shop. I am so happy I decided to buy it. Bought KH II two weeks later, after finishing KHI :P

  11. StoryKing Says:

    I first played kingdom hearts at Disneyland when they had it in Innoventions. I hadn’t ever played on a ps2 and someone had turned off the dual shock on the control so the analog sticks didn’t do anything. I was in Olympus Coliseum doing the barrel challenges. I actually managed to beat it without walking at all just attacking my way through it. I played it another time from the beginning, and I was hooked. Played all the games ever since, normally within a few days of release. Well except for the Final Mixes, I’ve only played Kh2′s… but I plan on playing BbS:FM regardless.

  12. Allyson Palagi Says:

    I rented the first game from Blockbuster about a year or so after it was released. I got as far as Alice in Wonderland before I had to return it back to the store. Eons later, KH2 was about to be released in a few months and my best friend was freaking out in anticipation. So, wondering what all the fuss was about, I went out and bought KH1 and haven’t looked back since.

  13. a person Says:

    In 2002, when I was 3, my dad rented the game. I couldn’t understand anything in the game, yet I was hugging his leg and crying when he had to take it back. I dont remember much from then, but I am pretty sure that I got it for christmas that year. Still not understanding much of the game, I decided to learn how to read. Since then I got every game on the day it came it came out. So as you can see, I have grown up with kingdom hearts. and it got me to learn how to read.

  14. Abology Says:

    I watched my friend play it a little in 2002, and I thought “Hey, that looks cool. I should play it sometime.” I never did. Then in February 2005, I was visiting a friend of mine in Florida who owned the game. I thought “Oh yeah, that game. I wonder if I’d like it at all”. I was hooked instantly. Better yet, my friend gave me the game when I had to go back home. Out of the goodness of his heart. Bless him. I’ve been a KH junkie ever since.

  15. shadowgamer22 Says:

    i first saw the game at my friends house, that being KH1, and thought it was interesting and a few years later got KH2 and was pretty much addicted to it and have played through it multiple times and have almost finished it on my original memory, mickey signs on everything, and havent played many of the other games but am almost finished with KH1
    this HAS to be the BEST game series ever and, accompanied by the FF’s, is the reason that almost every game i own is in the RPG genre

  16. shadowgamer22 Says:

    nothing relating to kingdom hearts is unhealthy, except hating the game, any “obsession” with the game can be made sense of by just remembering the game itself

  17. Patrick Sagon Says:

    I saw it when I was a kid on a segment called Disney’s Secret Vault, then saw commercials for it and I wanted to play it but I had a PS1 at the time. When I got one, I rented it and… I was completely lost once I got to the Disney worlds so I failed at it. Several years later, I rented KH2 and I was good at it and beat easy mode in 4 days. Then on my birthday that same year, I bought a copy of KH1 and I beat it. ^ ^

  18. Jack Mowat Says:

    A short while after the first one came out I went to a friends house… …only to see only their parents were there. (This was when I was like 5 or 6 years old) With nobody to play with they said I could play on the eldest brothers PS2. I didn’t know what to play so they recommended Kingdom Hearts (This being the first time I’d heard of it).
    I was sorely disappointed when it was time to go, but the game went straight to the top of my Christmas list and I’ve been a big fan ever since.
    (Extra point) It was Kingdom Hearts that introduced me to Final Fantasy. One of many favours the series has done me.

  19. Shigureasa26 Says:

    My nana got it for me for Christmas in 2002, and I’ve been practically obsessed ever since.

  20. Donald K. Says:

    1. Commercial.
    2. “Simple and Clean” in the commercial got stuck in my head.
    3. Pure Final Fantasy series & Disney fan.

    Enough said.

  21. AROS Says:

    the first time I saw Kingdom Hearts was on the back of my new PS2 box but the only copies that I found was only Japanese I bought one but couldn’t understand anything. After one year I found used NTCS-US copy I played the game I love the playing style immediately but the problem was my fat PS2 was Japanese version and I could not see the ending or the secret movies until my brother bought the new slim ps2, so after six month of finishing the game I saw the ending of the game

  22. Joelmendoza Says:

    discoverd kingdom hearts 4 years aggo kingdom hearts 2 came out my best freind got a ps2 and he was playing kingdom hearts2 and it wasnt his it was his freind and later he bought the game and then we had like a gruop so each one us lose or dies on the game gets a turn untill it was my turn i started to like it and later after they moved i went to gamestop and i saw kingdom hearts chain of memories and i bought it and i had mad fun playing it oh it was so sweet and then i started to get the collection and i got birth by sleep to help me and thats it so far but i cant wait for kingdom hearts 3

  23. The0mar32 Says:

    I was at my cousin’s in back in 2003, I was watching him play PS2 but I didn’t know what he was playing then I started concentrating and the game got more fun by the minute, I asked him “What’s the name of the game ?” he told me “Kingdom Hearts” and that was it. Since then I have played each and every Kingdom hearts game Japanese or English and KH is my number 1 game of all time, I have played many games since then but none that impressed me like Kingdom Hearts.

  24. satria222poxy Says:

    I first discovered Kingdom Hearts when it was around 2002, and my best friend mentioned that to me when he was playing it. I didn’t know what it is at first but in 2004, i got the GBA and I learned that a KH game was released on that. And so, I played Chain Of Memories. When I play through the game, I felt like I don’t understand the series (yet). Therefore, I would play KH on my cousin’s PS2 while I was playing COM.

    After finishing both games in 2005, KH2 was announced and that I have the knowledge of first 2 games that needed to understand KH2 better.

  25. Rian Clawson Says:

    The first time I heard about it was from a review that Cartoon Network’s ‘Toonami’ had done for it. I was only 11 at the time and wasn’t too familiar with Final Fantasy (now I know better haha) but to see Disney characters put into that type of game caught my interest. What sold me was the commercials that followed shortly. The short, suspense-full, attention grabbing scenes that Square Enix has a knack for doing in commercials made me want to play this game and find out what it was about.

    My family rented it a couple weeks after its release, my siblings and I sat around the TV constantly while my brother played through it. Everyone in my family liked it, my brother and I grew to love it. After that point, waiting patiently the for the next installments became a challenge, with the most recent being a wait of four years. I grew close to all of the characters as I played them, enough to be physically shaken when their stories come to a close and terrible things happen to them.

    I’m proud to be a fan from the start of it all, and I anxiously wait for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded to be released in January :)

  26. Christopher B. Says:

    It was waaaaaay back in 2001 in my middle school years. After weightlifting class (which was after school 3-6pm).I decided to hang out with some friends, I spotted an Electroninc Gaming Monthly Magazine August 2001 issue145 that was left alone in a classroom, no one noticed. It was a little torn and took it with me anyway. After my mom took me to her job as a preschool teacher, I read info on the new Gamecube section of E3 2001, SSBM (AWESOME), Star Fox Adventures (remember that cancelled N64 game) Pikim, Wave Race Blue Storm In the Xbox section previews of Halo 1, Jet Set Radio Future, DOA3, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, Project Gotham Racing. Now the PS2 section was the real deal. Final Fantasy X, MGS2, Jak & Daxter (first PS2 game I owned), Devil May Cry, Ico, Virtua Fighter 4, Silent Hill, then out of nowhere Squaresoft made an unexpected game instead of Final Fantasy. When I saw Donald & Goofy teaming up with some boy with a key as a sword and shooting fireballs. I was stunned!! I saw some beta footage with a giant Shadow Soilder Heartless in Traverse Town with Goofy & Donald in their original outfits that never made it in the final. “I had to keep an eye out for this game” I thought to myself . 11 months later, while watching Pokemon Master Quest Saturday Morning on Kids WB Channel 11. after seeing a commercial of Final Fantasy & Disney characters with Utada Hikaru singing with techno music in the background. I was pumped up to buy it. Today I’m proud to be a Kingdom Hearts fan.

  27. Tristan Says:

    It was a rainy day in 4th grade, so we were allowed to bring are Game Boy Advances, and such. My close friend brought in a copy of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and I was thinking, “Oh my God, I have to get that game, it has some great battle sequences (for the GBA) and all my favorite Disney characters!” So I pleaded for it, and finally I got it for Easter!
    That summer, I was at the last form of Riku Replica, and then I was unable to beat him, and I didnt beet it ’til 6 years later. :( By the way, I didnt even see Kingdom Hearts 1 at the time, otherwise who knows what would’ve happened! :3 So also, that year, I had been robbed, and I lost my Gamecube and all my games. So my closer friend, let me have his GC and his PS2 also!!! And, guess what, Kingdom Hearts 2 just came out!!! I hadn’t seen the commercials or anything, but while it had just come out, and I was visiting my grandparents in Canada, I bought it with my own money (60 dollars, which was a lot for my age and time). But, I had my PS2 back in California, where I live…>:( I had bought the guide book, so I was reading that day in and day out, trying to keep a satisfaction with what I had.
    Finally, I got home and IT WAS SCHOOL TIME!!!! >:( So, I had to play each of Roxas’s seven days for each of mine! You would not believe how anxious I was every day. OH, but that game was a miracle from heaven for me (no exagerration). Sometimes, I wish I could relive those days when Kingdom Hearts had been new to me… I can’t wait until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out.

  28. DaughterofLight13 Says:

    I saw the commercial and instantly knew two things: 1) I had to play this game 2)My parents would never let me play this game (I was moderately young at the time. This was also completely unfounded, just so you know.) Stuck in this extreme conflict, I never played and let it fade from my mind until my best friend got it.
    She knew that I had to play this game too. But I didn’t have a PS2. So I speant the next 9 or so months begging her and another friend to drag their PS2′s over to my house whenever they came over, and we would play. Well, I would play and they would hide the fact that they were dying of boredum. (Except when things were intersting, like fun cutscenes, and such.)
    I got all the way through Agrabah this way, which doesn’t sound that impressive, but I don’t play video games and I’m an introvert, so they were barely ever over at my house… So yeah.
    That Christmas, my parents got the family a PS2 and they got me KH and Chain of Memories too (I have always had Nintendo’s latest hand-held, since I am a member of the Pokemon generation. XD) I have been addicted ever since, and it has been glorious.

  29. Paige Says:

    Let’s see, it was the Summer of 2002 I must have been about 10 at the time and from time to time I would pick up the latest issue of Offical Playstation Magazine. There was a section dedicated to an upcoming game called Kingdom Hearts. I was loving the art and decided to read the article. It mostly discussed the voice acting, which I did know of two of the voice actors, but then my eye caught the words Final Fantasy a series I was well familiar and with having recently finished Final Fantasy X this piqued my interest even more in this series. Not to mention it was pairing up with Disney, how could they go wrong? Though even back then I thought the pairing was odd but putting two things I loved together seemed like something I just had to see. After that I recall reading more about it in other magazines, and I loved the tagline “You’ll never know who you’ll run into next.” I knew this was one game I just had to get. Come September when the game was released I got it and have loved the game and the series ever since. 8 years later and I have all the games that have been released stateside and I still love the series more then ever.

    I still have that magazine today Offical Playstation Magazine July 2002 Issue.

  30. Thiago Lombardi Says:

    my friend called me and said “man come see the game i bought”, i’ve gone, looked to it and said “man, goofy’s in this game, it cant be good”. he played the start of the game and i said “man, the game doesnt even have sound, thats bad”. after some days i borrowed from him, played and liked it =B

  31. matheus brazil Says:

    In 2007 or 2006 one of my friends was playing kingdom hearts 2. They were at beast word.At first time I don’t liked.But one year after this(or 9 moths I don´t no :P ) other friend mine told about it.I being curious so I borrow the kingdom hearts 2 of my friend and,MAN, it was amazing
    but a every time after roxas and Pence goes to the old mansion at day 6,crashed.So i borrow the kingdom hearts 1 and play to understand the story.It was worst then kh2 but I played.I bet the game and undestand the story very much.And tha it is the begining of my love of kingdom hearts,always trying to understand the soty and of course,having fun with the game :D

  32. matheus brazil Says:



  33. Joseph D Says:

    I was about 11 when the first one came out, and when I saw the commercial I was hooked. The music was awesome, the scenes looked great, and I loved Disney. I had never had a PlayStation, but the reason I got a PlayStation 2 was because of Kingdom Hearts. I didn’t buy it right away (I wanted to though) because after paying $150 (my brother paid for the other $50) for the system I was broke, and my brother didn’t want to get Kingdom Hearts. Later on I finally rented it and played it, and I loved it, and bought it shortly after. The funny thing is while I was playing it I didn’t figure out that I had to equip abilities, I went through almost the entire game without high jump and finishing Monstro. I figured it out sometime after defeating Riku possessed by Ansem, went back to Monstro finished it and it was funny because regular Riku was in the cut scenes. I can’t think of a particular element that hooked me to the game while I was playing it I think that the overall package of everything that’s fantastic about the game drew me in grabbed a hold of me and never let go. I’m currently 19 I own all the games, (I even played and finished the V-cast game, but I don’t have that anymore) have yet to finish BBS or Re:Chain. I love the series and despite my age I continue to love how it appeals both to my childish side, and to my more mature side.

  34. Gxyoumo14 Says:

    it was 6th grade, a few weeks after the release of the first game i was in school and a friend of mine was reading the guide. at this time in my life i hadnt heard of square so the ff stuff made no sense. he lent me the guide so i could look through it. im ashamed to admit that i thought it looked meh. i thought that the idea of a big key as a sword was dumb…
    bout a year later i saw it at hollywood video when i was visiting my cuz and i rented it to see if it was any good. needless to say i came lol. even since ive had a crack like addiction to kh

  35. Jiminy Cricket (Guest) Says:

    I read about it in a gaming magazine while I was on holiday in Hong Kong in 2001. A lot of screenshots (all in Japanese) and I loved the idea of a Disney + anything collab.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the magazine and don’t have a clue as to what it was called, but I still remember that being my first ‘introduction’ to Kingdom Hearts.

    At this point, I hadn’t played any Final Fantasy’s, so my excitement for this game was based purely on the Disney.
    From then on, I would see videos here and there on free demo discs on gaming magazines, which would futher fuel the hype-fire in my mind.

    It was essentially a day-1 purchase, along with every game in the series since (asside from those I’ve had to import).

  36. Michael Mayne Says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and presume I have the earliest story… =D

    It was either 2000/2001 (freshman year of high school) and I can’t remember if it was during the Tokyo Game Show or E3. Whichever one was the very first announcement of the game. I read IGN’s very first article about it during my computer applications class and thought it sounded like the greatest “never saw this coming” idea ever. At the time, the only info Squaresoft had divulged was the basic premise—original kid character wielding a giant key searches for his friends, joined by Donald and Goofy who are searching for Mickey, and you would visit multiple Disney worlds and run across a few Final Fantasy cameos.

    I was sold.

    But it was a few weeks or even months later that I would be able to continue fueling my anticipation for it, because by the time I got home I had already forgotten the title of the project (C’mon, with zero context, the name “Kingdom Hearts” doesn’t really lend itself to instant memorability).

    But yeah, that was my actual introduction to the game. Needless to say, I bought the first game day one.

  37. Davis-Jay Harris Says:

    Like in 2008 or so, my best friend came over my house, and he brought Kingdom Hearts 2 with him. When he told me the whole story about keyblades, and Disney characters, I was pretty intrested. When I played the game for myself, I was obsessed with Kingdom Hearts from that momment on. I bought 3 game systems to get all the games.

  38. Aurablade77 Says:

    I discovered it in the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine issue I bought in a Blockbuster store during my family vacation in Florida visiting cousins. I think it was the August 2001 issue. At first glance I was immediately interested. Kinda like eating bacon for the first time.

  39. Harry M Says:

    I remember getting a magazine with a story on KH and i thought was “Is Sora a Girl?”. Then i saw a add for it and got it for christmas. It was also my first ps2 game.

  40. Andrew Stander Says:

    My step-sister’s ex introduced us to it when he brought it over. I said a t.v. ad for it. He let us play then we got our own PS2 with Kingdom Hearts for Christmas.

  41. Dwid Hellion Says:

    Game came out when I was 11. Saw screenshots from the English version about a month prior to it’s release on IGN. What attracted me was primarily the Disney aspect, as I knew very little about Final Fantasy at the time. My local Blockbuster got it the Saturday after it’s release date. My life changed on one amazing September evening haha.

    Here I am; 19 and still loving every bit of it.

  42. Itzumaru Says:

    I was 12 when Squaresoft was working on the game. My friends older brother who got me into RPGs (namely Square) told me of their new project. He explained it was story combining Square and Disney elements. The only information he had was that it starts with 3 friends on or working on a raft to leave home and one friend betrayed the other. I kinda forgot about it after that day and then the commercials started coming out about a year later and I was geeking out about it (I bought a PS2 just for the game). That one line always stuck out the most “You will never know who you will run into next…”

  43. Pete Campbell Says:

    Hi Arfan,

    I first found out about Kingdom Hearts in the same way! :)

  44. Jack-pumpkinhead Says:

    I had seen the game in an article in Wizard (back when Wizard was actually good), but didnt pay much attention. Then I saw a commercial for it on TV, and I said “Wait a minute, Jack Skellington and Maleficent, two of my favorite characters, in one game?! This must be seen!” So I told my grandma I wanted the game for christmas and I’d save up money for my first PS2. Well, the folks surprised me with a PS2 and I fired it up Christmas morning. OH MY GOD, I’d never seen graphics like those before. I thought the game was amazing, and when I unlocked the secret film, I was wowed even further! This game turned out to be the gateway game for me; after playing it I had to try out the other Final Fantasies and the rest is history for me.

  45. Joshuaoconnor66 Says:

    I was in my friends house in 2002 and he was just about to turn off kingdom hearts until i asked what was it. He explained about kh and i ended up buying it myself. At the time though i didnt have a memory card and probably started the game up to the deep jungle lvl 15 times lol.

  46. Dimas Ryuk Aparicio Says:

    I remember seeing the trailer they had on the special edition DVD for Final Fantasy X in European countries. My initial reaction was just “buuuuuuh?! what the–!? THIS IS GENIUS!!!!” and I was pretty much pissing my pants in anticipation, waiting for it to come to Cyprus (at the time game releases weren’t really top-priority so they always came months later than worldwide release and even now they can be late a few weeks. Glad I’m studying in the UK for now! XD). The scale of it was just EPIC and it got me hooked immediately, the music, the graphics, the action and the characters in it, I was just psyched!! I started looking it up a while before it got released but being as lazy as I am didn’t reeeeally look hard enough to find anything. Then one day as I’m browsing in my local game retailer I see it, Kingdom Hearts, on a shelf, in a corner! It caught me by surprise and there was like only ONE copy of the game there! O.o I naturally had my geek-fit and ran for it, paid for it then ran home with it only to disappear for a few days! Since then I’ve played every game in the series (excluding KH:Coded but from what I hear I might still have a chance at it :D ).

  47. Stephyuchiha Says:

    In 2002 i went to blockbuster to rent a game. The store was closing quickly and my mom said i had better pick something out or i wasnt getting anything and all the good games were gone. The only one that piqued my interest was this wierd game that a saw commercials a jillion times over, but it was ether that or nothing.Hours later i was in love with the story, characters, gameplay etc. Mainly the fact that i got to beat up all the disney villains ive hated since i was younger. Ive gotten every single sequel on the release and cant wait till KH3

  48. RAWR Says:

    Around 2002-2003, a friend of mine who was a mechanic in the marines who would visit about every weekend brought his PS2 and his video games. One of them was Kingdom Hearts. I saw the case, and I thought that it might be a bit lame because Square and Disney made it. We made a file and started playing, and I was AMAZED! We kept playing, we worked on the game for about a year trying to get every item, every Dalmatian, and every Ansem.

  49. Mishel Samiri-Robinadeh Says:

    I was 12-13 years old. And i spotted Kingdom Hearts, one copy, on the shelf, my eyes caught the Keyblade on the cover, because i thought it was intresting to use a key like a sword. I wanted to buy it but didn’t have the money, so i rushed home, got all my games and traded them in for the game. it was the best choice i ever did. Since then i’ve been a huge kingdom hearts fan.

  50. Eternitykeyblade Says:

    It was the year FIBAL FANTASY X came out… we had just bought the Newest console- the PS2- and we pre-ordered FFX to come with it. I saw the special DVD that came with it and the two trailers on it. I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I thought FFVII started an unbeatable FF obsession until this beautiful game came into my life! I spent the next year dreaming about getting the game, and then my cousin (the Ultimate Gamer) got it, finished it in one day, then brought it over to play with me.I STILL HAVE IT. Yes, he knows I’m never giving it back and last year he officially said it was MINE. That’s my story- now I’m spread thin between the FF and KH world, tho neither beats the other- I’m just more Obsessed with KH and Hikki, but that’s a WHOLE new stroy… XD (BTW, when we saw Riku turn around in the trailer and reach out his hand, we all screemed :”It’s maester SEYMOUR!” XD we seriosly thought he was a kid in KH until we got it :P )

  51. Joshua Bolin Says:

    I found it rather late (probably right before Chain of Memories was released), when I was spending my Christmas gift cards. My little brother and I only had a total of $40 to spend, and the chances of us agreeing on something for the whole sum was negligible, so we ended up buying two games from the Greatest Hits section instead of the brand new games. Kingdom Hearts was mine, and although it took me a little while to get into it, I am now a fully fledged fan of the series.

  52. Sora Says:

    My first time was for my birthday when i got 10
    Then my brother bought a game for me and it was Kingdom Hearts!
    But me i wasn’t very good in english so i started playing games and this is how i learn my english!
    Then i try Kingdom Hearts since it was one of my last games i didn’t play
    By playing Kingdom Hearts i was understanding everything! And then i become addicted to this game!
    I love the story!, i love the characters, i love Kingdom Hearts!!!!

  53. Ian Manning Says:

    9th grade, when I was reading EGM, I found a page with peculiar images with a certain brown haired boy with a girl’s name fighting alongside Donald Duck and Goofy. I heard this game was being made by Squaresoft, so a little smile came accross my face, because when I read the word Squaresoft, I thought Final Fantasy VII. It’s too bad there wasn’t any swearing or blood in the game, that was what Square games did so well. Kingdom Hearts literally destroyed my vision of Final Fantasy and turned them a bunch of wussies who were scared of the dark. The series did pretty good though, aside from the crappy singing mini games, it was a good game series.

  54. Kevin Lee Says:

    I first heard of Kingdom Hearts when I was on an online forum and people kept talking about this game called “Kingdom Hearts” and this song called “Simple and Clean”. When I read online that it was a blend of Disney and “Final Fantasy”, somehow the idea just sounded impossible to me. Then I was in Chinatown in NYC and saw the game on sale and decided to buy it on a whim.

    Not only was “Kingdom Hearts” not a walk in the theme park, but I was shocked by how difficult it was. Not only that, but you play “Kingdom Hearts”, you forget everything you heard of how how Disney was just for children and that it can actually be very charming if done right. And Disney and “Final Fantasy” not mixing? Donald Duck shooting lightning bolts at Squall…seriously, who wouldn’t pay to see that?

  55. Light Riku Says:

    I first read about it in a videogame magazine, it was a Chain of Memories Article. I didn’t really pay attention to it.

    Years later I was studying at a friend’s house, when we decided to take a break. She startet playing Kingdom Hearts I. The gameplay looked interesting to me but I didn’t pay attention to the story.

    One year later, when I got my PS2 and was looking for games to have, I came across it once more and I decided to buy it. The more I played, the more I liked it.

  56. HAHAH <.< Lena Says:

    It was 2002 I was 8 years old in 2nd grade. I remembered watching Disney Channel and a segment called Disney’s secret vault came on talking about Kingdom Hearts. I was WOWED by everything. But sadly I didnt have a PS2 i barly played games at all. I couldnt stop watching that commerical everytime. Then christmas came around and i noticed it there waiting for me. This game took me 1 year and 6 months. Since then I’ve played all of kh games even the jap imported versions. I’m 16 now and thank you KH for making my life the shit XD. Oh KH2 took me 2 days. chain – 2 weeks and 358/2 – 3 days =D

  57. Daniel Says:

    I had gotten addicted to the series when some friends of mine were selling some things they didn’t want back in 2004. I saw commercials on disney channel before i had gotten kingdom hearts and thought the game was stupid. boy was i wrong. my friend gave me their copy of kh1 for $20. when i started playing, i thought the game was amazing. i didn’t get to finish kh 1 because it broke. i then got Kh2 a little bit after and since loved it.i haven’t played all the kh games because i do not have the money to get them all. even though i didn’t play all of them i know the storyline.

  58. unicron Says:

    I first learned about Kingdom Hearts in a video game article when I was about 9 or 10 (can’t remember which). Like everyone else I thought the idea of Final Fantasy mixed with Disney was weird, but after my brother picked up the 1st game we sorta became hooked.

  59. Doyle Says:

    I was 13 when it first came out, was a bit puzzled by it, a big Final Fantasy fan at this point, but thought the Disney stuff was a bit strange. I eventually saw a commercial showing off the game and I thought it was cool, but no PS2 sadly enough at this point. My friend got it and a few of us cycled through it was hooked ever since

  60. Supershadow125 Says:

    I found about kingdom hearts though G4 and from a awsome commercial…that’s why I hate that G4 from changeing and now they are not on my cable anymore. at least I have them as friends on youtube.

  61. Hector427 Says:

    i was told about kingdom hearts from a friend from high school at first i was like waaack goofy and donald in a game i thought it was a childs game my friend convince me 2 get it im like let me just give the game a try when it came out i sure know know dont juge A BOOK by its cover i love this game so much that i will sell god of war and all the final fantasy is just the story is so well told i am a fan till the day i die cant wait 4 the next 1

  62. R3tr0Gam3r Says:

    i found out about it from reading a playstation magazine that came with a demo disc which happened to have kingdom hearts on it…after that i was hooked

  63. Jcarbajal44 Says:

    i saw the commercial when i was a wee little boy then i forgot about it till i was 16 then i played it because i saw a video on youtube. i was mezmerized loved it since then

  64. Nekota Says:

    My friend told me about how good this game is, but I couldn’t play it because I didn’t have a PS2.
    After 1-2 years I watched a lot of KH vids on YT and I couldn’t hold in.
    in 2008 I finally had enough money and bought a PS2 together with KH2 (because 1 wasn’t available in the shop and had to order it online).
    this makes me a PS2/KH late starter
    Then I played many hours and it was a game that I’ve never had played before
    it made really fun and the story was so wonderful and touching
    and the German voices (because I’m German) made it perfect (sadly after 2 there are no German voices anymore…*hate Square Enix for this*)
    after a hard time I finished KH1 and immediately started KH2 and it was even better
    and since then I’m a huge KH fan and played all KH games (except CoM)

  65. Tesuya is a god, ya know? Says:

    I don’t remember what year it was exactly, but it WAS awhile back. Anyhow, my brother is a FF FREAK, and he wanted to slowly warm me up to it through Kingdom Hearts. At first, I wasn’t that sure about he game. I hadn’t been exposed to ANYTHING Japanese at the time so I laughed at Kairi’s endless giggles and Riku and Sora’s hair. However…before long…I got sickly, ridiculously, horribly and dangerously OBSESSED! I still am! KH is the best game ever and I’ll love and follow the series until the day I DIE! WAWHHOOOO!! I LOVE YOU, TESUYA NOMOURA!!!!!

  66. KHfan1138 Says:

    Me n my siblings heard a lot of good reviews about it, so we decided to buy it. Having recently gotten into FF (finished FFX, our first FF game) and enjoying it, we loved the idea of blending it with Disney, if it could be pulled off right (which the reviews made clear it had been).

  67. Rebmakash Says:

    I first heard about it through my sister and several friends told me it was a great game. I wasn’t interested then. But I had a GBA, and I’ve always been a huge Disney geek. So, shortly after Chain of Memories came out, I bought it. And I fell in love with this adorable kid named Sora. I had no clue who Kairi was, but I found myself upset she was being replaced. And what was up with this Riku kid? Endearing characters plus my favorite Disney characters pulled me in, never to return. I began to spoil myself for Kingdom Hearts and made friends online because of it. A year later I remember having what would have been a bad day, only to be excited because I was “going to go home and play with Sora.” Namely, I was buying a PS2 just to play Kingdom Hearts. I was 22,on an internship hundreds of miles away, and already looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 2. I’ve played every English game since.

    Maybe a year later, I’d made shell charms somewhat reminiscent of Kairi’s for my friends I’d met on that internship. Four years later, I find myself playing Birth by Sleep. I’ve seen all six of those friends I made since, despite living across the U.S., and I live with two of them. And I watched the trails of friendship of Aqua, Terra and Ven and can’t help but compare them to my own. I know one of my friends has the shell necklace in her room. …I truly believe Wayfinders work.

  68. Rebmakash Says:

    I first heard about it through my sister and several friends told me it was a great game. I wasn’t interested then. But I had a GBA, and I’ve always been a huge Disney geek. So, shortly after Chain of Memories came out, I bought it. And I fell in love with this adorable kid named Sora. I had no clue who Kairi was, but I found myself upset she was being replaced. And what was up with this Riku kid? Endearing characters plus my favorite Disney characters pulled me in, never to return. I began to spoil myself for Kingdom Hearts and made friends online because of it. A year later I remember having what would have been a bad day, only to be excited because I was “going to go home and play with Sora.” Namely, I was buying a PS2 just to play Kingdom Hearts. I was 22,on an internship hundreds of miles away, and already looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 2. I’ve played every English game since.

    Maybe a year later, I’d made shell charms somewhat reminiscent of Kairi’s for my friends I’d met on that internship. Four years later, I find myself playing Birth by Sleep. I’ve seen all six of those friends I made since, despite living across the U.S., and I live with two of them. And I watched the trails of friendship of Aqua, Terra and Ven and can’t help but compare them to my own. I know one of my friends has the shell necklace in her room. …I truly believe Wayfinders work.

  69. Ryan Martinez Says:

    thats sooo awesome to read all these stories… like you have something in common, more than just a video game, the feel you got when you REALLY experienced Kingdom Hearts…
    I was sitting at home, on Christmas break of 2002/2003. I picked up the game and thought, “Eh, I bought it because Cloud is on the back, Mickey is on the front and I really like Disney…” like most I’ve met, we all got confused right out of the gate, trying to figure out(similar to Riku), how to get off that EFFIN’ island. It wasn’t until the next year did I actually beat it through and I remember thinking… this would be REALLY cool to play from beginning to end without such a long time in between. I then went on to buy KH:CoM & I did enjoy it, but not as much as I did KH 2 & also KH RE:CoM & KH: 356/7. Now of course, since then, I have went on to buy endless accessories, shirts, even tattooed Keyblades on my arm. But I still get that weird tingly feeling when I hear ‘Simple & Clean’ & ‘Sanctuary’

  70. Tybo Mylle Says:

    my mom said it would be a good game for me so she bought it . when i looked at the cover i was like .. are you serious ??… then i got instantly hooked :D i just love those games :)

  71. 'Iván Marquéz Says:

    weell.. cuz here in mexico i bought a fake game of it, and then i played it, and i said, its cool, ok, but then i discovered that da game was kh fm , & i said, wooww, then i falled in lov with utada and balhblah,, was GREAT! :P haha

  72. Gemelo70 Says:

    I got the game like a week after it came out had seen an advert well my brother had and one day we were out shopping in asda and we just happened to see it I vaguely remembered the advert and me and my bro begged my mum to buy it so she did and since then i’ve grown up with kingdom hearts played every game so far and yh I was about 9 when I first got it and it was great playing it I would get so scared when had to fight wyvern for some reason they freaked me out although now they seem pretty hardcore to me lol

  73. oblivion_lord Says:

    the first time i saw kh was in a tv show about videogames here Brazil. They were giving good reviews to it and i thought that was a interesting game to play. After few months I bought kh2. I didn’t understand much at the time, so i finished the game and bought KH1. Then i became a big fan of the series. KH FOREVER

  74. Christopher B. Says:

    You must’ve played the international version of Final Fantasy X if you got the bonus disc.

  75. Albert Says:

    I got into it when i got the game shortly after I had my seizure. my parents took me to get a ps2 and that was one of the games i got. a little ironic my parents got me a ps2 that can cause seizures.

  76. Matt Says:

    Well, I remember I saw the first things about Kingdom Hearts in a issue of Game Informer when they first announced it following E3 I think and how they were talking that the mash up between the colorful and family-friendly Disney with the dark, violent, mature Squaresoft (Before they merged with Enix a year later) was a disaster waiting to happen, that could spell doom for Square and hurt Disney big time. Then when the English version was close to coming out, I began to see critics beginning to shut up then finally when the game came out (I actually pre-ordered it), everyone was raving on how awesome the game, storyline, graphics and voice acting was.

  77. Jeffry Castillo Says:

    my brother was into games i wasnt aware of i first saw him play DMC and i absolutely loved that game. then i came to his house one day and i saw him fighting ansem from part 1 in his final form.

  78. Jeffry Castillo Says:

    i remember thinking it was a lame game (disney) he told me to try it i instantly loved it and followed it since. my only regret is not playing 358 but im too lazy to pass it ps it seems slow to me and i dont like the control scheme. kingdom hearts greatest game ive played but really complex story

  79. Rick_R91 Says:

    I disovered Kingdom Hearts watching the trailers in the DVD “Beyond Final Fantasy” (was that its name?) that went with the European release of Final Fantasy X! And so I got it as Christmas present when it came out! :D

  80. Mirrialliah Says:

    It was when I was in eather year 6 or 7 my little brother had got some birthday money he had promissed me that I could pick out a toy or 2 formyself for him to buy for me when we got the the shops and into the games section he changed his mind and was going to buy himself a couple of new games I wasnt a happy chappy and we had an argument in the middle of the store mum split us up and told me it was his money he could spend it on what ever he whanted so anyway he bought the new games and we whent home I whent and sulked for a while before he came and appologised and asked me to come play one of his new games and I could choose what we played first lol Im pretty sure its obvious what I chose to play Kingdome Hearts unfortunatly we had no memorie card so we barly made it past Destiny Islands and into Traverse Town before we had to turn it off after a couple of months we finaly got a memorie card it took me and my little brother a year to finnish the first one (including the time it took us to get the memorie card) the second took us a week i also have 358/2 days (wich I did not keep track how long it took us to finnish) and the new one Birth By Sleep wich I am still currently working on ^-^

  81. Muzammi Hussain77 Says:

    i am hardcore and a huge fan of kingdom hearts and i have played kh 1 and 2 looking forward to getting birth by sleep and chain of memories .And hope fr more kingdom hearts games with good,mad,awesome gameplays espically n ps3 and more. hope kingdom hearts goes forever with good storylines like kh 1 did have it was awesome

  82. Kyle Wilkie Says:

    It was back in 2001. I’d just had a new Playstation 2 bought for me, and with it Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (brilliant game by the way). I was looking on the back of the box and there was about 20 pictures on the back, all with different writing underneath, with the names of games. There in big bold letters, with Sora’s head stuck just above it, i saw “Kingdom Hearts”. The next day i went to my local blockbuster, rented the game and brought it home with me. Unfortunately the game was too scratched, because some other imbecile had failed to take care of it. We took it back to blockbuster, had our rental money refunded, and off home we went. I came home from school the next day, and there, sitting in my room was a copy of Kingdom Hearts. My parents had taken it upon themselves to go out and buy me the game, which i know, i will always thank them for. I started playing the game on the normal difficulty. After 3 hours i was hooked. Lucky for me, there was only a week until we broke up for summer holidays. At the start of the holidays, i took to my room, and thats where i fell in love with one of the best games i’ve ever played. After about 5 day’s, and collecting every item you could, i finally put down the controller. Kingdom Hearts revolutionized the way i looked at video games. And since then, i can honestly say i am one of the Kingdom Hearts series, number 1 fans, and proud. I own every Kingdom Hearts related game released within europe, and have completed all of them, on the hardest difficulty, including Birth By Sleep, which i only purchased 6 days ago. Also like Jack Mowat, Kingdom Hearts was also the game that introduced me to Final Fantasy, something i am indebted to the game for ever since.

    Long Live Kingdom Hearts. :)

  83. Magikdan91 Says:

    well, i was about 10 or 11 and i had moved to california to the marine base in palm springs. i was living with my sister and mom on base. my sisters husband had a ps2 and i played it all the time, but i eventually grew bored with the games cuz i hated the graphics and they were just plain boring, no story that interested me (grand theft auto is only fun when you steal cars and crash them for so long) so one night we decied to go to hollywood video store and i thought eh, maybe ill find something, whatever. i wasnt really expecting to find anything good. so i looked through the new movies, then went to the games and nothing really caught my eye, i saw the back of the kingdom hearts box, and seeing genie i thought, “stupid disney game for babies, another dumb game, no, nope” i was just passing them, and my mom was already at the register and i thought “darnit! why cant i just find a good game with a good story and good graphics!” so i was in a hurry and i came back to the kh box because it was sorta shiny, you know how the box has like a holographic cover? and i looked at the front and it reminded me of my ff10 which was super hard for me and it was sorta a good game so i thought ah! whatever and i just grabbed it. i think that totally changed my life because i quickly became obsessed with it. i remember putting in the game, seeing the tarzan copyright thing pop up, and going “hah tarzan thats weird”. then when sora shows up and the music begins to play i was like “…..thats nice” then after i just played that game everyday for the next week, all day everyday. i became absorbed in the story, when i played, i was sora, i was there with him. when donald and goofy left him becase riku forcibly took back the keyblade at hollow bastion, i nearly cried. and when they came back i cheered. when i saw how riku was turning evil and how it was all maleficents fault i thought “that horrid fugly witch!” and in the end, when sora defeats ansem and closes the door with riku and mickey shows up i thought “woahhhh mickey *o*!” and the last part when kairi and sora say their goodbyes, i felt so bad, here he is after going through all the trouble to save her and he cant go back because he has to find riku now! it isnt fair! and when the pieces of land move away from eatch other and kairi says “i know you will!” well that was it for me and i just bawled like a baby haha xD my sister walked in asking for something and then did a double take and said wtf is wrong and i just blubbered haha. it was beautiful to me, seeing how her island was slowly coming back together again, the stars shooting into the sky, the trees growing back, it was all amazing and breathtaking to me back then, and still is a little bit. so yea thats my story about how i found kh. to this day almost 11 years later, im still obsessed with kh and i always will to the day that nomura anounces the final version :]

  84. Josh_fuerst Says:

    I didn’t start my play of Kingdom Hearts at the begging. I started with CoM(Chain of Memories). At the time of CoM’s release the game caught my attention through the commercials with the series beloved singer Utada Hikaru singing her famous songs. Then one day while walking trough the mall (Age 11) I saw it and asked my mom if I could have it. So with my mom being awsome she got it for me. Played it, loved it, was a little confused at first but I found out that there was the first I had to get it. But I discovered it was for PS2 and I didn’t have one. So I turned to eday and got a deal on the system and the game. Once I got it things became much more clear (and the Tarzan world was Cool kinda disappointed that CoM didn’t have Tarzan.) Then thanks to my weird, not point A to point B, discovery of the series I didn’t have to wait long for KH2. Course by then I was in love with the Series at CoM, and with Kairi, before KH2. But when I played it the flames of my love were reflamed with the blaze of armageddon. So now at this point I have played everything KH related. Execept the Final mixs which just proves Japan is a Greedy bastard for not letting America not have some of that action. Love the series, will it all till after Death if I have to. And that’s one of the many fanboys and girls start on Kingdom Hearts. Which will be eched in History for all time.

  85. Immblueversion Says:

    Way back in 2001, I saw its development being covered in a random game magazine that contained a full walkthrough for “The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons” (not “Ages,” though). It was so old that all the screenshots were from the beta trailer. It looked intriguing enough, but I was one of the five people in America who didn’t own a PS2 at the time, so I decided to let fate choose when I would be able to see it again. I saw nothing else for it until commercials for its English release came out; it was also the first time I heard “Simple and Clean,” and I loved it. However, I still had no PS2. Shortly after, one of my closest friends at school invited me to his house to play his copy, and I made my own save file on the console. I hadn’t gotten past Traverse Town before I was unable to visit him as often due to a change in schools. It wouldn’t be for another two years until finally, in 2004, we went out to actually buy a PS2 for my birthday. The very first game for me to play on it that came to mind was Kingdom Hearts, and the rest is history.

  86. Bennysherman Says:

    I was upstairs in my room looking on the Disney channel website on our crappy computer and saw a game called Kingdom Hearts. It looked cool, a new idea for Disney video games, I never had heard of any final fantasy games and wasn’t interested in it, when I first rented the game, I thought it was cool. I got it for Christmas in 2002. I thought it was a great game and it was great to fight the heartless. Also, having Donald and goofy fighting by your side was fantastic. It was great to have a lot of Disney worlds to see and have many of the actors reprising the roles they originated in. I hated riku actually till the second game, I didn’t beat the game till 2005 and that was a great day when I accomplished it and thought it was cool to see Mickey destroy 3 darksides. I would later keep track of Kingdom Hearts 2 for 2 years in 2004, I pre ordered it in mid 05. Ha-ha. I kept track of the game obsessively. I was so happy when the game came out on March 29th 2006 and it looked awesome. KH2 is my favorite video game of all time for various reasons. I think Wayne Allwine did his best work as Mickey in KH2 and made him so badass. :) And the game had a much darker story then the first game but I guess it seemed darker to me which fit the story. When I heard of the 3 different games coming out to the different systems, it just seemed out of place, but they seemed to do well. I am still waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. The songs fit well with the game. I think Haley Joel Osment does a great job in both games as Sora, he put alot of positive energy and made the character awesome to play as. I think the future of the series could end soon, I hope KH3 will be the last but im guessing it won’t be. Hopefully it’ll be awesome on PS3 like God of war 3 did. I have enjoyed the ride of Kingdom Hearts, it was a great idea that Square-Exix and Tetsuya Nomura came up with back in the day. I think the other games are just the missing puzzle pieces of the gigantic puzzle. It seemed kind of odd to have both Leonard Nimoy and Mark Hamill to be part of the series in the Birth by Sleep, it was like clash of the titans between the 2 different star universes they starred in the past…. It was interesting to see. Congrats to Tetsuya for his success and for creating a series of shear fun and great adventure. KH3 ALL THE WAY!!!!! :) :)

  87. Shadowsora000 Says:

    I must have been ten or so, and my friend Brittany and I saw a commercial for the game while watching Spongebob Squarepants. We were addicted to the song in the game and Brittany said she was going to get the game because she’d gotten a PS2 for her birthday. Being her best friend, I knew we’d be spending the next few months playing this game…
    sadly, she grew bored of the game after the first couple hours. I, on the other hand, knew that this game was going to be awesome all the way through. I bought the game from her for $20 and my parents afforded my first PS2 for Christmas that year. I was ecstatic and began to play on Beginner Mode.

    I beat the game all the way through in four months. Between the lovable characters, engrossing storyline, amazing graphics (for 2003 at least), and the magic addiction that the game cast on you, I was actually sad when the game ended. But, to my relief, I knew that it wasn’t really over. Sora had to still find Riku after all!! :)
    I actually played the game so much that I had to go through two more copies and a new PS2, which I’ve artistically modified so it has Sora on the cover. :D The bottom line: Kingdom Hearts is my favorite franchise and will be until Nomura stops directing (even though he probably WON’T!)!! :D

  88. Fireproof345 Says:

    Hi, I’m Crys and I’m addicted to Kingdom Hearts..I first saw a review for KH when I was about ten or eleven on cartoon networks Toonami. To be honest I thought it looked really lame. I wasn’t into video games then and I kinda spazzed out because I thought Disney was, “being corrupted” (oh, the mind of a ten year old). I’m sad to say that I completely forgot about it for almost seven years. During my junior year in HS(2007-08) I happened to be browsing through the video games at the store and ran across Kingdom Hearts. I picked it up, looked it over, said, “hey I remember this..what the hell I’ll try it” and that was the beginning of the end.
    The first time I played it I was kinda like wth is this? This is lame, but the longer I played the more addicted I became. By the time I had beaten it I was unhealthily obsessed. Unfortunately I had accidentally picked up KH2 by mistake so I felt like a part of was missing. I was still hooked however. I seriously think theres like some form of subliminal message in the opening title, because from what I’ve read we’ve all had the same experience; we hear UTADA and see the opening and the rest of the world falls away. Since then I have purchased and or borrowed all of the kingdom hearts games and completed them all (except CoM I hate the cards) and I have also infected my sister, cousin and Best friend with the addiction. It’s the reason I’m going into animation so it can’t be too bad right? :D

  89. KGW Says:

    The way I found out about the Kingdom Heart series was when I was 8 years old. I always went to my friends house to play video games and one day I saw him play Kingdom Hearts. My friend was fighting Kurt Zisa and whatever and I sort of thought it was pretty dumb to watch but it got really interesting near the end. So a year after watching him play the game my family and I went shopping in the mall and we went to target. When I got their I saw Kingdom Hearts 1 on the rack and it only costs $19.99 and so I thought I might as well find out what was so special about it since my best friend played it. Once I started playing the game I had loads of fun. I got really pissed off because as a nine year old the first Kingdom Hearts game was hard. I mean their was no map so I had to go through trial and error and I died way too much because I went to worlds that were to high of a level for me to accomplish but I finished them in the end. I think I was close to beating the game where I was going to fight against Ansem but Kingdom Hearts 2 was coming and I just stopped playing that and played Kingdom Hearts 2. Interestingly enough I loved that more than Kingdom Hearts 1 because the combo weren’t limited to 3 hits and plus I didn’t die that much lol. But, after I finished I finished off Kingdom Hearts 1 in its entirety. I have to hand it to Nomura he must have had an epiphany if he created a game that merged two different worlds together that became a popular series. Kingdom Hearts for the most part has also introduced me to the Final Fantasy series. I’m 16 years old playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which may have trumped the past Kingdom Hearts game’s, and that game isn’t easy which is a good thing since I’ve gotten better playing video games lol.

  90. oblivion_keychain Says:

    I used to go to the old Squaresoft Play Online website (back before it was redesigned to be the Final Fantasy XI home page) in order to read the Final Fantasy IX strategy guide. I remember when they added to the website this sparkle that would follow your cursor around the screen, and it was meant to advertise for the Kingdom Hearts game. When I looked into it, the website wasn’t up yet, but they did show the cover art, and I was really put off by the use of Donald and Goofy. But then a little while later I saw an article in Offical Playstation Magazine (Someone already said July 2002 Issue), and I really liked the Nomura artwork for the characters, which then sent me to the website. And when I found out that Cloud Strife and Jack Skellington would be in the same game, I became obsessed with it. I bought in on Friday, the week it came out.

  91. Uchihalucas0 Says:

    eu descobri o Kingdom Hearts quando vi o Sora no filme do Rei Leão

  92. RoyalGuard Says:

    i was at a garage sale and i saw a ps2(with cords and wireless remote) and a small electronic piano for 20 bucks and i bought it. When i got home and started the ps2 Kingdom Hearts 2 was in it. I had never heard of the game i was totally clueless about it. I started and at first i was not to excited but then after 5 minutes of gameplay it was easily one of my top five games! and ever since i have been a fan of kh

  93. Dabattousai Says:

    First thing to come in mind was the Optional Boss being Sephiroth. Once I heard that, I felt I needed to get this game despite the whole Disney ordeal. Then it was the game’s opening cinematic I looked up online. Once I heard Simple and Clean Planet B Mix, I knew I had to get the game. At first, didn’t really care much for the whole Disney thing, but once I got to the end and unlocked the Secret Ending and saw a darker tone in the next game, I got very excited.

  94. Raheem Palmer Says:

    i was staying the night at a friends house and we were thinking of what games to play and i saw he had kingdom hearts. i noticed it from the commercial and wanted to play.he said he didnt like it much because he was stuck at the parts where riku takes your keyblade.i got as far as the traverse town boss fight before i fell in love with it. but i actually beat kingdom hearts 2 before i completed 1 or COM

  95. Ryodestined Says:

    I first saw the preview for the game in Game Informer. Like most people who were familiar with Final Fantasy, I wondered how the heck SQEX would pull off the combo. Would the game end up being very kid-friendly and be a cheap throw-away that was meant to give 5 years old a chance to pretend they were playing a real video game? I decided to read about what was coming and just check reviews. Sure enough, the game scored positive reviews and I bought my copy of the game with a guide about a week after it’s launch day.

    From there on, I was entranced to be playing an action RPG that handled well while showing new sides to Final Fantasy favorites and familiar worlds full of characters I thought of as untouchable from the Disney universe. Seeing Donald and Goofy next to Sora, ready to fight, seemed odd. I felt they wouldn’t hold their weight, but they prove me wrong and aid me effectively in the quest (well, if you tweaked their settings properly and gave them the right items, that is).

    I eagerly await each release. Having just finished Birth By Sleep, and aware of Re:Coded, I can’t wait to see what direction the series is headed in.

  96. Victoria Acree Says:

    The Commercial I believe is what got me. it Was the water of the beach Riku extending his hand the music, that commercial was magic to my eyes, and I guess thats how I got hooked. On a side note I finnaly beat KH1 and KH2!

  97. 王 エンジェル Says:

    I rented it, and ever since I got hooked!!!

  98. Rae Ellis Says:

    There was this shiny box in front of me with Mickey, Donald and Goofy on it, standing by some spiky-haired kid with huge clown shoes and a huge key. It was that or FFX. FFX waited another year.

  99. McFly=) Says:

    I looked into a playstation magazing and then I saw a picture of Donald and Goofy with a kid holding a giant keyand I was like O_O what is this? then the commercial looked amazing so I had to play it and I loved it and I still love it

  100. Teehee Says:

    When I was 10 years old ,in a conversation with my friend on the school bus, we were talking about games and I remember saying “All Disney games suck.” He said “That’s not true!”
    The next day he let me borrow his Kingdom Hearts game. And it is now my favorite game series since then.

  101. someone234 Says:

    when my cousin brought over his ps2 with a bunch of games including kingdom hearts :D

  102. Uwe Schöning Says:

    German commercials on TV for the first KH Game. But I never bought the game. Until I met my girlfriend 2005 I never played KH1. And then I couldn’t stop to play it. I love the mix between FF and Disney.

    Besides: I’m from Germany, so please be kind with my English, if bad.

  103. CoreyM Says:

    I was in the 5th grade and i was at home watching the disney channel. They had this little commercial l in between shows of a guy breaking into the disney headquarters and looking at upcoming games, movies, events, etc. In the commercial, he was looking at a game called Kingdom Hearts. I didn’t care much for the game but once I saw that Simba from the Lion King was in the game, I wanted to buy it bc i always wanted a ps2 game where you can play the storyline from the lion king in good graphics. I bought the game a couple of weeks later and eventually found out that you couldn’t really play as Simba in the game, but i became hooked on the actual game and didnt give a shit about simba lol. I fell in love with the characters and storylines, which is something that games of today lack since its all online games and no story. Ever since i bet the first game, which was such a scary boss battle for my age and i played it late at night too, i’ve become hooked on the series. Thankfully, my grade 5 wish of wishing to play the lion king on ps2 was fulfilled in kingdom hearts 2 when pride rock was an actual world!! Thank you Kingdom Hearts. Best game ever made.

  104. Hot_mess26 Says:

    I had a sleepover at my friends house and she played it while we were eating pizza upstairs, i thought it looked really cool how u could glide and there was peter pan and tinkerbell (this was Kingdom Hearts 1 in Neverland world), so I bought it at gamestop and started playing.

  105. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  106. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  107. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  108. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  109. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  110. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  111. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  112. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  113. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  114. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  115. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  116. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  117. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  118. Black Otsel Says:

    In 2002 my parents got it for me on a whim they it was developed by Disney & Square Soft (they remembered seeing the logo on the few final fantasy games I had) I got that Christmas. I was captivated, never in my life had I played such an awesome game. I got almost every game within a day or two of there release but I still think the first is the bet

  119. Michael Kalontar Says:

    me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  120. Rodrigo Gallegos Says:

    I remember havin travelled to Orlando, FL, USA sometime in 2002… I thoink we were going to Disneyworld haha, anyways… I was about 10 years old and I saw the ad on the hotel’s TV and KNEW I wanted the game. However… when I BEGGED for the game, my parents just refused. Whan it was the date for a return flight back to Peru, we stopped at toys are us and I saw the game while browsing the shelves, remembered the ad and started begging for it, it was $45. Dad told me it was either that game or two others, and I chose Kingdom Hearts. To date, it is the ONLY game that I own for the PS2 that’s an original, I kept everything that came in the box and am a proud Kingdom Hearts fan.

  121. Deixnal_san Says:

    A friend of mine bougth the KH1 game and she showed me the intro. I loved the song and the video and… the madness began! Since then, I’ve played KH 1, 2 and 358 Days (owned) and CoM (borrowed :P ), and my friend is constantly tellin me things about BBS’s plot XDDDD

  122. Be a Guest Blogger on Kingdom Hearts Ultimania - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Says:

    [...] How I Discovered Kingdom Hearts – By SparklingBlue (MonsterVine) [...]

  123. riku Says:

    The first time I saw the game was at my cousins house and I never really heard of the game, but I was really into final fantasy x at around that time. I saw my cousin play it, and I was so confused but excited because I recognized all the final fantasy characters at the beginning in the beach. I quickly picked up on it, I think i might of borrowed it from him. Then i played non stop and continued on with the series. The problem is that was so long ago and I just looked back on the games and i barely remember any of it now, It’s kind of depressing. A game I dedicated so much time to, and the memories are so fuzzy.

  124. vansem Says:

    I was 6 in 2002, i went to L.A. with my mom for some reason I can’t remeber, to my best friends house, and i went to his room and turned on the tv to see sora,tarzan,and goofy in deep jungle, I was confused to see tarzan and goofy and a kid with spikey hair, i unpaused it and fought the heartless, i had no idea what I was doing and died instantly, a day later me and my cousin was watching tv and I saw the simple and clean kingdom hearts commercial and remebered it was the game i played yesterday, i asked my mom if i could get it and my cousin asked her mom, my mom said well see, a week or days later my mom asked me to help her get something out of the trunk of her car, and kingdom hearts was in it, i was so happy,but i only had 10 minutes to play, i played it all day the next day and my cousin was watching and four days later her mom (my aunt) got her kingdom hearts. From then i’ve gotten all the kingdom hearts games and won them, me and my best friend both loved it and would reinact our favorite scenes, me and my cousin both pre-ordered kingdom hearts 2 and got it on the same day, i’ve grown up with kingdom hearts so much im studying to learn japanese.

  125. ShadowBelmont Says:

    I was walking through the local movie/game rental store and my grandma said pick out one game…All the games I wanted to play were for systems she didnt have (yes my grandma had a PS2) so i went to the PS2 section and picked up the first game I saw, I only saw it first because it had a bright orange sticker on it. But I played it once, and fell in love with it. I thought to myself, this is what I have been waiting for! Some kind of crossover that doesn’t suck in any way at all! and I was right.

  126. Kingmickey76 Says:

    i was in a game shop looking for games… my brother asked me to buy him a game. i picked the first one i saw rated e( even though he was 15). later that day i played it trying to figure out something for him… best… day…. ever….

  127. Jmcaleer0 Says:

    kingdom hearts didnt come out until 2002

  128. Amethmyst Ivy Tigerlily Says:

    amethyst ivy tigerlilywell i had played the game once and i had fell in love with the game and i had bought the shirts and action figures and downloaded six versions of simple and clean and passion after the batte and riku became my fav kh character

  129. Christine Pietrowski Says:

    It was mid-2003, I was thirteen years old, and my family had gone on our weekly trip to Family Video. Each week, my younger brother and I were each allowed to rent a single video game for the week. We had recently gotten a PS2, so I made my first look at the PS2 section of the game area. At this time, the only major games I owned beyond Demo Discs and Kiddy Titles (like Rugrats) were Pokemon, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, and Final Fantasy 7-9. So, it was the name of Square that drew my attention first. I was at an age where I was beginning to fall out of the magic that is Disney, so I was a bit skeptical, but I figured, sure, why not? Five bucks to check it out for a week, and if I don’t like it I never have to play it again. I took it home, popped it in… and by the time the intro video was over I was entranced. Destiny Islands was slow, but I knew, I just KNEW from that video and the Stations, that there was going to be greatness if I could just get through an hour or two of this slow start up. And I’ve been hooked ever since. Every single time I do a new playthrough, I not only sing along with the song, but I say aloud with Sora, “I’ve been having… these weird thoughts lately. Like… is any of this for real.. or not?”

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