The Missing Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts

Why Kingdom Hearts needs more Final Fantasy

Where art thou Final Fantasy?

There’s been a growing trend in the Kingdom Hearts games that does not really sit well with me. When the game was initially announced, I thought it was going to be a collaboration of all things Final Fantasy, much like Dissidia is. I grew more fascinated when I discovered it was in fact a collaboration of Disney and Final Fantasy. I was a Disney fan growing up, however, I am a bigger fan of the Final Fantasy series so the combination of those two worlds could only mean greatness.

As I started to play the original Kingdom Hearts, I quickly noticed Disney was the prime focus, and that those Final Fantasy characters I knew and loved were now butchered and robbed of their terrific back stories. Tidus and Wakka became children, whereas Tidus’ love interest became a small Yuna fairy featured only in KH2. Selphie is somehow Kairi’s best friend and for whatever reason, Squall insists on being called Leon.

This was not the Kingdom Hearts I was anticipating. Nor was it the Kingdom Hearts I wanted. Nowadays it appears that Final Fantasy characters have been given an even lesser role in the series as the only new Final Fantasy character to be added to Birth By Sleep was Zack.

Final Fantasy ‘Worlds’ in Kingdom Hearts

I think that if the Disney worlds were given such respect and game time, surely Final Fantasy characters deserve some love. After all, they have dealt with similar themes such as evil villains, forbidden love, and cute and cuddly sidekicks.

Their back stories are also far more fleshed out than those of Disney characters. Where Disney movies only provide about an hour and a half of story time, Final Fantasy can offer up to 100! There are plenty of moments that deserve to be relived in the Final Fantasy games or some continuations that could be included.

Perhaps there could be a new sEEd mission in a Final Fantasy VIII world or a lost Heartless temple in a Final Fantasy X world? Why is it that we have to go back to Monstro? Why not get captured by Turks on a ship headed by Captain Hook?

Also, it seems that a lot of the back story between Final Fantasy characters is simply assumed-the anger between Sephiroth and Cloud or the hinted relationship between Cloud and Aerith. Not to mention, most of the lead Final Fantasy characters featured are all from Final Fantasy VII.

Disappointingly, none of it is explained. Thus, those playing Kingdom Hearts and not knowing anything about these side characters’ back stories (aside from a blurb in Jimminy’s Journal) are not aware of the fantastic things these characters did in their original games, nor do they know of characters such as Kefka, Cecil, or even Rinoa.

Representing Final Fantasy

Why aren’t there more and why don’t the ones who ARE in the game mention more of where they came from aside from the rotten excuse that is Radiant Garden. That’s not where they’re from! They’re from Spira! Gaia! They have friends back there who are more amazing then themselves such as Barrett, Quistis, and Reno!

Thankfully, KH2 did us a solid and included Auron from Final Fantasy X. His incorporation into the story was absolutely brilliant, however, that still doesn’t explain how Tidus and Wakka know each other as kids even though they should be 1000 years apart.

Ok, so I realize, if I made Kingdom Hearts my own way with decent representations of all Final Fantasy characters involved, the play time would clock in around 500+ hours, but these are the characters that I know and love. While Disney represents my childhood, Final Fantasy represents my teenage years. It’s sad to see them torn to shreds by their own creator.

I think that at this point, the game would have been better off without the Final Fantasy addition. Perhaps at some point, they will make us Final Fantasy lovers glad with a Kingdom Hearts-like game but with only Final Fantasy worlds. Oh, if only that could happen.

Final Fantasy or Disney?

So what do you think, is there enough elements of Final Fantasy across the Kingdom Hearts games, or are you disappointed also? Should Kingdom Hearts ditch Disney? Which Final Fantasy games would you give their own worlds? Cast your vote below and leave us a comment!

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