How has Kingdom Hearts changed your life?

Friendships, Growing Up & Experiences - How has Kingdom Hearts shaped your life?

At the Heart of Things

Well, today I wanted to do something a bit sentimental. Kingdom Hearts, among being an exceptional game and leaving a mark among the ranks of JRPGs that will never be forgotten has done something else that will trump any other accomplishment a game can achive.

The Kingdom Hearts series has tied together people, stirred personal emotions and created memories that last long past the time when you reach that one hundred percent game completiton. The deep personal and emotional connection that the Kingdom Hearts series had created will beget an enormous legacy.

I know that everyone has had different and unique experinces with Kingdom Hearts, it’s characters, music, story and beyond. But I would like to share a bit of my own personal time with the series and hopefully probe discussion amongst others of how Kingdom Hearts has touched their lives.

My First Experiences with Kingdom Hearts

My first moments with Kingdom Hearts were blissful in the discovery of new music. I took the chance to listen to the soundtrack and found within it some of my favorite music that at times was fun but most importantly was moving. It wasn’t long before I imported the soundtrack and lost myself within Destati’s power and the beauty of Simple and Clean. I was instantly in love.

Playing the game brought me straight into the world that the music had described to and even gave me a fresh new insight on the aspects of Disney that I loved. But the original characters were something to behold, innocent, intense, emotional and so easy to relate to. Everything about Kingdom Hearts was special and beautiful. (Even the times I got lost. Hehe.)

But that wasn’t as far as my love could go for the game, during the first year I spent with Kingdom Hearts there was in my family the passing of someone whom I was very close with. I was naturally sad as was everyone else and amongst my family there was an irreplacable solace. However my soul needed something more then all the love that family could give. And what it needed was the music of Kingdom Hearts.

The Music of Kingdom Hearts

When I listened to the soundtrack, it was as if a close friend was speaking to my soul giving it the nourishment that it needed to recover, especially when I listened to the orchestrated version of Simple and Clean, which to this day as the sheer ability to make me cry. It was a heartfelt special quality that Kingdom Hearts was able to convey to me and I will be forever grateful for that. And of course, playing the game brought me many wonderful moments and got across a lifelong messasge in it’s morals and philosophies.

I could go on forever, just on that subject, but since I don’t want you to have to read for hours on end, I’ll move along. And with that I mention the Ansem Reports. Oh, the hours of joy I spent pouring over the reports and comparing the information to the series and beyong. It was incredible and opened me up to a world of curiousity that I easily applied to even more then just Kingdom Hearts. In the curious spirit of Xehanort and his Ansem reports I found a hunger for knowledge that to this day, I still find myself looking for new things to deeper understand. And not only that but it sparked friendships by sharing theories on the reports themselves.

Creating Friendships

Speaking of friendships, that’s the next thing that the Kingdom Hearts Series did. It opened up new friendships and ones with deep meaning and lasting memories. I wish I could mention each one by name, but I think those people could easily know who they are. But sharing the song Sanctuary with one of my friends, rivaling the friendship between Roxas and Axel with another friend and always weaving memories together will be in my heart forever.

And I’ll always remember that you have something I don’t. Me as a friend. Which of course works both ways. And much like Axel said, as long as we keep each other in our hearts, we’ll never be apart. Our memories will be together forever.

It’s hard to say all of the deep connections that I have with Kingdom Hearts because I could be typing for my entire lifetime. But I do know that without the Kingdom Heart Series, I would have missed out on a huge part of my life, one that I wouldn’t trade all the money in the world for.

And I’ll leave you all with the words of Axel that I constantly turn to in my many endeavors in life. “If you’ve got a dream, Act! Don’t wait. That’s one of life’s little rules. Got it memorized?” Boy, oh boy, do I EVER have it memorized and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How has Kingdom Hearts touched your heart?

Did you grow up with the Kingdom Hearts series? If the Kingdom Hearts series have ever played part in your life, whether it be creating new friends, discovering a gaming passion or something else, let us know in the comments below.

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45 Responses to “How has Kingdom Hearts changed your life?”

  1. Sekari Says:

    Kingdom Hearts has taught me about the true complexity of the heart and its abilities. It’s also taught me that when your friends are in mind, any obstacle can be overcome.

  2. Kazooiie02 Says:

    kingdom hearts has taught me that no matter what, TRUE friends are all that really matters. Being there for and helping people is something i really took to heart after playing. I think sora’s an excellent role model for anyone to aspire to be (myself included). they deffinately impacted my life positively =)

  3. Jquillyatmindless Com Says:

    I like how Ansem names a few of his apprentices in Kingdom Hearts II with the “Secret Ansem Reports.” I got to figure out a few of the original names organization members before anyone else did! I wonder if Xemnas is supposed to represent the word “Names.” It definitely isn’t the letters in Xehanort rearranged, that’s for sure…

  4. Rhema Says:

    Man, Kingdom Hearts goes way back for me. I remember when it first came out when I was in elementary school. Me and my best friend (who we’re still friends to this day) had many fun days pretending to be Sora and Kairi and Riku fighting heartless with the keyblade and whatnot. To me, Kingdom Hearts is like, the ultimate gaming experience. Nothing was wrong with that game. I still have it and replay it from time to time. Very very good childhood memories. :)

  5. Filipe Says:

    When i see kingdom hearts for the first time was really shit xD
    but 2 years later i started playing kh and i lovet
    I will play this perfect game at the end *-*

  6. Sora Says:

    I consider my life like kingdom hearts
    this game is…. a big part of my life
    the musics, the story, all of those little details are so Incredible!

  7. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

    I’d end up going over most of my life telling how it’s changed my life, but I want to type up something. (It started before I ever heard of Kingdom Hearts, including possibly super-natural dream-related events that you probably wouldn’t care to hear…)
    In the beginning, I bought the game, and the first volume of the comics. Up to this day, I’ve been a dedicated fan since then. I always desperately waited to read the next book, even though I was playing the game at the same time. I read the comics at the same pace I played the game (unintentionally..?). I never felt like I had anything to look forward to until I met Kingdom Hearts. A lot of times, I would read the book in the store before I even purchased it! I played through, more and more excited, sometimes reciting cutscenes as they played, even though I was watching them for the first time. Sometimes, I can finish playing a music track in my head before I hear it all the way through. I played through the first game, loving every moment of it. I won’t be offended by anyone who doesn’t believe me, but I actually beat Sephiroth in the Coliseum on my first try. I was kind of young when I first heard of Kingdom Hearts II, but I wasn’t stupid. I knew how crappy they make sequels to movies these days, and I was kind of antsy about buying the game. I guess I didn’t know that some videogames can have AWESOME sequels! I decided I would buy it, mainly because I was desperate to have more experiences to remember playing Kingdom Hearts. On the way to beating Kingdom Hearts II, I discovered Chain of Memories, and the Final Mix games. although I love Kingdom Hearts, since then I have HATED Tetsuya Nomura (No offense dude, but I seriously hate you. That’s not a threat, I just despise what your doing to some of your fans). Finding out that Europe had it even worse only fed my anger even more. I began turning towards the darkside of my heart. That went away when I beat the game, and saw how Riku pulled through. However, I began to question the realms. If light and darkness go against each other, what about nothingness? It would take light and darkness together, but I wasn’t sure. I played through Chain of Memories and got my answer. It was indeed light and darkness together, which reminded me of something in the first game. At the start, there was message that would come up, reading one of the three: Your journey begins at: (midday, midnight, or dawn.) Since then, I wondered why you couldn’t end up with it saying twilight (nothingness), the name of one of my card decks (I made it specifically to have all of Organization XIII.) I loved playing through 358/2 days, but since then, I’ve really wanted a Xion card in my Twilight Deck. Birth by Sleep was AWESOME as well, and it gives you a lot more to do after you beat the game. It also reminded me of how I couldn’t view the word-bubble scenes in 358/2 days, because I really wanted to watch the scene with Ven’s appearance again.
    I’ve also been buying tons of Kingdom Hearts merchandise along the way. I bought a custom skin and a pouch for my psp, and my ds. I bough a pair of sunglasses, a wallet, a valor form costume, a pencil pouch, a backpack, 2 t-shirts, and I still get whatever I can afford that is Kingdom Hearts related. I have also made 27 mouse cursors dedicated to Kingdom Hearts… (… so far!)
    I also love the music in Kingdom Hearts (even though I hated music in general before I played it). I won’t listen to anything else, ever.
    I’ve also become a lot closer to friends with it. My best friend and I have parties on the release date of the first game (when it was released to the U.S.) I made Sea-salt ice cream, and we did some other stuff. We have battled with fake keyblades cheap keyblades made of sticks and such, and I’m helping him build one out of wood that we’re going to paint when we’re done. He also collects Kingdom Hearts merchandise (t-shirts, posters, etc.).
    Anyway, at this point, I definitely can’t wait for the up coming titles of Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Kingdom Hearts III.

  8. IrondragonMetals Says:

    when it first came out. i wanted to play the game desperately. well now i’m finally getting the chance; many man many years later. but before that, my first love was addicted to the game, and i became so as well. it brought us together and bound us. and taught us what was our life styles at the time. he and i are still friends to this day, but are much more grown up. at the time the game was great for young children, but i find myself stuck in more darker themes and tragedies.

  9. Kia Says:

    Loved this article. c:I could totally relate to it because I was drawn towards this game because of the music. I remember seeing the commercials for the first game and being completely entranced by Simple and Clean.
    Kingdom Hearts is, quite honestly, the only game I severely fangirl over. It’s the only game I know the name of every voice actor, and I can thoroughly explain the bits of the plot that most people find too complicated. It’s the only game I’ve ever pre-ordered, the only game I’ve ever bought the system solely for a single game (yes, I only bought a PSP for BBS, thank you), the only game I would willingly play more than once. I’ve loved Square Enix and Disney from childhood to the present day, so KH is an absolute miracle for me. I love the fandom, even though it’s psychotic at times, but I’ve met some extremely interesting and talented people through this game.
    KINGDOM HEARTS IS LOVE. End of story.

  10. Ian Manning Says:

    How did Kingdom Hearts changed my life?

    Well, I got a bit obsessed with putting Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist together because of the similarities of the two franchises, like how they are both made and owned by Square-Enix. Anyone who says this can never be is forgetting that Batman and Superman had a bunch of crossovers because they were both owned by DC Comics. So why can’t these two franchises be put together?

  11. Jolico4 Says:

    to be completely honest, when kingdom hearts first came out in 2002, i was 9 years old, and, thinking i was too old and too mature for disney, i made fun of the game to no end. even when kingdom hearts 2 was coming out in 2006 and there was a full article about it in playstation magazine, i drew mustaches on all the pictures of sora. it wasn’t until the summer of 2006, when my now ex-boyfriend let me borrow the first game, that i first came to appreciate it. from then on, it held a special place in my heart, because it made me see what video games really were, that they were artwork, stories, imagination, and so much more than just a bunch of moving polygons. kingdom hearts is what inspired me to learn more about video game design and production, as well as anime, manga, and art in general. without kingdom hearts, i truly wouldn’t be the person i am today. it may sound a bit dramatic to say that, but it couldn’t be more true.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Lol. KMA.

  13. Turtle Says:

    As I’ve grown up from adolescence playing this series (not unlike Sora and Riku, actually), I’ve been decreasingly impressed with the story, now that I’ve learned more about what goes into good writing; and increasingly impressed with the gameplay and music.

    I’ve come to realize how nice it is, after experiencing more RPGs than I had when I first played KH, to have a game that doesn’t necessitate grinding. Grinding is a huge turnoff to me and I really appreciate being able to fight only what I come across instead of having to seek out enemies to grind on in preparation for the next big boss battle or what have you. Only Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door does the Anti-Grind better.

    As for the music, it might just be the best part of the series. Yoko Shimomura, with such masterfully composed pieces as Hikari’s orchestral version and The Other Promise, manages to convey emotion on a whole different level from that of any of Nomura’s script writing. I honestly wouldn’t give a rip about Roxas or Xion without the heartbreaking themes that play when you have to fight them.

    I tend to have a more jaded view of the series these days, but there’s no denying it’s been a huge part of my video game experience.

  14. Age Says:

    Well, I also love Kingdom Hearts. But how it changed my life, is it really introduced me to games. At, what, 9?, I made it to the very last planet and then it became to hard. Now, at 13, I’m replaying it, and have yet to get there, but I plan on beating it completely this time. *Nods*

  15. Digiworld19 Says:

    Kingdom Hearts has played a big role in my life. It has also helped me think of a comic book series of my own.

  16. Aurakuken77 Says:

    Too much to say on how much Kingdom Hearts has impacted me. I’ll leave it at that. Just too much to say. =)

  17. CrazyLuigi76 Says:

    It reinvigorated my love for Disney movies and reminded me that I wasn’t too cool for their awesomeness

  18. Aqua_KeyBladeMaster Says:

    Kingdom hearts has changed my life like you have no idea I love it, i love sora, roxas,namine,aqua,everyone i love every thing about Kingdom hearts I wish i could be a Keyblade master and defeat the darcknes and protec my loved ones,I THINK THAT KH IS the best thing in the worl is that wrong of me?
    …EVEN THOUG I LOVE KH ,KH2,KHBBS,KH358/2DAYS,KHCOM,KHCODED, EVEN THE FINALMIXES I HAVENT PLAYED I STILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!KYA♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I LOVE IT

  19. Says:

    Kingdom Hearts has definitely been a defining factor in how I perceive friendships and the deep personal relationships I have with people. Believing that our hearts are connected and will remain so regardless of circumstance.

    I was introduced to the KH series during my Sophomore year in High School. I was beginning to realize that the friends and acquaintances I’d made since middle school might no longer play such roles in my collegiate and adult life. However, remembering this quote: “We may never meet again, but we’ll never forget each other.” caused me to see things in a new light. I appreciated the times we’d spent together and the memories we’d forged and felt in my heart that regardless of the distance that separated us we would never forget each other and that, like in the case of Sora, Kairi and Riku, a promise made would be a promise kept and we would see each other again.

  20. Stephyuchiha Says:

    kingdom hearts truly changed my outlook on life. from the moment i started playing it touched my heart. making bonds with all of the disney and final fantasy fans that i grew up with felt so real and i feel that sora,kairi, roxas, namine, ventus, and aqua are all friends in my heart. i also started looking at my real family and friends differently. with more love and care i never wouldve thought all of this could come froim one game and i could probably type even more of my feelings if i had the time

  21. Serena de Zwart Says:

    I can’t even decribe how much KH changed my life, when I found out about this game by accidient (I somehow still thank my RL friend for that, even though she didn’t even notice it herself)
    Thansk to KH I found deviantART, and thanks to that I discovered how badly I actually wanted to draw and now I actually am I Art College and I still thank KH for that
    Next to that I made tons of friends on the internet thanks to KH and even though I’m not such a big KH fan as I used to be 3/4 years ago, I notice I could never say goodbye to that fandom (I still buy the games and merchidance of it)

  22. lucasb Says:

    when I first started playing kingdom hearts 1, I was 3 years old. This was the year it came out too. I couldn’t read, and I barely could talk, let alone understand english.
    So, I couldn’t really understand the game.
    I still dominated the game, but I really wanted to have a better gaming experience, so I learned to read and talk. I was later starting kindergarten, and nobody (even today in sixth grade) knew what kingdom hearts was, which only made a bigger fan, knowing that I had this awesome “thing” that nobody knew about. Now I am a straight A student, an I think I owe most of that to kingdom hearts.

  23. Cody Alwyn Cooper Says:

    Kingdom Hearts has shaped my life in more ways than I can credit. All of my morals and understanding of complex abstract ideas, such as friendship and love, were learned through the endless hours of interaction with my (recently deceased) Playstation 2. No matter where I go or what I do, every aspect of my life is tied into Kingdom Hearts in one way or another. I follow my heart, do what I feel is “right”, and always lend a helping hand to those in need. Through Kingdom Hearts, I was able to meet the best friends I could ever imagine. The best of my friends know who they are, and it is because they are the ones that share my passion for the series.

    Every iPod, MP3 player, or CD player I have owned in the past have been worn down by the numerous hours of constantly looping the 500+ Kingdom Hearts tracks; some original, some remixed, but all derived from the wonderful imagination of Yoko Shimomura. (While we’re on the subject of music, there is not a single person that knows me that does not recognize Utada Hikaru’s “Simple and Clean” and credits it as “the Kingdom Hearts theme song”. )

    Here is a series of numbers to demonstrate the devotion I have for Kingdom Hearts:

    2- The number of disks I have gone through for the first game. Also, the number of cartridges I have gone through for Chain of Memories… as well as the number of Gameboys.

    3- The number of days I stayed awake to complete Kingdom Hearts II the first time around. By the time I defeated Xemnas for good, it was 5am… on a Monday. (I had school at 8am… I didn’t go that day.)

    8- The number of years that Kingdom Hearts has been a part of my life, and a huge part at that. I have been a fan of the series since a week after the first game was released in America.

    12- The age I was when I first became a fan. Needless to say, I was at a critical point in my life and Kingdom Hearts was there to help me through a lot of hardships.

    20- The age I am now. A lot has changed over the course of the past 8 years, but Kingdom Hearts is still here and isn’t going anywhere for quite some time.

    ?- I don’t even know how many times my PSP froze while trying to save this year, but each and every time I went back and picked up where I last saved successfully. (Now, I hold my breath and my heart skips a beat when I go to save.)

    When the first Kingdom Hearts was released in America, I lived in Mesa, Arizona. Since then, I have moved well over 30 times. For a few years, my family and I were still in the Mesa area, but after a while we moved to Rockford, Illinois (where we continued to move around some more) and I have been to 5 different schools including 3 middle schools, 1 high school, and the university I’m currently attending, but the one thing that remained constant in my life has been Kingdom Hearts. The people and places around me have had many different names and faces, but Kingdom Hearts has remained the same. It has been the stability that I needed in my life; the one thing that made me feel like I was home.

    This game has truly shaped my life in many ways, some of which I may never know, but I do know that Kingdom Hearts has given me the best friends in the world and gives my life meaning. That’s all I could ever ask for.

  24. KHLuver Says:

    Ever since I discovered Kingdom Hearts, my life has been COMPLETELY different. I discovered a side of myself I never knew I had. It is, and always will be, my absolute favourite game. Wether it be the music, storyline, characters or all of the above, I have never seen or played a video game that has the power to change peoples lives, like Kingdom Hearts did.

  25. KKuoSRV Says:

    Just… everything I do… I find some connection to Kingdom Hearts and that is so amazing I mean… I wanted Roxas or Sora’s life for some weeks and thinking that I’m connected to them is so cool and in any situation you will find a music from the soundtrack that fit in that situation. KINGDOM HEARTS FOREVER

  26. Only4lastchaos Says:

    Kingdom hearts. An incredible game that has shaped my life. It’s totally changed how I view my friends, and made me cherish them so much more. I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 1, but when my friend let me borrow Kingdom Hearts 2, I was completely and utterly blown away by the compelling story and characters. I mustn’t forget the music, and oh how many times I’ve hit replay on my Ipod, I should never know. Heck, I’m listening to Dearly Beloved now. At fifteen, I’ve decided to go and purchase all the Kingdom Hearts games I can, as they teach me so so much, and are so much fun to play. I would actually donate all my allowance to Square Enix in thanks for such. I truly love the amazing spectacle that is Kingdom Hearts, and can’t wait for more from Square Enix!

  27. Earth Says:

    Kingdom Hearts. What’s funny is that when I bought it I actually bought it for two friends of mine (one who was and is a big gamer and one who doesn’t care less) The one who didn’t care less about games, didn’t care less about them, funnily enough. But my other friend instantly loved the story and gameplay and recommended it to me. I bought it, and this was like, years ago (2006…7?) and to this day it still holds a special place in my heart. I suddenly realised not only what were the most important concepts a game must have, but I also realised how I should live my own life.

    I have experienced religion and many other things, but it was KH which actually showed me a true level of spirituality, as silly as that sounds. I learned that you should always be true to people and try to be the best you can be, and I will always remember Sora’s words “My friends are my power”. It was the first game I really truly completed and the first to make me genuinely cry at some points (like the death of Roxas in KH2 (at the beginning and the end). Nobodies taught me what it is to be human, and the Heartless taught me what it is to be the worst kind of human there is. Literally heartless. The different characters all showed me something (Sora=power of friendship, Riku=how someone can redeem themselves and defeat their inner demons) and the story showed me so many emotions I sometimes didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s funny, after getting past the bit where Sora sacrifices himself to save Kairi and the game becomes significantly darker and harder (Behemoths/The End of the World (no more fun Disney villains) I experienced a massive family tragedy I will not disclose as this is the internet, but I will just say my life and view of the world also became crueller and darker, and I now have my own personal demons to deal with. Funny really, perhaps ironic? 

    I am now 16, and love the works of Shakespeare, Queen, Homer, Anime, Da Vinci and many other things. I would say I have experienced and loved a lot of culture that has made me feel many emotions. But it was Kingdom Hearts which impacted me strangely the most, and I will never forget it. Thank you to anyone who ever reads this and gives a thought to my own experiences.

    ps: I didn’t mention the music because I worried I would go on forever about my love for all of it. My favourites are probably all of Roxas’s various songs, as they connect to me deeply, Organisation XIII’s (same reason) and of course Dearly Beloved (just because it makes me want to cry.)    


  28. Joe Says:

    Everything you mentioned was how i felt. it gives me inspiration to change your life for the better. Friends,love,story,music,life,memories,and more was crafted into this great game. it will help me and all of us overcome problems and live a better life. “If you’ve got a dream, Act! Don’t wait. That’s one of life’s little rules IS SO TRUE.

  29. Joe Says:

    Everything you mentioned was how i felt. it gives me inspiration to change your life for the better. Friends,love,story,music,life,memories,and more was crafted into this great game. it will help me and all of us overcome problems and live a better life. “If you’ve got a dream, Act! Don’t wait. That’s one of life’s little rules IS SO TRUE.

  30. Joe Says:

    what ever happend to us we will be ok and we will find happines in this life and the next

  31. Joe Says:

    what ever happend to us we will be ok and we will find happines in this life and the next

  32. Chus 23m Says:

    i have this weird connection with the game… i don’t know why but i feel sad when i think in Kairi just like if i miss her as the same as with Riku i don’t know why not with Sora but i feel like im gonna cry and im a guy a strong guy…i don’t have an idea why this happens if somebody can help please i will be listening 

  33. Illuze Says:

    I love kingdom hearts sooo much it’s my most favorite thing in the world and it was one of the first things I knew for as long as I could remember so i practically grew up with it I loved it ever since I’ve bought all the systems that they were on just for those games and now I’m 14! I also am a sora fan girl *blushes*

  34. Khfan4life Says:

    Also after I played the games you think differently on your life about the important things like friends family second chances I feel that if anyone doesn’t like kingdom hearts they have no soul and no common sense for the true meaning of life

  35. bluebee Says:

    Couldn’t live without Kingdom Hearts. It is the core of my world it makes happy and sad. And I love it.

  36. Says:

    I watched my dad and brother have an addiction to kingdom hearts when i was a kid. Later on, i was looking threw the shelf and i found it and thought, “what a great idea to start my own game?’ so i did. That was how my KH Addiction started. And OH BOY am I a KH addict.

  37. KHFFZeldaLoverx23 Says:

    I grew up with Kingdom Hearts and it became a lifetime experience for me. I’ve learned so many things of life from the people that never existed in this franchise. The music inspired me to write songs and share them with the rest of the world. I love Kingdom Hearts and always will…:’)

  38. Zexion Neoshadow Says:

    before Kingdom hearts, i felt like i was worthless and started to slip in to depression and almost started to cut, cause everything was really going bad for me at the time, i almost felt like i didn’t want to live anymore. when i did start playing Kingdom hearts it really changed my outlook on everything, and taught me that no matter how dark or bad everything gets it will all come to pass and will get better, so Kingdom hearts helped me through all of that and why i’m a fan

  39. Summer Says:

    Kingdom hearts, a game that has taught me more about friendship than my friends have, taught me about the thin lines that lie between the darkness and the light. It taught me to never give up, something I stand by to this day. It showed me the elegance of the blade over a gun. It taught me that music has a soul, gave me hope in magic, taught me to stand my ground.

    It was and is the only game that has made me shed tears at the death of a character, no, a person.[Xion] I say this because it has shown me that there are other worlds, with other people, though some may deem them fictional, the soul is there.
    The thing it taught me above all else though, it that even though we may be far apart, we are connected. Even if we loose sight of our lights, hope will remain.
    The gift this game has given me, is hope. This is not just a game, it is a way of life.

  40. Sora Roxas Says:

    This game can give you the abilities to be free and live in a world where you can do anything you want. Without this game, I would be a Nobody! It brings back so many of my childhood memories! KH 4 LIFE!

  41. Sora Roxas Says:

    This game can give you the abilities to be free and live in a world where you can do anything you want. Without this game, I would be a Nobody! It brings back so many of my childhood memories! KH 4 LIFE!

  42. Sam Says:

    I cannot even describe the emotional power that KH has brought me. My parents are divorced and our family moved to Illinois while my dad stayed in Ohio when I was 8 years old. KH 1 and 2 are one of the only things that reminds me of him and I could ask for nothing more. I am a freshman in high school and I know a girl I have liked since the sixth grade. The first thing I thought of was a paopu fruit. I wish that the fruit and the legend were both real because if they were I would get my hands on one ASAP. You could not imagine what else a simple video game has done to me and many other peoples lives. I do not know how I could learn so much from things and characters that do not exist. Thank you so much KH. Well done.

  43. thankfulalways Says:

    I know this is a really old post, but i’ve come across it and i have to say something. Firstly, i found a video on youtube that plays every single version of dearly beloved that’s been created, and listened to it as i read through all the replies. Ever since i was little, i remember my older brother playing this incredible game. I would sit and watch him play for hours, because i was so fascinated. i started my first play through when i was even too young to actually play it correctly. thats how long its been in my life. before i started playing it at an age that i would actually be able to get through the whole thing, i remember i would stare at the screensaver of kingdom hearts on my family computer. it was the picture of sora, riku, kairi, donald and goofy making a funny face with their arms around each other. i didnt know what it was, but when i looked at the picture, i got this strange, surreal feeling inside of me. i couldnt figure out what it was. like my gut knew that someday this would mean something to me. when i finally started a file when i was old enough to understand what was going on, my whole world changed. kingdom hearts was an escape from reality for me. from school, from the people i didnt like.. an escape from my loneliness. it taught me what friendship truly means and the necessity of the bad in the world to truly appreciate the good. aka “without darkness, there is no light” i began to tie everything about kingdom hearts to my own world. i wished so badly that it was real. i felt like the characters were really my friends. i learned about what lucid dreaming is because i wanted to experience kingdom hearts for myself. ever since i was young i have always wanted to draw. i learned how to draw by drawing my own characters from kingdom hearts, and i vowed that some day i would become a great video game artist and story writer, so that someday i could create a video game that touches the hearts of others the way that kingdom hearts touched me. i know it seems drastic to say that about a video game, but i know that im not alone in this wonderful feeling that kingdom hearts has always given me. theres something magical about it that i cant explain. it taught me about life, love, hate, forgiveness, everything. soon ill be enrolled in school to become a great video game artist and have been intensely studying japanese so i can one day work for square in japan and give back to them for this wonderful gift they have given me: Kingdom Hearts.

  44. thankfulalways Says:

    also, Shimomura Yoko’s music has been a huge part of my growth in life. all the kingdom hearts soundtracks are deeply intertwined with my heart and ive learned to play the piano just to get the satisfaction of hearing those wonderful songs be played by my own hand.

  45. Sora Says:

    My life is Kingdom Hearts. It brings back so many memories… I consider myself as Sora

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