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Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix has updated the Kingdom Hearts Portal Website, where links to all of the official Japanese sites are displayed as well as the “Message to the Kingdom” blog and the Kingdom Hearts mobile site. This update introduces an “About” section which gives information about the entire Kingdom Hearts series and even a chronological look at all the Kingdom Hearts games to date.

You can check out the images from the site below:

Or if you’d like, you can visit the actual links to the site below:

KH Portal “About” Section

KH Portal “Chronology” Section

3 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Japanese Website Portal Updated”

  1. Ladybugredeemer Says:

    Let’s see… for the 10th anniversary of KH we’ve gotten:

    1. A fancy box with one new game and two old games, with cards
    2. A updated version of the japanese website.

    Oh Nomura, how you spoil us so! :3

  2. Hatter Says:

    Next to the keyblade, that 2nd picture/Chronology Section is THE MOST useful thing Nomura’s ever produced.

  3. ~*~ Says:

    k you can fuck right off (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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