Kingdom Hearts Resin Figures at SDCC 2012

The Experience of Kingdom Hearts at Anime & Comic Cons

Thanks to Zelu1984_FFM, the Kingdom Hearts limited edition resin figures are going to be sold at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Quantities are limited to 200 and will cost $90 for the whole set. Buying the figures will net you a free keychain with the Kingdom Hearts logo! They will be sold at the Monogram booth during the event which is July 12-15.

2 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Resin Figures at SDCC 2012”

  1. Tracy Webster Says:

    Sora looks TERRIFYING.  The others are fine.

  2. Monauralec Says:

    They had Mickey and Sora as gold figures last year. I passed on the “Non-Gold” versions as the paint-ops on them were pretty terrible.  Will pick these up though!

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