The Most Frustrating Things in Kingdom Hearts

Why the original Kingdom Hearts can be sometimes, just a bit annoying.

Fighting the Heartless

We all know that playing through Kingdom Hearts as quickly as possible is a sure-fire way to see Sora floating in the darkness with a disembodied heart a foot away from his chest (see: Dead).

Oh hai guys, what're you all doi-WRRBLE-WRRBLE-ZAP-SCREEETCH-BOOM!!!Like most Square-Enix games, the only way to defeat your more challenging opponents in Kingdom Hearts is to either have the correct strategy (which is why there will always be one or more SE games in the top 10 at Gamefaqs) or beat enough Heartless into the ground to bring your stats to a point where nothing poses a threat.

The heartless themselves were cause for very little aggravation, but one more than others caused me to shout profanity at a glass screen, just for ‘popping in’ at the most inconvenient moments.

‘Darkballs’ with their misty, floaty ways, especially so when hunting in packs, just wafting to your position like some demonic fart cloud only to erupt in what can only be described as an explosive seizure. Rather annoying when you’re in a cramped environment taking on multiple heartless. No amount of whack-whack-whack can prepare you for the Wrrble-wrrble-zap-screeetch-boom!

Attempting to beat Riku

Next, on to one of the most challenging and compulsory battles in the game (because everyone knows Selphie is the most challenging side battle. How do you fight a girl?!)
It really does make for an attractive looking bottle opener.

Despite having beaten an old woman so hard she turned into a dragon, this boy in the grass skirt was such a challenge to overcome that all the strategies read about it online or in a guide book really didn’t help.

For me, his speed, strength and occasional invulnerability were just too much at level 40 something. The lack of Leaf Bracer in the first game mean that when things are looking grim and Riku’s in the mood for hurting, you’ll be dead before Sora can hold his Keyblade aloft and shout ‘Cura’.

So after shouting, cursing, asking questions of no one in particular, tightening my grip on my Dual Shock 2 and dodge-rolling like some sort of  professional athlete any time he mentioned Darkness (“Behold the power of Darkness”, “Open your Heart to Darkness”, “The Darkness do a pretty rubbish cover of Street Spirit”),  13 year old me decides to call it a day and just spends the next 3-4 hours leveling up ’til he’s no longer a threat.

If I knew then what I know now, he’d have been beaten in about a minute and 34 seconds.

What hurts the most about it all, is the fact that despite all your hard work trying to keep Sora alive and not let him loose his heart, he goes right ahead and relieves himself of it.
Ironic conclusion to tough battle is ironic.

Sora’s Jumping Inability

Finally, quite easily the most frustrating part of Kingdom Hearts, was something you’d have to encounter multiple times in every world . Jumping from one platform to another platform.
This became easier as time went on, with the additional abilities High Jump, Glide and finally Super Glide. Most levels were also pretty forgiving of your inability to reach the next platform, having you just scramble up to where you were within seconds.

This is not the case with Deep Jungle however. When trying to cross the Hippo’s Lagoon, jumping from treetop to treetop in your over sized yellow Doc Martins, falling means you will have to swim rather slowly, back to where you began to do it all over again.

The added injury comes when you have to traverse the Jungle Vines above this section.
If you fall here, you fall to land in the previous area, which luck would have it, winds up with you slowly wading through hippo infested waters, to climb back up to where you were.

I put myself through torture for you. Thank me with candy.

This whole sequence of events from the slow motion fall through the foliage, paddling through the lagoon, merrily hopping up the vine ladder and leaping wildly from vine to vine (in much the same way the offspring of a lemur and a pendulum might) to return right back where you were, can take over a minute.

I know..
I timed it..
It was 1:02

Needless to say, Deep Jungle was my least favourite level in the game and I was thrilled to hear of its absence from KH:Chain of Memories, KHII, KH:358/2 Days and KH:Birth By Sleep.
It it were possible, I’d have started a Deep Forrest Firaga.

It could have been worse though…

In conclusion: Riku + bottle opener = RAAAAGE!
Darkball + a desire for hugs = Nuuuuuuu!
Deep Jungle + gravity = DIEDIEDIEDIE

What annoyed you the most in Kingdom Hearts?

So, after all of that, I want to hear from you, the community. What annoyed you in the original Kingdom Hearts? Was it a feature (or lack of)? A particular character/heartless? Perhaps the script?

PS. I thought the Gummi Ships were kinda fun.

“The Most Frustating Things in Kingdom Hearts” was authored by Jiminy Cricket, Global Moderator on our Community Forums. Each Monday, we’ll be publishing a new Guest Post by a member of the Kingdom Hearts community.

125 Responses to “The Most Frustrating Things in Kingdom Hearts”

  1. Haikara Says:

    Ha ha I remeber how hard Riku was, my little sister and I remember the dialogue before the battle perfectly ’cause we never skipped the cut scene xD

  2. Samuel Says:

    Not being able to skip cutscenes and these are the ones that are like 5 minutes long -.-

  3. James Lutz2 Says:

    The most frustrating thing about Kingdom Hearts 1 was Monstro. Oh no, nothing specific, just everything about him. Reasons why:

    -Uh… he’s not even a real world!
    -Storyline is weak and has almost nothing to do with the actual Pinochio plot.
    -Each chamber has like three ways into it, which makes you run in circles for hours.
    -Getting lost + creepy music = nightmares for a month.
    -Whenever you want to return (for dalmations, trinity marks, treasure, etc.), he leaves.
    -When you finish the level, no keyhole, no new key chain, which makes you feel empty.

    The only useful thing you get from it is High Jump. The Monstro level in Chain of Memories isn’t really any better. I was so excited when I saw him as a boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix. If I get the final mix version, it will solely be to kill Monstro over and over again for all the crap he put me through in KH1.

  4. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

    The Gate Maze in Hollow Bastion’s waterway. There is one last part that is impossible to get through, and to make things worse… THERE IS A CHEST!!!

  5. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

    You can’t use particular abilities freely such as sliding dash. And the ones like ars acanum and trinity limit can only be used at random times, but you have to be ready to use them; you also can’t choose which one you want to use…

  6. Doyle Says:

    Most annoying thing in KH1 was the lack of quality jumping and not being able to skip Cut scenes. Fighting Riku was hard, but proved to have a satisfying feeling when I beat it. Even with the flaws though the game still holds up as a quality PS2 title, unlike imo KH2 which I could write a lot about the frustrations with that game

  7. Zylo Says:

    Fighting heartless and swimming at the same time in Atlantica in KH1 :P

  8. Calvin Bonifácio Says:

    Master Xehanort on BBS…
    Poster minigame on KHII…
    This incredible fetiche of nomura making us do 100% and boring mini-games, so we can see the secret movies.

  9. Bluewolf319 Says:

    Worst Part of kh1: inability to skip cuttscenes.
    So we all know fighting riku was ridiculously aggravating and difficult the first time we played through the game when we were young and clueless
    But ten times more painful than the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE battle, was the 3.05 minute cuttscene that we had to SUFFER through EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
    Now 3.05 minutes doesn’t seem that long…
    But when you’re 8 years old and it takes you a week to beat riku…
    a minimum of a least 30 tries…
    those 3.05 minutes become very….. very… long.
    I swear… to this day if I here “GIVE RIKU’S HEART BACK” or whatever the line is accompanied by that flamboyant grab at the air in-front of him…
    I shiver in disgust xD
    Needless to say
    I almost cried tears of happiness when I discovered the “skip scene” feature in kh2

  10. Turtle Says:

    The fact that the Japanese ended up getting a highly superior version of the game.

  11. KeybladeAssassin Says:

    In Kingdom Hearts 1 if you lose a fight against Riku the 2nd time you fight him in Hallow Bastion, you have to watch the 2 minute cutscene again & again.

  12. KeybladeAssassin Says:

    LOL!! that’s why I did proud mode, and don’t forget about Mysterious Figure fight.

  13. Pete Campbell Says:

    Testing Facebook Functionality

  14. Dom Carsi Says:

    ATLANTICA!!!! its not even close, the cut scenes were all great and comparing it to BBS the story is much deeper and really gets into your head…. KH1 was amazing , other then atlantica it is the most flawless game ever created, Riku was easy to beat if you actually fought the heartless and were at a decent level… KH1 was all about evading attacks , some people arent paitent enough to do it they just want to slash slash fight fight…. CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE OF THESE…

  15. Alexis Andino Says:

    to sum it up… ” ohh ohh ahh ahh, not clayton!!” saw that scene a million times -__-

  16. Amy Says:

    i hated the ability to grab the ledges that are higher then you after you have glided from the ledge that’s ages away! You have to be able to be on top of the ledge to grab it! That annoyed me so much! I also hated deep jungle what with all of the falling and the many many ways to get lost with all of the exits!! Same with Monstro. I hated the inability to skip the cut scenes and to travel to worlds that are not adjacent to the world you left off at without the warp drive!

  17. Rwdrocks Says:

    blarg!! monstro sucked!!! And lack of skipping scenes… one of the best changes in KH2…
    killed me! I had to watch the Clayton scene about fifteen times a day, 3 days consectiveley.

  18. Jqsmoidjf Says:

    When fighting any flying heartless in levels such as Deep Forest, Hollow Bastion (and especially Deep Space in KH:BBS): you lock on to them, start a combo, they drift away and you fall all the way down. After a while, you try to prevent this by being really cautious, landing only one hit at a time when you’re sure the heartless you’re fighting is above a platform, but since you can’t pan the camera vertically in KH1 and BBS, it kinda gives you a false perception, thus leading to many “lulz-back-to-square-one-falls”.


  19. Shirozora Says:

    The most annoying thing in kingdom hearts 1 for me was sepheroth he had to be the most annoying boss in the game. His sword was near impossible to dodge, all his attacks can kill you without effort, and to top it off you got nothing for beatting him. I’m really glad they put him in kh2 because I paid him back for what he put me through in kh1.

  20. ~DaughterofLight Says:

    you can’t skip the cutscene. I remember trying to beat it while my friends were over (we were all KH nerds, so this was actually fun for us) and about the twentieth time they somehow found a balloon, blew it up, and made it make fart noises every time Riku said the word “heart”. We’ve called him Rik-butt ever since. XD I didn’t beat it that time, either…. it took me another week or so. T_T

  21. Andy Star Says:

    1: I hate that you couldn’t skip cutscenes. and when you died you had to watch the same cutscene so many times it was irritating.

    2: So there was platforms you’d have to jump to get chests and they were SO conveniently placed that you needed high jump to get to it, yet you thought if you swung the keyblade you’d make it, so you spent dang near 25 minutes swinging a keyblade at a platform in the distant. Your mom/other family member walks in, “What are you doing?” “What’s it look like I’m doing?” (You hear Sora’s “HA” “HU” “TAKE THAT!”) “I’m getting that chest”

    3: I hated the long intro from Destiny Island. I made a save file for normal and expert for when you’re JUST off it. It has no real challenge, it’s boring, you run around collecting junk for kairi. -.- yay… The only thing that I liked doing was leveling up enough to bash the hell out of Riku over and over and over and seeing Sora go “Now the scores 107 to 2!”

    4: The storyline doesn’t keep you busy. You have to walk around in the world NOT KNOWING what to do unless you have a guide. I’ve played the game like 20 times since it’s release so I forgot that it was tricky but I recently got my friend playing it and he’s SO lost, he’ll call me 2, 3 times a day cuz they don’t tell him what to do next. He’s been playing for a week and a half now and he’s still on deep jungle. We all know how irritating that is.

    5: And finally, my last point. The way Sora moves. Compared to ANYTHING after Kingdom Hearts 2(in the KH series) Sora walks, jumps and does other actions SO SLOW and SO ANNOYINGLY that it makes it almost impossible to stay alive in any situation. In KH2 your actions are more fluid and natural. Even in the beginning of BbS you have better motions than Sora in this game. It’s sad. I actually try NOT to play this game because of how hard it is to control him. xD

  22. Jiminy Cricket (Guest) Says:

    Hah, looks like the general consensus on what you all hated was the inability to skip out on cut scenes.
    Ironic since I would have done ANYTHING to have some kinda of cut-scene viewer built in (like KH2:FM+).
    But yeah, a total pain when you come up against something you have to do again… and again… and again.

    @Bluewolf319 I believe it was “I’ll never let you take Kairi’s HEART!” *fist-swipe*

    Completely agree with the Monstro world too, as there were just too many paths and all of the walls looked exactly the same. It really was a case of “Okay… So I came this way and last time I came through here, I went through the left door… Think I’ll take the right this time”.

    @KingdomHeartsUltimateFan I can echo your thoughts on this, because I remember, my first two run throughs of the game, this taking HOURS! Literal, plural hours. These days though, it seems to take maybe 20 mins.
    I have no idea what’s changed >.<

  23. Nicholas Cochran Says:

    What annoyed me most about KH1 was just how the game , to this day, feels so disconnected from the rest of the series. ‘Ansem’ (aka Xehanorts heartless, aka Xehera+Terra’s heartless, aka Mr Rodgers) was a much more interesting character to me when I saw him as some sort of twisted Older Riku, and not his own form. When I was younger, I got the impression that ‘Ansem’ had lost his old form from his experiments with the heartless, and even though he had been a good king, he eventually became evil and corrupted, his form gone this ‘Ansem’ we see is actually a corrupted, older Riku. This comes out to be false later, he’s just the heartless of Xehanort parading around, rather randomly, saying his name is Ansem, since that was his original Master. Doesn’t this guy know thats illegal?

    Another thing that gets to me is… ‘Ansem’ once again rather randomly, thinks Kingdom Hearts is ‘filled with Darkness’. Why? I haven’t finished BBs yet, but I get the idea that Kingdom hearts was supposed to be something else entirely. Just a couple of things, but oh, I have more, believe me.

  24. shoujax Says:

    The only thing that frustrates me, that hasn’t already been stated, is the lack of FINAL MIX over seas, then in KH2 when they show the cutscene of Xemnas vs. Sora they don’t bother trying to explain it. They just threw U.S. fans under the bus like “If you don’t know by now, you better ask somebody.”

  25. Sylar89 Says:

    The Winnie the pooh world was frustrating me

  26. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

    I had a friend I had to help with the game as well… It took him 3 months to get to get to Deep Jungle… Whereas I beat the game in less time.

  27. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

    Two words: Final Mix.

  28. KeybladeWielder Says:

    The most annoying thing for me in Kingdom Hearts 1 was Donald’s inability to heal you heal you when you were in dire need of healing. I’m not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but for some reason it always happens to me. No matter what, Donald always heals me when I lose 1 hp but he never heals me when I have 1 hp left before I die! Now it’s not like I rely on him for curing me, I take care of that myself (almost all the time) although Donald’s a magician/wizard so he should at least know when to use his abilities at the correct time. Even if he is just a CPU.

  29. Aaron Says:

    the most fruasting part in kingdomhearts was ice titan and seperoth

  30. dumdumdumbutt Says:

    lol that picture damnit james

  31. Hiroths Says:

    Collecting trinity marks, specifically the red set. If you didn’t get the red trinity mark in Halloween Town before beating oogie boogie, you could no longer get it. That was really annoying.

  32. Aurablade77 Says:

    Most frustrating thing? Obviously no Final Mix releases outside of Japan. It wouldn’t be a bad business decision. The english voice acting in them just puts salt on the wounds.

  33. Sakuchan Says:

    Riku was a learning experience for me.

    I learned to cuss real good.

  34. Xanomity Says:

    Spending 2 hours to finding fish, wood, and mushrooms. Also, how BBS reminded me that I spent 2 hours gathering fish, wood, and mushrooms that were never used.

  35. Christopher B. Says:

    Another annoying thing is the DAMN secret boss Phantom that casts a 12 second doom on you at the start of the match, and the orb underneath the phantom that keeps changing colors where you’re constantly switching to fire to blizzard to thunder. Annoying. If the timer above you reaches to zero, you’re dead.

  36. Jiminy Cricket Says:

    You’re welcome :D

  37. NoNameBrand Says:

    Chernabog, Phantom, Kurt Zisa, and Sephiroth really annoyed me.

  38. Ian Manning Says:

    What annoys me the most on Kingdom Hearts? The fact that everyone in the game/entire series is afraid of the dark. When someone turns off the lights, you’ll hear them say something stupid like, “Oh no, the Darkness” or “The Darkness is going to eat me” And everyone’s favorite, “Darkness can hurt you because you can’t see it”, it’s just retarded for people to start getting goosebumps from something as trivial as darkness. It’s like saying ants can eat you’re pet cat or something.

  39. Lazzuras Says:

    -he was super hard
    -you can’t beat him unless you use a move that makes you invincible
    -you get no reward, no key chain, not even a trophy for the showcase in the hall, to prove you actually did it, because if you try again to show someone you can do it chances are you will fail. :,(
    -final mix gets proof of his defeat, and a sweet cutscene of him fighting Cloud.

  40. Crisbown Says:

    The whole Lttle Mermaid world was annoying to, all your combos are gone and you didnt get any special combos for underwater combat.

  41. Jack Mowat Says:

    That horrible race with Riku in Destiny Islands.

    I wouldn’t mind but Sora has such weak jumps at the start of the game, and when Riku steps on that loose plank causing your jump to be quite longer I get so agitated.

    I also hate that he knows how to get to the tree and you don’t when you’re starting it for the first time. You just have to hop over to it blindly hoping you don’t miss a tree and fall back by about 10 seconds. It doesn’t help that he can run faster than you.

    Finally I cant stand that although you can re-challenge him, that doesn’t change the fact that he gets to name the raft and he wins that stupid paupou fruit bet. Joke or not. If you want to name the raft you have to beat him first time. I don’t want to call the raft Highwind so I spend the best part of an hour restarting my PS2 to try and eventually beat him.

  42. Zexion1127 Says:

    Too many secret bosses in Kingdom Hearts BBS.
    To get Vanitas Lingering Sentiment, beat the Last Episode (which you can only do by beating Terranort.)
    To get the unknown Organization XIII Member, beat Vanitas Lingering Sentiment.
    To get Eraqus (Armored) beat the Organization XIII Member guy.
    Ya. Too many for one game…

  43. mochiusagi Says:

    Monstro and the gummi system in KH1. I spent hours trying to build one and then it couldn’t fly. Fail. And I hated how it was the same scenery every single time, I mean really, can’t you have something else besides meterors and hoops in space?

  44. Jeffry Castillo Says:

    mostro is without a doubt the most annoying world everin kingdom hearts

  45. Kentokorp777 Says:

    it took way to long to “heal” as he throws up the potion and stares at it
    with magical bliss…(Come on! Heal already!)

  46. Kai Says:

    -The fact that they keep launching spin-offs for all systems except PS3. Heck, I’m not buying a PSP, a DS and a GBA (This last one is optional now, I suppose) just fro those awesome games. I wouldn’t be surprised if they launched KH3 for the Xbox or Wii.

    -Final Mix. The only way I can enjoy it is thanks to youtube. This is sad.

    The mushrooms from KH1. You had to look everywhere for them and once you find them, you have to be patient and attack them (or not) correctly. Fail and it’s another long traverse until you find another one. I just hated them.

    -Sora (KH2) crying after he finds Riku. Oh, sure. He found Kairi first but it’s just Kairi. It doesn’t matter that he liked her and that she was pretty much kidnapped and helpless. I mean, it’s not like she hasn’t seen her in a while or like she missed him . Oh, wait a second….
    (And all Yaoi fanboys squealed with glee. -_-;)

    -Atlantica (KH2). The KH1 Atlantica was alright for me. Swimming was fun just like flying was fun in Peter Pan’s world. But KH2′s Atlantica was just pointless. “Oh, there are no Heartless here.” “Hey, since you’re here, stay and sing with us a bunch of random songs that have nothing to do with you!” “Sure, why not? It’s not like I have anything better to do!”

    -Sephiroth. It was a bittersweet experience. I like challenges but it literally took me months trying to defeat the guy. And that 1 kit almost-KO move did not make things any easier. Hard to believe he is MUCH tougher than the final boss. (And all the FFVII fanboys fluttered around with joy.)

    -Not being able to skip scenes (KH!). It’s been stated before: You’re near the end of the game when you start dying more often. Then you have to load the file, reach that boss again, watch the entire cutscene again, rinse and repeat. It gets annoying after the 5th time you do this.

    -King Mickey. I don’t know. Up until today, I still laugh every now and then when I see the “all powerful” King Mickey come out of nowhere like a tiny ninja and easily fend off any Heartless/boss while Sora recovers his health slowly. Technically, he could beat a boss easily. So that implies he’s much, much powerful than Sora and Riku combined. Irony…

  47. Brian Vaughn Says:

    I’d say for me, it was the fact that they took Sephiroth and made him more badass than what he originally was in ff7.

    Someones who’s ass could easily be beat goes and becomes a God-like enemy in the KH universe, what the fuck!

  48. Amandaamine Says:

    I have to put the efing mute button on everythime that scene came on
    Thank got for the movie skip

  49. Grandlunarthief Says:

    Most frustrating thing for me was Kurt Zisa. Where the other bosses such as Sephiroth, Ice Titan, and the Phantom took me maybe 4 to 6 tries before I succeeded, Kurt Zisa took me about 27 tries just to get him down to half health WITH the guide helping me and everyone stocked up on megalixirs (and another 12 just to finally slay the damn thing).

    I lost so many items synthesizing megalixirs ;_;

  50. xxmoonangelxx Says:

    For me, the most frustrating thing in kingdom hearts was monstro. i mean come on, he’s a WHALE!! What whale needs 6 chambers that switch every time you enter a new one?! Good grief, i spent 2 hours, 2 HOURS trying to find the right chamber to get to riku and pinnochio(sorry i know thats spelled wrong). not to mention you cant really reach anything unless you have high jump and/or glide/superglide. which totally sucks.

    the other frustrating thing would probably be when you enter the olympus coliseum for the first time and your forced to break barrels at a level of maybe 10-15. HOLY CRAP. not only does sora walk like a snail at the beginning of the game, he cant jump at all!! it was so hard to try and get to all the barrels, hit them in the exact spot, and hope they all collaspe. that was bullcrap! at least in KH:CoM, 358/2 days and KH2 they didnt require you to break all the barrels, which i thank you dearly, square enix, for that.

    winnie the pooh, when you played hide and go seek. OMG. it took me 10 minutes just to get pooh to where i needed him to go!! then another 30 min to try and find everyone, especially rabbit. stupid rabbit, kept going back in his hole in the wall….but anyway yeah i wasted an hour on a mini game :/

    and thats pretty much it for the frustrating part. didnt mind the heartless or the boss battles, and the story line is still great to this day after what 7-8 years? kudos square enix and disney i love ya :D

  51. the2031 Says:

    the camera made me want to kill myself

  52. Rae Ellis Says:

    I hated how I spent hours and hours playing, level grinding, and beating Hollow Bastion just to get all the treasures at the top of Clock Tower in Neverland and then finding out that I couldn’t get them because a goddamn phantom that wouldn’t die if I shoved my keyblade up his ass was guarding the treasure that I so diligently spent time waiting for.
    I’d have been better off just letting the game run for 12 hours while I lived life.

  53. Xeire Akuma Says:

    the most annoying thing is soras moan after he dies and monstro and the jaguar thing

  54. Cody . Says:

    Riku was hard,
    But your Mom was harder.

  55. shedininja Says:

    Sora never kisses Kairi!

  56. Jcarbajal44 Says:

    long heal times….BS! everytime i fought riku i would try to heal and BAM he finishes you off and then you have to see the cutscene again and again…..same with hollow bastion so many heartless and the music get annoying if you play it for too long.
    deep jungle was hella annoying too god i hate clayton.

  57. 王 エンジェル Says:

    I thought chernabog and kurt zisa was fun and phantom was medium , but sephiroth in the first game grrr I hate it!!!! except in the second game that one I can beat him!!! but it aint easy…

  58. 王 エンジェル Says:


  59. Paulslade_21 Says:

    dont forget sephiroth fight……my controller got smashed on the floor numerous times.

  60. TerminX Says:

    I’m pretty surprised you didn’t mention the STORY.

    It was fine in the first game, but my god, they’re complicated it so much with each sequel. It’s just stupid now, I can hardly take the game seriously anymore.

    I do still enjoy the gameplay though, heh

  61. DaughterofLight13 Says:

    Honestly, fighting Selphie was a pain in the butt, but not for the reason you think. It was easy enough, but when my little brother wanted to play… well, let’s say my mother questioned my judgement of letting a four year old play a game where you beat up a little girl with a wooden sword. That my fourteen year old self had a hard time explaining, since that was basically the only part of the game she saw him playing. ><

  62. ppmaq Says:

    I think the way Sora moves actually makes pretty sense cuz he’s just a kid. He gets his keyblade but he has no idea how to actually fight. In BBS, Ven, Terra and Aqua have their own moving techniques cuz theive been training for quite a while. It seems handling keyblade requires years of practice. Which makes it more beautiful how Sora gets the hand of it on KH2 with his drives and skills. Who could ever guess that clumsy boy would float and manipulate two keyblades at a time! *_*

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  64. Be a Guest Blogger on Kingdom Hearts Ultimania - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Says:

    [...] The Most Frustrating things in Kingdom Hearts – By JiminyCricket (KHU) [...]

  65. sora Says:

    the most frustrating thing about kingdom hearts 1 is when u lose on evil riku (the second battle with him) you have to watch the cutscene over and over again! i hate it!

  66. Arseen33 Says:

    I didn’t notice how Sora moved until you said this,  which is ironic because all my friends and I had “who can run most like Sora” competitions in 8th grade. The teachers got pretty tired of us falling backwards in the hallway all the time because apparently it’s only possible to moon walk at two miles-per-hour in Kingdom Hearts.

  67. Wowgait Says:

    You didn’t pay attention to the story AT ALL, did you? ‘Darkness’ in Kingdom Hearts is just a symbol for evil, and ‘Light’ a symbol for good. Actually, you don’t even need to know the story to get at LEAST that, without being a complete moron. And they NEVER said anything about literal darkness (absence of physical light in a room if you’re also too idiotic to comprehend that I’m referring to ACTUAL darkness, not the symbol…) being able to hurt them or being afraid of the dark, and no one ever “turns off the lights” in the game in the first place ANYWAYS! Wow, you’re a fucking idiot.

  68. Lol wat Says:

    All right
    - Darkness in Kingdom Hearts is different from our darkness. Use your imagination.
    - It’s “your pet”.

  69. Lol wat Says:

    All right
    - Darkness in Kingdom Hearts is different from our darkness. Use your imagination.
    - It’s “your pet”.

  70. Lol wat Says:

    You can gtfo, sucker.

  71. Lol wat Says:

    You can gtfo, sucker.

  72. Ian Manning Says:

    Sorry. But I’m just saying, ‘Darkness’ is an overused excuse for something terrible. I’m just a bit annoyed by the overuse of it.

  73. Hannah Says:

    Wonderland was pretty challenging with all the awkward entrences and sizes. Riku wasn’t that much of a challenge, I died maybe twice. I absolutely hated the lift stop and not knowing in what worlds trinity marks were. I hate how empty Halloween Town becomes after you defeat Oogy. And what was the point of Disney Castle just chilling over in the corner with the inability to get to it??

  74. Marko Says:

    last time i fought against riku was 5 years ago. i still remember the complete dialogue in the cutscene before the fight. worst level was… end of world. nearly pissed my pants when that creepy devil from the mountain attacked me. still one of my favourite games. childhood memory #1

  75. Jon Beverst Says:

    About the original

  76. Jon Beverst Says:

    About the original….. Oh lovely. I hated the lack of decent jumping, the Synthesis system (this one grew on me over time though), and the Maleficent and Riku Boss fights. Sure, Sephiroth was a pain, but it was made that way on purpose. Although…. Lance Bass was not the best choice.

  77. The Bunny King Says:

    I love the game and I am playing it even now, yet what has and is annoying me the most is trying to do EVERYTHING possibly in the game. There is just so much to do, which is good and bad. Yet now that I think of it, there is something even more annoying than that. My sister magically losing my memory cards every time I got to the final boss. 

  78. blah Says:

    My most annoying part was how goofy is like 5 levels above you for most of the game.
    And how goofy or donald kill your enemy after you went through the trouble of getting it down to its last health.
    There’s also the no response lifts in Hollow Bastion that I’ve NEVER managed to make work.
    There’s also the falling off a ledge and having to work your way back up by going through 3 different places you passed through already.
    There’s also how Sora will attack a random object that isn’t even moving.
    There’s also the lack of a map.
    And winnie the pooh, I dread playing winnie the pooh.
    Right now I’d have to say that the no response lifts in Hollow Bastion are my biggest reason to be pissed at the game.

  79. Storagettin the Destroyer Says:

    The most frustrating thing in KH2 is Demyx. He keeps asking me if i ‘like it’ i mean could they have picked something anymore sexual for one of there characters…

  80. Mhorn71094 Says:

    1. I hate how Donald dies so easily
    2. Not skipping cutscenes
    3. Gameplay before cure is so hard
    4. Gameplay before second chance beause it was so easy to die. Could you die even before the red beeping moment and you would get a mini heart attack and be like WTF! IT DIDN’T WARN ME THAT MY HEALTH WAS LOW.

  81. austin5141 Says:

    What annoys ME the most is that STUPID DRAGON BOSS! Yep I still didn’t beat the dragon boss after a months worth of trying -_-

  82. HeroAllianceFTW Says:

    I’ve beaten the game twice now, but each time I get to the ‘The End’ screen and restart my PS2, I end up back at the Final Rest and I have to go through and FIGHT ANSEM AGAIN. What the hell? Its so frustrating? I just want to be able to win and go back to finish all of the mini games. What should I do??

  83. Flameman Says:

    That fucking carrot bounce game

  84. Joefritz Says:

    I played KH2 first so the lack of shops in each world surprised me in KH1 and quickly became annoying as I would have to spend 10 minutes to return to traverse town to get more potions. Which brings up another problem, items quickly became pretty much useless in comparison to magic because of lack of quick keys (L1 X, square, or triangle)

  85. FantasyDragon Says:

    You completely missed the point of the entire series and main storyline if you think “darkness” actually means the absence of light.

  86. Kyle Says:

    I do not understand why the game lasted 3 hours longer then it needed to be. Having 20 rediculious boss fights leading up to a fight that should have been already over seems stupid to me.

  87. Trevor Says:

    Kingdom hearts is darkness
    Remember what Mickey said as you were closing the door: “there will always be a door to the light”
    And what Riku said at the end of kh2: “if they’re the light, we’ll be the darkness”

  88. Charles Says:

    I think the most frustrating thing in KH was the Chernabog boss battle. When I get so close to getting his health bar to one, he just kills me when I put in the effort so much just to beat him.

  89. Tasmena Says:

    Playing Riku Kingdom Hearts 3D on proud mode. THAT IS THE WORST.

  90. Tasmena Says:

    Riku in Kingdom Hearts*

  91. Bail Bondsman Says:

    The whole game.

  92. Sora Says:

    one of the most annoying things for me was actually the whole gummi ship thing that you would have to do to get to all the worlds. It was really annoying until i got the warp drive.

  93. ..... Says:

    The most fustrating thing for me was how stupid Donald is like seriously he heals like the wrong people and wrong times

  94. Okazaki Daniel Says:

    FUCKING ALICE (KH1) so fucking annoying, im just starting the game, after all that shit on destiny island, the first world, and is a real pain in the ass all the lamp shit

  95. Jill Says:


  96. Bergle Flangle Cinnabutters Says:

    Probably in my own opinion, the Light Cycle mini game in KH2 was SOOO ANOYYINGGGG

  97. Yup6837663 Says:

    …. Hmmmm. All well, I did not want to sound like a dick, but who cares? I personally think you all just suck. I never had these problems.

  98. Etagirl Says:

    Yes! Omg how many times did I have to watch that damn scene?!

  99. Etagirl Says:

    Fighting the Cave of Wonders and the Pot Worm in Agrabah. Jesus! Also, STOP DYING DONALD. Anyway, playing the game over again from the beginning, finally made it back to where I was last time I played through. Hopefully this time I’ll make it past this part and be able to even beat the game. I’m going in. Wish me luck. I’ve already cussed my head off enough times to warrant a frustration achievement. Still love the game though.

  100. Etagirl Says:

    But you get the red trinity mark from Deep Jungle? (Playing the game from the beginning again. Hopefully this time I’ll actually beat it. Wish me luck.)

  101. Etagirl Says:

    Ahahaha, ikr? And then you’re about to die so you use a potion and it takes forever for it to work so an enemy tackles you and kills you before the potion can even work. So much rage because of that.

  102. Etagirl Says:

    I agree. It’d be much more interesting if Ansem was a guy that studied heartless and became evil because of that, not someone who studied under the real Ansem then decided to go around calling themselves Ansem.

  103. Joshua Tubalinal Says:

    I hate how dramatic Sora is when using healing items/magic. Because of that, Riku tags me everytime.

  104. Rorshach Sridhar Says:

    Is it possible to?

  105. Ash Says:

    When you battle giant jafar in KH 2 AND HE KEEPS FCKING TELEPORTING YOU!! and I did it on critical mode and was a lower level ! Trying to avoid the fcking middle eastern towers that he chucks at you and then he teleports you and fcks u up with houses !! It doesnt really damage you. Its just annoying ASF!!
    And of course the annoying sounds from Donal d and goofy. Like donalds “here I come !” Or goofys “BOY OH!! BOYYYYLLLL!!!” ANNOYING ASF! AND DONALDS voice INDUCES MIGRAINES!!

  106. Nocturne Says:

    Ahahaha!! You’re so right, he was a pain in the ass…

  107. K$ Says:

    Sora doesn’t kiss Kairi, he kisses Riku! ;)

  108. HyperTrent Says:


  109. Joe Skinner Says:

    im happy someone else hated this fucking thing

  110. Kross Says:

    What pissed me off the most was trying to heal while fighting Riku. It would make the heal motion and he would say heal, but it just wouldn’t heal me for whatever reason.

    I got so pissed off that I threw a controller.

    It was super frustrating trying to beat Riku (who has major insecurity issues btw) when the game refused to heal me every time I got him down to just a few hits.

  111. Jordan Moore Says:

    Just now that you think about it there are particular scenes in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts in Destiny Islands where Sora,Riku,Kairi says world instead of island even though they never been to nor seen any other worlds before.

    Example: Sora asking kairi what was her world like , or riku saying : if there are other worlds out there

    I believe this was a translation error that turned Canon for the storyline and the writers were to stupid to change this (evidence: BBS ,Young Xheanort and Young Riku both say world instead of island as well)

    To me this was a slap in logic’s face

  112. boobeebah13 Says:

    the most frustrating thing to me is that sora SLOWS DOWN when you move diagonally, it doesn’t make any sense! it made bosses like in wonderland way harder than they should’ve been

  113. Alex Vincent Says:

    Not being able to guard in Atlantica for some reason.

  114. Alex Vincent Says:

    Phantom was the worst secret boss, I thought Chernabog was really cool, I love the soundtrack, but the secret bosses are supposed to be hard, and they’re optional so don’t complain that much.

  115. Alex Vincent Says:

    What? I guarantee you that those lines are no where in any of the games, and if they are they definitely aren’t used in that context.

  116. Alex Vincent Says:


  117. Alex Vincent Says:


  118. Ian Manning Says:

    Darkness DOES mean the absence of light knuckle-head. Turn off all the lights and apparently, you’re surrounded by blackness and void. The only thing that can ACTUALLY harm you in the dark is either misplaced objects that could stub your toes or scratch your arm, or a threatening person (let’s say a rapist, murderer, criminal, any of the ‘Most Wanted’ variety). So I didn’t miss a single line in that story because the story has introduced darkness as this power and ultimate evil, which is bogus all the same when you take away the facts and throw in the lamest ideas and reasons to be scared of the darl.

  119. Ian Manning Says:

    …yeah they are.

  120. Rorshach Sridhar Says:

    Does it make a difference in the game?

  121. Ajhein Says:

    Something that persisted to FM…the coliseum eats your potions.

  122. hooperhembrick Says:


  123. FantasyDragon Says:

    No. Not literally. Metaphorically. I know what darkness is, but in the context of the game, which I’m referring to, the darkness is the evil in people’s hearts.

  124. Kicxn Fuoco Says:

    The terrible blocking. Any other action game would let you hold the square button to block longer. KH decides they need 1 second to block.

  125. D MAS Says:


    Hell I still died to him in KH 1.5… x.x

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