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Thanks to hidemi_mad_dog and FF-Reunion on twitter, he has tweeted an image featuring a Shadow, Dusk, and Flood in a cuter format than what they are known for. The reason for this image is that they are designs for new Kingdom Hearts plushes! The designs were sketched by Tetsuya Nomura himself. So which of these three would you want to have for yourself?

Source: hidemi_mad_dog, FF-Reunion

5 Responses to “New Kingdom Hearts Plush Designs”

  1. Meldon Says:

    Gotta go for traditional, has to be the Heartless ^_^

  2. Brooke Says:

    I need all of them, of course. XD

  3. Rian Clawson Says:

    Oh my heck they’re adorable! I want all of them, but if I could only have one I’d pick the Dusk :)

  4. Chitosesenritsu Says:

    Heartless. ;; <333 That last one is adorable as well. /foams at the mouth./
    But Heartless all the way. 

  5. Pipsqueak904 Says:

    Flood~  <3

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