How To Handle Brand New Games Online: DOs&DON’Ts

So you could say you are fascinated by the idea of playing exciting and highly engaging games online, and you find games to be a fun way for people of all ages and social background to connect with one another. But what is your “protocol” when you are it comes to brand new games that see the light of day and cross your path regularly? Do you jump straight in the wagon without asking any questions? Do you take some time to assess and ponder the potential risks you might be submitting yourself to? How much personal or banking information would you say is “too much” to provide or post before putting yourself in danger? Do you know what to do in case you are harassed by other players online? Are you a fan of FAQ and customer support website sections? Do you ever used them when you are having doubts on something?

DOs When Handling New Games Online

Whether you are looking at a new boxed game, mobile storefront game, a game you need to download straight to your console or smartphone, a freemium or free-to-play game like the case of many casino games on the web that also feature the FREE sign, or a social networking game you can game straight from your Facebook page, you can do the following:

  • keep your computer and internet passwords strong and complicated. All gaming account online, casino accounts included also need to be properly protected with powerful passwords. Use at least 12 characters and focus on using sentences that are rather easy to remember. Use special characters as well and even spaces if allowed. Since your username and password will be your number one access path to your player account where you also most likely have your banking data stored, pay a lot of attention to it. Try not to use the 'remember me' login option as you never know who might lay their hands on your computer or phone.

  • When you wish to play a new online casino game, first assess the platform or website the game is located on. If it is a place like Ace Kingdom that you are already familiar with, and you recognize the website address in your browser and all the other specific elements of the site, you are most likely safe to give the game a try.

  • If it is a real money game you that has captured your interest, it is best to first give the free play a try. Get familiar with the new game, its features, story, requirements as a new character in the game or player, depending on the type of game you are looking at. Games of poker, slots, or blackjack usually have the same basic rules to follow and the same type of skills required. You can however spend some time in the free game play mode just to make sure you fully understand what will be asked from you.

DON'Ts When Handling New Games Online

  • Avoid playing using real money since day one and do not make any new deposits into your account online until you are familiar with the idea behind the game and the skills you will need to use to play it – and actually win.

  • Avoid getting rapidly involved in a new casino game as you can quickly lose all of your money and be tempted to deposit and wager even more.

  • Do not play a new game nonstop, all day long until you get the hang of it, especially not when wagering real money. Look for similar free games that allow you to play without using any money and practice until you are ready to play for real money.