Tokyo Game Show 2013 Coverage

Tokyo Game Show 2013

Tokyo Game Show 2013 is here and Kingdom Hearts Ultimania is here to bring you all the lastest from the event. Square Enix has only officially listed Kingdom Hearts X[chi] as part of their game show line up so we can expect a trailer from that particular game.

Last year, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix was not on it’s line up but rather a surprise for all fans who attended the event. Hopefully history will repeat itself as Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix could be a surprise announcement as the second remaster in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Also Kingdom Hearts III has made an appearance at the event only in the form of the trailer that was revealed at E3 2013. Any new information from the game remains to be seen but we’ll keep you posted when it does!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 Trailer being shown at the booth. (via bKvEBVAvUq)

Various images of Kingdom Hearts merchandise available as well as a look at KH3 in SE’s Line up magazine. (Thanks to the lovely @sqexgal)

Tetsuya Nomura and Hideo Kojima posing for a photo. (via @Kojima_Hideo)

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Wallscrolls available to purchase at TGS! (via hidemi_mad_dog)

How about some Dusk plushies!! (via hidemi_mad_dog)

Kingdom Hearts III wins Japan Game Award for Future Developments at TGS. (via @1stPD_PR & @_KINGDOMHEARTS)

9 Responses to “Tokyo Game Show 2013 Coverage”

  1. Platitude Says:

    Hopefully there is more KH news to come!

  2. Tinesh Ragupathy Says:

    come on kh 2.5! its like waiting for 2 to be released all over again!

  3. Jakob Norlund Sivermark Says:

    Give me some good need about kh 2.5. and kh 3 plz!
    Just bought kh 1.5 limited edition even though I need to borrow my friends PS3 and I need something else to think about! :P

  4. Jakob Norlund Sivermark Says:

    Good news

  5. Cymia Noel Chantice Moss Says:

    2.5, 2.5, come on TGS give us a 2.5.

  6. TGS2013sucked Says:

    Worst TGS ever! Did anyone announce anything? I felt like there was either no coverage or NOTHING TO COVER. I’m disappointed.

  7. Fred Says:

    Agreed, first there was nothing at gamescom this year concerning KH3 and KH2.5 despite the tease for new info, now the same thing at TGS.. They better give us something worth the wait during Japan D23 Expo on october 12-14th !!

  8. Platitude Says:

    Seems like TGS is becoming less and less relevant every year.

  9. Kevin Selders Says:

    Like this if you FULLY SUPPORT Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix with KH 2 Final Mix and Any other 2 games fully remastered in HD for PS4&PS3! I Do!

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