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Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast #26

The podcast crew is back for another round even during the continuation of the Kingdom Hearts news drought. For this episode Lauren, Darryl, and myself take a moment to answer some of the questions left behind from our listeners. Tune in as we answer our least favorite Kingdom Hearts character, what if Tetsuya Nomura left Square Enix, and if we could make up our own hero or villlian!

Is KH: Birth by Sleep Volume II Just Another Spin-off? (Two Games, One Destiny – Part II)

For our weekly blog, Arcane, a member of the Kingdom Hearts fan community, gives his thoughts on the announcement of two additional Kingdom Hearts spin-offs. This week, he’ll give his thoughts on the possibility of Birth by Sleep Volume II. How did he feel about yet another side-game? Does he see potential in this spin-off? Read part II today!

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