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Kingdom Hearts 3D Soundtrack Out in April for Japan

Amazon Japan has updated their website by adding the Kingdom Hearts 3D soundtrack! The soundtrack itself will be a 3 disc set composed by Yoko Shimomura with help from Takeharu Ishimoto who composed The World Ends With You. The release date for the Japanese released is listed as April 18, 2012 for 3800 yen. ($49.15)

New HQ Screenshots and Renders of Kingdom Hearts 3D

4Gamer.net has uploaded 56 high quality screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 3D. Most of them we haven’t seen before, but it also includes scenes we have already seen in the Jump Festa Trailer and the latest Famitsu Weekly, but in high quality! Click on to view them!

Heather Shows Off Her Collection

We like you guys, and we always find it worthwhile to give the spotlight to fans, who keep the series alive. That’s why Kingdom Hearts Ultimania likes to get in touch with a reader to talk about his or her foray into the games we know and love so well. It’s nice to revisit good memories and reminiscence about the good ol’ days, as well as look forward to the future. Sometimes, we even ask tough questions.

This week, Heather shows us what’s she’s got in her collection. Check out the pictures for yourself!

James Patrick Stuart Confirms Involvement in KH3D

We’ve got a bit of promising news about the localization for KH3D. James-Patrick Stuart, the voice actor of Xigbar/Braig just posted, “Heading to Skylark for the new “Kingdom Hearts” sessions,” on his Facebook fan page!

High Quality Version of the Famitsu Scans and Interview Translation

Here you have it folks! The full high quality scans from Famitsu and a full translation of the juicy Nomura interview! The full translation does yield a couple new tidbits so be sure to give it a read even if you saw the earlier post on this article!