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KH3D Famitsu Weekly High Quality Scans

SQEX.INFO has uploaded the full HQ scans from the Famitsu Weekly article about Kingdom Hearts 3D! But that’s not all, she also had made a translated summary of the article. If you want to find out, hit the jump below.

KH3D Premiere Event Information Revealed

Square Enix is celebrating the release of both Kingdom Hearts 3D as well as the 10th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series by having a special event on March 3rd in Odaiba, Tokyo. The area will be transformed with Kingdom Hearts decorations! For more information, hit the jump button!

KH3D HQ Images from Famitsu (The Grid, Radiant Garden & More)

Famitsu has uploaded over 30 new HQ screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 3D that feature The Grid, Radiant Garden and more! Hit the jump to check it out!

KH3D Promotional Materials

Various gamestores in Japan have been using promotional materials to showcase Kingdom Hearts 3D, hit the jump to see what they look like!

Free Kingdom Hearts 3D preorder, enter our forum raffle!

We are giving away a free pre-order of Kingdom Hearts 3D to one of our regular members at the end of March. Anyone can join the raffle, and it’s super simple: tickets are earned by only posting on our forums!