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Man at Arms makes a real-life Keyblade

Tony Swatton from “Man At Arms” (YouTube Web Series) has built a real-life version of Sora’s keyblade, the Kingdom Key.

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Wallpaper April/May

It’s that time again, Shiro Amano has updated the Square Enix Gangan site with a throwback artwork from the Kingdom Hearts manga to celebrate the last half of April to the first half of May!

Kingdom Hearts Manga & Artbook Now Available for Pre-Order

Amazon has now put up pre-order pages for the newly reinstated Kingdom Hearts Manga and the new Kingdom Hearts Manga artbook. The first manga to be released is Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Volume 1 & 2 starting May 28, 2013 for $12 and the rest of the manga’s will be released later on in the year.

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 52

The 52nd episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is here and the gang is back to bring you the current events surrounding the Kingdom Hearts series. Join Branden, Jackie, and myself as we deep dive into the news.

April Fools: Square Enix Announces Project <3 aka Kingdom Hearts 3

During the Game Developers Conference this past weekend, Square Enix held it’s own private conference. There Shinji Hashimoto announced the name of a new project they had been working on and from the looks of it, the game was confirmed to be none other than Kingdom Hearts 3!