The Villains Special Part I: The not-so-villainous Villains

Sora has more than his fair share of enemies—if it wasn’t bad enough that Heartless spawns without warning, lured by the power of his keyblade, then the biggest, baddest foes this side of Disney awaits him in their lairs at every turn. Even areas that initially felt like sanctuaries such as the restored Hollow Bastion and Yen Sid’s Tower become battlefields. In the case of Hollow Bastion, that battlefield quickly evolves into more sinister encounters with hooded men and an infamous Heartless fest in a canyon. Worlds do not remain safe after the key hole has been sealed (as Heartless re-spawns as soon as you step foot again) and the only darkness-free realm lies within the pages of a children’s book about a yellow bear.

Yet there is one reason for a sigh of relief—not all villains are made equal and Sora catches a break sometimes. There are some villains who are less motivated to take over the world or villains who look big but do little. I’m thinking that if there was an Academy of Trained Villains, the following few would have dropped out early.

Pete: Of all things haphazard

Pete is the type of bumbling nuisance that will never die. He’ll just keep coming back for another beating, unfortunately, so might as well get used to him.

If you think about it, Sora doesn’t interact with Pete very often. Sure, there are the odd times when they’re almost constantly in each other’s faces and Sora even fights him man-to-man (Hades’ Underworld, Timeless River), but Pete mostly causes havoc in the background before Sora’s arrival (by unleashing small collections of Heartless)—leaving Sora to clean up the mess. As a prominent Disney villain in the game, Pete is the most cowardly because he doesn’t fight his own battles and he is good at escaping before Sora can impart any real damage. As Maleficent’s right-hand man, Pete is capable of using the forces of darkness, where he summons Heartless to swarm Sora and cause him inconvenience. I stress inconvenience because that’s as much trouble as Pete would ever give to Sora. Pete is not a real threat by any standard, and the Heartless he summons are weak and easily taken care of. Pete is simply too incapable, too short-sighted, clumsy and foolish to be effective at his job. It begs the question of why Maleficent keeps him around, you’d think she’d have better pickings from other worlds.

Even with his faults, Pete is one-of-a-kind. There is no other villain in the game quite like him. You might think Oogie Boogie would compare in terms of clumsiness, but Oogie was quite nasty and wrought with underhanded tactics; he was nasty enough to be granted a seat on the Council of Villains in the first Kingdom Hearts. Pete, on the other hand, is bad, but he is an oh-you’re-naughty kind of bad and seeing him is like seeing an old but very annoying friend.

Demyx: Difficult and very annoying but not villainous

Yeah, any villain whose major pose is this likely isn't of the mastermind variety.

In a previous poll , I discovered a healthy mix of people who both really hate and really like Demyx. Ironically, both extremes make Demyx less of a villain. First of all, it’s possible to love a villain for being a good villain (case in point: Ansem/Xehanort, Xemnas). Demyx, however, is not loved for deliverying badass ‘villainery’. Demyx fans think well of him for his upbeat attitude (unusual for an Organization member), quirkiness, his musical affinity (he plays one of the coolest instruments that you can attribute the word “cool” to) and for being outlandish. Fans are even sympathetic towards Demyx, citing that he is one of the Organization members who is the most desperate to hold on to his memories and the feeling of being human. His emotions are easy to read and except for the fact that he’s part of the Organization, he could pass for a silly side character in Kingdom Hearts.

When people hate him, they hate him for some of those same reasons–which don’t quite fall in place with what we normally hate villains for. That quirky, cowardly attitude comes off as extremely annoying to some players, who don’t quite care for villains who aren’t willing to fight head-on. Sounds sort of like Pete, doesn’t he? Demyx is highly unmotivated to carry out his duties and does them begrudgingly, half-heartedly, or shirks out altogether, as we’ve seen in 358/2 Days. He is less like an Organization member than any of the others (exceptions are Roxas and Xion, who are exceptions for everything about the game). He lacks Larxene’s ruthlessness, Zexion’s calculating demeanor, Xigbar’s previous history and grudge against keyblade wielders, or Saix’ scheming brain. Demyx has no penchant for helping the Organization do much real good (or real bad). He’s an odd case, and if he weren’t powerful, chances are that Xemnas wouldn’t have recruited him in the first place.

Lack of motivation can translate to lack of loyalty, because he’s not dedicating much of an effort to back his team. It makes me wonder whether Demyx would have been the type to reconsider his alliance had he been given a more enticing offer of no work, all play, and the promise to regain his heart (or be reborn). I imagine that in a way, Demyx has a similar base characteristic to Captain Jack Sparrow—he might bail ship for a more profitable, less risky opportunity.

Sakuchan: There are more not-so-villainous villains to showcase next week. What are your feelings on Pete and Demyx? Do you like their “type” of villainy, or are they just nuisances to you? Are there other villains who you believe make better candidates for lack of evilness and backbone? We continue with Part II next Monday so I will see you then!

14 Responses to “The Villains Special Part I: The not-so-villainous Villains”

  1. Christopher B. Says:

    Oh Demyx such a tool he was….until I fought him the 2nd time and then owned me with his stupid 10 second time limit water clones.

  2. Matt Says:

     To be honest, I agree with both Pete being a pain in the ass that regardless of how many times you beat the crap out of him, he always comes back for more getting beat down. Demyx is equally a pain in the ass but he does have one of the coolest weapons that Organization XIII has. Though he does run away a lot until the fight to save Hallow Bastion from the Heartless and Nobodies but then he becomes royal headache that if you not defeat his water doubles by a certain time, the game ends.

  3. Ryusuke Says:

     Ah, Pete. How mishandled you are in KH2. =/ He’s proven a competent villain in other cartoons, but here, he’s a joke. villain in other cartoons, but here, he’s a joke.

  4. Josh Isaac Says:

     Demyx IS very annoying and hard to beat at Hollow Bastion but at least Pete is funny when he gets his ass whooped.

  5. Kamen Fattorusso Says:

    Why do people find Demyx hard? I’ve never lost to him a single time. I guess some people are just better at him than others.

    Anyway, I’m pretty neutral on Pete, but I hate Demyx. I hate him so fucking much. In KH2, I strongly disliked him. My REAL hatred for him came in 358/2 Days, when he’d waste my time by joining me for a mission, only to NOT DO ANYTHING and leave the work to me anyway. I might as well have not had a partner. So yeah, to hell with Demyx.

  6. Anonymous Says:

     Pete is annoying, but he’s easy to beat. As a villain he works because in a video game you want variety with bosses not only in personality but in the difficulty in beating them. So even though Pete is pretty lame in this game its better with him in the game than out of it. Same with Demyx although I love his quirky character, I hated the second boss battle with him because it took me like 5 times to beat him (i suck at the timed stuff) I think Demyx shouldn’t have been a villain.

  7. Jack Mowat Says:

    I like Demyx. I mean, yeah he is a bit of a pain but as said earlier he was the only Organisation member to actually act like he had emotions. Axel doesn’t count because I would actually theorize that Axel really DID have emotions. Being with Roxas (who does have a heart) had some sort of effect on him.
    Anyway, back to Demyx. He sparked the best reactions from Sora (“Who is this kook?” and *flinch*) as well as going cold the moment before battle. From what he says he was also not impressed with Roxas’ betrayal either. If he’d stuck around longer maybe we could have seen an eviler side to him.
    (For the record, I think Xemnas sent him to fight Sora at Radient Garden just to be rid of him)

  8. Andrew Says:

    Just wanted to say I appreciate your weekly updates. KHnews is so dry that this is exactly what I need to re entice myself with Kingdom Hearts :]

  9. flurry Says:

    I think that Pete is a bumbling idiot and not really that smart. He is even very annoying, but a little entertaining. He is lost without Malificent.

    Demyx’s upbeat personality is a plus and not that different to Axel because each one has something they want to hang on to their memories. For Demyx it is his beloved sitar and music.It keeps him whole and probably gives him an open feeling of his memories in his past life that prevents him from losing his insanity or lack of emotion. Also he is not that helpless and shares some other responsiblities such as having the Dancer nobodies in his control which only listen to him.

    I actually loved Demyx. He is my second favorite character and it doesn’t matter if he was hard to beat because of the timer in Kh 2 with his dancers. He was a villain, but misunderstood kind of like Axel. Yes he was not happy that Roxas betrayed them, and seem bitter in the second confrontation with Sora where he spoke with a cold exterior tone it was through Roxas. That is not an act. It was resentment and hatred as he actually said to Sora. “Go to Hell!” 

    He was more upset when Axel left the organization because of Roxas. So in a way he blames Roxas for complicating this. Demyx in the manga and the novels admires Axel and the only one who seemed to care that he wasn’t around. It seems out of the organization members there are three charcters that seem to share the pysc emotion which is Roxas, Axel and Demyx. (Then again maybe Roxas should be excluded since he does have an heart). I feel that Xigbar, Saix and Xenmas kept them separated for a reason.

    So anyway Demyx had more of a role in KH 358/2 days and even though he is lazy, he is still capable of fighting if he has no choice.He does fight when you partner up with him, so I can’t say he doesn’t try. He just feels obligated, but it true he rather play his sitar all day than do missions, but is afraid of his superiors so he doesn’t try to betray them.  I would really love to know who is somebody is in real life and his real name. 

  10. Darkdragon9_10 Says:

    Demyx kicks ass! Especailly love his catch phase ”Dance Water Dance!” Love that mohawk as well. ^_^ 

  11. Beau Says:

    I LOVE Pete. He’s an an awesome villain – he’s funny, and his role in KH2 was very memorable. You almost feel bad for him, at times… but then he just has to go and prove why he’s a jerk again. Great character, fun boss fights (especially Timeless River), and an overall likeable villain.

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