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Full Nomura Interview from Famitsu

A few days ago we brought to you small Kingdom Hearts 3 details from the newest issue of Famitsu that featured an interview with Tetsuya Nomura. Now we have the full interview translated and scans for your viewing pleasure!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Walkthrough Now Live!

Earlier this year, Kingdom Hearts 3D was released on the Nintendo 3DS and has sold nearly 860,000 copies so far.

If you’re one of the many still playing the game, uncovering every last secret, we’re now hosting a complete walkthrough guide that might help!

KH3D Meow Wow Plush Now Available in North America

Square Enix’s official online goods store has now stocked Meow Wow plushes for sale! If you loved the cute Dream Eater from Kingdom Hearts 3D here’s your chance to own one of your own! They go for $34.99 and hit the link to take a look at it!

KH 10th Anniversary Fan Selection CD Release Date & Cover Art

The Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection CD “Melodies & Memories” has been added to Amazon JP with a release date and price. The CD will be available in Japan on September 19, 2012 for 3500 yen (about $44 US). In addition, you can also pre-order from CD Japan for 3333 yen (about $41).

KH3D North American Site Now Completed

The official North American site for Kingdom Hearts 3D has now been completed! They fully updated the characters section, Dream Eaters, they added an icons pack to the Downloads section, added several mini trailer as well as gameplay trailers to their media section, and they also added the final batch of worlds to the Worlds section!