Tron Legacy World to be Shown in VJump/Famitsu

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In next week’s issue of both VJump Magazine and Famitsu Weekly, the Tron Legacy world that has debuted in the Jump Festa trailer last year will be finally featured in the Japanese magazines. According to a Japanese website, the world will be known as “The Grid” which makes sense if you’ve seen the movie.

With both magazines being released in the same week (VJump on the 21st and Famitsu on the 23rd), we’ll be see a lot more news so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and browsers on us!

If you haven’t seen footage of the Tron Legacy world, you can watch the trailer by clicking on this link. Or you can view the photos below:

Source: bKvEBVAvUq & Taletalesource Blog

8 Responses to “Tron Legacy World to be Shown in VJump/Famitsu”

  1. Syncshadow Says:

    i would have thought this level would be in KH3 instead of KHDDD

  2. Venetus16 Says:

    Whats next high school musical?

  3. Raksha Akashi Says:

    I just hope that Garrett will be Sam’s VA. Please. 

  4. Drace Says:

    Why not?^^ Creativity has no limits. ;)

  5. Ryan Says:

    That doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t. 

  6. Ryan Says:

    I am interested as to how this world will be implemented. Will it tie into the data worlds from coded, or is this world really in the Realm of Sleep?

  7. Gabriel Vinicius Says:

    The guy in yellow looks like Parker Luciani from RE: Revelations

  8. Christopher B. Says:

    LOL!! just like the Atlantica world in KH2, that had singing minigames. Apparently not.

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